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Excellence in Teaching 

Founders' Day 

Annual Report of Donors 


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Winter 1999 ■ Vol 


President Muhlenfeld in the classroom 

'si write this, the brilliant colors of another Virginia autumn have almost faded, and students are 
buckling down to work on final term papers and studying for exams. The fall semester has been exceed- 
ingly full; a number of important events have engaged our students. We started the year with a visit from 
Julian Bond, chairman of the NAACP and longtime civil rights activist. At Founders' Day, we honored 
our Distinguished Alumna, Katharine Milton, and in turn heard her give a fascinating talk about her re- 
search in the Amazonian rain forest. Poet Maya Angelou came early in November; more than 1,300 peo- 
ple poured onto the campus to hear her speak. We relived the Civil War through Mary Boykin Chesnut's 
eyes in a compelling one-woman play. Each of our fall athletic teams celebrated a Vixen Spirit Day that 
was great fun — complete with popcorn, pompons, the "president's party" and lots of students cheering on 
their teams. 

In my judgment, the vitality evident on the playing fields and in Babcock Auditorium reflects the vital- 
ity in our classrooms. In this issue of your Alumnae Magazine (beginning on p.2), we focus on a topic that 
should be of utmost importance to you: excellence in teaching. Since my first trip to Sweet Briar, I have 
been impressed with the quality and achievement of this faculty. From my earliest conversations with 
them, they have wanted to talk about their teaching: what happens in their classrooms, new courses they 
would like to teach, their work with individual students, the ideas they have developed with fellow faculty 
members. I have been intrigued with the innovative ways they are incorporating the best technology and 
latest research into the classroom. 

Our new General Education Program is the result of these efforts, interweaving the best practices in lib- 
eral arts education into the fabric of Sweet Briar. First-year students have settled into the rhythm of col- 
lege life and, for the first time, begun their academic careers with one of 16 First- Year Seminars, 
interdisciplinary courses that focus both on an interesting and multifaceted topic that makes students 
think, and also on developing skills in written and oral communication and, in several cases, in quantitative 
reasoning. These seminars have added an interesting new dimension to teaching first-year students. 
Faculty are experimenting with teaching across disciplines, and many are learning ways to teach writing 
and oral presentation in disciplines that have not traditionally focused on these skills. As for students, the 
chance to dive right into an intellectually demanding college seminar is both exciting and challenging. 
Lots of first-year students have told me they can't believe how much reading they have to do! When I hear 
comments like that, I'm delighted: what better statement could we make about what will be expected of 
them, and the intellectual values of this college? 

Sweet Briar's curriculum is evolving as fast as the world is changing; you will read about a number of new 
offerings in addition to the General Education Program. A computer science major, building on our suc- 
cess in the sciences and technology, and a new Spanish/business major both will position our students to 
take their places in the forefront of tomorrow's professionals. A new minor in archaeology, buttressed this 
summer by the first Sweet Briar Field School in Archaeology, has literally enabled our students to discover 
the past for themselves. Our faculty is responsive to the educational needs of a whole new generation of 
students, and I am delighted at the level of interdepartmental brainstorming and collaboration that allows 
this to happen here. I hope this issue of the Alumnae Magazine is one you will share with a prospective 
student. It talks about the very lifeblood of the College. 

Elisabeth S. Muhle 

weet Briar 


Alumnae Association President Kathy Garcia Pegues 71 presents 1998 
Distinguished Alumna Katharine Crommelin Milton '62 with her award. 

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Winter 1999 ■ Vol. 70, No. 2 

Cover Photo: Physics Professor Carlos Calle plans to bring a NASA 
experiment to Sweet Briar (see p. 7). Professor Calle is chair of the 
Faculty Senate. 

Photo £ Jack Mellott 



INSIDE FRONT A Message from the President 

2-10 Excellence in Teaching 

By Mary Molyneux Abrams '86 

11-12 Sweet Briar College — 

We're Not "Just Liberal Arts" Anymore 
By Catherine Lumsden '78 

13 New Kids on the Block: 
Some Notable Statistics 

14 Orientation 1998 
By Katie Wright '00 

15-19 Founders' Day/Opening Convocation 

20-21 Mini Reunions 

22-25 In the Spotlight 

26 Letters 

27 Bulletin Board 
28-31 Club Corner 
32-34 Transitions 

35 Notices 

36-48 Class Notes 

49-84 Special Section: 

1997-98 Honor Roll of Donors 

INSIDE BACK In the Sweet Briar Tradition 
Kathleen Garcia Pegues '71: 
Completing the Connection 

BACK Reunion Dates 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine ■ Winter 1999 


by Mary Molyneux Abrams '86 

In May 1998, after two and 
a half years of intense 
research and debate, the 
Sweet Briar faculty passed an all- 
encompassing General Education 
Program. This new program — 
the first major overhaul of the 
curriculum in several decades — 
envisions a Sweet Briar education 
as a seamless process, beginning 
with Orientation and continuing 
through the senior year. All stu- 
dents will complete a set of re- 
quirements that will: 

• ensure the development of 
strong communication and 
quantitative reasoning skills, 

• help students clarify the ratio- 
nale for a strong liberal arts 

• provide a pattern for the ac- 
quisition of knowledge both 
in terms of breadth (under- 
standing broad areas of 
knowledge) and depth (the 
completion of a major), 

• engage in purposeful experi- 
ences that will enhance their 
formal learning, 

• encourage students to rou- 
tinely assess their progress, 
review their decisions, and 
align their undergraduate 
preparation with future acade- 
mic, career, and life goals. 

II the points listed above look 
familiar, it is because Sweet 
Briar's mission to provide the 
best possible liberal arts educa- 
tion for young women has not 
changed. What is new is the way 
these objectives are expressed and 
implemented across the curricu- 

Starting this year, faculty 
throughout the disciplines are 
emphasizing writing, oral com- 
munication, and quantitative rea- 
soning skills at every level. The 
Class of 2002 and every class to 
follow will be required to take 
skill-intensive courses, not only 
as first-year students, but on into 
their majors. 

not guaranteed under the old re- 

On a visit back to campus for 
Alumnae Council, Cecilia A. 
Moore '88, assistant professor of 
religious studies at the University 
ot Dayton, praised the new em- 
phasis on skills. Though she telt 
confident in her abilities through 
graduate school and beyond, she 
believes the College is right to 
update preparation in this area. 
"Technology speeds the delivery 
of information, but it does not 
change the need for thoughtful 
composition," says Cecilia. "If 
anything, the use of computers 
exposes deficiencies more quicklv. 
If you don't have solid writing, 
reasoning, and presentation skills, 
your employers are going to un- 
cover those weaknesses faster 
than they would have just 10 
years ago. On the flip side, if 
you're a capable Sweet Briar 

graduate, your strengths will be 
recognized and swiftly rewarded." 

In addition to skills, the new 
curriculum acknowledges the value 
of experiences that complement or 
amplify academic work. Self- 
assessment, independent research, 
physical activity, and completing a 
major are the main components of 
a requirement that provides needed 
time for reflection while promot- 
ing active, hands-on learning. Bv 
identitving and formalizing the 
many ways students participate in 
learning both inside and outside 
the classroom, Sweet Briar can 
work effectively to expand oppor- 
tunities in both areas. The 
College's new Spanish/business 
major, summer research program, 
and "Learning on the Land" ori- 
entation are just a few examples of 
how this initiative is taking shape. 
(This issue of the Alumnae 
Magazine covers many others.) 

Dr. Alix Ingber, associate 
dean of academic affairs and pro- 
fessor of Spanish, describes the 
new skills initiative as being 
"more intentional." While com- 
munication and analytical skills 
have always been important com- 
ponents of a Sweet Briar educa- 
tion, a consistent approach was 

If this were the year 1400, 1 could honestly say that 
we have developed something unique. What we really 
have here is a new version of a Renaissance curricu- 
lum — a curriculum that gives you skills in speaking 
and writing to carry out into public life; that is 
adaptable to your personal life. . . 

-Karl Tamburr 

Sweet Briar College Alumwe Magazine ■ Winter 1999 

But ot" all the curricular tran- 
sitions occurring this year, the 
least visible change may be the 
most intriguing. The old "pink 
sheet" tucked away inside every 
student's file has been trans- 
formed. Instead of focusing on 
individual departments, Sweet 
Briar's distribution requirements 
now consist of nine knowledge 
areas. The traditional, inescapable 
laboratory course in biology, 
chemistry, or physics is gone. In 
its place is a neat block ot type 
that reads: "Understanding the 
world through (a) scientific the- 
ory, and (b) scientific experiment 
and observation." The new word- 
ing reflects the College's depar- 
ture from "cookbook" science to 
an increasingly successful inves- 
tigative approach. The other 
eight knowledge areas follow a 
similar model. 

Margaret Hartman, professor 
of philosophy, explains the shift 
away from department-centered 
requirements saying: "The old 
'Chinese menu' is out. Students 
no longer take a course in the 
English department; they take a 
course in literature. This require- 
ment can be filled in a foreign 
language department, for exam- 
ple, in French or Spanish litera- 
ture, as well as in English. 
Distribution requirements are or- 
ganized around the types of 
knowledge we want students ex- 
posed to during their four years 
here. As a result, students have a 
broader range of choices." 

No matter where you look, 
the faculty has exhaustively reex- 
amined every aspect of a Sweet 
Briar education — revising, inte- 
grating, innovating, and ulti- 
mately arming young women 
with the competencies they need 
to succeed in the decades ahead. 
"If this were the year 1400, 1 
could honestly say that we have 
developed something unique," 
notes Karl Tamburr, professor ot 
English. "What we really have 
here is a new version of a 
Renaissance curriculum — a cur- 
riculum that gives you skills in 
speaking and writing to carry out 

into public life; that is adaptable 
to your personal life; that gives 
you not just the facts, but shows 
you how areas of knowledge are 
interconnected. It is a practical 
education in many ways, but it is 
also idealistic. It is a legacy that 
requires you to question your 
purpose every now and then to 
make sure vour approach is still 

These pages cannot possibly 
cover all of the exciting changes 
and opportunities rising out ot 
the General Education Program. 
An outstanding example drawn 
from one department has an 
equivalent in another, making it 
difficult to decide who and what 
to feature. It is a delightful 
predicament that supports 
President Muhlenfeld's descrip- 
tion of Sweet Briar as "a dynamic 
center for learning that continues 
to change in order to remain rel- 

mic programs. This is the most 
immediate application. Self- 
assessment essays are useful in 
dozens of other ways. 

Melissa Henning, senior and 
student government president, 
has no difficulty grasping the 
benefit of writing self-assessment 
essays. She has had to compose 
several comparable pieces over 
the course of her Sweet Briar ca- 
reer, most recently as part of her 
application for a summer fellow- 
ship at the Family Research 
Council in Washington, D.C. 

According to Melissa, appli- 
cations for fellowships, intern- 
ships, study abroad, and graduate 
school programs all require per- 
sonal essays. The same applica- 
tions also call for 
recommendations. "Having a 
self-assessment essay in place 
means vou don't have to begin 


In the swirl of college life, it is 
easy — sometimes necessary — to 
focus exclusively on the tasks at 
hand. Papers, exams, presenta- 
tions, labs, meetings, lectures, and 
special events leave little time to 
reflect on accomplishments or to 
contemplate long-term goals. 
This is why Sweet Briar's new 
General Education Program in- 
cludes a self-assessment compo- 
nent for students. It's not just a 
good idea to think about your 
personal development; it's re- 

During Orientation, freshmen 
write the first of three essays out- 
lining their interests, proficien- 
cies, and educational objectives. 
Thev write a similar essay in the 
middle of their sophomore year 
as part of selecting their majors. 
A third and final essay asks se- 
niors to evaluate their Sweet 
Briar experience in light of their 
postgraduate goals. These confi- 
dential, ungraded essays help stu- 
dents and their advisors devise 
meaningful, individualized acade- 

Valdrie Walker 

from scratch when applying to 
these competitive programs. 
Even more important, it gives 
vour professors a broader sense of 
your interests and goals. They 
can use that information to write 
stronger letters of recommenda- 

Valdrie Walker, the College's 
vibrant new dean of co-curricular 
life, is well aware of the needs of 
students like Melissa Henning. 
Her vision takes the self- 
assessment concept a step further. 
She wants to create a co-curricu- 
lar "portfolio" that complements 
each student's academic tran- 
script and essays. Though 

Melissa will graduate before 
Dean Walker's idea is imple- 
mented, she agrees with the value 
ot such an effort. 

"Portfolios will help students 
be even more deliberate about 
what they are getting out of their 
educations," says Melissa. "As it 
develops over four years, a port- 
folio might consist of your on- 
eampus work experience and 
volunteer activities. Your resume 
could be added along with letters 
from internship supervisors or 
visiting professors. Things like 
research or writing samples 
should be included. Instead of 
scrambling to assemble these 
items at the last minute, you'll be 
building them as you go along. 
You'll leave Sweet Briar with a 
tangible product you can take 
away with you. You'll not only 
leave with a degree, but a portfo- 
lio of achievements." 

While Melissa Henning out- 
i lines the benefits of taking self- 
assessment a step further, Kathy 
Pegues, Alumnae Association 
president, discusses the value of 
taking it a step back. As 
Association president, Kathy had 
access to Sweet Briar's general 
education proposal. She decided 
to use the self-assessment portion 
of the program in her eighth- 
grade class. 

"My students were at a cross- 
roads, graduating from middle 
school," explains Kathy. "I de- 
cided it was the perfect time for a 
self-assessment essay and as- 
signed it as their final exam. 
Well, they were so excited; they 
wanted their essays returned! I'm 
slowly honoring their request, 
writing notes on each and mail- 
ing them back. Most of the es- 
says displayed the most 
wonderful writing I've seen, well 
organized and very thoughtful. 
So, it looks like I was able to give 
them the first hint of something 
Sweet Briar taught me. That is, 
education is not something that 
is done to you. It is something 
you actively participate in to dis- 
cover your own ability." 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine ■ Winter 1999 

Angelo Metzidakis 


Don't be fooled by titles like 
The Making of a Musical, Must 
See TV? or Alien Worlds. The 16 
first-year seminars offered this 
fall were created to function as 
boot camps for the mind, intro- 
ducing first-year students to the 
rigors of the new General 
Education Program. 

First-year seminars focus on 
the skills and intellectual prac- 
tices promoted at Sweet Briar, 
leaving the faculty free to select 
themes and develop content that 
does not apply toward the com- 
pletion of a major. Unlike 
introductory-level courses, these 

seminars do not have to cover a 
prescribed range of material. 
Professors can concentrate on 
their students' speaking, writing, 
or quantitative skills — all cen- 
tered around an engaging 
topic.Though seminars share a 
common liberal arts perspective, 
no two are alike. 

Jeff Key, professor of govern- 
ment, returning from several 
months in Bangladesh, uses his 
research to inform the Global 
Problems and Politics seminar. 
"The area I study, South Asia, is 
a troubled part of the world," 
Key explains. "Students in a safe 
and secure context like Sweet 
Briar don't have to worry about 
ethnic strife sweeping across the 
country', displacing them, and up- 

rooting their lives. But they may 
someday play a role in solving 
problems like this. I teach ex- 
pecting that the next Madeleine 
Albright is sitting among my stu- 

As one part of a larger assign- 
ment, Professor Key's students 
engage in formal briefings. 
Students are required to master 
information and then package it 
in concise, useful ways. "They 
have to present information as 
though they were reporting to 
high-level officials on a fact-find- 
ing mission. Decision makers 
don't have the time or the pa- 
tience for long papers or theoreti- 
cal issues. They want to know 
everything you know and they 
want it fast." 

| Students are learning to 
f compare and critique 
s media. They are making 
* decisions about quality, 
depth, and authenticity 
from an informed back- 
ground, just because 
something is on the web 
does not mean it is a 
sound, scholarly source. 

— Angelo Metzidakis 

While Professor Key's stu- 
dents are being grilled at the 
podium, students in 
Contemporary Environmental 
Issues are out in the woods 
searching for "meaningful natural 
objects." It sounds rather idyllic, 
until Sang Hwang, assistant pro- 
fessor and director of environ- 
mental studies, puts the 
assignment in context: "Before 
students can begin deconstruct- 
ing articles on environmental is- 
sues, they have to extract each 
author's underlying philosophy. 
Journalists, politicians, activists, 
and corporations use the environ- 
ment as a metaphor to express 
their values in very subtle ways. 
So, as a preliminary exercise, I 
have students select a natural ob- 

Sang Hwang 

First- Year Seminars: 

Alien Worlds: Fantasy and Reality 

The Art and Science of Dealing with Data 

Contemporary Environmental Issues: Human Dialogue in the Natural World 

The Day the Universe Changed 

Decision Making: Its Logic and Practice in Everyday life 

Diva: The Portrayal of Women in Opera (Seductress, Tragic Heroine, Faithful Wife and Lover) 

Global Problems and Politics 

Literature, Culture and Personal Identity 

Love Story 

The Making of a Musical: From a Novel to the Musicol Theatre Stage 

Must See TV?: The Psychological Effects of Watching Television 

Paris Through the Ages 

Passing the Baton: Historical and Cultural Foundations of Women's Sports 

Renaissance Italy 

Today's Ethical Challenges 

Witchcraft, Magic and Religion in Early Modern Europe ond America 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine ■ Winter 1999 

ject — a pine cone, a leaf, or a 
weed — and use it as a metaphor 
to express their personal values." 

Deconstructing Professor 
Hwang's seminar, it is clear that 
he is using Sweet Briar's pic- 
turesque 3,300 acres as a 
metaphor to express a liberal arts 
agenda. And many other first- 
year seminar instructors are using 
similarly subde tactics. 

Among the educational re- 
sources used in Paris through the 
Ages are travel guides, a TV 
movie, and several web sites. But, 
as students soon discover, these 
materials are used strategically to 
provide contrast. Angelo 
Metzidakis, professor of French, 
also has his students reading 
journalistic texts, memoirs, di- 
aries, and essays from various pe- 
riods. "In the process of working 
on their assignments, students 
are learning to compare and cri- 
tique media. They are making 
decisions about quality, depth, 
and authenticity from an in- 
formed background. Just because 
something is on the web does not 
mean it is a sound, scholarly 

Perhaps the toughest decision 
by any group of students oc- 
curred in Today's Ethical 
Challenges. Unsure of exacdy 
what final requirements to set for 
the seminar, Margaret Hartman, 
professor of philosophy, allowed 
her students to participate in the 
process. "My seminar attracted 
12 students who were strong in 
both the sciences and the hu- 
manities. I did not give them a 
complete syllabus at the start be- 
cause I wanted to get a better 
sense of their backgrounds and 
capabilities. Well, they all agreed 
that the end-point would be a 
10-page research paper and an 
oral presentation in which each 
student defends her thesis." 

Professor Hartman is not 
alone in the type of feedback she 
is receiving from students. 
According to Professor Key, first- 
year seminars "are supposed to be 
about setting a base of expecta- 
tions in knowledge and skills. 

However, I think we may also be 
setting a base of engagement. 
Many of my students are in class 
early talking about the issues 
we're covering in class. They're 
taking ownership of their educa- 
tion. That's a great way to begin 
your four years at Sweet Briar." 

Minor Has 
Major Impact 

They found it! 

Last summer, a group of stu- 
dents from Sweet Briar and other 
colleges uncovered Booker T 
Washington's birthplace during 
an archaeological dig in Franklin 
County, Virginia. 

Working under the direction 
of Dr. Amber Moncure, visiting 
assistant professor of anthropol- 
ogy and Sweet Briar Class of 
1991, students are conducting an 
archaeological assessment of the 
Booker T Washington National 

"The National Park Service 
had approached me the previous 
fall about their need for the as- 
sessment," explains Professor 
Moncure. "After only several days 
of digging in 1958, a cabin was 
excavated and reconstructed on 
the site. That was the extent of 
the archaeological research. No 
one knew for certain if it was 
Washington's birthplace, but it 
served as a model." 

Based on historical docu- 
ments and oral tradition, 
Professor Moncure had good rea- 
sons for searching elsewhere on 
the site. Though the most likely 
location of Washington's birth- 
place had been bulldozed during 
the construction of park facilities, 
the team took up the challenge. 
Students covered the suspected 
area with 18-by-18 inch holes 
every 25 feet. 

Recounting the event, 
Professor Moncure remains 
humble. "We got lucky," she 
claims. "One of those little holes 
came down on dark soil mixed 
with clay. We opened up a bigger 
set and — voila! — there was the 
cabin. It was a log cabin and, 

Amber Moncure 

The one link between all archaeological studies — 
American, Classical, South American — is the shovel. 
You have to get your hands dirty to understand the 
process and make sense of it. We are always seeking 
opportunities to give students the basic experience 
they need to pursue their own research and interests. 

— Amber Moncure 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine ■ Winter 1999 

based on the artifacts inside, it 
clearly belonged to slaves. The 
12-foot square sits where oral 
history indicated Booker T. 
Washington was born in 1856." 

The students were enrolled in 
Sweet Briars new Field School 
In Historical Archaeology, a 
summer program offering practi- 
cal fieldwork opportunities. 
Currendy, students conduct digs 
both on the Sweet Briar campus 
and at the Booker T. Washington 
National Monument. During the 
academic year, Sweet Briar ar- 
chaeology minors participate in 
similar activities. 

"The one link between all ar- 
chaeological studies — American, 
Classical, South American — is 
the shovel," says Professor 
Moncure. "You have to get your 
hands dirtv to understand the 
process and make sense of it. We 
are always seeking opportunities 
to give students the basic experi- 
ence they need to pursue their 
own research and interests." 

Compared with the highly- 
trafficked Booker T Washington 
site, the Sweet Briar campus is 
pristine. This summer, the same 
students put in approximatelv 
350 test holes around Sweet 
Briar House and a nearby slave 
cabin. In the process, they uncov- 
ered two small stone foundations 
that mav be additional slave cab- 
ins. There is also evidence that 
blacksmithing occurred surpris- 
inglv close to the main house. 
But the most potentially exciting 
find was an acre's worth of 
crushed brick scattered across 
what appears to be a work yard 
for laundering, cooking, and 

In addition to providing ar- 
chaeology minors with "hands- 
on" experience, campus 
excavations coincide with 
Professor Moncure s own re- 
search on enslaved African 
Americans. "The history of 
Sweet Briar is a microcosm of 
American history and culture. In 
my research, I'm taking this plan- 
tation with its more than 100 
slaves and 3,000 acres, and pool- 

Scott Hyman 

ing the data with other sites. 
Working at Booker T 
Washington, Poplar Forest, 
Monticello, and other places in 
Central Virginia, you begin to 
get a regional picture of Southern 
plantation life." 

Having such remarkable re- 
sources underfoot accelerates 
teaching and learning. "There is a 
material world around us," says 
Professor Moncure. "At Sweet 
Briar you don't have to spend 
hours describing it. You can walk 
out the classroom door and grab 
hold of it." 

Cleaning Up Your 
Image: Physics 
and Computer 
Science at SBC 

As an undergraduate at MIT, 
Scott Hyman, assistant professor 
of physics, worked as a "delivery 
boy," carrying IBM cards around 
from lab to lab. "Today," says 
Professor Hyman, "computers 
have evolved to the point where 
my students can participate di- 
recdy in projects. I've had 

English majors working with 
math and physics majors. All stu- 
dents are invited." 

Posted in the hallway outside 
Professor Hyman's office are pic- 
tures^ — actually high-resolution 
radio maps — of spiral galaxies. 
The pictures are created at Sweet 
Briar using raw data sent via the 
internet from the National Radio 
Astronomy Observatory in New 
Mexico. "What we do," explains 
Professor Hyman, "is take obser- 
vations from an array of 27 dish 
antennas spread across the desert 
and download the information to 
a Unix workstation here. The 
data from each antenna has to be 
crunched and correlated in a cer- 
tain way to generate a coherent 
picture." The project, which is 
funded in part by the Jeffress 
Memorial Trust, includes support 
for summer research assistants. 

To help students enhance the 
quality of astronomical images or 
any other type of images used in 
scientific research, Professor 
Hyman is developing a new 
physics/computer science course 
called "Image Processing and 
Pattern Recognition." Last sum- 
mer, Shweta Sharma '01 received 
a separate VFIC Minority 

Summer Research Fellowship to 
work with Professor Hyman on a 
project applying image process- 
ing techniques to handwritten 

"Shweta added 'noise' in the 
form of blurs and speckles to 
handwritten digits. Then, apply- 
ing different automated tech- 
niques, she used a computer to 
improve and classify those im- 
ages. This type of tool can be 
used in radio astronomy to 'clean 
up' images of galaxies. Biologists 
might use the same technology 
to reduce 'noise' in images pro- 
duced with a scanning electron 

According to Professor 
Hyman, human beings take 
image processing for granted. For 
example, we recognize the same 
face with different expressions, 
from different angles, under vari- 
ous lighting conditions. "Show a 
computer two mug shots of the 
same man, one of him scowling 
and the other of him smiling, 
and the computer will not make 
the connection — not unless you 
provide it with very sophisticated 
mathematical algorithms. These 
are the types of challenges we en- 
counter when we try to automate 

Sweet Briar College Alumwe Magazine ■ Winter 1999 

Theorists can still get 
away with using pencils 
and paper. But then they 
turn around and ask us 
to prove their theoretical 
models. Having access to 
technology at the most 
fundamental levels 
brings students into this 
exchange. Instead of 
learning science second- 
hand, they discover it for 

— Scott Hyman 

'simple' tasks like recognizing and 
classifying images, freeing our- 
selves to do more important 

Professor Hyman's interest in 
image processing dates back to 
his post-doctoral year at the 
National Institutes ot Health. 
There, researchers were working 
on an artificial neural network 
(ANN), a computing device that 
learns through experience. "Based 
on Pavlovian conditioning exper- 
iments with animals, the NIH 
and its contractors were creating 
crude models of the mechanisms 
of learning. My physics back- 
ground, especially 
statistical mechanics, | 
was adaptable to the 
project. There are 
parallels between 

systems of neurons leading to 
high-level cognitive functions 
and systems ot particles leading 
to macroscopic phenomenon like 

Professor Hyman uses com- 
puter technology judiciously 
throughout the curriculum, ex- 
posing his students to a wide va- 
riety of research tools. "We're 
always limited by the tools," he 
says. "Technology is good for 
science because it allows us to 
stay on the job, exploring the 
same questions we were asking 
50 years ago: What makes a nu- 
cleus work? Why are there galax- 
ies? How do storms form? 
Theorists can still get away with 
using pencils and paper. But then 
they turn around and ask us to 
prove their theoretical models. 
Having access to technology at 
the most fundamental levels 
brings students into this theoreti- 
cal/experimental exchange. 
Instead of learning science sec- 
ondhand, they discover it tor 

Experience For 
Rocket Scientists 

Lombardi '01 
entered Sweet 
Briar planning 
to major in 
physics. But 

her summer fellowship at NASA 
has helped to refine her goals. 
"What she is saying now is that 
she's going to be a rocket scion 
ti>t," says Carlos Calle, professor 
of physics. 

In 1998, Professor Calle was 
awarded a NASA faculty fellow- 
ship for a project titled 
"Electrostatic Charge and 
Discharge of Sub-micron Dust 
Particles in the Simulated 
Martian Environment." The re- 
search is critical to keeping 
NASA's equipment in good 
working order on a planet prone 
to global dust storms. 

Anne began assisting 
Professor Calle with preliminary 
research during the spring semes- 
ter of her freshman year. Then, 
during the summer, she contin- 
ued to work for 10 weeks at the 
Kennedy Space Center with 
funding from both the Florida 
Space Grant Commission and 
the Sweet Briar Science 

"My research involves under- 
standing the dry Martian soil, 
particularly its elec- 

trostatic or magnetic properties," 
says Professor Calle. "Anne 
helped me and my collaborators 
at NASA design and set up ex- 
periments from scratch. She par- 
ticipated in our discussions and 
helped to collect data. After 
spending several weeks with us, 
she joined another, adjacent team 
that needed her assistance." 

Anne joined two NASA sci- 
entists who were characterizing a 
type of volcanic ash from Hawaii 
that serves as a simulant or sub- 
stitute for Martian soil. The 
paper she wrote summarizing the 
research was presented before the 
entire division at NASA at the 
end of the summer. "Everybody 
was there," recalls Professor 
Calle. "The project has high visi- 
bility and people were interested 
in the results. Anne's presentation 
provoked an animated discussion, 
but she fielded questions very 

Anne was by far the youngest 
research assistant there. Most of 
the professors conducting experi- 
ments at the Kennedy Space 
Center come from large universi- 
ties where 
are first in 
ne for 

Linda Fink and husband, Lincoln Brower 

ships. At Sweet Briar, undergrad- 
uates — even freshmen like 
Anne — receive these high-level 

Because Professor Calle is 
limited in the number of students 
he can take to NASA, he is 
preparing to bring portions of his 
research to Sweet Briar. "Some of 
my work requires expensive, large 
equipment," he explains. "Other 
components I can set up here 
with my students. This is what 
I'm planning to do spring semes- 
ter. I'm teaching a research course 
that will expose majors to some 
of the ongoing work I'm doing 
for NASA. It's exciting and chal- 
lenging. These are very delicate 
experiments that require a great 
deal of care and precision. It's 
important experience and, this 
way, four to five students will be 
able to participate and share the 

From Bombers 
to Butterflies: 
Comes to SBC 

Before Sweet Briar professors 
can introduce students to cutting- 
edge research tools, they have to 
learn to use the equipment them- 
selves. This is how Linda Fink, 
associate professor of biology, is 
spending her sabbatical year. She 
is bringing a pair of new, comple- 
mentary technologies to campus: 
global positioning system (GPS) 
devices and geographic informa- 
tion system (GIS) mapping soft- 

GPS is a worldwide network 
or Defense Department satellites 
that can pinpoint the latitude, 
longitude, elevation, speed, and 
direction of missiles, troops, and 
ships. Civilian uses range from 
commercial aviation and public 

safety applications, to recreational 
use by weekend boaters and hik- 
ers. Incorporating the data pro- 
vided by GPS satellites, GIS 
software creates both accurate 
maps and powerful geographical 
databases tor analysis. 
Professional-quality versions of 
both technologies are on the 
verge of widespread use in a vari- 
ety of disciplines including envi- 
ronmental studies, engineering, 
geology, and archaeology. 

At Sweet Briar, GPS/GIS has 
multiple uses both inside and 
outside the classroom. The 
College's riding and outdoor pro- 
grams, the buildings and grounds 
office, and the land-use commit- 
tee will benefit along with stu- 
dents and professors in the 
sciences. "I don't believe in tech- 
nology tor technology's sake," 
savs Professor Fink. "But, in this 
case, the hardware and software 
really does give us the power to 
make better academic and recre- 
ational use of our 3,300 acres. 
Plus, this stuff is 'hot.' Students 

who have experience using these 
technologies will have greater 
employment opportunities." 

In addition to all its other on- 
campus uses, GPS/GIS has a 
valuable application in Professor 
Fink's own research. She and her 
husband, biology professor 
Lincoln Brower, are monitoring 
the annual population and mi- 
gration of monarch butterflies. 
Recently, the two researchers es- 
tablished a Butterfly Research 
Garden on the Sweet Briar cam- 
pus, behind the SBC Train 
Station and Caboose. The X- 
shaped stand of butterfly bush 
[Buddkia davidii) attracts many 
species of butterflies from early 
summer through mid-autumn. 
Butterflv activity is weather de- 
pendent. On warm, clear after- 
noons through mid-September 
the researchers and their students 
can see hundreds of individuals. 

The "X" is oriented to the 
compass (north-south-east-west) 
to allow the study of changes in 
monarchs' flight directions as 

Sweet Briar College Allimwe Magazine ■ Winter 1999 

they shift from summer breeding 
generations to the fall migratory 
generation. The tall generation of 
monarch butterflies will migrate 
to sites high in the mountains of 
Mexico. Brower, one of the 
world's foremost experts on the 
species, is concerned that defor- 
estation in butterflies' wintering 
sites in Mexico may seriously de- 
plete the population. 

"These butterflies go to very 
tiny areas in the forest where a 
big conservation problem exists," 
says Professor Fink. "Using GPS 
in combination with aerial pho- 
tos, we can train our GIS soft- 
ware to give us a profile of 
conditions at these remote 
Mexican sites. It can help us an- 
swer questions like Is there illegal 
logging going on ? or Are the butter- 
flies moving downhill? It's a per- 
fect example of how these 
technologies are good for much 
more than navigation and map- 
ping. It's also a perfect way for 
students to learn just how power- 
ful these tools can be in the stud- 
ies of field biology and ecology." 

Business with a 
Spanish Accent 

"We're doing everything we 
can to make sure that Sweet 
Briar's new Spanish/business 

major dips down below the 
trees," says Bill Hosteder, associ- 
ate professor of economics and 
director of the management pro- 
gram. "That's why we are actively 
searching for alumnae who have 
business experience related to 
Latin America. It could be in 
human relations, sales and mar- 
keting, accounting, supply, or 
manufacturing — we're not look- 
ing for a specific type of business 
or corporate position — all experi- 
ences and insights are welcome." 

As the former coordinator of 
local industrial development for 
the Arabian Oil Company 
(ARAMCO) in Saudi Arabia, 
Professor Hosteder knows that 
subde variations in a student's 
academic background and work 
experience can make or break a 
hiring decision. "It is one thing 
to get students into the applicant 
pool for consideration. It's an- 
other to get them selected for the 
job. We want our majors to pass 
both tests and, later, move up the 
organizational ladder." 

The new major is the inter- 
disciplinary brainchild of 
Professor Hosteder and Dr. Alix 
Ingber, professor of Spanish and 
associate dean of academic af- 
fairs. The curriculum combines 
courses in Spanish language and 
Hispanic culture with courses in 
accounting, marketing, manage- 

ment, and international business. 
Where appropriate, economics 
courses include material that re- 
lates specifically to the culture 
and business environment of the 
Hispanic world. 

Computer literacy is empha- 
sized throughout the major. 
Students use technology to con- 
duct research, develop graphical 
presentations, submit course- 
work, and correspond with pro- 
fessors. Majors are also 
encouraged to take relevant 
courses in other departments 
such as cultural anthropology, en- 
vironmental ethics, or interna- 
tional politics. 

Explaining where alumnae tit 
into the mix, Dr. Ingber points 
out that "We can always count 
on alumnae to tell us what they 
know about life after Sweet Briar. 
They're willing to give us the in- 
side story, speaking not only as 
professionals, but as former stu- 
dents and as women. We value 
their 'on the ground' perspective, 
especially when it comes to 
working in cultures that are not 
as accepting of women in the 

The required coursework for 
Spanish/business is evenly di- 
vided between Spanish and eco- 
nomics. The major culminates in 
the senior year with two courses: 
Spanish 222 in the fall, and an 

interdisciplinary senior exercise in 
the spring. Last semester, instead 
of focusing on traditional literary 
analysis and research techniques, 
Spanish/business majors in 222 
were developing the marketing 
analysis and research tools neces- 
sary to support their interdiscipli- 
nary projects. 

"The research majors are im- 
mersed in this year will benefit 
all students to follow," explains 
Dr. Ingber. "They are doing re- 
search on the major itself, devis- 
ing a survey that will help them 
in part to package themselves as 
job candidates." 

Alumnae interested in sharing 
their experiences with 
Spanish/business majors can con- 
tact Dr. Ingber by VOICE (804) 
381-6206, FAX (804) 381-6489, 

New Computer 
Science Major 

Speaking with Bob Chase, 
professor of mathematical sci- 
ences, it is no surprise to hear 
that Sweet Briar has an "old 
girls" network established in the 
relatively young computer science 
industry. After all, SBC is the 
"most wired" women's college in 
the United States. What is amaz- 
ing, however, is that the College 

List of New and Revised Computer Science Offerings 

(Revised) C++ Programming: An 

introduction to computer science 
and object oriented programming 
in C++. Topics include data types 
through arrays, and functions. 
Structured programming, object- 
oriented design, and the testing of 
programs will be stressed. 

(New) Applications Development: 

A team-oriented software 
engineering-based approach to the 
design and maintenance of large 
practical software projects using a 
commercial development environ- 
ment emphasizing component 
reuse, revision control, and test 
case development. 

(New) )ava Programming: Object- 
oriented programming methods 
for platform-independent applica- 
tions development and World 
Wide Web (WWW) applet devel- 
opment using the )ava program- 
ming language. 

(Revised) Software Methods: 

Advanced programming tech- 
niques including object oriented 
design and programming, recur- 
sion, searching and sorting, algo- 
rithm development, and structured 

(New) Digital Logic: An examina- 
tion of the underlying computer 
hardware including gates, combi- 
national circuits and arithmetic 
and logic circuits, and clock- 
sequential circuits implementing 
registers, memory, addressing 
schemes, and control logic. 

(New) Algorithm Analysis: 

Rigorous analysis of algorithms for 
searching and sorting, use of data 
structures such as hash tables and 
binary search trees and techniques 
such as dynamic programming 
and greedy algorithms. Emphasis 
is on asymptotic time and space 
complexity - best and worst case 
as well as amortized analysis. 

(New) Operating Systems: The 

software systems which manage 
computer hardware. Topics in- 
clude processes, interprocess 
communication, deadlock, mem- 
ory management, swapping, pag- 
ing, virtual memory, input/output 
management, file systems, protec- 
tion, security, distributed and mul- 
tiprocessor machines. 

(New) Topics in Computer 
Science: Content varies yearly. 
Examples include: Using the 
UNIX operating system; UNIX in- 
ternals; real-time audio and video 
systems; communications net- 
works, programming languages. 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine ■ Winter 1999 

The demand for in- 
workers is incredible. 
There are currently 
345,000 positions un- 
filed in the United 
States; 25,000 in 
Virginia alone. 

— Bob Chase 

did not even offer a computer 
science major until this fall. 

"We've had a mathemaths- 
computer science major in place 
for a number of years," explains 
Professor Chase. "These majors 
have had no difficulty landing 
good jobs with starting salaries 
that continue to shock me! Quite 
a few are in positions now where 
they can assist with internships 
and job opportunities. They're 
very generous about it, e-mailing 
the department to let us know 
that they're ready and willing to 
help. Meantime, we've been 
looking forward to building on 
this success with a new, separate 
computer science major." 

Reaching into his file cabinet, 
Professor Chase pulls out the lat- 
est statistics. "The demand for 
information-technology workers 
is incredible. There are currendy 
345,000 positions unfilled in the 
United States; 25,000 in Virginia 
alone. Still, we did not want to 
respond to either student requests 
or industry needs by offering just 
any computer science major. We 
wanted to ensure that our gradu- 
ates would continue to stand 

In preparation for the new 

Robert Chase 

major, Sweet Briar's department 
of mathematical sciences re- 
designed its entire computer 
science curriculum to emphasize 
"real world" practices. The task 
also involved faculty recruitment 
and retraining. "We now have the 
breadth of courses and the faculty 
expertise to support a pure com- 
puter science major," says Chase. 
"This is what our students 
wanted and the response has 
been overwhelmingly favorable. 

We have more majors now than 
ever before." 

Like all other Sweet Briar 
students, computer science ma- 
jors benefit from small classes, 
access to faculty, independent 
work, and hands-on research. But 
the working relationships these 
majors form with professors mav 
prove to be more critical in the 
short term. After all, who do the 
computer experts call when they 
need help? 

"Yes," Professor Chase happily 
admits, "I've answered more than 
one panic call. But that's standard. 
No matter how well prepared you 
are, first jobs are always a little 
frightening. I've had graduates 
tossed — bang! — into the middle 
of huge corporate networks. I 
think just knowing that thev 
could call made a difference. 
Sometimes you just need some- 
one else to confirm what you 
already know. Then, you're fine." 


Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine ■ Winter 1999 

Sweet Brjar CollEqE- 

We're Not "Just LibERAl Arts" Anymore 

By Catherine Lumsden '78 

Sweet Briar College provides a fine liberal 
arts education tor voung women. But are you 
aware of its strong standing in the scientific 
and technical communities? Recent additions 
to the curriculum have made Sweet Briar 
even more appealing to voung women who 
plan a technical career. To better prepare 
graduates for careers within the technical 
arena, the College now offers a computer 
science major. 

Sweet Briar also offers an engineering 
dual-degree program with Columbia 
Universitv or Washington University in St. 
Louis. Under this program, a student com- 
bines three vears of accelerated study at Sweet 
Briar with two vears of study at the cooperat- 
ing institution, earning a bachelor of science 
degree from Sweet Briar and a B.S. degree in 
engineering (mechanical, chemical, civil, elec- 
trical, nuclear and others), health systems, 
computer science, or management science 
from the other school. More and more 
women attending Sweet Briar are opting to 
pursue technical careers. 

Sweet Briar alumnae are found through- 
out the entire spectrum of technological and 
scientific fields. Not only are many of our 
graduates doctors; many are computer spe- 
cialists, including software developers, mili- 
tary officers, engineers, and research 
scientists. The Research Triangle area in 
North Carolina is home to more than 150 
graduates and students. Dr. Margaret Leigh 73 
is professor or pediatrics and chief of the 
Division of Pulmonary Medicine and Allergy 
at the Universitv of North Carolina. 
Dr. Leigh states that Sweet Briar prepared 
her for medical school. "I had a solid founda- 
tion in science through courses in biology, 
chemistry and physics, as well as a broad un- 
derstanding ot the liberal arts. Perhaps Sweet 
Briar's greatest impact on me and my class- 
mates who have pursued a variety of careers is 
the sell-confidence and self-esteem that 
evolved from the small classroom environ- 
ment. I think that we were challenged to 
'speak our minds' more than women in a 
large classroom, university environment 
might be. We certainly had the confidence 

that we could succeed in any area if we 
worked effectively." A number of Dr. Leigh's 
classmates have successful careers in science, 
as well as in business, social work, advertising, 
creative writing and creative arts. 

Katie Clarkson, Class of 1997, is a soft- 
ware engineer in Raleigh. She develops and 
services the communications server software 
for the OS/390 (an operating system for 
mainframe computers). She attributes Sweet 
Briar with providing her with the technical 
knowledge she needs in her daily activities at 
IBM: "Sweet Briar taught me how to learn. 
In this job, you have to be able to think on 
your feet. Things change so quickly that you 
are constandy learning new things. The abil- 
ity to truly think and learn 'on the fly' has 
proven to be equally as beneficial as, if not 
more beneficial than, my technical skills." 

Katie has the highest accolades for Sweet 
Briar. For women pursuing a technical de- 
gree, she lauds not only the College's curricu- 
lum but also the professors. "If there was a 
subject area that I wanted to know more 
about, my professors were always very willing 
to set up an independent study with me in 
that area. Never did I have to worry about 
not gaining knowledge because there was not 
a class offered on a particular subject. I 
quickly tound that the only limits on my 
learning were the ones that I created. There 
was nothing that I couldn't do if I really 
wanted to do it. My professors were always 
available tor questions and encouraged me to 
'think outside of the box.' They got just as 
excited as I did when I succeeded. If I could 
give one piece of advice to prospective stu- 
dents interested in computer science at Sweet 

Perhaps Sweet Briars greatest im- 
pact on me. . . is the self-confidence 
and self-esteem that evolved from 
the small classroom environment. I 
think that we were challenged to 
'speak our minds' more than 
women in a. . . university environ- 
ment might be. We certainly had 
the confidence that we could suc- 
ceed. . . 

— Dr. Margaret Leigh 73 

Sweet Briar taught me how to 
learn. In this job, you have to be 
able to think on your feet. Things 
change so quickly that you are con- 
stantly learning new things. 

— Katie Clarkson '97 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine ■ \Vi\ter 1999 

Briar, it would be GO FOR IT! It truly is 
what you make of it — the sky is your limit." 

This flexibility in designing a program to 
fit the student's needs is a major focus at the 
College and one that is not present at large 
universities. At Sweet Briar, young women, 
with the help of independent studies, are able 
to customize a major, structuring a technical 
degree that best suits their needs. 

Another recent graduate, Kindle Samuel '98, 
is completing her master of accounting 
degree at the University of North Carolina's 
School of Business. She shares Katie's enthu- 
siasm for the foundation Sweet Briar 
provided for a technical career. The world of 
public accounting is very dynamic and the 
traditional ideas that many people have about 
accounting no longer hold true. Kindle cred- 
its her liberal arts background as providing 

/ am able to examine information 
and articulate on a conceptual and 
detailed level what is going on; 
this I learned at Sweet Briar. 
Although the type of information 
that I am analyzing is new to me, 
knowing 'how to' allows me to 
make the transition. 

—Kindle Samuel '98 

her with a more essential set of skills, specifi- 
cally, high analytic skills. "I am able to exam- 
ine information and articulate on a 
conceptual and detailed level what is going 
on; this I learned at Sweet Briar. Although 
the type of information that I am analyzing is 
new to me, knowing 'how to' allows me to 
make the transition." 

Sweet Briar gave Kindle a unique oppor- 
tunity to get involved in just about every- 
thing. In job interviews, she speaks freely of 
her leadership experiences, teamwork, com- 
munity service, working outside of her "com- 
fort zone," as well as her ability to set and 
achieve goals. "This is what employers want 
to hear and talk about. Sweet Briar is defi- 
nitely the place where you can get super ex- 
posure and have unbelievable opportunity 
and support, not only to become involved in 
something, but to stick with it and help it 
grow and become better." 

Many of Kindles business school class- 
mates went to large, big-name schools, were 
undergraduate business majors, and had more 
exposure to the subject matter. But Kindle 
has learned that what matters to employers is 
that prospective employees are intelligent and 
can learn. When she and her classmates were 
preparing for employment interviews, many 
classmates struggled to come up with perti- 
nent leadership and teamwork experiences. 
Kindles struggle was to figure out how she 
would be able to fit into a one-hour interview 
all of her experiences at Sweet Briar. Her 
Sweet Briar education has given Kindle an 
advantage over her classmates by providing 
her with very marketable assets. 

The world is changing; so is the job mar- 
ket. Careers in technology are some of the 
most promising for the new graduate. A lib- 
eral arts education still provides an excellent 
foundation, but supplemented with a techni- 
cal background it becomes even more mar- 
ketable. Today's job market demands that 
college graduates be fluent in the use of the 
computer and conversant with basic software 
packages. With more and more companies 
relying on web sites to communicate their 
message, webmasters are an integral asset of a 
company's communication channel. But these 
webmasters must also know how to write, 

which is why the liberal arts education is so 
valuable. Presentation and writing skills are 
imperative to be successful. You must be able 
to communicate your message. The College's 
excellent English program coupled with tech- 
nical courses provides the foundation for a 
graduate to be competitive in today's work- 

To enhance the competitiveness of Sweet 
Briar graduates, many alumnae work closely 
with the College to coordinate internships, 
which offer the opportunity to gain valuable 
work experience and develop helpful contacts, 
during the academic year or in the summer. 
In the past, students have interned at large 
technology companies, including IBM, and 
SAS Institute, Inc. The College's Career 
Services Office puts students in touch with 
alumnae working within such companies who 
have agreed to serve as mentors and are 
happy to assist with internships. 

If you know a young woman who plans to 
pursue a technical major, encourage her to 
take a close look at Sweet Briar. I think that 
she will be pleased with what the College has 
to offer. 

Cathy Lumsden, 
who was an inter- 
national affairs 
major at SBC, is a 
technical writer 
with SAS Institute, 
Inc. in Cary, North 
Carolina. A former 
naval officer, she re- 
ceived an MA. in 
national security 
affairs with a specialization in Soviet and Asian 
studies from the Naval Postgraduate School in 
1989. Currently she is working toward an M.S. 
in technical communication at North Carolina 
State University. And she is president of SBC's 
Triangle Alumnae Club. 


Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine ■ Winter 1999 

New Kids on the Block 

Some Notable Statistics 

Class of 2002 

African American: 5% 

Asian-American/Pacific Islander 2% 

Hispanic-American 3% 

White 88% 

International 2% 

Geographic Representation 

Canada, Japan, Russia 

31 states, with VA, NC, MD among the 

top ten 
33% from VA, 25% from other southern 


Public schools 74% 

Independent schools 26% 

Class Rank 

Top 10%: 40% 

Top 20%: 64% 

Top 25%: 69% 

Top 50%: 93% 

The first Step Singing for 200 

Total Enrollment Fall 1998 731 
On-campus 588 

Full-time, 539 

Part-time, 49 

Off-campus 143 

SBC Junior Year in France 97 

SBC Junior Year in Spain 46 

Enrollment By Region 

Virginia 233 

South (excluding Virginia) ...166 

Northeast 174 

Central 74 

West 54 

International* 30 

'from Belize, Bosnio, Brazil, Canada, Egypt, 
Ethiopia, France, Germany, Ghana, Great 
Britain, Haiti, India, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, 
Mexico, Poland, Romania, Russio, South 
Africa, South Korea, Spain 

Number of new students in 1998: 

Transfers from other institutions: 6 

Non-degree-seeking students 29 

First-year class 168 

Academic Awards and Other Honors 

33% National Honor Society 

1 5% Who's Who in American High Schools 

1 National Merit Semi Finalist 

4 National Merit Commended Scholars 

2 National Science Merit Award winners 

3 National English Merit Award winners 

5 Mu Alpha Theta (national math honor 

1 maxima cum laude, 1 magna cum 
laude, 1 cum laude, 2 silver medalists, 
1 third place: National Latin Exam 

1 First place in International Bach 

4 Ail-American Scholars 
1 Illinois State Scholar 

1 First place in Texas State Science 
Olympiad in Bottle Rock Engineering 

1 Research paper funded by Indian 
Academy of Science 

2 Bausch and Lomb Science Award 

1 Westinghouse Physical Science, Visual 

Effects and Innovation Award 
1 DAR American History Award 

3 Governor's School attendees 

8 Girls' State program attendees 
1 9 Participants in summer academic/ 
enrichment programs 

Exchange/Study Abroad Programs 

7 exchange students (Denmark; Italy; 

Spain; France; Russia; Chile;) 
1 People to People Student Ambassador to 

the United Kingdom & Ireland 
1 People to People Student Ambassador to 

England, Scotland, Wales, & Ireland 
1 International Model U.N. Conference 

participant, The Hague, Netherlands 
1 Mission trip to India 
1 Paris Langues Academy 
1 Study in the Costa Rican rain forest 
1 Ulpan (Hebrew study) in Tel Aviv, Israel 
1 New Zealand outdoor/community 

service program participant 

Top Academic Interests 

Science & math (74%) 

English/creative writing 

Modern languages 


Theatre ails 



Post-Graduate/Career Plans 

Unspecified graduate degree 15% 

Veterinary school 11% 

Law School 9% 

Medical school 8% 

It's official! The Class of 2002 banner is hung in the Bistro. Lindsay Keller, 
(Littleton, CO) steadies the ladder for Meg Pringle (Austin, TX) 

Other Career Aspirations 

Archaeologist; cytologist; naturopathic doc- 
tor; historical preservationist; genetic 
counselor; choreographer; artist; inte- 
rior designer; politician; child psycholo- 
gist; pharmaceutical representative; 
novelist; social worker 

Extracurricular Activities 

83% interested in fine arts 

36% play at least one instrument (piano; 
flute; piccolo; mellophone; classical gui- 
tar; harmonica; violin; bagpipes; clar- 
inet; cello; banjo; French horn; bassoon; 
viola; trumpet; handbells; saxophone; 
oboe; steel drums 

31% involved in theatre 

24% sing/perform in choir or chorus 

22% are dancers (ballroom; modern; in- 
terpretive; ballet) 

21% are visual artists (porter; oil painting; 
ceramics; sculpture; printmaking; rub- 
ber stamp art; charcoal drawing; glass 
blowing; gold smithing; bronze casting; 
collages; mosaics; layout/design; figure 
drawing; pen & ink 

1 5% write poetry or short stories 

1 3% perform in band or orchestra 

10% enjoy photography 


(51% held at least one leadership 

position in a club or organization) 

1 8% student government or class leader- 

4 student government presidents; 2 vice 
presidents; 3 secretaries; 3 treasurers 

13 class officers 


(82% have participated in a sport) 

Riding 31% 

Soccer 19% 

Track/Cross Country 16% 

Volleyball 15% 

Tennis 14% 

Softball 14% 

Field Hockey 11% 

Swimming 9% 

Basketball 8% 

Cheerleading 5% 

Community Service 

92% volunteered in some capacity 

For or through church 25% 

Soup kitchens/food drives 15% 

Nursing/retirement homes 14% 

Hospitals/medical centers 12% 

Elementary/peer tutoring 11% 

Habitat for Humanity 6% 

Poor/homeless 4% 

Therapeutic riding centers 4% 

Special Olympics 3% 


91% have held jobs during the summer 

and/or school year 

Financial Aid 

58% of the class received need-based aid 
Four of every five enrollees were inter- 
ested in some form of financial aid 

Reasons Given for Choosing 
Sweet Briar 

1) Size 

2) Quality of academic program/ 
faculty-student ratio 

3) Beauty of the campus 

4) College for women 

Is Sweet Briar proud to welcome 
these bright, interesting, diverse 


Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine ■ Winter 1999 

Orientation 1998 

By Katie Wright '00 

Student Intern, Sweet Briar Alumnae Magazine 

In 1906, Orientation consisted of an infor- 
mal meeting, a reception, an afternoon pic- 
nic, and a special evening exercise. A 
debate over school colors and election of the 
first student government officers took place. 
That first Orientation effort is not to be un- 
derestimated: all of the students were new — no 
upperclasswomen to serve as guides. The Class 
of 1910 had to orient itself! Ninety-two years 
later, Orientation for the Class of 2002 was 
very different. 

Planning an Orientation program begins in 
the fall of the year before a new class enters, 
with the election of an Orientation 
Chairwoman. Meg Pollard '99 chaired 1998's 
Planning Committee, which included Dean of 
Co-Curricular Life Valdrie Walker; Assistant 
Dean of Co-Curricular Life Susan Iverson; 
Coordinator of Co-Curricular Programs 
Martha Woodroof; Associate Dean of 
Academic Affairs Alix Ingber; Director of 
SWEBOP (Sweet Briar College Outdoor 
Program) Laura Staman; Dean of the College 
George Lenz; and 23 student representatives 
who served as Orientation Group Leaders. 
During the weeklong Orientation program in 
August, faculty, staff, upperclasswomen and 
new students participated enthusiastically — a 
college-wide effort immersing all in an atmos- 
phere of learning and fun. The theme was 
"This is the Place," chosen to help newcomers 
get acquainted with the College and the area. 

The week concentrated on learning ins and 
outs of campus life: using the computer net- 
work and electronic mail, conducting research 
in the library, meeting with academic advisors, 
time/stress management, the Honor Code, 
placement and handbook tests, honors work 
orientation, sessions for students seeking cam- 
pus jobs or loans, nautilus training — and mem- 
orizing the campus map! "Orientation is a 
good idea because it helps students get com- 
fortable with the school," Katie Gjeldum 
(Wheaton, IL) said. First- Year Seminars, new 
this year, began Friday of Orientation week. 
Meant to introduce students to liberal arts ed- 
ucation, these focus on analytical and creative 
abilities, and encourage inclusion and pursuit 
of different interests. 

As part of Orientation's "This is the Place" 
theme, students took part in a new program 

called "Learning on the Land," a variety of ex- 
ploratory sessions/group problem-solving ac- 
tivities which viewed the Sweet Briar 
environment from the perspective of different 
academic disciplines. Students chose from 19 
topics. Coordinator Laura Staman set two 
goals for the exercise: "First, we wanted the 
students to connect with their classmates; sec- 
ond we wanted them to connect with the land. 
Sweet Briar's campus is an outstanding setting 
for an active lifestyle; an outdoor enthusiast has 
everything she wants right in her own back- 

Faculty and staff led adventures around 
campus — excursions by foot, bike or horseback. 
Director of Riding Paul Cronin's group ("View 
From A Horse") observed environmental and 
historical issues on Sweet Briar land — the wa- 
tershed, forests, streams, farmland, trails, and 
erosion controls. Associate Professor of 
Physical Education Bonnie Kestner led 
"Exploring The Many Facets of Water," hiking 
to explore the different ways in which water af- 
fects our lives, finding different campus water 
sources, experiencing water as both a cleansing 
and destructive agent, and enjoying recreational 
water activities — tubing on the lake and creat- 
ing a water slide in a dell. Students with Lee 
Piepho ("Pastoral Sweet Briar"), Sara 
Shallenberger Brown Professor of English, dis- 
covered that the College and Sweet Briar 
House embody cultural ideals that stretch back 
to the Italian Renaissance. They looked at texts 
and pictures showing these origins, then 
walked through Sweet Briar House and 
grounds to see how they were adapted. 
Associate Professor of Studio Art Laura Pharis 
and Honors Fellow Greta Niu's group 
("Inspired By Nature") gathered materials with 
which to draw, paint, and sculpt, using black 
walnut for charcoal, red Virginia clay for paint, 
and bird feather quills for drawing tools. And 
"The Sounds Of Flutes" group, led by 
Associate Professor of Dance Mark Magruder, 
journeyed to the campus' bamboo forest, an in- 
spiring place of quiet beauty; everyone learned 
how to make and decorate a bamboo flute and 
received instructions on basics of flute playing. 
It's no surprise that Learning on the Land 
drew a positive response from the Class of 
2002. Kristi Rose (Hamilton, VA), in Bonnie 
Kestner's group, noted: "No other way would I 
have gotten to explore the campus. I didn't 
even know those trails were there!" Stephanie 

Roche (Lovettsville, VA) also enjoyed herself: 
"Learning on the Land was a great experience, 
an opportunity to explore the campus when I 
probably wouldn't have otherwise." 

Each new student received a copy of The 
Story of Sweet Briar College by Martha Lou 
Lemmon Stohlman '34, and Tradition and 
Change, a four-part anthology of writings by 
members of the Sweet Briar community, past 
and present, about life at the College from its 
founding until now. Section one, 
"Remembering the Past," is composed of 
alumnae recollections, by decade, from 1906- 
1956, most of them excerpts from a special 
1976 edition of the Alumnae Magazine, cele- 
brating SBC's 75 th anniversary. Section two, 
"Clippings: Primary Sources," features clips 
from the Sweet Briar News, from its first issue 
in 1927 to the present. Section three, "Doing 
Sweet Briar History: Analysis and Synthesis," 
tells of the effects of World War II on Sweet 
Briar, the integration of the College, the devel- 
opment of athletics, and changing admission 
standards from 1906 to 1934. Section four, a 
one-pager, includes "The Quiz" (questions to 
test what readers learned ) and "The 
Challenge," urging: "Do your own Sweet Briar 
History: research a topic of interest and submit 
a paper for inclusion in 1999's anthology." 

"Ice-breaker" and "Get-to-know-each- 
other" games, evening entertainments, free 
time for shopping trips (room decoration!), 
picnics, and Boat House parties filled out the 
week. "It was long and crazy but I met a lot of 
people I wouldn't have met otherwise!" said 
Cheyenne Sylvester (Olympia, WA). 

I believe that Sweet Briar's founders would 
be pleased with Orientation 1998. And like the 
Class of 1910, the Class of 2002 is enthusiastic 
and ready to savor "this place." 

KathrynA. (Katie) 
Wright (Warren ton, VA) 
is an English/creative 
writing major. Recipient 
of the Fletcher Award, she 
is active in student gov- 
ernment, serves as 
Judicial Committee secre- 
tary and is on the 
Katie Wright Publications Committee. 

This is Katie's second year as editor of the Sweet 
Briar News. She is the first magazine staff intern. 


Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine ■ Winter 1999 

Service at Monument 

Photos © David Abrams 

WElcoMJNq Remains: FouncIers' DAy/OpENiNq Convocation 

SEpTE^bER 25, 1998 

By Melissa Henning '99 

President of the Student Government Association 

Convocation's Presidential Party assembles, l-r: Associate Dean Mix Ingber; 
Dean George Lenz; Alumnae Association President Kathy Pegues; SBC President 
Elisabeth Muhlenteld; Student Government President Melissa Henning; 
Distinguished Alumna Katharine Crommelin Milton; SBC Chaplain Susan 


Telcome to this festive 
occasion, this day on 
which we celebrate 
the founders of Sweet Briar 
College and the start of a new 
academic year. This calling to- 
gether unites those people who 
have gained some sort of connec- 
tion to Sweet Briar, be it in the 
past or present. I welcome all of 
you, as you have chosen to take 
part in this meaningful, memo- 
rable ceremony that honors the 
dream of one woman, Indiana 
Fletcher WLLLiams, a dream in 

which an academic institution 
would be built to educate young 

Sweet Briar is unique in many 
ways, but the two most distinct 
assets I have found here are the 
College's physical setting, or its 
place, and its honor system. 
Sweet Briar's lush forests, rolling 
hills, whispering winds, and pic- 
turesque sunsets have captivated 
those of us who have spent ex- 
tended periods of time here. 
Those of us who have studied 
here have been impressed by the 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine ■ Winter 1999 

Melissa Henning 

sense of honor we gain just by 
coming here, attending classes 
and living here — and the in- 
tegrity, trust, and respect we de- 
velop for and from our 
professors, administrators, and 
staff. Honor, once learned at 
Sweet Briar, becomes honor for 
life, a part of every woman's 
character. It permeates our 
thinking, defines our actions, and 
shapes our opinions. 

On this day I am further re- 
minded of the lyrics of the Sweet 
Briar song: 

Sweet Briar, Sweet Briar, thy 
columns white 

Shine on thy rose a beacon 

Of truth to bear, and radiance 

Thy beauty, Sweet Briar 

The song captures the essence 
of our foundation: the stateliness 
and goodness found in a solid, 
well-rounded education; the 
truth we inherit when we carry 
on in tradition and thanksgiving; 
a light into our futures as we set 
off into the world and promote 
change; and radiance, joy for our 

blessings of knowledge and hope. 
Sweet Briar's place offers bound- 
less space for inspiration. One 
can go anywhere on our 3,300 
acres to think or exercise, play or 
relax. It is a refuge in a fast- 
paced world. In many lives, it al- 
lows freedom to develop 
intellectually, socially, and spiri- 
tually, while challenging one aca- 
demically, all at once. The life 
balance that may be gained from 
a Sweet Briar education is some- 
thing of true essence. 

Each of us here today has 
been granted the opportunity to 
bear a rose in Daisy Williams' 
name. Each of us has the ability 
to allow that rose to grow, 
bloom, open up, and then let the 
petals fall on fertile soil. If we 
welcome that opportunity, seize 
its potential, believe in ourselves, 
and apply it to our lives, we will 
succeed the way Indiana Fletcher 
Williams would have wanted us 
to. And most of all, if we inte- 
grate the Sweet Briar definition 
of honor into our lives forever, 
we will surely learn to embrace 
the world in a different way. 

Sweet Briar College has cer- 
tainly progressed since it first 
opened in 1906. It is still today, 
in the words of the first Board of 
Directors of the College, "a lib- 
eral arts college of the first rank." 
It is blessed with place, spirit, 
and honor. I hope you will join 
me in a continuing sense of awe, 
respect, and thanksgiving for our 
founders — for without them, we 
would not be here today. 

The 1998-99 
Student Academic Awards and Prizes 

Announced at Opening Convocation 
on Founders' Day 

The Emilie Watts McVea Scholars 
(top-ranking members of their 

Lindsey Neef '99, West Bloomfield, 


Susan Bobb '00, Midlothian, VA 

Amy Tabb '01, Kearneysville, WV 

Alumna Daughter Scholarship 

Emily Pegues '00, Warrenton, VA 

Manson Scholar 

Catherine O'Brien '99, Warrenton, 

Benedict Scholar 

Melissa Gail Henning '99, 
Mehoopany, PA 

Sherer Merit Scholarship 

Christine Bump '00, Napa, CA 

Valentine Scholars 

Aimee Armentrout '99, 
Mechanicsville, VA 
Sarah Belanger '01, Richmond, VA 
Jennifer Bryant '02, Midlothian, VA 

Rickards Scholars 

jenaire Terry '01 , Washington, D.C. 
Ariana Wolynec-Werner '01 , 
Edinboro, PA 
The Carter Leadership Award 

Kimberly Graff '02 

The Louise (ones Cox Scholars 
Sara Foltz '01, Monroe, VA 
Rebecca Saunders '02, Madison 
Heights, VA 
Katie Wood '01, Lowesville, VA 

The Helen Smith Davenport 


()r. Year in France) 

Amanda Ankerman, West Hartford, 


Wendy Bramlett, Ocean Springs, MS 

Alison Cooper, Dallas, TX 

Lindsay Perkins, Salt Lake City, UT 

Abby Schmidt, Bear Creek, PA 

Victoria Zak, Reston, VA 

The Adelaide B. Glascock 

Emily Black '01, Salt Lake City, UT 
Aracelie Castro '99, San Antonio, TX 

The Helen Milner Gordon 

Tyler Currie '02, Atlanta, GA 

The Harris Pre-Med Scholarship 

Anne Lombardi '01, Richmond, VA 

The Kay Trogdon Hightower 

Nicole Redwine '01, Fayetteville, 


The Virginia E. Ranney Memorial 


Mary )o Bell '01 , Richmond, VA 

The Dorothy Nicholson Tate 

Christian Turner '00, Centerville, OH 

The Washington, D.C. Alumnae 
Club Scholarship Award 

Elizabeth Keating '00, Potomac, MD 
Anya Moon '02, Hamilton, VA 
Catherine O'Brien '99, Warrenton, VA 

The Camille Williams Yow Merit 

Amanda Atkinson '00, York, PA 
Mary Colvin '02, Catlett, VA 
Emily Reeh '01, Edmond, OK 
Meredith Tillery '99, Augusta, GA 

The Academy of American Poets 

Anne Pelton Jones '99, 

Fredericksburg, VA 

Frances Hunter McOwen '01, 

Dallas, PA 

The Julia Sadler deColigny Award 

Jennifer Paige Crutcher '99, 

Palestine, TX 

The Hapala Scholar 

Josie Beets '00, Pinellas Park, FL 

The Kenmore Scholars 

Benedicte Valentin '99, 

St. Just le Mattel, France 

Devon Vasconcellos '99, Boulder, CO 

The Rebecca Tomlinson Lindblom 

Lindsay Hicks '99, Tempe, AZ 

The Shakespeare Prize 

Erin Jennifer Vlasaty '99, St. Louis, 

The Lucile Barrow Turner Award 

Nicole Lamm '00, Madison Heights, 


The 1998 Truman Scholarship 


Kelley Dize '99, Yorktown, VA 



Emily Pegues '00, Recipient of the 
1998 Alumna Daughter Scholarship 


Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine ■ Winter 1999 

1 998 DisTiNquishEd AIumna AwarcI to 

KAThAmNE CroivuvieUn MiIton '62 

Introduction of Katharine Milton 
at Founders' Day/Opening 
Convocation, September 25, 1998, 
by Kathy Garcia Pegues, president 
of the Alumnae Association 

As the new president of 
the Sweet Briar Alumnae 
Association, it is a great 
privilege to be the one to present 
the 1998 Distinguished Alumna 
Award, one of the College's 
highest honors. The award is 
being presented tor the first time 
to an alumna in the field of an- 
thropology. The winner, Dr. 
Katharine Crommelin Milton of 
Sweet Briar's Class of 1962, is 
professor of anthropology at the 
University of California at 
Berkelev. Katharine has an excel- 
lent record as both a teacher and 
a researcher, and I am very proud 
to welcome her back to Sweet 
Briar to receive her award. 

It is a long way-and a far cry- 
from the leafy dells of Sweet 
Briar to the remote jungles of 
Brazil. Katherine took that route, 
though, with some diversions, 
and spends a great deal of her 
time doing research in the 
Amazonian rain forest as well as 
Panama and Papua New Guinea. 
She has endured primitive living 
conditions, infestation by para- 
sites, and a bad bout of malaria, 
yet has pressed on to continue 
her research, making important 
contributions to the field of an- 
thropology. She is an expert in 
primatology, and specializes in 
diet and nutrition, studying the 
diets of non-human primates and 
of remote, forest-dwelling hu- 
mans, and her work provides in- 
sight into what may be the best 

diet for modern humans. 

Much of Katharine's research 
is funded by the most prestigious 
organizations in the scientific 
world, such as the National 
Science Foundation, the National 
Geographic Society, the John 
Simon Guggenheim Memorial 
Foundation, and the University 
of California at Berkeley itself, 
and its Center for Latin- 
American Studies. To mention 
just one of her numerous accom- 
plishments: her 1980 book, The 
Foraging Strategy of Howler 
Monkeys: A Study in Primate 
Economics, was highly innovative 
and influential, essentially show- 
ing aspiring primatologists how 
to conduct a field study; and in 
1988, she and a colleague pub- 
lished in the Journal of 'Nutrition 
the first-ever study of the diges- 
tive physiology of chimpanzees. 
They pointed out that the 
human digestive system is identi- 
cal in most respects to that of 
chimps. Katharine is currendy 
writing an article for the same 
journal comparing the diets of 
modern humans and the pri- 
mates; in it she suggests that hu- 
mans take a careful look at what 
monkeys and apes and chimps 
are eating! 

Katharine has a very broad 
academic background, as one 
would expect from an evolution- 
ary biologist, a dietary ecologist, 
and an anthropologist. She cred- 
its her experience at Sweet Briar 
with helping her to synthesize 
research from several different 
perspectives. Majoring in 
English, she spent her junior year 
in Spain and was active in many 
campus clubs and programs. She 

earned a master's degree in 20th 
century English from the 
University of Iowa, then a second 
master's degree and the Ph.D., 
both in anthropology, New York 
University. She started teaching 
at Berkeley, which is still her aca- 
demic "home," and has won an 
Excellence in Teaching Award 
from Phi Beta Kappa of 
Northern California. In 1995 she 
was named a Fellow of the 
American Academy of Arts and 

The scholarly journals in 
which Katharine's work appears 
are far too numerous for me to 
list, but I'll name a few: The 
American Journal of Physical 
Anthropology; the American 
Anthropologist; the International 
Journal of Primatology; the 
American Journal of Primatology; 
the Journal of Mammalogy; the 
American Naturalist; Ecology; 
Current Anthropology; and 
Scientific American. Katharine has 
been an invited speaker for many 
distinguished gatherings, includ- 
ing international symposia in 
Paris and meetings of London's 
Royal Society. And now, despite 
her crammed schedule, she is 
here with us! 

Katharine's work advances the 
frontiers of knowledge, as she 
goes off alone into the uncharted 
jungle, returns home to make 
sense of what she has found, then 
shares it with all of the world. 
This takes a tremendous amount 
of dedication, stamina, generos- 
ity, and also real physical courage. 
Sweet Briar College is proud to 
salute Katharine's achievements 
and to claim her as one of our 


DisiiNquiskd AIumna AwarcI 

The Distinguished Alumna 
Award, established in 1988, 
recognizes alumnae who have 
brought distinction to themselves 
and to Sweet Briar College through 
their outstanding accomplishments 
in a volunteer or professional 


Dorothy Rouse-Bottom '49 
Diana Muldaur Dozier '60 
Karin Lawson 74 


Hallam Hurt '67 


Virginia Upchurch Collier 72 
Katherine Upchurch Takvorian 72 


Ann Henderson Bannard '49 
Sadie Gwin Allen Blackburn '45 


Marshalyn Yeargin-Allsopp '68 


Molly Haskell Sarris '61 


Anna Chao Pai '57 


Joan Vail Thorne '51 


Beryl Bergquist Farris 71 


Georgene M. Vairo 72 


Katharine Crommelin Milton '62 

Sweet Briar College Aluuwe Magazine ■ Winter 1999 


Acceptance of AwarcI 

By Dr. Katharine Crommelin Milton 

Thank you for nominating 
me for the 1998 Sweet 
Briar Distinguished 
Alumna Award. When I look at 
the quality of the women who 
have received this award in the 
past, I feel honored. It is wonder- 
ful to be back at Sweet Briar and 
to be able to speak briefly today 
to you — faculty, students, staff, 
parents and friends. 

. . . my education at 

Sweet Briar 

College... set me 

free to follow 

wherever my mind 

and interests would 

take me — trained 

as a young woman 

at a women s college 

to be fully confident 

in my abilities. 

I came to Sweet Briar after 
graduating from a public high 
school in Montgomery, Alabama. 
This high school was named 
Sydney Lanier, which you have 
to admit is a rather unusual name 
for a high school. Our poor foot- 
ball team, the Poets, had to plav 
under the slogan, "The pen is 
mightier than the sword," but 
perhaps it was this rather quirky 
ambience that first made me 
aware of the power of the written 
word and the excitement that 

might come from using one's 

However, when I came to 
Sweet Briar, even though Sydney 
Lanier was an excellent school, I 
have to confess that I was still a 
bit of a sleepwalker. It was one of 
the famous Ramage sisters, 
Professor Sarah Ramage, whom I 
credit with what might be 
termed mv moment of intellec- 
tual awakening. This moment 
came in her Chaucer class, which 

mistake. So I went to her with 
my exam and asked her about it. 
She gently pointed out that I had 
managed to regurgitate many 
Chaucerian facts onto each page 
but that I had failed to take these 
facts and use them in some con- 
structive and original manner to 
address and answer her questions. 
Eureka — that was it, something 
clicked and my mind took off. 

I vividly remember all of my 
professors at Sweet Briar, for ex- 
ample, the wonderful 
Shakespearian scholar Professor 
Lawrence Nelson, who taught us 
English literature but also took 

Katharine Milton, Acceptance Speech 

to this day remains the best class 
I have ever taken. The semester 
started and I dutifully read the 
material and attended my classes, 
confident that I was doing a 
good job. However, then came 
the first exam and when mv 
paper was returned, I'd made a 
D. A D — how could I have got- 
ten a D! English literature was 
my best subject and I loved the 

Well, I thought, Professor 
Ramage has somehow made a 

the time to interact informally 
with his students in ways I leel 
were critical in developing not 
only our minds but also our char- 
acter. Litde comments that we 
hear when we are young, if they 
are positive or even hopeful, can 
often have a lasting impact. 
Professor Nelson occasionally 
went with us as we tubed the 
Goshen River — one of my fa- 
vorite activities. 

One day as Professor Nelson 
was standing on the shore of the 

Goshen with a group of students, 
he saw me come bouncing down 
the river in my inner tube, 
smashing into rocks, totally 
soaked and obviously out of mv 
mind with joy, and he remarked 
in his dry way to the students: 
"That girl has naturally high 
spirits!" This comment was re- 
peated to me bv a friend and I 
tucked it away but I never forgot 
it. In my later anthropological 
work in Brazil, as I came bounc- 
ing down rapid-filled rivers full 
of piranas, sharp rocks, and fatal 
whirlpools in tiny dugout canoes 
steered bv Indians, I would re- 
peat to myself like a mantra, 
"Remember, Katie, you have nat- 
urally high spirits." And this 
mantra seems to have worked so 

Sweet Briar College gave me 
the tools I needed to go out and 
forge a useful and productive life. 
Many different life stages are 
spoken of by experts as forma- 
tive, but what could be more for- 
mative than one's four years of 
college, particularly if you are for- 
tunate enough to be attending a 
wonderful women's college? For 
the first time you are out of your 
family environment on your own 
and generally can pursue just 
about whatever interests you 
without the later distraction of a 
9-to-5 job and demands of a 
family. There simply is no other 
period in our lives that offers this 
freedom and, of course, it is not 
bv chance that it comes at the 
age when the human mind has 
become sufficiently developed to 
make good use of this intellectual 

A college education tradition- 
ally was undertaken as a type of 
personal mental odyssey. No 
pragmatic or monetary' return 
was expected from it — rather, 
this experience was viewed as a 
means of delving into the rich- 
ness of human thought and his- 
tory. But while doing this, a good 
liberal arts education also serves 
as a link which connects us to all 
other generations — past, present, 
and future — and instills in us the 


Sweet Briar College Aluuwe Magazine ■ Wi\ter 1999 

desire to try to contribute in a 
constructive way to this panhu- 
man experience. 

My later training in anthro- 
pology I view as a logical out- 
come of this early training at 
Sweet Briar. My particular field 
is biological anthropology, which 
is the study of human behavior 
and morphology from an evolu- 
tionary perspective. 

Initially I studied the dietary 
behavior of wild primates — pri- 
mates of interest to anthropolo- 
gists because monkeys and apes 
are our closest living relatives. In 
my work with howler monkeys 
and spider monkeys in Panama, 
for example, I was able to docu- 
ment many differences in their 
feeding behavior. Howler mon- 
keys eat diets very high in young 
leaves, which tend to be fairly 
abundant in tropical forests. For 
this reason, howler monkey 
troops have small supplying areas 
and do not have to travel a long 
distance each day to find their 
foods. In contrast, spider mon- 
keys eat diets composed almost 
exclusively of ripe fruits. But 
since ripe fruits are far less abun- 
dant in tropical forests than 
leaves, spider monkeys must 
travel long distances each day to 
find their foods. As a result they 
have huge supplying areas, 10 to 
20 times the size of those of 
howler monkeys. Though howler 
monkeys and spider monkeys 
have the same body size, spider 
monkeys have a brain size double 
the brain size of howler monkeys. 
I have hypothesized that this 
striking brain size difference re- 
lates to the unusual challenges 
faced by spider monkeys in locat- 
ing sufficient wild fruits each day. 
Such a diet appears to call for 
unusual development of learning 
abilities, memory and naviga- 
tional skills to locate these foods 
efficiendy — this reflected in the 
large brain size of spider mon- 

Human evolution likewise is 
characterized by a considerable 
increase in brain size — for exam- 
ple, humans and adult chim- 

panzees are not very different in 
body size but the human brain is 
three times the size of the 
chimp's. I view initial stimulus 
for enhanced brain size in the 
human lineage as likewise stimu- 
lated by foraging challenges — 
probably a climatic change and 
strong decrease in plant food 
availability that in essence forced 
our ancestors to either sharpen 
their wits to meet this challenge 
or go extinct. 

The human dietary niche is 
unique. Humans are cultural om- 
nivores — that is, they use learned 
information and learned behav- 
iors (cultural traditions, and tech- 
nologies) to create viable diets 
and take care of other essential 
requirements no matter where 
they live, this extraordinary 
learning ability based on their ex- 
tensive mental development and 
very large brains. Thus I've found 
that my studies of wild primates 
have helped me to better visual- 
ize factors that may have been 
important in the evolution of my 
own species. 

My growing interest in 
human behavior led me in 1981 
to begin to examine features of 
the dietary ecology of indigenous 
peoples living in tropical forests 
of Brazil. In this research, I've 
now had the privilege of living 
with seven of the least-contacted 
indigenous groups in the 
Brazilian Amazon. I am particu- 
larly interested in the different 
uses each society makes of forest 
products, both plants and ani- 
mals, as foods and also for other 
purposes such as medicine. 
Though forest peoples are often 
regarded as ecologically quite 
similar, my research helps to 
demonstrate the rich variety of 
different ecological traditions 
forest-based peoples possess and 
thus emphasizes the loss to all of 
us in terms of unique human 
knowledge when even one of 
these groups suffers cultural ex- 
tinction, as has been happening 
at an accelerated rate. 

One of my more interesting 
discoveries concerns the use of a 

secretion from an Amazonian 
forest tree frog, Phylomedusa bi- 
color. This frog is captured by 
Panoan-speakers such as the 
Mayoruna or Matis and the se- 
cretion is scraped from the skin 
of the frog and dried. Later it is 
placed in fresh burns of men who 
plan a big hunting expedition the 
next day; it enters their blood 
stream and produces a dramatic 
physiological effect. The Indians 
claim that the secretion sharpens 
their senses when hunting as well 
as bringing them good luck. 

I was able to bring a sample 
of the frog secretion out of the 
jungle with me and sent it to Dr. 
John Daly at the National 
Institutes of Health. His labora- 
tory was ultimately able to iden- 
tify a new peptide from this 
secretion, adenoregulin, that has 
promise in the treatment of some 
human diseases. Of note too is 
the fact that though this frog 
species is found over a huge area 
of Amazonia, generally only 
Panoan-speaking groups use it — 
illustrating the fact that different 
forest cultures may develop dif- 
ferent pharmacological traditions 
even though the same natural 
product is available to them all. 

Pictures of tribal peoples 
often present them in fierce poses 
which do not really reflect their 
behavior. Today I put together a 
few slides to show you how the 
people I work with look when 
carrying out their everyday activi- 
ties. Not only are they vibrant 
and extraordinarily capable and 
intelligent; of note too is the fact 
that they are also largely free of 
most chronic health problems — 
heart disease, high blood pres- 
sure, diabetes, obesity — that 
plague people in western societies 
such as our own. Study of their 
diets and activity patterns may 
help us to better understand 
some of the factors that con- 
tribute to some of these western 
health problems. 

I feel that I am truly fortunate 
to have had the opportunity to 
live with people who are still re- 
moved from industrialization and 

have very few material goods. I 
have learned a great deal from 
them about what it means to be 
human when existing as a part of 
nature rather than living apart 
from nature as we western peo- 
ples live today. It is sad to think 
that many American schoolchild- 
ren know little about the natural 
world or grow up believing that 
owning many possessions will 
make them happy. 

In summing up, I would say 
that my education at Sweet Briar 
College, by teaching me how to 
think systematically and solve in- 
tellectual problems and by expos- 
ing me to the richness of 
different fields of thought, set me 
free to follow wherever my mind 
and interests would take me — 
trained as a young woman at a 
women's college to be fully confi- 
dent in my abilities. A good lib- 
eral arts education does for you 
what no other training can — it 
opens your mind to a wide range 
of different subjects and gives 
you full exposure to the grand 
sweep of human endeavor and 
accomplishment. Then this 
knowledge is carried away widi 
you on graduation to serve as a 
steadfast friend throughout your 
life, one who is always there to 
offer inspiration, insight, 
strength, comfort and hope. 

The many books I read at 
Sweet Briar, the lectures and dis- 
cussions I participated in, the life 
experiences I shared have stayed 
with me all of my adult life and 
have never failed to enrich it. 
Hopefully too, through my own 
research and teaching, I am able 
to return some of these benefits 
to my own students and continue 
the dynamic cycle of learning and 

Thank you again for present- 
ing me with the 1998 Sweet 
Briar Distinguished Alumna 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine ■ Winter 1999 


Mini Reunions 

September 1998 

Alumnae Council brought many classmates together to attend 
meetings, plan for Reunion 1999, and celebrate Founders' Day! 

All photo captions read l-r 

Photos © David Abrams except where noted 



V, .V 

|- Af 


tift h 




1948: Audrey Lahman Rosselot; Martha Mansfield Clement 

1949 planning for the 50th: Elizabeth Wellford Bennett; Mary Fran Brown 
Ballard; Kitty Hart Belew 

1958: Ethel Ogden Burwell; Elaine Schuster 

1959: Deborah Dunning; Ann Pegram Harris; Alice Cary Farmer Brown 

1960: Norma Patteson Mills; Marjorie McCraw 1964: Back row, Mollie Johnson Nelson; Jo Ann Soderquist Kramer; V. M. Del Greco 
McDonald Galgano; Grace Mary Garry Oates. Front: Virginia deBuys; Claire Hughes Knapp 


Sweet Briar College Allimwe Magazine - Winter 1999 

Mini Reunions September 1998 

1997: Kerri Rawlings; Alison Hall; Linda DeVogt '86 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine ■ Winter 1999 


In the Spotlight 

Margaret Leigh '73 
Named One of "Best 
Doctors in America" 

Margaret Leigh, a pedia- 
trician at the 
University of North 
Carolina School of Medicine in 
Chapel Hill, was recendy listed 
among The Best Doctors in 
America (copyright 1999 by 
Woodward/White, Inc. of Aiken, 
SC). The survey to compile the 
"Best Doctors" is based on peer- 
review evaluation. For the current 
listing, more than 30,000 doctors 
throughout the United States 
were asked to rate other doctors 
in their areas of specialization. 
Onlv those physicians who 
earned the consensus support of 
their peers were included in the 
final listing. 

Margaret is professor of pedi- 
atrics and chief of the Division of 
Pulmonary Medicine & Allergy 
at UNC-Chapel Hill. She is also 
director of the University's Cystic 
Fibrosis Care Center. A fellow- 
ship in pulmonology took 
Margaret to UNC-Chapel Hill 
in 1982, where she has continued 
her career, winning numerous 
honors including the Edward 
Livingston Trudeau Scholar 
Award (1985) and the Faculty 
Teaching Award from the pedi- 
atric housestaff (1993-94). 
Continuously listed in The Best 
Doctors in America since 1994, 
she is also listed in The Best 
Doctors in America: Southeast 
Region, and Who's Who in North 

Following her SBC degree in 

This photo of Margaret with a patient first appeared in Endeavors (research magazine of UNC-Chapel Hill) with an article 
on cystic fibrosis research written by Julia Bryan, stepdaughter of Jane McFaddin Bryan'73. 

chemistry, Margaret earned an 
M.D. from Eastern Virginia 
Medical School. Before joining 
UNC, she did an internship in 
pediatrics at Children's Hospital 
of Kings' Daughters in Norfolk, 
VA and her residency training at 
the University of Kentucky. 

Margaret has a distinguished 
record of professional service to 
the University and to numerous 
national organizations. To men- 
tion just a few of her commit- 
ments: she is a Fellow of the 
American Academy of Pediatrics 
and member of the American 
Board of Pediatrics, for which 
she chaired the Sub-board of 
Pediatric Pulmonology (1997- 
98). She serves on the planning 
committees for the Pediatric 
Assembly Program of the 
American Lung 
Association/ American Thoracic 
Society and for the annual North 
American Cystic Fibrosis 
Conferences. A frequent speaker 
and invited lecturer, she has pub- 
lished widely in professional 

journals including The New 
England Journal of Medicine and 
Pediatrics, and has contributed to 
many books and textbooks. 

She is the sister of Winborne 
"Winnie" Leigh Hamlin '58 and 
daughter of the late Maud 
Winborne Leigh '35. 

Sweet Briar is proud to see 
Margaret, one of its stellar gradu- 
ates, win this national recogni- 

Amy Woods '95 
Attends International 
Women's Conference 

Amy Woods was recendy in- 
vited by the U.S. Government to 
assist with a conference on inter- 
national women's issues held in 
Montevideo, Uruguay October 
1-3, 1998. One of the key speak- 
ers was The First Lady of the 
United States, Hilary Rodham 
Clinton. Entided "Vital Voices 
of the Americas: Women in 
Democracy," and co-sponsored 

by the U.S. government and the 
Inter-American Development 
Bank, the conference brought to- 
gether over 400 women from the 
region with the purpose of form- 
ing networks of women leaders 
who will actively participate in 
building democratic institutions 
in the developing countries of 
Latin America and the 
Caribbean. The conference was 

Amy Woods 


Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine ■ Winter 1999 

I \ iim Spotlight 

inspired by the 1995 United 
Nations Fourth World 
Conference on Women in 
Beijing, China— a gathering 
which Amy, then a Sweet Briar 
student intern in the State 
Department's Bureau of 
International Organizations, 
helped to organize. 

Amy works for the nonprofit 
organization InterAction, a coali- 
tion of 164 international devel- 
opment, disaster relief and 
refugee assistance agencies. She is 
a program associate for 
IntexAction's Commission on the 
Advancement of Women, which 
works to incorporate gender eq- 
uity into member agencies' poli- 
cies and practices. This year, Amy 
has worked with InterAction 
members, government officials, 
and UN representatives to draw 
attention to the issue or gender 
in complex emergencies. A com- 
plex emergency, such as the situa- 
tion in the former Yugoslavia, has 
an enormous impact on families 
and the roles that men and 
women play within it. Relief or- 
ganizations are often over- 
whelmed by the disaster or 
outpouring of refugees and do 
not have the time or the tools to 
address gender issues. Through a 
series of workshops and a publi- 
cation, Amy and her colleagues 
have addressed gender integra- 
tion in disaster and refugee assis- 
tance in the context of health 
care, personal security, economic 
production, and education. 

Lee Minaidis 

"My student internships were 
a big part of the reason I was in- 
vited to the conference in 
Uruguay," said Amy. While a stu- 
dent at Sweet Briar majoring in 
international affairs and French, 
Amy sought a number of inter- 
national internships. As well as at 
the State Department, she held 
internships at the White House 
and the British-American 
Chamber of Commerce. During 
her junior year, which she spent 
at the University of Geneva with 
Cornell University's Study 
Abroad Program, she also in- 
terned at the International 
Catholic Migration Committee 
in Geneva. Following her gradu- 
ation from Sweet Briar (summa 
cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa, with 
a listing in Who's Who in American 
Universities and Colleges), Amy 
entered Georgetown University's 
Graduate School of Foreign 
Service. While at Georgetown, 
she continued to intern, spending 
a year with the U.S. Committee 
for Refugees and a summer with 
the then-U.S. Ambassador to 
France, the late Pamela 
Harriman, at the embassy in 
Paris. In 1997, Amy earned her 
M.S. in foreign service from 

Amy credits Sweet Briar with 
giving her the chance to take 
leadership positions which she 
might not have had at a larger 
institution. From Sweet Briar's 
perspective, the College is proud 
that Amy made the most of 
every opportunity and has already 
reached an impressive level in her 
exciting career. 

Lee Giannakis 
Minaidis '71 Elected to 
Rhodes City Council 

By Katie Wright '00 
Student Intern, Sweet Briar 
Alumnae Magazine 

Lee Minaidis of Rhodes, 
Greece won her election to City 
Council. She is one of four 
women elected this term to the 
25-member council, and will 

Sally Bagley 

begin her duties in January 1999. 
Lee also serves on several com- 
munity and governmental boards 
including the Mayor's 
Environmental Board, the 
Municipal Writers and 
Translation Center, and the 
Rhodes International Affairs and 
Public Relations Committees. 
She has served on the latter two 
committees since 1995 and will 
chair both this next council term. 

Lee has lived in Rhodes since 
1972, and met and married her 
husband Vassos that year in 
November. Vassos is the owner of 
the Hotel Apollo Beach on the 
island of Rhodes, president of the 
Rhodes Hotel Owners 
Association, and vice president of 
the National Federation of Hotel 

October 12, 1998, the day 
after winning the first round of 
the elections, Lee and Vassos had 
a celebration dinner aboard ship 
in Rhodes harbor with tour hosts 
Bill and Nannette McBurney 
Crowdus'57 and the rest of the 
Sweet Briar group on the 
Alumnae Association's Alumnae 
College Tour of the Greek Isles 
and Turkey. It has become tradi- 
tional for Lee and Vassos to meet 

Sweet Briar alumnae tours visit- 
ing Rhodes: in 1995 the 
Minaidises entertained former 
SBC President Barbara Hill and 
family, Alumnae Director Louise 
Swiecki Zingaro'80, and Dean 
George Lenz and wife Ellen, 
along with the other Sweet Briar 

Lee and Sweet Briar are 
keeping connections close! 

Sally Twedell Bagley '67 
Receives Top 
Junior League Award 

Reprinted with permission from the 
June 1998 Mini Leaguer, maga- 
zine of The junior League of 
Richmond [VA] 

By Sherryl Anne Pace 

Since 1976, the Barbara 
Ransome Andrews Award has 
been given to a member of The 
Junior League of Richmond for 
outstanding community service 
and commitment. The award is 
named for one of our most es- 
teemed and beloved members, 
Barbara Ransome Andrews, who 
was President of The Junior 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine ■ Winter 1999 



League from 1963-64. 
Representing the very best quali- 
ties of a Junior League member, 
her legacy continues to inspire 
everyone. This year's recipient 
has a record of volunteer service 
in the Richmond community 
spanning three decades. The re- 
cipient of the 1998 Barbara 
Ransome Andrews Award is 
Sally Twedell Bagley, who has 
touched the lives ot thousands in 
the community and inspired 
coundess volunteers and young- 
sters to strive for uncommon 

Every organization that Sally 
has come in contact with has 
benefited from her organizational 
skills, incredible energy, and posi- 
tive oudook. Sally has the un- 
canny ability to elicit the full 
potential of fellow volunteers or 
young piano students. Her re- 
sume is exhaustive: President of 
The Junior League ot Richmond 
1979-80, Chairman of the 
Mayo-Carter House Endowment 
Fund, President ot the Junior 
Board of the Children's Hospital, 
President of the Sweet Briar 
College Alumnae Club, President 
ot the Woman's Club and the 
Boiling Haxall House 
Foundation, Chairman ot the 
Development Committee tor the 
Council of the Virginia Museum, 
Liaison Committee of the 
Science Museum, Historic 
Richmond Foundation, 
Maymont Foundation, Board ot 
The Children's Museum ot 
Richmond, and most recendy she 
is Co-Chair of the Day of Stvle 
for the Virginia Museum 
Council. This is only a brief syn- 
opsis of her extensive involve- 
ment in the Richmond 
communitv. All of this in addi- 
tion to being a full-time wife, 
mother to two children, an avid 
traveller with her husband, and a 
self-emploved piano teacher 
teaching 30 students a week and 
producing a music recital every 
year! Anne Hardage describes 
her as "the original Energizer 
Bunny that keeps going and 

Sally has been instrumental in 
the major changes in The Junior 
League of Richmond which ulti- 
mately has benefited the entire 
Richmond community. As an ac- 
tive member, she helped relocate 
The Clothes Rack to its present 
location. Years of hard work at 
The Clothes Rack brought in- 
credible amounts of money to 
The Junior League's Communitv 
Chest which went direcdv to 
benefit the Richmond area. As a 
sustainer, she has been very active 
and even "Raised the Roof" with 
her campaign to raise money for 
the failing roof of the Mayo- 
Carter House and to help estab- 
lish an endowment fund tor the 
Mayo-Carter House. After help- 
ing with the relocation of The 
Junior League of Richmond's 
Headquarters to the Mayo- 
Carter House on Franklin Street, 
Sally recognized the critical need 
to revitalize downtown 
Richmond, and was able to get 
League Leadership to understand 
the historical significance of the 
Mayo-Carter House and its im- 
portance in working with other 
Franklin Street neighbors in en- 
couraging people and businesses 
to relocate in the downtown area. 
The Franklin Street Association 
has thrived under her guidance. 

Peg Freeman describes Sally 

as "an excellent leader and man- 
ager who motivates and encour- 
ages others to participate by 
recognizing their individual tal- 
ents and abilities. She inspires 
others with her energy and en- 
thusiasm. She is a good listener 
and a friend to everyone." 

A St. Louis native, Sally is a Phi 
Beta Kappa graduate of SBC with 
a major in music. She was an 
Ernilie Watts McVeigh Scholar 
(highest-ranking member of her 
class) and received the Theodore 
Presser Music Scholarship. She con- 
tinued her studies with a Woodrow 
Wilson Fellowship to the University 
of Virginia, earning a master's de- 
gree in music in 1970. 

Kathy Knox Ennis '60 
Ordained To Episcopal 

By Helen Gwinn Wallace '41 

In a beautiful and moving cer- 
emony on June 13 m , 1998 at St. 
Peter's Episcopal Cathedral in St. 
Petersburg, FL, six men and 
women were ordained to the 
Diaconate, among them 
Kathleen Knox Ennis, Sweet 
Briar Class of 1960. It was the 

culmination of a four-year 
process ot discernment, study, 
and work in preparation for ordi- 
nation, as well as many hours of 
service to her home parish of St. 
Monica's Episcopal Church in 
Naples, FL. Kathy 's family par- 
ticipated in the service, along 
with The Reverend John Adler, 
her mentor and sponsor, from her 
home church. A large group of 
her fellow parishioners traveled 
to St. Petersburg to lend their 

After graduation from Sweet 
Briar, Kathy, a Spanish major 
who spent her junior year in 
Spain, went to Colombia, South 
America, where she taught 
English as a second language. 
There she met and married Dick 
Ennis, who worked tor the 
United States government. In the 
following years they lived in 
Guayaquil, Ecuador, the 
Dominican Republic, Chicago, 
Virginia, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, and 
finally Naples. During these 
years Kathy and Dick raised and 
educated four children. 

Kathy says she had felt drawn 
to the religious life for many 
years. As a lay person she was in- 
dispensable to her home parish 
and community. She has served 
as a Guardian ad Litem, and for 
several years was on the Rape 

Kathy Ennis (third from left) on Ordination Day 


Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine ■ Winter 1999, 


Crisis Team for Project Help in 
Collier County. During her years 
at St. Monica's, Kathy took com- 
munion to the sick, conducted 
services of Communion under 
Special Circumstances at adult 
living facilities and the chemical 
dependency unit at the local 
mental health center, did pastoral 
visiting, trained acolytes and 
chalice bearers, and served at 
weekday and evening Eucharists. 

When her youngest child 
graduated from college in 1993, 
Kathy called on her parish priest 
and inquired as to the options 
available to her in the religious 
field, among them the Diaconate. 
After prayer for guidance, Kathy 
was assured of her calling and 
undertook the preparation for her 
future as permanent deacon. 

The first year was year of dis- 
cernment, which included work- 
ing with a lav committee, 
interviews with the Commission 
on Ministry, psychological test- 
ing, a psvehiatric interview, and a 
work agreement with the super- 
vising priest. This period of dis- 
cernment was followed by three 
years of academic work and study 
and a third-year project, which 
for Kathy was campus ministry at 
Florida's newest state university, 
Florida Gulf Coast University. 
This is a joint Episcopal/ 
Lutheran (ELCA) ministry that 
is a vital part of United Campus 
Ministries at FGCU. Kathy is 
there in a pastoral capacity for 
students, staff, and faculty, takes 
part in campus lite and, with rep- 
resentatives of other denomina- 
tions, holds ecumenical prayer 
services four days a week. As 
Kathv explained, deacons repre- 
sent the "servant ministry" of the 
church, as Christ came "not to be 
served, but to serve." 

Kathy says, "Ordination Day 
was one of the happiest days of 
mv life." It was certainly a proud 
day for Sweet Briar College. 

Mina Walker Wood '62 
Praised for Museum 

Lifelong Supporter Leaves 
Mark At Point Of Honor 

Mina Wood Says Museum Will 
Always Hold A Place In Her Heart 

By Kristin Patterson 
The News & Advance 

Mina Wood remembers, as a 
little girl, hearing her mother and 
aunt talk about Point of Honor. 

She also remembers them 
helping to raise the $1,000 that 
would be needed to build a fence 
around the museum. 

She remembers when Point of 
Honor was sold to the city for $ 1 
and was used as a children's play- 
ground. She also remembers its 
doors being open to restoration 
in the late 1960s. 

As a lifelong resident of 
Lynchburg, Wood could not help 
but become involved with Point 
of Honor. 

After marrying a local boy, 
supporting him through law 
school and starting to raise a 
family, she began volunteering. 
She started as a member of the 
grounds committee in the late 
1970s, joined the board of man- 
agers in 1981 and advanced to 
chairwoman just four years ago. 

She has watched Point of 
Honor flourish. 

Now, Wood, 57, is preparing 
to retire from her time with 
Point of Honor, after helping 
raise more than SI, 000,000. The 
Bertha Green Webster Carriage 
House, the 19th-century period 
kitchen and the endowment to 
run those buildings have come to 
Point of Honor partially as a re- 
sult of Wood's efforts. She has 
also been instrumental in Point 
of Honor activities such as fall 
festivals, spring lectures on topics 
surrounding Point of Honor and 
shows and tours of the mansion. 

But she'll never toot her own 

Mina Wood 

horn or let anyone else toot it for 

"We've all worked hard," 
Wood said of the board of man- 
agers. "And we've had so much 

Wood said she enjoyed 
tremendously the luncheons she 
helped prepare at Point of Honor 
and the other fund-raising events 
she helped with. 

"Mina is one of those people 
who hold Point of Honor in a 
very special place in their hearts," 
said Tom Ledtord, museum ad- 
ministrator for the City of 

Point of Honor is one of the 
things that, along with her hus- 
band and three sons, makes her 
swell with pride, she said. 

"It has an aesthetic value to 
it," she said. "We want to make it 
a dynamic place and get more 
people involved. We've always 
desired to involve more people in 
Point of Honor." 

And though she knows it's 
time to retire, Wood said she'll 
miss it. She does plan to stay in- 
volved with the museum. 

"I'll always be a friend to 
Point of Honor," she said. 

Reprinted courtesy o/The News 
& Advance, Lynchburg, VA 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine ■ Wi\ter 1999 



On the subject of the recent use 
of graphics in the magazine: 
"Quoth the [editor], 

While I commend your articles and 
alumnae news, I hasten to ask you to 
look again at your graphics. The use of 
half tones in the past issue (summer/fall 
'98) was so misused that these old eyes 
could not read many of the pages with- 
out a great deal of strain. ..especially 
President Muhlenfeld's message on the 
inside cover. 

What had been only a "snowflake" 
in the previous publication had be- 
come a blizzard throughout this issue. 
Overdone, and serving as an impedi- 
ment for communication, the policy of 
using half tones so indiscriminately 
should be reexamined. 

Another suggestion is to settle on 
more uniform size and type faces. The 
myriad choices such as the thin 
scripted picture captions and the re- 
duced print size of your feature articles 
do not add to the enjoyment of what is 
otherwise a fine publication. 

Thanks for the charming article 
called "Vignettes from a Time Capsule" 
in the winter/spring issue. ..not only 
was it engaging enough to share with 
friends, but the article was printed so I 
could read i( easily. 

— Helen A. Passano '55 

Helen, you definitely are not alone in your reac 
lions! We have had notes, letters, e-mails and, 
during Fall Council meetings, on-the-spot verbal 
messages about graphics and readability. We are 
mending our ways! — ed. 

I wanted to express my concern 
and dismay regarding the clip art you 
chose to serve as background for the 
Class Note section of the FallAVinter 
Alumnae Magazine. The graphics de- 
picted were wedding bells, a diaper 
pin, an engagement ring and a suit- 
case. None of these images connote 
Sweet Briar as being a school for suc- 
cessful, ambitious career women. 
Indeed, they further the stereotype of 
SBC as a place where one goes to re- 
ceive her "Mrs." Degree and nothing 

There are many alums, myself in- 
cluded, who have chosen the path of 
marriage and motherhood. There are 
also many alums, myself included, 
who have gone on to receive ad- 
vanced degrees from other institutions 
and successfully further their careers. 
More appropriate graphics would in- 
clude a diploma, a "quill and scroll" or 
a computer terminal. "Career neutral" 
graphics could include a blossoming 
rose or the SBC crest. 

I would strongly encourage young 
women today to attend Sweet Briar in 
order to receive a solid education. 
However, graphics such as the ones 
you chose send the message, however 
subliminal and unintentional, that 
Sweet Briar graduates marry and have 
babies, and that career-minded women 
"need not apply." In today's competi- 
tive market, such a message can only 
be a deterrent. I hope that, in the fu- 
ture, more thought is put into the 
graphics you choose when creating a 
publication that speaks for the college 
as well as its alums. 

— Wylie Jameson Small '83 

Many thanks for e-mailing your reaction to the 
graphics used behind the class notes. We hear 
you! And, having heard, we agree absolutely. We 
are sure you know that there was no slight in- 
tended. But thanks for pointing this out. — ed. 

Please pass on to the magazine edi- 
tor (hat the new design for the alumnae 
news pages is offensive to some of us. 
The pretty background images of dia- 
per pins, engagement rings, and cruise 
luggage does not strike any sort of rele- 
vance for those of us who are using 
our education and supporting our- 

— Dr. Karol A. Lawson '81 

Mea culpa. Mea maxima culpa, -ed. 

Please tell Ann Whitley 

Please let Ann Marshall Whitley 
know how much I enjoy her Alumnae 
Magazine articles about Sweet Briar's 
past. She has a real talent for bringing 
it to life. There's such a wealth of inter- 
esting information in her articles, and 
her humorous and often lyrical writing 
style make for pleasurable reading. Her 
articles capture not only Sweet Briar's 
history, but the area's social history as 
well. I save all of her articles and also 
have copies of the booklets she's writ- 
ten. ..has Ann ever considered gather- 
ing her magazine articles together, 
organizing them, and publishing them? 
I wish she would. Please encourage 
her to keep writing. When she's gone, 
an historian and an institutional mem- 
ory will be gone and it will be a great 
loss. Until then, I want to enjoy her 
memories and historical research as 
often as possible. 

—Elizabeth Lindsey '86 

Ann has considered what you suggest, but first in- 
tends to write at least two more booklets; the next 
one, she tells us, will focus on Daisy, -ed. 

Favor to ask 

Hi! I love reading through all the 
SBC pages — they're great! However, I 
have a favor to ask: could the Book 
Shop do a page advertising Sweet Briar 
stuff (clothes, lefferson cups, etc.), with 
prices and ordering info? I understand 
that a catalogue would be prohibitively 
expensive, but my favorite pair of SBC 
gym shorts is disintegrating (after 12 
years!), and I don't know when I'll lie 
able to shop at SBC. ..Thanks for think- 
ing about this! 

— Robyn Bailey Orchard 
aka Bynnie Bailey'86 

We've passed your plea along! -ed. 

Excerpts from letters lo Alumnae 
Association Director Louise 
Swiecki Zingaro '80 and 
President Muhlenfeld from 
Katharine Crommelin Milton '62 

It was a thrill to receive the 
Distinguished Alumna Award for 1998 
and to visit the Sweet Briar campus 
again and see firsthand how dynamic 
the college is and what a superlative 
caliber of student is attending it... 

Sweet Briar has always been my fa- 
vorite institution of higher learning and 
I was pleased to see that in terms of 
beauty and elegance, the campus was 
still as lovely as my memories of it. But 
it is clear as well that you and your as- 
sociates have kept Sweet Briar on the 
fast track academically and it is right 
up there with other first-rate colleges 
and universities in terms of its ap- 
proach to learning and preparing stu- 
dents for life in the 21 st century. This 
impression was further strengthened at 
the lAlumnae Council] meeting Friday 
night when I heard details of adminis- 
trative and alumnae reports and plans 
for the future. 


I want to congratulate you on the 
last issue [Summer/Fall| of the 
Alumnae Magazine. I thought it was 
super. Keep up the good work. 

—Anna Chao Pai '57 

Excited about SBC's plan 

Hello from Atlanta! After reading 
the most recent issue of the Alumnae 
Magazine I am excited to hear about 
Sweet Briar's plan for its second cen- 
tury. I am a great proponent of historic 
preservation and it is something that is 
quite often taken for granted in this 
technological age in which we live. 
Both Dumont's and Harnsberger's 
comments epitomize the efforts of the 

administration and staff to preserve the 
past while enabling Sweet Briar to 
grow and continue to be the strong 
women's college that it is! When I read 
of these things I am most proud to be 
an alumna. ..Sweet Briar has been a 
wonderful place to meet friends and 
mentors alike. Hola, Hold! 

—Karen Hott '91 


It just about brought tears to my 
eyes and it most definitely brought a 
big satisfied smile to my face when I 
came home and saw my mail on the 
counter.. .it was my copy of the Sweet 
Briar Alumnae Magazine! 

It was quite an amazing feeling to 
see that rendition |of the new student 
center] on the cover and to realize that 
I was a part of creating it. ..WOW! 
Being somewhat distanced from the 
whole process and the ins and outs of 
all the happenings (which I do miss 
very much) has given me a renewed 
appreciation not just for this plan, but 
for the well-being of that special place. 

I wish I had the money so that we 
could start building now, but until then 
I promise to be a dedicated board 
member and help realize the great po- 
tential for Sweet Briar. 

—Kindle Samuel '98 

\ed. note: Kindle, who was president of the 
Student Government Association in 1997-98, was 
etei itil by her class to serve on SBC's Board of 

More Magazines! 

Was disappointed to hear that SBC 
has gone down to three Alumnae 
Magazines a year instead of four. Does 
this mean the Class Notes will be even 
more concise (practically encoded!) 
than they already are? Assume this is a 
cost-cutting measure. Has anybody 
considered charging for postage/print- 
ing? Or putting out a special appeal? 
I'd sure be glad to cough up the dough 
to return you to a four-a-year cycle. 
Your office has produced an outstand- 
ing publication that has been the high- 
light of my seasons for nearly three 
decades... Please keep up the good 
work and treat everyone in the Alum 
Office to a major pat on the back from 
this grateful grad! 

—Susan P. Scanlan '69 

Thanks for the good words Ve>— ne havi 
ered asking for voluntas contributions to help 
with magazine costs, but each time have decided 
not even to suggest it! We don't think alumnae 
should have to pay for their magazine. And, al- 
though we've moved to three issues, we have in- 
creased the size 01 each issue AboutClaSi 
To add to or find more inio on classmates, check 
out the Alumnae Association web site. —ed. 


Sweet Briar College Allmwe Magazine ■ Winter 1999 

Bulletin Board 

Summer Course Open To Alumnae 

"Understanding and Interpreting the Past Through Archaeology and Museums" 

May 3-28, 1999 

• Travel to museums, archaeological sites, and historic properties 

• Experience museum interpretation including exhibits, 
costumed interpretation, and interactive learning 

• Excavate archaeological sites at Sweet Briar and Colonial Williamsburg 

• Follow objects from excavation to museum 
Professors: Amber Bennett Moncure; Rebecca Massie Lane 
3-6 credits (Anthropology 015; Arts Management 102) 
Fee: 3 credits, room & board, program fees = $1,350 

6 credits, room & board, program fees = $1,750 
10% discount for SBC students and alumnae 
Contact: Dr. Amber Moncure, SBC, Sweet Briar, VA 24595 ( 

Request for Nominations: 
Distinguished Alumna Award 
1999 and Outstanding Alumna 
Award 1999 

The Distinguished Alumna Award 
honors alumnae who have brought 
distinction to themselves and to 
Sweet Briar through outstanding ac- 
complishment in a volunteer or pro- 
fessional capacity. 

The Outstanding Alumna Award is 
given to alumnae who have been out 
of college for at least 1 5 years in 
recognition of outstanding service to 
Sweet Briar in a volunteer capacity. 

Please send nominations to Alumnae 
Office by 3/15/99. 

Lesbian/Bisexual Alumnae 
and Friends 

There is a growing network of Sweet 
Briar alumnae who are lesbians and 
bisexual women. If you are interested 
in enhancing an inclusive environ- 
ment at Sweet Briar and/or in sharing 
ideas with other such supportive 
alumnae, contact: 

Dr. Sally Miller Gearhart '52, P.O. 
Box 1027, Willits, CA 94590, (707) 
459-4120 (home), (707) 459-5490, 
ext. 576 (messages). 


MAY 7-9 


Alumnae Magazine, Spring 1999 

The Spring '99 issue will continue the 
focus of excellence in education with 
a special section on the arts/fine arts 
at SBC including art studio; history of 
art; the Gallery collection; SBC and 
the Virginia Center for the Creative 
Arts (VCCA), at Mount San Angelo; 
theatre; dance; music; creative writ- 
ing; and alumnae in the arts. 

Authors! Authors! 

Second call for news from poets, nov- 
elists, historians, short story writers, 
magazine freelancers, photo journal- 
ists — everyone out there publishing — 
let us know of your recent successes! 
The magazine will add a regular 
once-a-year listing of alumnae au- 
thors; we'd like to begin with the 
Spring '99 issue. Please respond by 
February 22. 

Are You Interested In 
Contributing An Article? Share 
With Us: Topic Of Your Choice 

Please contact N. Baldwin, Alumnae 
Magazine, Box E, Sweet Briar, VA 
24595; (804) 381-6321; 

Yearbooks for Sale 

We have leftover Briar Patches from 
1 989-1 996. To order, please send 
check for $10 payable to SBC 
Alumnae Association to: Kerri 
Rawlings, Box E, Sweet Briar, VA 

Alumnae Offering Bed & 

Please send information for alumnae 

There's Room At The Inn! 

Come for a mini vacation to clear the 
mid-winter uglies, greet the spring- 
time, luxuriate in a summer respite in 
beautiful surroundings, or welcome 
fall's bright colors at the Elston Inn on 
campus! For reservation information, 
call (804) 381-6207. 

News from the Museum 

Next time you're at SBC, put on ear- 
phones for a 20-minute walking tour 
(or take it at your own pace!) of the 
Museum. Before or after touring, 
watch a 17-minute video, The 
Founder's Story, featuring Museum 
Curator Ann Marshall Whitley telling 
of the College's founding. To order 
the video, send a check for $12.00 
($10 + p/h) to: Alumnae Office, Box 
E, Sweet Briar, VA 24595. 

Attention All Alumnae: 

Career Services welcomes your ex- 
pertise! We would love to hear from 
those willing to serve as career advi- 
sors/networking contacts for SBC stu- 
dents. If your organization would 
consider hosting an Extern or Intern, 
or consider a permanent placement 

for a recent graduate, please let us 

An Externship is a 1-week placement 
of a junior or senior over Winter 
Break (program's debut January 4-8, 
1999) or Spring Break (March 1-8, 
1999). The student will complete an 
applir alion and be matched with an 
alumna in a geographic and career 
area of her choice. During Extern 
Week, the student will "shadow" her 
alumna to test a career field and geo- 
graphic area. This 5-day experience is 
strictly voluntary; no pay is expected. 
Externs are responsible for their own 
housing and transportation (unless the 
alumna is willing to house a student). 

Internships take place in the summer, 
for a 1-2 month period. 

Interested Alumnae: Please contact 

me via e-mail: ; 

Fax: 804-381-6396; phone: 804-381- 

61 51 ; or P.O. Box AT, Sweet Briar, VA 


Your support is greatly appreciated! 

Joanne R. Mahanes, Director of 
Career Services, 

From the Book Shop 

Need to replace your CLASS RING? Order through the SBC Book Shop 









Prices include white gold & name engraved. Option for genuine amethyst 
stone, additional $85; option for genuine lapis stone, $60; black and green 
onyx stones are standard. 

Upcoming Alumnae College Tours 

"The Spanish Spirit: A Cultural Heritage," May 6-19 

Guest lecturer Pamela DeWeese, SBC Professor of Spanish. In Seville, meet 

with Mary Anne Wilson '57, Director of SBC's junior Year in Spain, and IYS 


"Italian Mosaic Cruise Aboard Sea Goddess I," |une 25-July 7 

SBC President Elisabeth Muhlenfeld & husband Larry Wollan accompanying; 
Guest lecturer Karl Tamburr, SBC Professor of English 

"Alumnae College in Scotland," August 4-12 

"Pleasures of Paris," November 6-14 

Accompanied by Rebecca Massie Lane, SBC Director of College Galleries & 
Arts Management Program 

"Kenya Discovery: A 13-Day Wildlife Safari," January 16-28, 2000 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine ■ Winter 1999 






Montgomery, AL — June '98 

Parly at home of Elise Webb Neeland 72 

Back: Nan Locke Rosa '53; Elise Neeland; Elizabeth Snyder '98; Alison Hall '97, AB; Marie Hunker '01; Kerri Rawlings '97, assistant director, Alumnae 
Association; Frances Barnes Kennamer 71; Beverly Sharp Amberg '65; Marguerite McDaniel Wood '57; Mrs. Hunker, Marie's mother. Front: Mary Rosa 
Parsons '85; Olivia Martin 76; Hilda Dent 76; Laura Crum 79. 

Alumnae Association Board 
Announces Winners! 

Congratulations to the 1998 winners of the Alumnae 
Association Board Challenge to increase percent of 
participation in the Alumnae Fund. 

The winners are: 

the Winston-Salem, NC Alumnae Club 
(President Becky Trulove Symons 79) 
with 68 % participation, and 

Region IV (NC & SC) 

(Chair Ashley Wilson Brook 79) 

with 48% participation. 

This program was introduced two years ago to encourage local 
alumnae clubs and regions to increase annual giving to the Alumnae 
Fund. The Association Board awards the club with the highest per- 
cent participation $1,000 for its endowed scholarship or a scholar- 
ship of its choice, and the region $1,000 for the Alumnae Daughter 

Kudos to the 1998 winners, and thanks to all who worked to in- 
crease their club/regional participation. 

For three years, SBC has shown a 43% nationwide participation rate 
in the Alumnae Fund. Several other women's colleges show percent- 
ages as high as 50%; the Association hopes its challenge will move 
SBC closer to that mark. 

Who will win in 1999? Even if your area has no club, your region 
can win if you help. Please accept the challenge: send your gift 

Jackson, MS — )une '98 

Party at home of Bill & |anet Kientz, parents of Julia '01 

Ary Jane Lotterhos Lyle '60; Missy Gentry Witherow '80, AB; Kerri 
Rawlings '97, assistant director, Alumnae Association; jan Kientz; Jamie 
Planck Martin '81 ; Ethel Burwell Downing '82 & Betsy Downing 2020? 

Dallas, TX— August '98 

"Girls Night Out," Pizza Kitchen 

Back: Holly Prothro Philbin '95; Robin Hendrickson '95; Tennessee 
Nielsen 76; Kay Ellisor Hopkins 76; jayme Calabrese '98. Front: Melanie 
Bowen Steglich 78, AB; Alicia McCartney '02; Ginger Pascoe Jennings '87. 


Sweet Briar College Aluume Magazine ■ Winter 1999 

Birmingham, AL — June '98 

Home of Margaret Hayes Brunstad 72 

Alice Benton Major 79; Terry Taylor Hamilton '69; Lochrane Coleman Smith 76, AB; Anne-Claire Wackenhut '98; Martha Shorter Lanier '85; Kathryn 
Keys Graham 72; Meme Boulware Hobbs '86; Margaret Brunstad. 

Alpharetta, CA— August '98 

(BB/Q at home of lulianne Harris '02 for new & returning students) 

Julianne Harris; Lucy Brooks '00. 

New Orleans, LA — )une '98 

Home of Margaret Stuart Wilson Dickey '41 

Bonnie Matthews Wisdom '28; Louise Chapman Hoffman '61 ; Renee 
Gunn '97; Missy Gentry Witherow '80, AB; Margaret Dickey; Lucy 
de Oliveira Bosworth '95, co-club president. 

Santa Fe, NM— January '98 
"Out to dinner!" 

Ann MacDonald '97, assistant director, Alumnae Association; Sonja 
Howell Baum '65; Bridgette Buynak '93. 

II 4 

Charlotte, NC— March '98 

Home of Sally Schall Van Allen '42 

Emily Johnston '02; Mrs. Johnston. 

All photo identifications read l-r 
unless otherwise noted. 
Abbreviations: BOD = Board of 
Directors member; AB = Alumnae 
Board member. 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • Winter 1999 


Club Corni i- 1 

New York City— May '98 

Home of Steve & Fran Griffith Laserson 70 

1992s: Alison Doyle; Kate Haw; Charlotte Bonini; Kimberley McCraw Euston; Lisa 
Newman; Jennifer Brodlieb Cacioppo. 

Mrs. Kathleen Grosvenor; Aja Gabrielle 
Grosvenor '02. 

Jucli Bensen Stigle '67, AB; Gracey Stoddard '67; Lucy Martin Gianino '60; Jill Meadows '97. 

Charlottesville, VA— April '98 
Lecture/reception, guest lecturer Barbara Perry 

Mike and Betsy Gilmer Tremain '42. 

Phoenix, AZ — 
January '98 
Paradise Valley 
Country Club, 
guest speaker 
SBC Professor 
Barbara Perry 
Barbara Perry; 
Amy Kroeger '90, 
club president. 

Sandy, UT— August '98 

Home of Beverley Crispin Heffernan 75 

Send-off for Lindsey Perkins '00 (I) & Erin Packard '01 (r); Bev Heffernan, 

Atlanta, GA— August '98 

Luncheon for Class of 2002, home of Claire Dennison Griffith '80 

Julianne Harris; Kimberly Graff; Tyler Currie; Kristen Taylor, all '02s. 


Sweet Bkur College Alumsae Magazine ■ Water 1999 

New England — August '98 

Picnic/Outing Day for alumnae, students & families at Green Meadow Farm, 

South Hamilton, MA, home of General & Joanne Holbrook Patton '52 

( Corner 

Joan Motter Anderson '51 ; Joanne Patton. 

David & Virginia Young Phillips '67 

Addy Eschbach 78, Judi Bensen Stigle '67, both AB. 

SBC President Betsy Muhlenfeld; Patricia Dolph Fallon '84. 

Heather Minor '02 & parents Mark & Ann 

Steve & Suzanne Balog Ingram '83 & daughter Emma. 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine ■ Winter 1999 




Allison Kughn 

Lynn King 

Allison M. Kughn Appointed 
Director of the Annual Fund 

Allison Kughn has joined the 
Development Staff. Former director 
of annual giving (1997-98) and de- 
velopment assistant, annual giving 
(1995-97) at the University of 
Richmond, she brings extensive ex- 
perience in all phases of annual 
giving programming. A member of 
CASE (Council For Advancement 
And Support Of Education), she is a 
past recipient of the CASEA^irginia 
Carter Smith Scholarship for 
Newcomers to Fundraising, and 
member of the Virginia Association 
of Fund Raising Executives. 

A 1994 graduate of Randolph- 
Macon Woman's College, she was 
an English major and 
economics/business minor. 
Hobbies: photography; travel; ten- 
nis; French; reading. 

Lynn Becker King Becomes 
Sweet Briar's First Director 
of Human Resources 

Lynn King has joined the staff in 
a new position. As Director of 
Human Resources, she will be in- 
volved in many developmental pro- 
jects, including conducting a 
comprehensive review of salary 
scales and pay plans; establishing a 
performance recognition system; 
designing a training/development 
program for supervisory personnel; 
and enhancing student work pro- 
grams to increase opportunities for 
experiential learning. 

Formerly, she was manager of 
human resources at the UVA Health 
Services Foundation (1989-98), 
maintaining close coordination of 
clinical departments, physicians, 
and UVA administration, as well as 
Foundation departments, sub- 

loanne Mahanes 

sidiaries, and offsite clinics. She 
also has served as an adjunct fac- 
ulty member at Piedmont Virginia 
Community College. Certified as a 
Senior Professional in Human 
Resource Management (SPHR) in 
1995, Lynn holds a B.A. in English 
(UVA 1978) and an M.S. in human 
resource development (American 
University 1989). 

Joanne Mahanes Named 
Director of Career Services 

Joanne Mahanes became 
Director of Career Services July 1 , 
bringing strong leadership skills and 
professional experience to the post. 
Formerly at UVA, she was assistant 
dean, College of Arts and Sciences 
and coordinator of career develop- 
ment. Nationally known for her 
work in career services, she is rec- 
ognized for her annual Arts and 
Sciences Alumni Career Forum, a 
weekend of networking and work- 
shops for UVA alumni and students. 

Professional experience prior to 
UVA includes four years as director 
of admissions, Florida Atlantic 
University; associate director of ad- 
missions for International Students 
and Freshmen Recruitment, Hofstra 
University; adjunct instructor, 
Division of Continuing Education 
and Community Services, Broward 
Community College, FL. She holds 
a Professional Diploma in 
Counseling, an M.S. in education, 
and a B.A. in psychology and soci- 
ology from Hofstra, and is certified 
by the National Board of Certified 

Joanne lives in Charlottesville 
with her husband Cliff and their 

Photos by Charles Grubbs 

Au Revoir to 1998's Retirees! 

L-r: Esther Markert (Dean's Office);Pat Wydner (Jr. Year in Francel: 
Betty Bryant (Health Center); Anne Grimm (Public Relations); Eva Lee 
Shober (Education Dept.). 

Two Alumnae Join Admissions Staff 

Gretchen Gravley '98 

Gretchen, new admissions counselor, double-majored in psychol- 
ogy and religion and earned a Certificate in Business Management. She 
spent junior year at St. Andrews University, Scotland, and was an 
Academic Affairs Representative, an Orientation Group Leader, Judicial 
Committee chair, and named to Who's Who Among Students in 
American Colleges and Universities. Her class elected her to serve as 
Member-At-Large on the Alumnae Association Board. 

Rachel Elkins '91 

Rachel, appointed assistant director of admissions, was a double 
major in English and mathematics, and elected to Phi Beta Kappa. She 
was a member of the Varsity Tennis Team, an NCAA Volvo Scholar 
Athlete, and Academic Affairs Committee chair. She earned an M.A. in 
English in 1994 from Clemson University, where she was instructor of 
English from 1995-98. As an admissions advisor at the ESI Study 
Center/International Academy, she also taught high school math and 
English and was a college placement counselor. She is the daughter of 
the late Judith Elkins, Charles A. Dana Professor of Mathematical 
Sciences, and sister of Debra Elkins '93. 

Gretchen Gravley 

Rachel Elkins 


Sweet Briar College Allmwe Magazine ■ Winter 1999 

In Memory 

Jovan De Rocco 

Photo from the 1 956 Briar Patch 

Cert Prior 

Photo from the 1957 Briar Patch 

Ernest Kirrmann 

Photo from the 1959 Briar Patch 

Loren Oliver 

Photo from the 1963 Briar Patch 

Jovan De Rocco 

We have learned of the April 
1998 death of Jovan De Rocco, 
artist, writer, and former Sweet 
Briar art professor. He was 101 
years old. 

Professor De Rocco taught at 
SBC for 18 years, 1940-1958. His 
life personified the American 
dream: born in Belgrave, Serbia, 
and trained as an architect, he ar- 
rived at Ellis Island in 1 921 . He first 
worked as a hospital orderly, then 
found a job with New York archi- 
tect Lafayette Goldstone. He next 
joined the office of H. Van Buren 
Magnogle, famous architect, 
painter, sculptor, and author; this 
led to a commission to design the 
American Embassy building in 
Tokyo. Later he received a medal of 
honor from the Yugoslavian govern- 
ment for designing the facade of 
the Yugoslav Pavilion for 1 939's 
World's Fair. Studying painting and 
drawing at New York's Art Students 
League, he won a scholarship to 
the MacDowell Colony at 
Peterborough, NH where he met 
his wife of 53 years, Marcia. In 
1976, the De Roccos moved to 
Sanibel Island, FL where he de- 
signed the First Church of Christ, 

Less than a mile from SBC's 
campus is a home he designed in 
1956 for two faculty colleagues, 
poet and novelist Evelyn Eaton and 
concert pianist Iren Marik. 

Ella Gertrude Prior '29 

With great sadness we report 
the July 1 7 death of Gertrude (Cert) 

A native of New Brunswick, N|, 
and a philosophy major at SBC, she 
earned a Masters in psychology at 
the University of Pennsylvania 
(1934) and returned to the Sweet 
Briar community, living for many 
years across from campus on Old 
Stage Road. 

Known and loved by genera- 
tions of alumnae, Cert served the 
College in many capacities, work- 
ing in the Library, the Biology 
Department, and as assistant to the 
Farm Manager. She retired in 1970 
from the Book Shop staff. 

She was also an active volun- 
teer through the years, as a member 
of the Alumnae Board; class fund 
agent and secretary; vice president 
of the Amherst-Nelson Club; and 
chairman of the Alumnae Fund. 

Her many community activities 
included work with bird clubs, 
preservation societies, and church 
groups. An animal lover, Gert was 
co-founder of the Amherst County 
Humane Society, donating land for 
its animal shelter and pet cemetery. 

She is survived by two nieces, 
Lynn Prior Harrington '58 and Kate 
Prior Everett. Memorials may be 
made to the Amherst County 
Humane Society, Amherst, VA 

Dr. Ernest N. Kirrmann 

Dr. Ernest Nestor Kirrmann, a 
member of Sweet Briar's faculty 
from 1954-1970, died of heart fail- 
ure February 9, 1998. 

He began as Visiting Lecturer in 
German, was named Associate 
Professor in 1955, and Professor in 
1964. Alsatian by birth, he was 
schooled in Strasbourg before com- 
ing to the U.S. in 1924. Graduating 
from the College of the City of New 
York(B.S. 1930), he returned to 
Strasbourg to study at the 
University, then taught German and 
French at the Northfield Schools in 
Massachusetts and earned an M.A. 
(Columbia University 1933) and 
Ph.D. (Northeastern University 
1946). In 1953-54 he was a 
Fulbright Exchange Teacher in West 
Berlin, in one of the first groups of 
U. S. teachers sent to Germany 
after WWII. 

Besides many Sweet Briar fac- 
ulty committees, he served the 
Lynchburg area as interpreter to 
German families before the U.S. 
Immigration hearings, and in 1965 
was president of the Virginia 
Chapter of Teachers of German. 
Attributing his longevity to a rigor- 
ous swimming regimen, he cele- 
brated his 85 m birthday by 
swimming his 1,000 tn mile. 
Devoted to Sweet Briar and inter- 
ested in all campus activities, he is 
missed by the entire community. 

Loren Oliver 

Professor Emeritus Loren Oliver 
died at his home September 22, 
after a long illness. 

Born in Mt. Carmel, IL, he grew 
up in Indianapolis. After high 
school, he worked in the 
Accounting Department of General 
Motors and took night classes at 
John Herron Art Institute, later be- 
coming a full-time student on a full, 
five-year scholarship while working 
nights at G.M. He earned a B.F.A. 
in 1954 and received the 
Outstanding Senior Mary Miliken 
Award for six months travel in 
Europe, then studied with such lu- 
minaries as Mark Rothko, George 
Ricky and Clifford Still, earning a 
Masters from Tulane. 

For 34 years in the SBC Studio 
Art Department, Professor Oliver 
inspired generations of students and 
tripled the teaching staff. 
Continuing his own work, he won 
numerous prizes in regional, na- 
tional, and international exhibitions 
during an extensive career which 
culminated in 1993 with a retro- 
spective exhibition at SBC's Pannell 

The 1963 Briar Patch, dedicated 
to him, gives "Thanks for innumer- 
able things. ..for demanding and re- 
specting the best in us. ..for an 
intuitive wisdom. ..for a unison of 
sensitivity and sensibility. ..for 
awakening our curiosity." 

He is survived by his wife of 35 
years, Mary lane Schroder Oliver '62 
and son, Jasper Alexander Oliver II, 
of Winchester, VA. The family asks 
those wishing to send memorials to 
consider The Friends of Art. 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine ■ Winter 1999 



Recent Deaths: 

1923 Margaret Wise 

(Mrs. Benjamin P. O'Neal, )r.) 
July 5, 1998 

1924 Frances Nash 

(Mrs. Frances N. Burgher) 
May 23, 1998 

1927 Elisabeth Councill 
August 11, 1998 

1928 Lucille Barrow 
(Mrs. |. Hunter Lane) 
June 27, 1998 

1928 Madelyn Markley 
(Mrs. Ross B. Clark) 
Date unknown 

1929 Lisa Cuigon 

(Mrs. John B. Shinberger) 
August 17, 1998 

New York Club Cookbook 

NYC Club fund-raiser for scholar- 
ships = perfect gift for all occa- 
sions—weddings, birthdays, 
anniversaries, housewarmings — 
whatever! Recipes from alumnae 
and NYC's best restaurants. 

Mail order form + check made out 
to "SBC Club of NYC" to: Ellen 
Weintraub, 10175 Collins Ave, Bal 
Harbour, FL 33154 or stop by web 
site to order interactively: 

Please send cookbook(s) at S20/book 

{S16 + $4 p/h) to: 




Phone # 

Correction to Class Notes, 
Summer/Fall '98: 

P. 39, Class of 1943, "A believe-it- 
or-not story from Polly Boswell 
Fosdick. Husband James weighed 
9 '/; pounds at birth, as did son, 
grandson, and great-grandson, all 
named James." Sorry some words 
were left out in the original print- 

1929 Gertrude Prior 1938 
luly 17, 1998 

1930 Ethlyne Parsons 

(Mrs. Clifford F. Weake) 1939 

Date unknown 

1933 Ella Jesse 

(Mrs. Robert E. Latham) 1940 

Date unknown 

1934 Lydia Coodwyn 

(Mrs. Lydia F. Lorentzen) 1 946 

July 31, 1998 

1935 Margaret Rose 

(Mrs. Paul R. Turnbull) 1947 

Date unknown 

1935 Mary Louise Saul 

(Mrs. Mary Louise 1950 

Saul Hunt) 
May 29, 1998 

1936 Dr. Frances W. Gregory 
May 1 7, 1 998 

Janet Forbush 

(Mrs. Maxwell E. Fead) 

luly 27, 1998 

Betty Shuford 

(Mrs. Howard Pagenkopfi 

Date unknown 

Beth Thomas 
(Mrs. Tate Mason) 
August 15, 1998 

Mary Wallis Evans 
(Mrs. Baylor Landrum, Jr.) 
July 4, 1998 

Emily Schuber 

(Mrs. Eugene M. Carr, Jr.) 

Iune30, 1998 

Nancy Nelson 

(Mrs. Robert L. Swiggett) 

luly 2, 1998 



Etta Craig Dick 

(Mrs. Harry R. Shurley) 

Date unknown 

Jane Carter 

(Mrs. J. Thomas Ogburn) 

June 10, 1997 

1958 Evelyn Pedersen 

(Mrs. A. George Gebauer) 
|une4, 1997 

1959 Cornelia Fitzgerald 
(Ms. Cornelia F. Lange) 
Date unknown 

1968 Katrina Jensen 

(Mrs. Katrina Betzold) 
Winter 1997 

If you wish to write to a member of 
the family of someone recently de- 
ceased, please contact the 
Alumnae Office for name and ad- 

SBC Insignia Clothing... Trade Books... Gifts... SBC Merchandise... Stationer)'... Gourmet 

Coffees &c Gifts. . . Computer Hardware & Software. . . Fashion Clothing. . . SBC Insignia 

Clothing... Trade Books... Gifts... 

SBC Merchandise... Stationery... 

Gourmet Coffees & SBC Gifts... 

Computer Hardware & Software. . . 

Fashion Clothing... SBC Insignia Clothing... Trade 

Books... Gifts... SBC Merchandise... SBC 

Insignia Clothing. . . Trade Books. . . Gifts. . . SBC 

Merchandise... Stationery... Gourmet Coffees 8c Gifts... Computer CS^s-" 

Hardware Sc Software. . . Fashion Clothing. . . SBC EVERYTHING!!! / 

the Book Shop 

1-800-381-6106 FAX: 804-381-6437 




Sweet Bri \r College Alumnae Magazine ■ Winter 1999 

Alumnae Relatives 1998-99 

Class of 1999 

Andrea Capano 

Mother: Linda Could Capano 70 
Anna Carmichael 

Cousin: Amy Jenkins Millican '89 
Emily Clark 

Sister: Allison Clark '01 
Sarah Elkins 

Cousins: Rachel Elkins '91 

Debra Elkins '93 
Julie Harju 

Sister: Susan Harju '00 
Kris Harris 

Sister: Rhoda lean Harris '82 

Cousin: Erin McKinley '01 
Catherine London 

Sister: Elizabeth Ashley London '95 
Alison Oates 

Mother: Ann Shipper Oates 71 

Aunt: Karen Schwabenton 

Shipper '67 
Emily Sartor 

Grandmother: )ean Oliver Sartor '39 

Aunt: Elisabeth Sartor Harden '68 
Jennifer Schmidt 

Sisters: Abby Schmidt '00 

Kimberley Schmidt '01 
Mary Kathryn Taylor 

Sister: Elizabeth Taylor '02 
Kelly Turney 

Great Aunts: Elizabeth Turney 

Liipfert '39* 

jean Turney Benjamin '43 

Class of 2000 

Brandy Cash 

Cousin: Vicky Harvey White'92 
Sarah Cunningham 

Sister: Kathryn Cunningham '97 
Elizabeth Davis 

Grandmother: lanice Fitzgerald 

Wellons '43 
Kimberley Earehart 

Sister: Amy Earehart '97 
Laurie Evans 

Cousins: Hope Sparger Hanbury '58 

Rosemary Ashby Dashiell '46 
Alicia Hart 

Grandmother: Georgia Herbert 

Hart '40 
Anne lackson Hauslein 

Great Aunt: Ann Hauslein 

Potterfield '42 

Cousin: Katharine Potterfield 70 
Emily Pegues 

Mother: Kathy Garcia Pegues 71 
Carolyn Ponte 

Cousin: Mary Hannah '62 
Tara Putegnat 

Sister: Serena Putegnat '98 
Abby Schmidt 

Sisters: Jennifer Schmidt '99 

Kimberley Schmidt '01 

Caroline Stark 
Sister: Eugenia Stark '95 
Aunt: Caroline Rudulph 
Sellers '46' 

Cousins: Susan Sellers Ewing 71 
Ellen Se//ers McDowell 77 

Class of 2001 

Brooke Burt 

Sister: Courtney Burt '97 
Allison Clark 

Sister: Emily Clark '99 
Audrey Dickson 

Sisters: Amy Dickson Riddell '92 

Andrea Dickson '93 
Sarah Foley 

Cousins: Lee Foley '96 

Mary Colvin '02 
Christy Holterman 

Great Aunt: Anne Baldwin 

Lockwood '44 
Erin McKinley 

Aunt: Rhoda lean Harris '82 

Cousin: Kris Harris '99 
Elizabeth Parker 

Cousin: Elizabeth Zulich Reuter '45 
Christine Rangel 

Mother: Helena Papis Rangel '65 
Nicole Redwine 

Aunt: Betsy Redwine Garner 74 
Sarah Roberts 

Mother: Martha French Roberts 75 
Kimberley Schmidt 

Sisters: Jennifer Schmidt '99 

Abby Schmidt '00 
Shweta Sharma 

Sister: Chhavi Sharma '00 
Bethannie Swisher 

Sister: Jennifer Swisher '97 
Megan Thomas 

Sister: Catherine Thomas '98 
Heather Tucker 

Mother: Freida Carpenter Tucker 73 

Class of 2002 

Serena Basten 

Cousin: Amy Basten Heppner 79 
Mary Beth Colvin 

Cousins: Sarah Foley '01 

Lee Foley '96 
Mary Litman 

Mother: Suzanne Fancher Litman '65 
Rachel Michaels 

Mother: Linda Hatten Bennett 71 
Leigh Riddell 

Sister-ln-Law: Amy Dickson 

Riddell '92 
Rebecca Saunders 

Cousin: Judy Beth Loving 

Dudley 73 
Elizabeth Taylor 

Sister: Mary Kathryn Taylor '99 
Sophie Wackenhut 

Sister: Anne-Claire Wackenhut '98 



I s 

h+ PI 

! ;5 F'**vl 

i Me < 


"Islands of the Gods: Greece, the Greek Islands and Turkey"Alumnae 
College Trip, October '98. 

Front: Lee Haskell Mack '57; Sandra Stingily Simpson '57; Vivian Butler Scott 
'59; Rhett Ball Thagard '60; Margaret Street Wilson '64. Back: Grace Wallace 
Brown '52; Pembroke Reid Hoffmier '68; Nannette McBurney Crowdus '57; 
Anne Lautz; Margery Scott Johnson '57. 

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Sweet Briar College Alumxae Magazine • Winter 1999 


Ciass Notes 


Secretary: Elizabeth Williams 

For the class of 1930, this year's mail 
has carried new notes. Josephine Reid 
Stubbs wrote, from Kansas, telling of a 
family parly for her 90th birthday. |o 
keeps in touch with Serena Ailes 
Stevens, in Mi< higan, In telephone, and 
Serena, a( live as usual, has rung in at 
91 . It's 90, now, for most of us, including 
your secretary (Baltimore, MD), Scootie 
Gorsline (Richmond, VA) and Sally Rea- 
hard (Indianapolis, IN). Sally wanted to 
know the number of survivors ol '30. We 
are 46, still here. Sally continues to be 
involved in many national and charitable 
projects— mainly environmental and 
preservationist Gladys Wester Horton's 
sight has continued to deteriorate, but 
that does not keep her from traveling 
with her daughter. Next trip — South 
America. Francie Harrison McGiffert 
iDuluth, MN) still lives alone in her big 
house, but manages well. She recalls 
"lovely, long-ago days at Sweet Briar, liv- 
ing in a charmed age in spite of war and 
depression." Elizabeth Carnes met Presi- 
dent Muhlenfeld in Tampa, FL — enjoyed 
hearing about the changing trends in ed- 
im ation. Wilhelmina Rankin Teter be- 
longs to a poetry group in Orlando, FL, 
and does a lot of violin playing. That's 

Your secretary did not hear from 
some "Regulars": they were probably on 
the golf course, at birthday festivities, or 
on a cruise ship. Full Speed Ahead! 


President: Mary Virginia Camp 

Secretary: Katharine Niles Parker 
Fund Agent: Margaret Smith 

Elizabeth Pinkerton Scott is still liv- 
ing at Bundoren Farm. No longer does 
much traveling but works in her garden. 
Liz Morton Forsyth runs an early nursery 
5( hool lor children in her hometown of 
Lynchburg. Margaret Smith Thomasson 
has two great-grandchildren and she and 
her husband still operate the store in 
Lynchburg and she bikes on the Ap- 
palachian Trail. Mary Virginia Camp 
travels and keeps in touch with her 
grandchildren who are all good students. 
Harel Lacey is the daughter of Elizabeth 
Chapman Lacey who operates the furni- 
ture More that her mother and father 
opened in Hopedale, MA. The 5/3/98 
Roanoke Times had a nice picture of and 
article about Betty Cocke Winfree who 

was given the Garden Club of America's 
Achievement Medal for her work in es- 
tablishing the Mill Mountain Park Wild- 
flower Garden more than 20 years ago. 
Peggy Huxley Dick is still traveling: the 
American West, Cape Cod, New Zealand 
(her 6th trip!) and plans for a 10/98 
China cruise. She is glad to have her son 
and daughter nearbv. Polly Rich Ewing 
moved to a retirement residence in Den- 
ver near her brother and lohn's daughter 
and family. She takes genealogical trips 
to England, Boston, and Salt Lake City. 
Margaret Densmore Whitney also works 
on genealogy and edits family letters. Mr. 
and Mrs. Franklin Parker have eight 
great-grandchildren, all girls except one. 


President: Lucy Gordan Jeffers 
Vice President: lean McKenney 

Secretary: Anne Benedict Swain 
Fund Agent: )ean Oliver Sartor 

Our class has lost four members 
since the last edition of the Sweet Briar 
News. Mary Treadway Downs died 
6/3/98, Mary Louise Saul Hunt died 
5/29/98, Gertrude Robertson Midlen 
died 5/8/98, and Betty Shuford Pa- 
genkopf died — date unknown. Yvonne 
Leggett Sanford told me that Tready and 
Fritz had just moved from the house they 
had lived in for many years to a small 
and cozy spot when it was discovered 
that she had lung cancer. 

Yvonne and Gordon attended his 
65th reunion at Yale. Her children are 
fine — Chip has a business in Mendham, 
N| and one of his sisters works for him 
— Diana I believe. Susie lives in New 
York. |anet Thorpe is busy, but it's the 
old routine of classes (both exercise and 
French) and volunteer work. She wishes 
she could report some dazzling trips! 

Henri Minor Hart's whole family is 
going to Miami for the oldest grandson's 
wedding. She has cute grandchildren, 
some nearby. Sadly another year has 
passed without their fun-filled reunion 
with Gracey Luckett Bradley Lillian 
Neely Willis, Lottie Lewis Woollen and 
Henri, but they plan to get together in 
Fall '98. They better come to our 60th in 
Spring '99 Ellie (Connie) Wallace Price 
is fine after a cataract operation. I'm sure 
lots of us have been down that road. 
Helen Cary Stewart is living with her son 
< an al 7377 West 85th St., Los Angeles, 
CA 90045-2456. Kay Bonsall Strong is 
already thinking of going to our 60th re- 
union in Spring '99. Good for you Kay — 
that's the way we should all be planning. 
Ellie George Frampton is thrilled that 
elder daughter Anne and her husband 

and son and daughter have moved to a 
farm 2 miles away in Keswick, VA. 
Daughter Richie in West Newton, MA is 
coming for a visit after daughter Amy 
graduates from h.s.; she's going to Berke- 
ley Dutch Hauber Crowe loves living in 
Newark, DE, as all of her old friends re- 
turned there. They have a great time with 
bridge and Country Club. She sees her 
children often — Terry in New lersey and 
Patty in Columbia, MD. Claffy Claflin 
Williams says her monotype printing is 
an exciting new adventure. She is still 
showing paintings — at Maine Coast 
Artists; Rockport, ME; at Boston 
Atheneum; a group show at South Shore 
Art Festival; and at Chinese Culture Insti- 
tute. And with all that she takes care of 
her husband and at times one of 1 1 
grandchildren Jeff Weller Pearson en- 
joys life at Westminster Canterbury of the 
Valley in Winchester, VA. The only other 
Briarite there is |o Sutton '38. left' says 
the surroundings are beautiful, people 
nice, and the staff efficient, pleasant and 
helpful. (I could say all those nice things 
about our Retirement Community.) Best 
of all are the frequent visits from children 
and grandchildren, and she visits daugh- 
ter Sally in Luray. Gussie Saul Farrier 
lunched with Sarah Belk Gambrell in 
Charlotte and Sarah reminded her that 
our 60th reunion will be in Spring '99. 
Gussie was in Princeton for grandson 
lack Edwards' graduation, and had din- 
ner with )ane Lewis Kingsbury who was 
visiting there, lane is moving to Albany 
to be near a daughter. Son Dr. R. Thomas 
Edwards and Ebbie '64 have two lovely 
granddaughters. Gussie's sister Mary Lou 
Saul Hunt '35 died 5/29 after a long ill- 
ness — Alzheimer's. Betty Barnes Bird 
continues to search for geologic samples 
in spite of eye problems, takes dance 
lessons and went rafting on the Colorado 
River. Betty wishes her interest in geol- 
ogy had blossomed earlier when she was 
traveling around the world with her late 
husband, William. No rock hunting in 
summer in AZ. She swims and tries to 
keep cool, and listens to Talking Books. 
Lucy Gordan (effers hopes we'll have a 
good turnout for our reunion. She says if 
anyone has ideas of how we should cele- 
brate, please pass them on either to the 
Alumnae Office at College or to Lucy at 
40 East 88th St., Apt 9F, NY, NY 10128. 
She plans an Oct. trip to England with 
the American Friends of The Georgian 
group. |ulie Saunders Michaux sounds 
pleased to be in the same house doing 
the same things. She's still busy with her 
church, the Sheltering Arms Hospital, 
and Garden Club. And Julie is another 
who is counting on going to the 60th! 
Ann Park says her spelling is getting 
worse, to say nothing of her hearing. Ann 

keeps in touch with Lucy Gordan letters 
and Katherine Richards Delancey Lillian 
Neely Willis and Peter sold their home in 
U.niieshuin I , \ anil mmed into a re 
tirement cottage at Brandon Wilde in 
Evans, GA. ). O. Oliver Sartor had nu- 
merous TIA's (small strokes) and has to 
take medicine. Still, she's planning to 
come to our 60th! Sarah Tarns Kreker 
joined the SBC 50th anniversary trip 
commemorating the lunior Year in 
France. For her it was a 60th anniversary 
C37-'38l They were treated royally and 
enioved reli\ ing her youth al Tours in the 
Chateau Region and in Paris. Lee Mon- 
tague Watts also joined the group Julia 
Ridgely Howe enjovs life in a retirement 
community in Whitefield, NH. She does 
pool exercises and still writes her weekh 
column in the Coos County Democrat. 
Ned and I enjoy our retirement spot only 
20 minutes from Ted and his family. His 
wife Ruth and the boys. Ned (16) and 
Bob (13) spent 5 1/2 weeks in Italy, Mu- 
nich, Paris, southern England, and Scot- 
land. Ted flew over for the segment in 
Paris and southern England. So we en- 
joyed the trip vicariously through post- 
cards and phone calls. Speaking of trips, 
let's all plan to go to our 60th reunion. 
Dates are: May 7-9, 1 999. Our one sad 
event of the year was the death of my 
sister Carol 11/97. That was hard, espe- 
cially since we lost our brothers five and 
eight years ago. 


President: Ann Morrison Reams 
Secretary: Douglas Woods Sprunt 
Fund Agent: Florence Bagley Witt 

The following cards should get you 
out of your rocking chairs! Margaret 
Leonard Proctor writes from Baltimore, 
"lourneyed up the headwaters of the 
Amazon in February and thence to 
Machu Pichu. On to Naples, FL for a 
haircut en route to a grandson's wedding 
in Toronto. Plus painting, church work 
book and garden clubs. Daphne With- 
ington Adams: "Still in my house in Rye 
trying to keep it and the garden in good 
shape in spite of poor knees. Am show- 
ing weekly films at the local retirement 
home, manning the reception desk at the 
Presbyterian Church, exercises in water 
classes at the "Y", Church Hand Bell 
Choir. Nancy Davis Reynolds is in her 
house in Asheville, now a widow, but 
friends and family nearby. "I have been 
taking courses in the College for Seniors 
at UNCA, went to France with the group 
in June. Bridge, book clubs, working in 
the hospital... a class on Dante's inferno. 
Also from Asheville, Ruth Hensley Cam- 
blos writes: "losh taught a class at UNCA 


Sweet Pri\r College Alumnae Magazine ■ Winter 1999 

College lor Seniors in Ornithology with 
field trips. In May we drove to UVA tor 
his Med Class Reunion, with an 
overnight stop at beautiful SBC. I took 
nn M,n Queen dress to the SB Museum. 
Ann Whitley said there is a big interest in 
May Day, and that they still have the 
1907 May Pole." In Charlottesville the} 
saw Betsy and Mike Tremain, and in 
Asheville, Emory Gill Williams and 
Canky. In )une the Tremains, Gege and 
Bill Hall Sudie and Bill Hanger, Betty 
Lippincott, Martha Buchanan 
Wadsworth. Ann and Tom Potterfield 
and Helen Sanford had a great reunion 
in Annapolis. The Pofterfields were just 
back from France and Helen from Eng- 
land and France. Debbie Wood Davis is 
full time in real estate and always busy 
with art history courses. I spent a few 
days with her in NY in March and we 
had lunch with Cynthia Abbott 
Dougherty. Afterwards crossed the street 
to see The Merchant's House 29 E, 
Fourth St., a very interesting 1832 mu- 
seum whose curator is our Margaret 
Kelly's daughter. It was lovely to see the 
bond she and Cynthia have. Barbara Bull 
Peake is in Europe trying to connect with 
her son who is in Bosnia with the Red 
Cross. Cynthia describes her summers in 
Quogue, Long Island as "like the picture 
of the author inside the cover, (she) lives 
quietly in the country with her cat and 
roses." Mary Alice Bennett Baumberger 
at home in Geneva in luly — freezing, 
snowy peaks etc. Marion Robbins 
Alexander has been in Portugal and 
Spain where she saw Frances Gregg Pe- 
tersmeyer; and in Linville NC.where she 
saw Alice Williams Glover. Sweet Briar's 
lunior Year in France 50th Anniversary 
Trip was superb. QE2Aburs/Paris, I 
couldn't resist. We were overwhelmed 
and so proud of the college and the wide 
acclaim given this program. Magically all 
doors opened to us — private homes and 
galleries and official splendor. In the 
Calamity Department, Diana Green Hel- 
frich of Vineyard Haven, ME wins the 
gold medal as a good sport, with lessons 
for us all. "Managed to total 3 cars in 
one week and lost my license too! The 
therapy after my second knee surgery did 
not do well— the reason why my foot 
stuck on the accelerator and the accident 
followed". She works part time "at the 
Bookstore" and has interesting descen- 
dants, one at the Goddard Space Center. 
Barbara Ripley Furniss writes, "Todd and 
I are just back from his reunion at 
Phillips Andover-Abbott. Diana was in 
charge of the Abbott group and carrying 
on bravely in spite of severe facial 
bruises from a car accident. After reunion 
we had a visit with Jeanne Sawyer Stan- 
wood in her lovely Kennebunk home." 
And then a card from Jeanne saying what 
fun it was and sending her love. This job 
of mine isn't all bad! Happy Retirement 
News begins with our freshman year 
twins Betty Brown Borden and Dick and 
Mary Brown Griggs and Bayliss. After 

careers taking them all over the world, 
they are together in Santa Barbara at 
Casa Dorinda. iMary Law's husband, Stu- 
art Taylor, now a widower, also lives 
there. I see him occasionally as his jour- 
nalist son and family live near me.) 
Ginny Thaver Boothby is in a condo in 
Creenbrae CA ne\t to Betsy Chamber- 
lain! Margaret Preston Moore sends love 
from Tallahassee, FL, where she has set- 
tled to be near her daughter and her fam- 
ily, lane Taylor Lowell writes: "I'm hale 
and hearty in (Cape Coral) Florida. Swim 
everyday, volunteer and church work. 
Enjoy the news and how SB is growing 
and changing. Ruth lacquot Tempest 
sounds very happy in Pensacola in a new 
apartment 2 miles from her old house. 
Off to CO this summer. There is sad 
news that Elizabeth Dunn has died. 
Margie Troutman Harbin s husband Tom 
died 8/30. Our condolences to our Senior 
year President. Laura Graves Howell and 
Gordon are still in Lynchburg with their 
garden and his beautiful camellias, often 
see Ann and Bernie Reams. Our eternal 
President Reams continues her good 
works, plays a little bridge and Mah 
long, keeps up with family, especially her 
mother, who is in her own apartment at 
101 . Our fund raising heroine Flossie 
says she and Raymond are still enjoying 
their house and life in the slow lane in 
Chattanooga. She reminds us how valu- 
able each contribution is to SB. In 
Alexandria. Marion Mundy Young works 
for the church and historic preservation: 
her husband "builds antiques for their 
grandchildren." Edie Brainerd Walter 
and George are perking along. She is the 
historian for the famous Washington 
Club on Dupont Circle and wrote their 
100th Anniversary Book. Ginnie Wilkin- 
son Swanson was Effingham IL's Citizen 
of the Year for civic work, the first 
woman so honored. Stony Moore 
Rutherfoord was wrestling with selling 
her house. Cheery Lucy Case Wendelkin 
is recovering from a broken hip, (I'm 
afraid, it's hard to read) says "Kansas is 
still Kansas". Bobbie Engh Croft and 
Croswell are fine. He is running his busi- 
ness and they "play in WY every sum- 
mer." Anne Bundy Lewis and her hus- 
band in Petersburg, are happy grandpar- 
ents. Dotty Hutchings Donley writes: 
"Plugging along. Have sold 6 novels and 
2 novelettes so far." Blessings on every 
grandparent and grandchild, especially 
ours.. .all 900 of them. I hate to disap- 
point you but there is no earthly way to 
list them, except Diana Stout Allen and 
Richard's grandson John Jennings, a 
lawyer in Memphis who is engaged to 
Leslie Brock, a Sweet Briar graduate! 
Let's try something different in the 1999 
letter. How about writing specific memo- 
ries of SB. In four years the Depression 
ended and WWII circled the globe. We 
are curiosities of the distant past, walking 
around in our tennis shoes. Let's collect 
some of the pieces of the world we 
shared in those years. 


President: Mary Haskins King 
Secretary: )odie Morgan Hartman 
Fund Agent: Anna Mary Chidester 

Hey wood 

Ginny Decker Dudley, who still lives 
in Albuquerque, NM, is coming east for a 
\ isit w hen her youngest son retires from 
the Air Force. She and Nick are celebrat- 
ing their 50th Anniversary and plan a trip 
to HI in Nov. Helen Davis Wohlers is 
still hiking three times a week. She will 
go on an Elderhostel hiking trip in Oct. 
to It.ih and Austria. She is busy with the 
Brevard Music Center and with the build- 
ing of a new library there. |im and I were 
visiting at Grandfather Mountain, NC in 
July and as I was coming out of church 
in Linville, I got this big hug from Mary 
Kathryn Frye Hemphill. I had a long chat 
with her and Saul. I later learned that 
Leila Burnett Felker had been in church 
that same day — I called Leila and en- 
joyed catching up. Edie Page Gill 
Breakall ran into several classmates at 
the annual meeting of the Garden Club 
of America in April at Williamsburg, VA. 
Sadie Gwin Allen Blackburn and Dale 
Sayler Morgan were both there. She also 
saw Lile Tucker Bell in Lexington, VA at 
a Lily Flower Show. Edie Page still keeps 
up with her music and plays in a piano 
group in Roanoke. 

I had a note from Tutti Hall Peckham 
thanking all of you for your love and 
concern these past few months. Mary 
Haskins King went to Asheville, NC to 
spend the night with Tutti. Mary then vis- 
ited in Chattanooga, TN with Hilda 
Hude Chapin Sarah Temple Moore and 
Betty Avery Duff. She just missed seeing 
Mil Carothers Healy who lives in Ponte 
Vedra, FL. Hilda Hude Chapin and Ed 
had recently visited with Wyline Chap- 
man Sayler and Henry in St. Petersburg, 
FL Harriet Hazen Harnack lives in Boul- 
der City, NV — near Las Vegas. She has 
been to several Elderhostels and plans a 
fall cruise to the Panama Canal. Elaine 
Krause Anderson has been on several 
cruises. She still says "Arizona is great in 
the winter." 

loyce Livermore Foust's granddaugh- 
ter is a member of the U. of Michigan 
crew team. She and Fred are planning to 
take their 1925 Packard on tour in S. In- 
diana this fall. Steve Nicolson Mcllvaine 
was sailing "with El Nino" in the Pacific 
this spring. Her daughter left the Forestry 
Project in Rwanda and Tanzania and is 
back in Kenya. One son is an architect in 
L.A. and the other son has been trans- 
ferred back to Washington, DC from #2 
post in the Embassy in Zambia. Cappy 
Price Bass and Bruce were in Paris in 
lune and cruised around the British Isles. 
lean Ridler Fahrenbach went to the 
Canadian Rockies. This fall she plans a 
trip to Thailand, Nepal and India. She at- 
tended an Elderhostel in Philadelphia, PA 
at the Barnes Foundation. She says her 

SBC courses have given her a great back- 
ground for her travels. 

Perk Traugott Brown had a wondei 
ful Elderhostel experience in Vienna, 
Salzburg and a cruise on the Danube. 
She went to Canada in |uly. Betty Healy 
Downing and Tom plan a trip to VT and 
ME this summer. They recently had a 
visit from Harriet Willcox Gearheart. 
Harriet and David had a big family re- 
union in Baltimore, MD last May with all 
children and grandchildren. The 
Gearharts go to their cottage in Bethany 
Beach, DE off and on in the summer and 
[hey had a good visit with Julie Mills |a- 
cobsen who also spends the summer 
there. Harriet had good chats with Zu 
Zulich Reuter and Diddy Gaylord 
Thompson. I have appreciated hearing 
from Leila Barnes Cheatham Martha 
Holton Glesser and Sarah Temple 
Moore — all is well with them. Dale 
Sayler Morgan has been traveling often 
this spring as she is a Flower Show 
judge. She hopes that any of us going 
thru Savannah, GA will call her. She will 
be glad to take us on a tour of "Midnight 
in the Garden of Good and Evil" (she 
may regret thatl. Mary Haskins King, 
"our leader," asked me to remind you 
that the year 2000 will be our 55th re- 
union so start making plans. 


President: Eleanor (Pottsie) Potts 

Secretary: Maddin Lupton McCallie 
Fund Agents: Elvira Whitehead 
Morse, Helen Elliott Sockwell, 
Audrey Lahman Rosselot 
This letter is being written after our 
Glorious 50. Our class should feel in 
closer touch than we have in years! 
Forty-two of us returned with 1 8 spouses 
and lots of conversation and communi- 
cation has taken place. All of your re- 
sponse cards saluted the gathering espe- 
cially the work done bv Pottsie and her 
committee. The highlight was our ab- 
solutely overwhelming Class Gift of 
$285,925 under the leadership of Martha 
Mansfield Clement, Peggy Sheffield Mar- 
tin, and Peggy Addington Twohy. We did 
not know the huge success of our cam- 
paign until the night before it was an- 
nounced. We also learned that the chil- 
dren of several deceased classmates — 
Connie Tunnell Bond Caroline Rankin 
Mapother, and Ann Samford Upchurch 
— wanted to contribute. We sang with 
such enthusiasm and volume under our 
special song leader Harriotte Bland 
Beckwith that you could almost see "the 
golden stairs"! Wayne Stokes Goodall 
and your scribe worked on pink and 
green ribbons which we wore around 
our necks centered with a large button 
with our yearbook picture that our Presi- 
dent Pottsie had made. Then after all her 
noble efforts she missed being in our 
class picture. We missed these class- 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine ■ Winter 1999 


mates too — Marjorie Smith Smithey, 
Harriotte Bland Beckwith and Peggy 
Addington Twohy who left early. 

Cards in my summer mail ... Dolly 
Antrim McKenna and Jim are busy vol- 
unteers in Yorba Linda, CA helping sr. cit- 
izens with tax forms, working on a quilt 
show and cataloging scrapbooks for the 
Heritage Museum. Their daughter Doll is 
running for her 4th term in the CT state 
assembly. Promoting the sale of her book 
and video Trom Bach To Rock takes 
Rosemary Cugert Kennedy from New 
Orleans to VT, Boston and the Brevard 
NC Music Festival. Ann Rowland Tuck 
mil lun celebrated their 50th anniversary 
in China with a visit to air bases where 
In was stationed. Betsy Anderson Gor- 
rell from Albans, WV was welcomed on 
her first visit back to the campus. As the 
years roll along we report more ailments 
so we send our thoughts and encourage- 
ment to these friends. Jane Gray Starck, 
Betty Warner Keith, and Bess White 
Gregory Kitty Doolin Dickey is upbeat 
in spite of complications from an auto- 
mobile accident Liz Bramham Lee has 
difficulties in walking but is having 
aquatic exercises to get back on the 
travel circuit. Closey Faulkner Dickey did 
not make reunion because of health 
problems but her note is full of usual 
wide ranging plans. Jenny Belle Bechtel 
Whyte and William are a bit slowed 
down but no less tuned in and interested 
in their friends' activities. Wayne Stokes 
Goodall says |enny Belle might even 
write a book of SBC happenings if any- 
one is interested. We think of Jenny 
Belle's lacy, be-ribboned petticoats 
whenever we see Patty Traugott Rouse 
wearing one of those elegant Museum 
Creations which she created. Although 
we did not hear from Martha Rowan 
Hyder many saw her fabulous home in 
San Miguel, Mexico on the cover of the 
May-|une issue of Southern Accent. 
Frances "Robby" Robb retired from the 
national office of PBK and lives in her 
parents' home in Williamsburg. Lyn 
Irvine Forbes writes from Ridgefield, CT 
that her husband Wendell has retired as 
publisher of Guideposts. Westray Boyce 
Nicholas and Roy are selling their house 
at John's Island, SC and moving to Palm 
Desert, CA to be near their son who 
works at Manhattan Beach (and we are 
sure they will spend more time with 
good friends Jane Miller Wright and 
Howard.) The Wrights plan to sail to 
Mai hu Pichu and the west coast of S. 
America, lane writes of the "rosy glow of 
pride" she felt after Reunion. 

From cards and scrapbooks ... Liz 
Barbour McCrea met Mat 23 years ago 
when they both worked in Australia. Her 
mother is still alive at 102. Judy Blakey 
Butler still effervescent as ever though 
she has lost two husbands, has memories 
of her travels. Meon Bower Harrison and 
Arch feel most blessed about their life 
and their children. They have grandchil- 
dren who win ribbons for their Nubian 

goats at the county fair in NH. Vi White- 
head Morse beat the birds to her sour 
cherry tree so she could make jam, pies, 
and frozen foods. Marjorie "Smittie" 
Smith Smithey (wheel) reported her one 
day back seeing former camp and col- 
lege friends was a wonderful experience. 
Martha Davis Barnes fell at reunion "that 
we personified Frances Weaver's book 
title The Girls With Grandmother 
Faces— a lively busy bunch of ladies". 
Betsy Plunkett Williams captioned a 
photo with, "How fresh-faced we were 
54 years ago — the lines reflect the pas- 
sage of time, but the hope and the confi- 
dence in the future remain". Vickie 
Brock Badrow persuaded her Ned to 
take time from volunteering at home and 
he loved being at the reunion. Can you 
believe that our Ewy Sharp Vldal is fin- 
ishing up her second term as president of 
the Rotary Club of Mauricetown, NJ? 
Mayde Luddington Henningsen has 
strong ties with a graduate daughter and 
husband Walter's years of service as a 
member of SB's Board of Trustees. Liz 
Graves Perkinson has a daughter who 
graduated exactly 30 years after she did. 
Marguerite Rucker Ellett declared her 
stay in a dorm for first time in 50 years 
was great fun! Twink Elliott Sockwell and 
Warren brought their own Mardi Gras 
masques from Huntsville for the Saturday 
evening party. Ann Orr Savage says they 
enjoy retirement with 6 months in Ft. 
Myers and b in VT. Betty Ann Jackson 
Ryan has two sets of twins among her 16 
grandchildren (and her cousin Felicia 
Jackson Burns has triplet grandsons). 
Jackie is involved with a cooperative 
nursery school at her church and with an 
environmental agency. Nancy Vaughn 
Kelly and Dan's befriending two Cambo- 
dian refugee students in their home in 
1986 led to the starting of the Kelly 
Foundation. It has nurtured some 75 
young people from minority groups. For 
more information about Nancy's work, 
write The Kelly Foundation, 6514 Po- 
tomac Ave., A-1 , Alexandria VA 22307. 
Audrey Lahman Rosselot was leaving on 
another foreign trip after reunion. 
Suzanne Hardy Benson and Cam cele- 
brated their 7th anniversary after reunion 
and she plans to enroll at Augusta State 
Univ. Jo Neal Peregrine writes of a new 
granddaughter born during reunion, an- 
other one due in Nov. and one entering 
law school. Judy Perkins Llewellyn had 
plans for travel in Greece and S. Amer- 
ica. Harriotte Bland Beckwith and Al 
had to hop in their plane and fly away 
ahead of predicted storms so we did not 
get to really share the touching song and 
poems our gifted song leader had written 
for us to sing. 

Patty Damron |oy from La |olla, CA 
(May to Oct.) and Alexandria (Nov. to 
May) writes of the loss of her only sister 
in a terrible fire. Our thoughts and sym- 
pathy do go to her. Avery Draughon has 
lived in Tempe, AZ for the 36 years that 
she has been a widow: she has a daugh- 

ter, two granddaughters, a sister and two 
aunts so is using her "single-sex educa- 
tion". Ileana Garcia Carr's husband 
Leonard writes that her book on her fam- 
ily's role in Puerto Rican history has been 
published in Spanish in Mayaguez. Eve 
Godchaux Hirsch trom New Orleans re- 
ports that she is "healthy, happy, and ac- 
tive in my community". Liz Hooks 
Richards after years as a volunteer lists 
her current biggest challenge is "on the 
goll i ourse in Key Largo". Bess Pratt 
Wallace successfully battled a brain 
tumor and now reports "Life's challenges 
are smaller in scale but still satisfying". 
Our Little Rock classmates: Phil Thorpe 
Miller says Buddy and she have a nice 
life with lots of baby-sitting and a sum- 
mer trip to Washington and Lee to take a 
course and a possible quick trip over the 
hills to the Patch. Nancy Moses Eubanks 
writes of her four "joyful, happy years"; 
and mentions that she had two sisters at 
SBC class of '34 and '41 who are now 
deceased. Sally Smith Williams spent 
time at their cottage on Gwynn's Island 
in the Chesapeake Bay. The Williams will 
cruise the Mediterranean this fall. 

Pam Terry from DC had planned to 
come to reunion until her granddaughter 
announced the impending arrival of 
Pam's first great grandchild in Houston. 
Pam rescues and rehabilitates abandoned 
animals in Rock Creek Park and finds 
homes for them. She translated a second 
book from Spanish to English and plans 
to write one of her own. She spends time 
in Dallas and would love to contact SBC 
friends there. Closey Faulkner Dickey en- 
joyed a visit to her old haunts in VA and 
a summer sail exploring Lake Superior. 
Pottsie reports on her son's wedding in 
Aug. in DC after a post-reunion trip to 
the Canadian Rockies and AK! Maddin 
Lupton McCallie and David, their 3 sons, 
spouses and friends plan a fall bicycle 
tour in Provence and your scribe is trying 
to re-learn how to ride a bicycle with 21 
gears and hand brakes! 

Our hearts were heavy when we re- 
alized how many classmates have died 
recently. I sent the program from the 
Memorial Service held in our beautiful 
Chapel and have been thanked by the 
families ol Ann Harris Bellows, Ann Pax- 
son Gail, Sylvia Schively Robertshaw 
and Kax Berthier McKelway. We under- 
stand that lohn McKelway has died too. 
Our thoughts have gone out to room- 
mates Ginny Wurzbach Vardy, Bea 
Backer Simpson, Jane Shoesmith as well 
as to the families. Many of you mention 
returning for our 55th in 2003. May we 
suggest you "do lunch" with nearby 
classmates, have regional "mini" re- 
unions and keep fit as you think ahead to 
2003! Cheers! 


President: Ann Mountcastle 

Secretary: Patricia 'Toddy' Barton 
Fund Agent: Anne Sinsheimer 

Toddy Barton: It is very sad to advise 
ot the deaths of two classmates: Judy 
Clippinger Chavchavadze and Etta Craig 
Dick Shurley Our deepest condolences 
to their families. Heartfelt sympathy also 
in Diana Weeks Berry, whose husband 
Henry died and to Peg Seaman Pinkos 
on the loss of her husband George. 

Best wishes to Kae Fretz who be- 
came a bride again three years ago. I 
have postponed seeking gainful employ- 
ment, while taking care of some health 
problems. I am patched up now, and re- 
ally enjoying my new home. Carolyn 
Sample Abshire: All is well in Old Town, 
Alexandria where we've lived in "This 
old house" for 30 years now! Three of 
our 5 children are making us grandpar- 
ents. Phyllis, the 30-year-old, is a widow 
and Caroline is 25. David still running 
CSIS, a think tank in DC, and I'm retired 
(finally) from retail and do a lot of volun- 
teering. Nancy Pesek Rasenberger is still 
a close friend and the classmate I see 
most. Dianne Aubineau: Oft to Paris 
again, for 4 weeks of classes in painting 
at Beaux Arts. Still active in the San Fran- 
cisco junior League and went to the 50th 
reunion of the New Trier last fall. Mona 
Wilson Beard: Georgia and I have been 
playing with her SB photos. How lucky 
we have been for half a century to have 
such friendships! As a retired person I 
discovered there is a direct, but inverse, 
relationship between money (a job) and 
free time. Diana Weeks Berry: My Fresh- 
man year roommate Judy Clippinger 
Chavchavadze passed away last fall. She 
left two children, and devoted a lifelong 
career to aiding political prisoners and 
refugees. My husband Henry died 7/96. 
Daughter Wendy Briggs and husband 
Walter and 3 children live in Arrowsic, 
ME, son Hal and Marion Berry and 3 
children returned from Singapore to 
South Hamilton, MA. Daughter Diana, 
singer and songwriter in NY. Jean Ran- 
dolph Bruns: Winter included a visit in 
Walnut Creek CA with Julie Micou and 
Dick Eastwood and a reunion with Ruth 
Clarkson Costello and with Dick and 
Patty Lynas Ford, then on to Chiang Mai, 
Thailand for my 7th Christmas with the 
family there. I also visited Carol Rolston 
Toulmin I'll return to Thailand for this 
Christmas. My old house made demands 
this year. My St. Anne's/Charlottesville 
classmates go to Deer Isle, Maine, in 
Sept. Otherwise it's B&B operation and 
reading and weeding Ruth Clarkson 
Costello: Had to pass on summer camp 
this year. Too many distractions. Am now 
facing a future without cheese or curry or 
Haagen-Dazs, not to mention Merlot and 
Martinis. Life seems indeed bland. Janet 
Broman Dingle: My sister Joan Wright 


Sweet Bri\r College Alimwe Magazine ■ Winter 1999 

(SBC '561 and I are (lying to San Fran- 
cisco lo "Do (he Town" while our hus- 
bands fish in Canada. We four also are 
taking an Alaskan Cruise. Have been lo 2 
college graduations, (Larry's twin grand- 
children). Barbara Birt Dow: Saw Annie 
Moo at her charming Spanish "casa" in 
Florida. Celebrated with loan (Davis) 
and Andy Warren their 45th anniversary 
6/20. En route now to our summer cot- 
tage in Mass. Then to meet friends on 
their boat in Canada. Aug. is grandchil- 
dren's (7 of them) month at the seaside. 
Julie Micou Eastwood: I'm off to New- 
foundland, and Nova Scotia for a birding 
trip and Dick and I go to China in Oct. 
We love the retirement community, Ross- 
moor, where we live and swim every day 
of the year. Mary lane Eriksen Ertman: 
Hj\ ing fun with Lily our sweet new 
golden retriever puppy. In July we plan to 
drive to Denver to visit Anne and Martha 
and their families. Mary Pease Fleming: 
Had dinner w ith Anne Mountcastle 
Gamble, who was visiting her brother 
Frank in Richmond. Anne Sheldon Taylor 
was here, too, though she's leaving to 
visit England where her son and grand- 
children live. Anne Gamble is leaving to 
visit her grandchildren in Paris! Rivo and 
I are not so continental, but try to keep 
up with 1 5 grandbabies! Patty Lynas 
Ford: Working in the garden as well as 
entertaining family and friends. Am still 
doing volunteer work at the Healdsburg 
Animal Shelter and was named Volunteer 
of the Year for the Shelter. We had a 
wonderful two weeks in England. |o 
Williams Fraser: April found us in Japan 
at Cherry Blossom time. We hope it was 
the Omega of Bob's speaking tours! We 
had a fun visit from Margie Works Cibbs 
and her husband. Carla de Creny Freed: 
I'm off to France for the SBC 50th re- 
union of Junior year in France. Then I'll 
be back in Nantucket 'til mid-January! 
Kae Fretz: It seems funny-odd to share 
news of myself after all these years. I was 
at SBC only my freshman year. I gradu- 
ated from the Univ. of Delaware '51 , BS 
in education. Cot an MA in 1985. I'm a 
retired teacher, have 5 children and 8 
grandchildren and married again in 
1995. 1 now live in VT. Love hearing 
about you all. Sue Lockley Glad: Had an 
interesting (and strenuousl trip to Turkey 
and leave in two days for Ned's 50th re- 
union of his law school class at Michi- 
gan. We will spend the summer at our 
home at Black Butte Ranch in OR. Lynne 
McCullough Gush: Have become a rabid 
environmentalist regarding the wild lands 
behind our house. A local political fool 
has decided to pave the bayou, destroy 
the trees, and remove the brush. This will 
not happen, I think. Susan Ostrander 
Hood: We had a mini-family reunion in 
Seattle and on the Olympic Peninsula 
with our 2 daughters and families. Lloyd 
is still working and had his annual con- 
vention in Milwaukee, with a side trip to 
Ravinia accompanied by Toddy Barton 
and Wizzo. Son David and familv came 

to Chicago to recover from primary elec- 
tion uctorv m Georgetown. Susan Taylor 
Hubbard: I lad 3 great reunion with Terry 
in June. (She was in Virginia Beach for a 
family wedding.) I'm expecting a second 
grandchild in Aug. My daughter Jane, in 
Richmond, is the mother-to-be. (She al- 
ready has a two year old.) I see Ashby 
often, also Marie now and then. Georgia 
Dreisbach Kegley: Mona, Will, lack and I 
had tun looking through a box of pic- 
tures I took a! SBC. Hope to get Kathie 
Phinizy back this summer. We enjoyed 
her visit here and again at her summer 
house back in the mountains. You are al- 
ways welcome here. Beard and Keglev's 
B&Bs. loan Hess Michel: I have been re- 
tired two years. My biggest news: My 
daughter was married 6/97 and the} 
made me a grandma 6/98. My son 
Christopher and wife (both chefs and 
graduates of the Culinary Institute of 
America) will be General Managei and 
Executive Chef of a new restaurant in 
Lexington, Kentucky named "Emmetts." 
I'm still doing some editing on a new 
magazine Spirituality and Hejlth. I hear 
from Mona Wilson who comes to visit 
her mother on L.I. now and then. |ane 
Moorefield: I'm enjoying retirement 
more all the time, it's lovely to be able to 
do all the things I couldn't do while 
working. I've been spending Christmas in 
Orlando with my nephew the last few 
years and usually have a nice chat with 
Sue Taylor Lilly while I'm there. Ann 
Mountcastle Gamble: Luncheon in Sara- 
sota to meet our president. Visits with 
Barbie and Bill Dow, Patty and Dick 
Friese, Mary and Rives Fleming and Ann 
Taylor in Richmond. Laying plans for Re- 
union! Everyone must think about saving 
the date 2001 Ruth Magee Peterson: 
Status quo here, took a docent trip to 
Baltimore and DC. Will go to Seattle for 
the annual docent convention. Terry 
Faulkner Phillips: Still enjoying living in 
the Northeast Kingdom. Wes and I are 
going to Virginia Beach for a family wed- 
ding in lune. Charley, Gwyn and Sophia 
Phillips will be there too. We can hardly 
wait to see our CA children and grand- 
child! Peg Seaman Pinkos: My husband, 
George, died recently after 3 1/2 years in 
a nursing home. I'm still at my local se- 
nior center. I spend as much time as pos- 
sible at my computer, programming in 
Foxpro. The atmosphere keeps me feel- 
ing young! Anne Sinsheimer: Went to 
Greece and Turkey with Arie Wittke 
SBC'46. Got sick during the trip (proba- 
bly a virus) and recuperated in Frankfurt 
with Norbert and Mira Baukus.lNorbert 
lived with my brother Warren and Mar- 
ion as an exchange student, 1963-64). 
Nedra Greer Stimpson: We are expect- 
ing our 14th grandchild in Sept.; our old- 
est grandchild is just ten! Our younger 
child, John, will marry in the fall in 
McLean, Virginia. We are thrilled! That 
will be all 5 children married. Pinkie 
Barringer Wornham: Oct. '97 took us to 
SE Asia for three weeks: Hong Kong, Sin- 

gapore, Thailand and Vietnam, I am still 
Director of Admissions at Bishops 
School, but onK pail time next year Kids 
are all gainfully empli iruli hil 

dren, smart and adorable. Tom and I still 
"Best Buddies" after 47 years. 


President: Mary |ane Roos Fenn 
Secretary: Bruce Watts Kim ke 
Fund Agent: Faith Rahmer Croker 

The countdown has begun foi out 
big 45th reunion vtay7 9 1999 

Our condoleni es to Mary |ane Roos 

and Dick Fenn whose oldest daughlei 
Pamela, succumbed to cancel last Sept, 
Her husband and 5-year old twin sons 
live at Virginia Beach, not far irom the 
Fenns in Williamsburg. We're also sad- 
dened by the death ol lane Henley's hus- 
band, Kenyon. Jane has moved to Fayel 
teville, NC, to be near the grands. We 
send our sympathy too to Bev Bragg 
whose husband, Bill, died 11/97. They 
took wonderful trips to Ireland and 
France before he died. She's now writing 
a history of her husband for the grand- 
children. She mentioned that she sees 
(an O'Neal. 

"B.B." Smith Stamats' garden land- 
scaping business is 10 years old. In addi- 
tion to designing and installing she lec- 
tures on container gardening and prun- 
ing, and teaches for the New York Botan- 
ical Garden Arboretum. She is studying 
Italian for a trip with David and friends 
to Tuscany. The youngest of her 5 grand- 
children was born at home! Mary Lee 
McGinnis and Frank McClain spent a 
month in a castle in Italy with all 3 
daughters and the granddaughter and 
also went to Provence. They are building 
a house on Wadmalaw Island, a lovely 
community on the water here. Joy Ben- 
nett Hartshorn researches historical 
properties for the Willistown Historical 
Commission and is still (25 years) a 
guide at Winterthur Museum. She also 
volunteers for the Chester County Histor- 
ical Society Antique Show and the 
Philadelphia Flower Show. She divides 
free time among 6 grandchildren and 
sailing with Danny in the Chesapeake on 
the "Owl". Ruthie Frye and Hugo 
Deaton spent July and Aug. in ME 
aboard their "Salty Mistress". Their 
youngest lives in China and they all vis- 
ited last year. 

Hattie Hughes and Richard Stone, 
both retired, keep very busy with church 
activities. She was a delegate to the con- 
vention to elect a new Episcopal bishop 
for NJ. Their daughter was ordained as a 
Methodist minister. The Stones plan a fall 
trip to Italy. Liz Helm Lawson has her 
two middle sons near her in Pittsburgh, 
but the oldest and youngest live in CA. 
Liz is active in sr. citizen groups and vol- 
unteers at the hospital. Page Croyder 
Diehl visited loan Oram in England and 
had a wonderful trip. Page is trying to 

teach as much as she > an 

retirement. Sin randmother 

for the first time. Vicky Toof (ohnsnn u 

tired aft il ti ai hing I n-nch 

and Engli h I lei ; i isb md |i 
tired and they took a monthlong trip 
from A7 up to U \ State Sun 1 Irew is in 
3rd yeai ol law ■• hool 

Lady loan Oram and Sir Bob Reid 
have no plans for retiremenl I In . 
Page in El Paso and see 'Kobo" Chobot 
and Thorn Garner every other year. Anne 
Sheffield and Bradley I lale also visit 
loan and Bob go to Australia often to see 
then 1 suns The Reids are restoring the 
London home of Benjamin Franklin to its 
late and hope to make il an exi il 
ing museum. |oan would like out help 
with awareness, public ity, and funds. 
Contact her In e-mail al 
breid2424@aol.iom or get her address 
from SBC or me Shirley Poulson Broyles 
and Norris went to Italy and to Ireland 
for golf. They did a lot of East coast travel 
following the UVA lacrosse team on 
which 2 of their grandsons played. They 
dropped in to my gallery in Charleston 
and also visited Kirk Tucker C53) and 
Jack Clarkson in Norfolk. |o Nelson 
Booze enjoys her retirement from teai h 
ing but keeps busy with her church's 
Habitat for Humanity. She traveled to 
Newfoundland and Labrador and u ill go 
to Scotland with her daughter. She has 4 
rascally grandsons. Cynthia Sinclair and 
Bill Rutherford have their first grandchild 
and plan to see her a lot since Kansas 
City is not too far from Wichita. Bill is 
making cast bronze garden bells and 
marketing them nationally. Cindy is As- 
sistant Director of the Institute for 
Teacher Education at Newman Univer- 
sity. Peggy Ewart Riter writes that Sally 
Bumbaugh brought dinner to the condo 
they were staying in at Ocean City to 
celebrate the Riter's 31st anniversary and 
also Sally's birthday. Patty McClay Boggs 
('55) came to the baptism of their 7th 
grandchild. Sally also visited loan Potter 
and Henry Bickell in FL. The Bickells are 
selling their boat, but will have a fall 
river trip on the Delta Queen with her 
sister. Joan ran into "Peaches" Davis 
Roane in Louisville. Kobo and Thorn 
rode the Delta Queen this summer also. 
Like others, they love retirement. Betty 
Gene Orr and E.W. Atkinson have 4 
teenage grandchildren all nearby in 
Memphis. They spend a lot of time on 
their farm in Como, MS. Dilly (ohnson 
and Paul Jones have 4 new grandchil- 
dren — triplet boys born to Sanford and a 
girl to Louise who also has 2 boys. The 
Joneses see a lot of Derrill Maybank 
('55) and Ben Hagood lor golfing. Dilly 
writes that Ruthie Frye Deaton s daugh- 
ter was married in May and Ann Collins 
Teachout's daughter and family returned 
from Japan. Faith Rahmer Croker's son 
married a Macon girl, but Dilly was 
away. Barbara Chase Webber got 3 in- 
stant granddaughters when son, Chris, 
married and a grandson last fall making 

Sweet Briar College Alumwe Magazine ■ Wi\ter 1999 


9 altogether. She's still very active with 
the horse racing and golf — both frustrat- 
ing. Ann May and Harold Via own a 
steeplechase horse. They will spend 2 
fall weeks with their grandson, 1 3, (one 
of 6 grandchildren) in New England tour- 
ing in a 1912 Pierce Arrow. Meri Hodges 
Major and Faith Rahmer Croker went on 
SBC cruises in Scandinavia (Meri), and 
Russia (Faith), and had a wonderful time. 
Faith also went to Egypt and Israel. 
Meri's further travels took her to Fiji, 
New Zealand, and Australia. Meri had 
her left thumb "done" (the right was 
done years ago) and was in a cast more 
than 6 weeks. The recovery after an 
arthritic rebuilding was hard, especially 
since she's left handed. Barbara Tomp- 
kins Ames spent a week in the 
Cotswolds. Anne Sheffield and Bradley 
Hale took a cruise with the National 
Trust (Bradley is a trustee) to the Celtic 
Lands and ran into Barbara Ballard and 
Mitchell Wommack during a lifeboat 
drill. Barbara's daughter is in Richmond 
so she sees Meri often. The Hales also 
were in France with an SBC |r. Year in 
France group. Then, in Pittsburgh, also 
on Trust business, they ran into Pinky 
Walsh and Frank Cahouet, who we're 
hoping will make his first ever trip to 
SBC for reunion. Elite Vorys and George 
Matchneer spent 2 mos. in their Cana- 
dian cabin and 2 mos. in the British Isles 
while their kids' family took over the 
house to keep an eye on the house they 
were building across the ravine. Betty 
Walker Dykes is now Mrs. Lars Steib 
(congratulations to you both!) and be- 
tween them they have 7 grandsons. 
They've traveled to India, France. Italy, 
and Mexico. They have a house in Hous- 
ton and a condo at St. Simons. Liz 
Carper and Rov Hoffman are returning to 
Birmingham after 7 marvelous years on 
an island in the Gulf. Their oldest grand- 
son is at UVA. Mary Ann Robb and 
Rome Freer travel all over the US and 
spend a lot of time at their house in 
Naples, FL. They occasionally see Mag- 
gie Mohlman and Bud Deglar who live 
about a mile away. Ann Thomas and 
Tom Donohue raved about their trip to 
Africa with this terrific couple. I wrote 
back that it was a coincidence because 
we'd done the same thing. The 4 of us 
had a fabulous trip to Botswana and 
Zimbabwe. The Donohues plan a spring 
Caribbean sailing cruise with Karen 
Looker and Tim Hyde. Sally Gammon 
Plummer spent 3 weeks in England. 
She's doing an Elderhostel on Lewis and 
Clark in MT — loves her retirement. 

I plan to keep on "arting" while ani- 
mal art in decorating is still hot. My busi- 
ness was up 40% last year and it's a 
great way to get back to Africa for more 
research. Please stop by The Pink House 
Gallerv when in Charleston— maybe I'll 
be there too! Plan your trip to the 
foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in 
May. Let's dazzle them with our turnout! 


President: Carol McMurtry Fowler 
Secretary: Diane Duffield Wood 
Fund Agent: Cynthia Wilson Cut- 
away, Anne Wilson Rowe 

Thank you for all your cards. Sorry 
tor am "tuts" but our space is limited. I 
have concluded that most of us are re- 
tired, traveling grandmothers and loving 
every moment of it. 

Dagmar Halmagyi Yon has retired 
and plans to watch a family ot wild foxes 
grow up as she tackles 1 5 years worth of 
spring cleaning. Betty Murden Michel- 
son, in Va. Beach, is enjoying bridge and 
her garden club since retirement. She 
plans to visit her son David in OR. Dee 
Robin, still talking about how wonderful 
reunion was, has been awarded a Rocke- 
feller Fellowship in Gender Studies at the 
Newberry Library in Chicago. Virginia 
Marks Paget continues as director of a 
learning masters program at Antioch 
Univ. She visited Page Phelps Coulter in 
NY. Page has published a book of poetrv. 
|oy Peeples Massie enjoys her 1 grand- 
children and hopes to attend |ane 
Pinkney Hanahan's daughter's wedding. 
|ane s news is of her daughter Anne's 
marriage to Dale Blessing, |r. While Anne 
is teaching at Charleston Day School, 
Dale is in medical school. Anne Gwinn 
Fox and jay enjoy visits to their 4 chil- 
dren and 3 grandchildren who are scat- 
tered about the U.S. and Canada. Ann 
Fraser Hudson returned from Paris and 
San Sebastian. She had a fabulous trip 
especially seeing the Frank Gehry Mu- 
seum. Sydney Graham Brady and Bill 
dropped by SBC and saw Nancy Godwin 
Baldwin. They were very impressed w ith 
the Heuer Science Building. Mary Anne 
Vandevoort Large and Bob following a 
course in Buddhism, traveled to S.E. 
Asia. They reside in a retirement commu- 
nity where they are very active. Saynor 
(ohnson Ponder met up with Marguerite 
McDaniel Wood during the Macon 
Cherry Blossom Festival. Saynor and 
Buddy traveled with " Flo" Barclay Win- 
ston and Charlie to Santa Fe. Nannette 
McBurney Crowdus and Bill have settled 
in Madison VA. Sandy and I had a won- 
derful visit with Nannette when she was 
here in Chicago planning her daughter 
Carol's wedding. In Oct. the Crowduses 
will join Sandra Stingily Simpson, 
Margie Scott lohnson and Earl and Lee 
Haskell Mack and Charlie on a SBC 
Greek Island cruise. Margie Scott John- 
son has a new grandson in Boulder. Lee 
Haskell Mack is a new grandmother also. 
She also is a newlywed and can be seen 
either on the curling circuit or sailing the 
New England waters thanks to hubby 
Charlie's influence. Susan Ragland Abra- 
hamson and family rented a house in 
France in July. If I counted right there 
were to be 1 8 total. Susan also reports 
that Kay Tilghman Lowe and Jim are fine. 
Marguerite McDaniel Wood and Enid 

Slack are a picture of health after two 
weeks at Rancho La Puerto Spa. Jane 
Campbell Englert enjovs retirement after 
30 years of teaching. She is traveling and 
visiting all 5 grandchildren. Margie Whit- 
son Aude and Fritz have 6 children and 9 
grandchildren all extremely successful 
and busv. They live from Boston to \ \ 
and west to IL. Barbara Falge Openshaw 
reports her 10th grandchild. Since re- 
union she has traveled to AK and Greece. 
I had a great time with "Babs" at our 45th 
school reunion in D.C. in April. Day Gib- 
son Kerr, like "Babs". welcomed her 10th 
grandchild. Her son Edward appeared in 
a made for TV movie called "Legalese" 
featuring such stars as James Garner and 
Kathleen Turner Dot Duncan Hodges 
and Roberta Malone Henderson report 
together that they are fine. Thev had a 
great visit. "Chips" Chao Pai and D,i\ id 
caught up with Cynthia Wilson Ottaway 
and John at the Ottaways lovely home in 
Ml during a golfing vacation. "Chips" is 
serving on a Committee for Diversity at 
SBC so she sees Nancy Godwin Baldwin 
who is recovering nicely from hip surgery. 
Susan Neblett Stephens and Bob Lee had 
a tour of English gardens conducted by 
our own Ninie Lang and plan a 1 2/98 
cruise. Also on the English garden tour 
were Anne Wilson Rowe and loe. Anne 
writes that |oe, instead of retiring, has 
taken on the full job of running the local 
paper. She enjoyed seeing "Babs" Open- 
shaw's beautiful garden in Annapolis 
while at her son and daughter-in-law's 
graduation from St. Johns. Lisa Morton 
Chute and lohn are working hard to clear 
an overgrown garden at their home in 
Tappahannock, VA. Ninie Lang enjoyed 
the English garden tour but from there she 
traveled on to Singapore, Bali and Thai- 
land. She is glad to be home and looking 
forward to her spring term sabbatical. 
Carolyn Swift Fleming completed 20 
years with the Visiting Nurse Assoc, of 
Omaha. She is planning an 8/98 wedding 
and looking forward to the return of her 
daughter and family from France. Zan 
Engh Moore is President of Reconciliation 
Outreach which houses and trains home- 
less men, women and children. Jackie 
Ambler Cusick was so sorry to miss our 
40th but due to Ralph having both hips 
replaced 10 weeks apart and a yearlong 
renovation of their home it was impossi- 
ble. Faye Rathgeber Willis still owns and 
operates a travel company. Faye was hon- 
ored by her town of Richardson, TX with 
a tree in recognition of her many volun- 
teer hours. Jane Fitzgerald Treherne- 
Thomas enjoys the summer life in 
Sewickley, PA. She plans trips to VA, an 
autumn opera, theatre trip to NY and a 
possible winter trip to England. I too 
joined the retired ranks as of June when 
the little independent book store I had 
worked in for 1 6 years closed its doors. 
Very sad but now Sandy and I can hope- 
fully travel to see more of our 3 children, 
9 grandchildren and friends. So loved 
hearing from so many of you. 


President: Barbara Bowen Moore 
Secretary: Barbara Beam Denison 
Fund Agent: Margot A. McKee, 

Page Tucker (Tucky) McFall 


Barba Bowen Moore will so with 
Beckv Towill McNair and other Augusta, 
GA gals to Provence for their 60lhs. She 
and Clay keep busy in Atlanta painting 
and drawing in their twin studios. Mary 
Anne Claiborne lohnston left her posi- 
tion as Director of the Office of Educa- 
tion at Yale School of Medicine and re- 
turned to CO where she has a faculty po- 
sition at U of CO Health Sciences Center. 
Husband, Dick, is medical director of the 
March of Dimes and their 3 children are 
also in health-related fields. Lura Cole- 
man Wampler continues to teach chem- 
istry at the Shipley School and run her 
horse boarding business while she and 
her husband keep up with their 1 730 
farmhouse. From Annapolis, Joyce 
Cooper Toomey writes that she and 
Charley spent the winter on their boat in 
Vero Beach, FL and liked it so much that 
they now have a condo there. Their 3 
daughters (all SBC grads) and son are 
busy raising a crop of SBC candidates — 5 
grandaughters 1 Nancy Corson Gibbes 
and Joe had a delightful trip to France 
and are enjoying a grandson, Corson. 
Ellie Crosby Erdman writes from Rock- 
land, ME, now their home as David is 
fully retired. Elite's winter was busy feed- 
ing her music addiction in NYC, DC 
(where we joined up) and Sarasota and 
summer was filled with sailing, family re- 
union, Princeton reunion (where she saw 
Pattie Powell Pusey and |ane Head- 
stream Yerkesi and travel. Lee Cullum is 
a columnist for the Dallas Morning 
News, a commentator on the News Hour 
with lim Lehrer and serves on the boards 
of the Council on Foreign Relations and 
the Pacitic Council on International Pol- 
icy. In the fall of '97 she visited SBC, 
speaking to and visiting with journalism 
students. She was joined by Maline 
Gilbert McCalla and together they lound 
their old room in Grammer! Maline also 
joined Maydelle Foster Fason and her 
husband for 2 weeks in Paris where they 
saw the Fason's daughter dance with the 
Merce Cunningham Dance Co. at the 
Paris Opera House. Maydelle s career 
counseling business is thriving as down- 
town Austin grows. Charlyne Grimes 
Coleman's husband passed away last 
spring and she is now starting a new ca- 
reer as a freelance estate administration 
paralegal in Hendersonville, NC. Jane 
Haldeman Hope visited her daughter in 
Seattle, celebrated her 60th with 3 elem. 
school buddies on Bald Head Is., NC 
and celebrates her son's marriage in Oct. 
Teddy Hill Washer has a new grandchild, 
bringing the total to 5, She and Liz Few 
Penfield are leading two safari trips to 
Africa in Aug./Sept.— thev will plan a trip 


Sweet Bki vr College Allwwe Magazine ■ W'ister 1999 

lor our class in the millennium year it 
there is interest, so let them know at I ■ 
800-789-9286 or <ttsafari@rof net>. 
They have rented a house in Provence 
for next spring and will visit with Elsie 
Burch Donald in the Dordogne Valley. In 
CO, they had a great visit from Grace 
Suttle who has a new house in Rich- 
mi mil where her medical practice is lo- 
cated Shirley Hayman Sudduth and lohn 
are retired and enjoy golf, gardening and 
volunteer work in Madera, CA when not 
traveling in their 36 foot RV to visit 
grandchildren in OR and WA or just 
sightsee. They traveled to Australia/New 
Zealand and have plans for MT and Estes 

lanet Holmes Rothard is busy with 
work and dog shows in Bat Cave, NC. 
Her son's August wedding in FL gave her 
a rest from raising her first litter of Bull- 
dog puppies Donna Kerkham Grosvenor 
teaches yoga in the Hospital Rehab pro- 
gram, the cancer and pain clinic and for 
seniors in Santa Fe. She also leads yoga 
retreats to sacred sites. After 3 years of 
study, Kathy Knox Ennis was ordained to 
the diaconate of the Episcopal Church, 
diocese of Southwest Florida, on 6/1 3 in 
St. Petersburg with her entire family in at- 
tendance. She and Dick will celebrate 
with a cruise to Greece, Turkey and the 
Holy Land. Annie Laurie Martin writes 
from Richmond of the pleasures ot \ isits 
to France and the beauty of its lan- 
guage... enjoyments which spring from 
her SBC jr. year in France. Adrianne 
Massie Hill is still at the US Bank in Seat- 
tle while Mai, now retired, reads for the 
blind on radio and sings with the Seattle 
Symphony Chorale. A and Mai see |ane 
Headstream Yerkes and Leonard for 
"jolly dinners and golf". Elizabeth Meade 
Howard works on women's health 
videos and magazine articles while pur- 
suing photography. On a recent visit to 
Martha's Vineyard, Elizabeth ran into 
Dinny Muldaur Doges and they had a 
happy reunion lunch. Katie Mendelson 
McDonald summered in Palm Beach 
teaching water aerobics and working on 
committees with the Rose Society and 
the Beach and Sailfish Clubs. Husband, 
lack, continues to be a head-hunter and 
paraglider in the States, Hong Kong and 
China. Since her father's death, lean 
Morris Stevenson has spent lots of time 
on the ranch in TX. She and Don trav- 
eled to the Far East, Bermuda, Italy inc. 
Tuscany and summered at their home in 
the mountains of NC. Barbara Murphy 
Hale is soon to retire after 27 years at the 
YWCA of Annapolis and Anne Arundel 
County. She enjoys sailing with Phil and 
visits with children land one grandchild) 
in El Paso, Chicago and St. Petersburg. 
Ginger Newman Blanchard and Bob 
toured the northern US last summer and 
did Australia/New Zealand in the winter. 
Then Ginger and her father took a very 
special trip together to Germany. In 
Green Village, N), she and Bob work at 
maintaining their farmhouse and their 

golf and tennis games. Robin Ould 
Rentsch and Sam lived foi 5 weeks in a 
tent on the Red Sea 2 years ago while 
working with the Institute of Nautical 
Archeology and went to India for a 
monthlong study trip last fall. Robin also 
works on a wildlife sanctuary near Great 
Falls. VA. In |une, Charity Paul had a 
visit with Norris Smith and Patricia Rus- 
sell Howard in Sag Harbor where she 
lives from Max to Oct. Charity is taking a 
course on the Bloomsbury Circle, prac- 
ticing psychotherapy bikini; painting 
and "messing around with boats". In 
Richmond Anita Perrin Grimes finished 
another year teaching 6th grade reading 
and English and will travel to France, 
Belgium and Holland. She sees |ane Ellis 
Covington Carolyn King Ratcliffe and 
Grace Suttle "occasionally, but not often 
enough." George and I see Palti Powell 
Pusey and Bill occasionally but not often 
enough too — they are up to a 3 boy 2 
girl grandchild count now. They plan a 
summer trip to France and a fall motor 
trip to SC with Carolyn King Ratcliffe 
and Clyde. Anne Rienecke Clarke be- 
came a grandmother, took a riverboat 
trip down the Amazon and went to 
Machu Pichu and visited Palm Springs 
with Gwen Speel Kaplan Patricia Russell 
Howard finds turning 60 exhilarating and 
writes happily — as did Charity Paul — of 
their |une reunion with Norris Smith in 
Sag Harbor. Linda Sims Grady has taught 
pre-first at Westminster School in Atlanta 
for 25 years. She has 4 grandchildren 
with one on the way and relaxes al a 
mountain get-away in SC. Ann Smith 
Bretscher is retiring after 23 years of 
teaching at U of GA and recently repre- 
sented SBC at the inauguration of U. 
GA's new President, lane Tatman Walker 
enjoys frequent travels, time with grand- 
children and SBC Alumnae activities, 
among them the organization of a lun- 
cheon for Pres. Muhlenfeld in Sarasota. 
Becky Towill McNair had a busy year 
with 2 new granddaughters, 2 christen- 
ings, one wedding and new home con- 
struction. Sally Underhill Viault reports 
year's highlights: meetings in DC and SC 
concerning improvement of education 
opportunities, observing a church burn- 
ing trial, Bert's retirement from Winthrop 
U., Becky Towill McNair and Bill's 
daughter's wedding and a visit with Gin- 
ger Newman Blanchard and Bob Dotty 
Westby Farquhar and lerry have retired 
from flying regularly but continue to fly 
folks from Kaiser College around to their 
campuses within FL. 

I acted with childrens' theater this 
year and volunteer for the lane Goodall 
Institute while maintaining my framing 
business — George still actively lobbies 
on the Hill — we are not considering re- 
tirement in any form at this time! See you 
all at SBC in 2000— Love Beam. 


President: Nancy Dixon Brown 
Secretary: Katharine Blackford 

Fund Agents: McNair Currie 

Maxwell, )ane Coodridge 
We had a splendid 15th reunion with 
about 20 in attendance. For those unable 
to come, it would be impossible to recre- 
ate for you the ambience. Many of us 
lost our voices from laughing and talking 
non-stop. I recall conversations with 
Nancy McDowell and Sue Cansler )ones 
about the watershed i hanges in Ameri- 
can society that were emerging as we 
graduated. Someone should study us, we 
decided, and maybe we'll do it our- 
selves Nancy continues her clinical so- 
cial work private practice in Mansfield 
Ctr , CT. Ann Leavell Reynolds and I 
talked of our passion tor fly fishing and 
pledged to fish the high mountain lakes 
in WY together. |ulie Arnold Morey and 
Betsy Parker McColl and I shared a suite, 
missing Penny Pamplin who has a new 
job at the public library in Louisville. She 
was to go on a cruise to AK with her 
mother later in the summer, lulie has un- 
countable step-grandchildren. Betsy's 
daughter Eliza is a sr. at UNC. We en- 
joyed art works displayed by Anne 
Carter Brothers (she now has 2 grand- 
daughters) and Cherie Fitzgerald Bur- 
chard. We profited from insightful com- 
ments about the mission and direction of 
the college from Betty Stanley Cates, 
who represents the Alumnae Board on 
the SBC Board of Directors. 

Our notes now appear in the winter 
Alumnae News, so from now on I will 
contact you for news in the summer in- 
stead of the fall. For this entry I'm relying 
mostly on the reunion scrapbook. Nancy 
Caldwell Briggs attended reunion with 
her husband, Bob. They now enjoy re- 
tirement in Vero Beach, where their son 
Edson practices law. Victoria Anderson 
Breen will move to the FL panhandle, 
expanding her retailing and interior de- 
sign business. Mary Groetzinger Heard 
retired as a school librarian and third- 
grade teacher. She volunteers in the 
Boston schools, and works in a children's 
book shop. Punch Harris Wray is a free- 
lance writer and a reader for literary 
agents, living in Chevy Chase. Cynthia 
Hooten Magowan has 3 grown sons and 
2 granddaughters, all living near her 
Hillsborough, CA home. Cynthia still 
rides competitively, and has taken up 
golf to spend more time with husband, 
Merrill. Gini |oachim Wade is an interior 
designer in Palo Alto, where her husband 
is lab director at Hewlett Pa< kard. Son 
Trevor is on a Fullbright in India. Judy 
lohnson Varn sent a picture of son 
Robert's wedding in Jamaica 8/97. 
Daughter Lily, also married, works at the 
High Museum in Atlanta. That's where 
Sarah Hitch Hill will open a special ex- 
hibition of Cherokee handcrafts 10/99. 

Ellis Beaslev lung i m .i sociate profes- 
sor of Spanish al rhomas Nelson Com- 
munity College in Hampton, VA. We 
both left SBC foi the Peace Corps 35 
years ago, and finally had a chance to 
compare notes Laura Lee Brown and 
husband Steve are traveling lots and 

On herd near 
Louisville, with the help of Steve's son 
Daughtei 1 aura I <v was married List 
summer. Pat Calkins Wilder continues to 
pursue her photography career, and was 
expa img a grandchild in Sept. Ginger 
Cates Mitchell works 2-3 days a week at 
a shelter for homeless women. Ginger 
and Ed had their first grandchild in June. 
Relaxing, in ,i relative sense, .liter i iini- 
pleting her Ph.D. in human resource de- 
velopment, Lyn Clark Pegg now devotes 
lull attention to her private clinical prac- 
tice and teaching psychology at the U. of 
MN. McNair Currie Maxwell t ontinues 
leaching Latin in a H.S. in Ranchos Palos 
Verdes, CA, and gets down to Mexico to 
see granddaughter Ashley. Marion Dean 
Hall is an assistant in an ophthalmic 
clinic in Gloucester, VA. Her son 
William, 27, is an engineer al Lockheed 
Martin in Owego, NY. Cathy Detmar 
Nicholls is still master of foxhounds in 
Devon, England. Her daughter Heather, 
29, works in San Francisco as a book- 
binder and paper conservator. Nerissa 
vom Baur Roehrs still lives in Leipzig, 
composing music and undoubtedly a fre- 
quent flyer to England where daughter 
Marina attends school. Harriet Reese 
lensen and her husband retired from 
farming near Copenhagen, and play ten- 
nis, golf and bridge. Daughter Marianne 
received her MA from the U. of Copen- 
hagen and teaches nearby. Son John 
manages a large estate and runs his own 
farm. Youngest son Christian has pre- 
sented them with a granddaughter. Renee 
Regen Sage retired from special educa- 
tion and remains in Burnside, Australia. 
She studies "tonal realism" and pursues 
new challenges in art and music. She 
and Ed have 2 grandchildren. Catherine 
Dillingham Caverly has remarried. She 
and her husband, lohn, farm in Ookala, 
HI. She has 5 children and one grand- 
child. Karen Gill Meyer continues her fi- 
nancial consulting and financial planning 
career in Phoenix. Meg MacKenzie 
Nowacki teaches math at the New 
Haven Hebrew Day School and other in- 
stitutions in Orange CT. Her son Christo- 
pher finished a degree in environmental 
studies from So. VT U. and daughter Kat- 
rina works for the Yale School of Medi- 
cine. There is some talk of retirement. 
Sue (ones Cansler put a question about 
retirement on our reunion questionnaire. 
She doesn't appear to be contemplating 
it herself, rounding out 14 years with a 
computer software firm. Nancy Dixon 
Brown says this may be her last year 
teaching special ed in Atlanta. She has 
an 8th grader and a college junior. Lee 
Kucewicz Parham sold her toy shop after 
20 years She and lohn have 2 sons and 

Sweet Briar College Alummae Magazine ■ Winter 1999 


one grandson. Betty McDonald Mc- 
Cutcheon lives in Ellijay, CA, where her 
husband loseph publishes an economic 
and political newsletter. Lauren is at 
UNC, while daughter Elizabeth works tor 
Bell South, and son Joseph is exec, direc- 
toi ol the CA Public Policy Foundation. 
Cynthia Livingstone Gibert is assistant 
chief, infectious diseases, at the VA hos- 
pital in DC. Son Chris is also a physician, 
and daughter lennifer completed an MBA 
at Vanderbilt. Keitt Malheson Wood was 
expecting a grandchild, the child of son 
Cordon and Carrie, who live in Ks. Cy. 
Keitt is president of the Powderly, TX, 
public library advisory board. Daughter 
Helen is sales manager for a restaurant 
group in Atlanta. Chenault McClure 
Conway does lay pastoral work in 
Louisville, and works closely with the 
Episcopal Diocese of KY. Her daughter 
Ceci is an international marketer in Sin- 
gapore, while son Stewart is a hydro- 
ponic gardener in Wash. Stevie Fontaine 
Keown lives in Richmond where her hus- 
band is a partner in a radio station. Son 
Clarke, 28, is a producer for a radio sta- 
tion in Knoxville. Her daughter Jennifer is 
married, living in Hong Kong and work- 
ing as a sales associate for CNN. Julia 
Fort Lowe is gardening, volunteering in 
Cookville, TN, and traveling with hus- 
band Bob. Son Bob III finished medical 
school at Vanderbilt and son Seth is at 
the U. of Memphis. Ann Funkhouser 
Kurz and husband Bill were at reunion 
full of tales of recent travels to embroi- 
dery trade shows, workshops taught by 
Ann, and to see her son in Zurich, his 
daughter in Santa Cruz, and her son in 
DC. Prue Cay Stuhr and Ed are in "tem- 
porary retirement" from dog obedience 
training, but still love their Dalmatians. 
Prue has 3 step-children and one step- 
grandchild. She still teaches social stud- 
ies in Lexington, MA. Frances Graham 
Macllwinen is widowed and living in 
Greenville, SC. She has 4 grandchildren. 
lean MacRae Bailey is a big Crimson 
Tide fan, with 4 graduates of the U. of 
Ala. She coordinates graduate medical 
Ed at the U. of So. Ala. lean Meyer Aloe 
is an exec. asst. for a property mgmt. co. 
lennifer, 23, is a doct. student in clinical 
psych, at Northwestern, Betsy is a jr. pre- 
vet student at UPenn. Jean has had more 
poetry published. Margaret Millender 
Holmes is a software developer in 
Painted Post, NY. One son is an AF pilot, 
and the other does "computer stuff." She 
and Tom have one granddaughter. Tish 
Skinner Dace is now married to a 
woman, and was in final throes of depo- 
sitions in her gender discrimination law- 
suit against the U. of Mass, where she is 
a professor of English. The AAUW has 
adopted her case. Her 2 sons have fol- 
lowed her creative footsteps, one as a 
filmmaker and one as a playwright. Tish 
i nntinues In publish articles and reviews 
Leslie Smith Elger is a full-time pet sitter 
in Cedarburg, Wl, where she also horse- 
back rides, and plans her many travels. 

She has 3 daughters, one in marketing, 
one in art education, and one a com- 
puter specialist. Allie Stemmons Simon 
did a great job in getting our reunion gift 
together— $63,431 with 50% participa- 
tion. She is a custom travel planner for 
clients all over the country, and reports 
that husband Heinz is "busy and happy, 
children are gainfully employed and out 
of the nest, and a cat and dog are the 
finest of companions." Marta Sweet 
Colangelo is education director of Young 
Audiences of Houston. Her youngest son 
is at the Art Institute in Houston. Daugh- 
ter Catherine and son Matthew are both 
married and living in Houston. Susan 
Terjen Bernard and Betsy Flanders 
Spencer joined us for reunion only for 
Friday night, both looking great. Susan is 
the executive director of an art center in 
Norfolk and has 3 grandchildren. Olive 
Wilson Robinson is a horticultural con- 
sultant in Atlanta. She and Roby have 3 
daughters and 2 grandchildren. Lisa 
Wood Hancock and her mother Eliza- 
beth Bond Wood )4 were at reunion. 
Lisa is the business manager of the 
Lynchburg Fine Arts Center. Both her 
children are married and living in the DC 
area. Daughter Elizabeth was married at 
SBC in 1996, and was expecting a baby 
in Oct. |ane Yardley Amos and husband 
John moved to Santa Fe, but return to 
WVA for spring and fall. Daughter Emily 
was married in July. Barbara Yocum 
Miller lives close to all 3 grown children 
and one grandchild in Annandale, VA. 
Youngest son Stephen is a soph, at lames 
Madison U. Barbara is a part-time 
preschool teacher, and husband Jack re- 
tired from government job. Sallie Yon 
Williams continues to write and edit 
cookbooks. Son Whitredge is an invest- 
ment banker in NY, and Courtney man- 
ages Nickelodeon Int'l in NY. 


Presidents: Abby Patterson Shultis, 

Katharine Baker Sydnor 
Secretaries: Keenan Colton Kelsey, 

Penn Willets Fullerton, Randi 

Miles Long, Susan Suddutb 

Fund Agent: Evelyn Day Butler 

Wish I could print all your news, but 
we have a word limit. Martha Madden 
Swanson and David visited daughter 
Sarah in Thailand when she was teach- 
ing there. Went on to Australia too! Son 
Michael is happily married. No job 
changes for Martha and David. A move 
to the family farm in Lexington, VA (190 
Mitchell Ln. Lexington 24450) is the big 
news for Julie Whitehurst MacKinlay and 
Ed. His law practice is now just a walk 
down the lane. They are thrilled with 
their new life! One daughter in NE, one 
is engaged and teaches in Roanoke, one 
going to Duke for her masters. Youngest 
is jr. at the U. of the South. Lee MacKu- 
bin Miller is director of a Center for the 

mentally hanicapped and loves her job. 
Off to Scotland summer of '98! Another 
SBC daughter for our class! Wick Nalle 
Rowland's Julia will be in the class of 
2002! Wick and Rob are fine. She loves 
selling books at Murder by the Book! 
Daughter Emily, 16, is a star soccer 
playei Marilyn Garabrant Morris has 
turned to volunteer work after being with 
the Delaware Symphony. Daughter Blair 
enters Univ. of Penn. Fall'98. Son Tony 
will be a jr. in H.S. "Love being grand- 
parents!" writes Randi Miles Long 
Daughter Melissa has Amanda, 2, and 
expects a baby in Aug. Son Kent attends 
the Univ. of Co. Randi saw Sharon Price 
Quill and |ane Taylor Ryan in April. Judy 
Wilson Grant teaches 7th and 8th grade 
English at St. Anne's in Denver. One 
child still at home, Caroline. Oldest, 
Margaret, will teach at Culver Academy 
fall '98.Will is at Sewanee and Newell Jr. 
at Westminster School. After the death of 
longtime partner Michael 4 years go, 
Sharon Price Healy writes that "the road 
is tough, but we still have joy in our 
lives." A brave lady! Son Anthony is 20, 
daughter Carla, 24. Sharon manages a 
large family practice clinic in Oakland. 
She asks: Has anyone news of Win Mur- 
ray? Kathy Carroll Mathewson and Dave 
moved to Greenville, SC (1171 Neely 
Ferry Rd., Simpsonville, SC 29681) 
where she will be Asst. Rector of Church 
of the Redeemer! Daughter Heather 
works in DC, Carrie is married, lives in 
Indiana. A triple graduation by her chil- 
dren was celebrated with a trip to France 
by Marcia Pace Lindstrom and family. El- 
lison a grad of UGA, Ashley from UVA 
grad school, Betsy of Stetson Law School. 
Marcia and Fred moved to Greenville, 
Al, where he is rector of St. Thomas Epis- 
copal Church. Anne Mason Curti and 
Joe are happily settled in the Chicago 
area, with golf big in their lives. Daugh- 
ter Elizabeth will be married summer '98. 
Robin Cutler is coming! Evie Day Butler 
and Geoffrey spent this summer in NM 
with his work and are off to HI and Por- 
tugal soon! Evie says it's a jolt to have 
son Geoff turn 30 this year and her 
"baby" William turn 21 ! Building a 
beach house "by barge" is the exciting 
new project of Nancy Conkle Swann and 
husband! They've bought land on 
Useppa Island on the SW coast of FL. 
Georgia Graham Carroll and Marvin are 
happily involved in church and commu- 
nity in Montgomery. Daughter Margaret 
is married to the Rev. Bill Lankin, in Lin- 
den, Al. Son is at U. Al. law school. Ann 
Newton Walther and Ralph are new 
grandparents: Christy and Alan have a 
son. Ann is busy on a republication of 
her two books as a set. And she has a 
new potential bestseller: Anyone know a 
good agent? Son Tad has a hot new inter- 
net business. Ann's daughter Beau was 
married 9/98! Sally Kalber Fiedler says 
life is easier now that Jay does not have 
so much OB night call. They're enjoying 
some time oft', just got back from Nan- 

tucket. Kids fine, one in CA, one back in 
VA. With all 3 kids in the teaching field, 
Vi Graveure Patek hopes maybe her pas- 
sion influenced them? Sarah teaching in 
Santa Cruz, Shelia at Duke for doctorate, 
Emily, engaged for June'99, is at Harvard 
Ed. School, is the new 
e-mail lor Rev. Makanah Dunham and 
husband, who have moved to Cheyenne, 
WY(!) where they are co-ministers at the 
Unitarian Universal Church. A visit from 
Kit Baker Sydnor was hoped for in Au- 
gust. New address: 10115 Branding Iron 
Dr., Cheyenne, WY 82009-8614. 307- 
6 17-4407. After 22 years in Latin Amer- 
ica, |ody Moore Griffin and her husband 
Chuck are in Stockholm, where he is 
manager for Kodak. They are empty- 
nesters and Jody still is in the education 
field. Oldest son a lawyer in Raleigh, 
2nd son going into priesthood, 3rd a jr. 
at Vanderbilt, daughter at school in 
Miami. Ann Kerr Preaus says that the 
30th anniversary party their 3 children 
gave them was the nicest gift ever! Ann 
sees Marsha Dumas O'Conner, and Rab 
Willis Finlay often. Susie Moseley Helm 
writes that son Ted graduated from 
Hampshire College and will go to grad 
school later. Pen is exploring the West 
Coast, and she and Nelson are fine, 
spending time at Chatauqua, NY this 
summer. )eannie lackson Exum ,md loe 
are happy with their household of pets 
now with both sons married and daugh- 
ter Sallie off to Paris to study, just like her 
mom! (eannie still teaching French and 
Latin. Went to London with Harriet 
Horsey Sturges! When she and Paul are 
not off traveling, now that they're retired, 
Sally Thomas Hoffman is having fun get- 
ting back into sewing! She and Paul had 
a great trip to the Canyonlands and the 
Southwest. |ane Nelson has a new job as 
assistant to the Chaplain at Westminster 
Canterbury retirement community in 
Richmond. She loves being a Great Aunt 
to Vonnie and Marshall. We extend sym- 
pathy to Jane in the loss of her mother 
1/98. |ane made a CA visit to Penn and 
Keenan in August — Great fun! Susan 
Sudduth Hiller and new husband Chuck 
enjoy a lot of traveling, just visited 
daughter Penn, 23, in England. Susan 
and her partner built a new building for 
their growing computer business! Life is 
very busy for Keenan Colton Kelsey as 
she interviews for pastoral positions at 
Presbyterian churches in the Bay Area 
and works part-time in youth-ministry. 
Daughter Megan is at college locally and 
son Sean will be a freshman at Oregon 
State. Keenan and Penn share early- 
morning coffee as much as they can' We 
have a Mystery Person who did not sign 
her card This person is selling her old 
house in CT, living now off west coast of 
FL. Plans to build on land in NW corner 
of CT. Son Ret. 28, finished grad work at 
St. Andrews and works for NOLS in 
Wyoming. Daughter Tory, 21 , is a Sr. at 
Davidson. Who is it?? And please Sign 
your cards! Well, I'll end with me, Penn 


Sweet Briar College Alumwe Magazine ■ Winter 1999 

Willets Fullerton. My lite is lull and 
happy. George is "semi-retired" now; we 
are looking for a mountain cabin! Bren- 
nan, 27, is at Vanderbilt business school, 
Hadley, 24, off to Sydney to work for 6 
mos. Youngest Lucy is a sr. in high 
school. I am busy teaching and writing 
children's books. See Randi Miles Long 
and Herb a lot! Your notes reflect a posi- 
tive spirit, pride in families, joy in living, 
excitement about the future. I feel proud 
to be part of such a great group. 


President: Nancy Crawford Bent 
Secretary: Ginny Kay Baldwin Cox 
Fund Agent: Lynn Pearson Russell 
loan Adriance Mickelson (Athens, 

OH) spearheaded the construction & 
fundraising of 4 tennis courts at her high 
school, and her family (husband Charles, 
h.s. son Christopher, daughters Kelly, 
Denison U. '99 and 1st team All North 
Coast Athletic Conf. in tennis, and Sara, 
C. of Worster '97 and an AmeriCorps 
volunteer) was chosen USTA Family of 
the Year for the Ohio Valley Region. Ann 
Arnspiger Canipe (Atlanta, GA) retails 1 
or 2 days a week, has 3 or 4 volunteer 
treasurer jobs, helps Missy Sumner Hug- 
gins with her catering business and is 
president-elect for the Egleston Children's 
Hospital Auxiliary. Husband Kent is at 
SunTrust Bank; both serve on the Wake 
Forest U. Parents Council where daugh- 
ter Ginny is a sr. Liz Beach Baker (Ger- 
mantown, TN) and Tom escape to their 
ME cottage with or without h.s. sr. son, 
daughter Hunter (SMU '98), daughter 
Carrie (W&L'95, American U.'98) and 
her husband Ty Tydings (W&L '95). Beth 
Beckner iWilliamsport, MD) "retired" 
from USAID consulting work, loves trav- 
eling with husband Doug Mills. They 
teach ballroom dance classes. Also "re- 
tired" temporarily, Dr. Mary Lee Bell Cof- 
fey (NYC and McLean, VA) cut back to 
part time when husband Shelby resigned 
from the LA Times, and is now in Man- 
hattan doing volunteer work since Shelby 
signed on as executive VP of ABC News. 
While building a house in McLean, Mary 
Lee will be between NY and VA. Betsy 
Blackwell Laundon iRoswell, GA) and 
Walt have both daughters in VA, Beth 
(NCSU '98) in graphic design in DC and 
Katie (Ltjg. Navy) on the carrier Roo- 
sevelt in Norfolk, but Betsy's knitting 
shop Cast-on-Cottage keeps her busy. 
Sally Boucher Hovermale (Winchester, 
VA) moved from building principal to su- 
pervisor of elem. instruction for Frederick 
Co. Public Schools, her husband has a 
home based accounting business, and 
both sons are college graduates, John in 
landscaping and Glenn in fisheries man- 
agement. Leaving New Orleans, Dr. 
Martha Brewer (Webster, NC) set up her 
OB/Gyn. practice in the NC mountains, 
built a house, is renewing Camp Merrie 
Woode friendships, biking, hiking, boat- 

ing, and traveling. Dr. Avis Brown Younl 
(Augusta, GA) and Peter are trying to sur- 
vive all the changes in medicine, sending 
Lindsay off to Wake Forest U. and have 
Kenan entering h.s. Nancy Bent Craw- 
ford (Sherborn, MA) enjoys school nurs- 
ing (teaching 5th graders puberty and 
treating construction worker's lime in the 
eye) and motherhood (taping Charles 
(14) "the jock's" ankle and agonizing 
with Adele (18) over college choice). 
|ane Davis St. Jean Jacksonville, FL) 
continues as Exec. Assistant to the Presi- 
dent and CEO of AT&T Universal Card 
Services. Daughter Julietmarried 5/97) is 
doing a Master's in health administration 
and son Bill is a college grad (8/97). Barb 
Duffield Erskine (Downingtown, PA and 
Toronto, Canada) can be found on 81 
and the NY Thruway with husband 
Dave, President of Scott Paper Ltd., in 
Toronto; stepdaughter Ali is at Yale, son 
Doug at Kenyon, son Andrew at Salis- 
bury SC, and stepson Mac at South Kent. 
Elora Gilbert Wiley (Dublin, VA) works 
in the juvenile justice system, lives on a 
small farm with husband Robert who is 
remodeling their farmhouse while she 
breeds and trains quarter horses. Also in 
the horse business, Melissa Griffith Man- 
ning (Hamilton, VA) has a herd of horses 
and ponies, manages a health food store, 
free lance writes, home schools Thomas 
(13). Daughter leannie (15) attends Fox- 
croft and Dany (1 9) works and attends a 
local college. Less Guthrie Keller 
(Chicago, ID CFO of the Episcopal Dio- 
cese of Chicago and husband. City Attor- 
ney in ParkRidge, have all children out 
of college and working, 2 in Chicago 
and 1 in Paris. Cathy Hall Stopher 
(Louisville, KY), husband Ed, Marshall 
(21), and Charles (19) sailed in the British 
VI. Dr. Claudette Harloe Dalton's job at 
UVA Med. School continues to be fun 
despite managed care pressures; she con- 
tinues to plan her book about the first 
woman UVA med school grad, and son 
Gordon (W&L '98) will enter UVA grad 
school in communication disorders. 
Preservationist Carolyn |ones Elstner 
(Fredericksburg, VA) chaired Friends of 
the Wilderness Battlefield committee 
which convinced the NPS who owns 
Carolyn's grandparents' farm to open Ell- 
wood unrestored and under their care. 
Husband Tom opened his own new den- 
tal office, daughter Meg transferred to the 
Corcoran School of Art and son Peter 
transferred to W&M. Melinda Koester 
Lopez (Tampa, FL) writes that her hus- 
band Bob died 4 1/2 years ago. Daughter 
Suzy spent junior year in Australia gradu- 
ating from Middlebury 6/99. Melinda has 
a house in Tampa and Tallahassee, and is 
Director of Training for the FL Lottery. Dr. 
Elizabeth Lewis (San Francisco, CA), 
ophthalmologist husband David and 7th 
grade son Matthew were visiting a valley 
ranch to escape the San Francisco rush. 
Attention technology people. Mary 
Mahan Marco! Doylestown, PA) offers an 
"on-line reunion" using Netmeeting 2.1 . 

E-mail her at for de- 
tails. When not on-line, Mary and family 
vacation, college hunt since the oldest of 
her teenage boys is at Penn State, and 
have dinner with Sue Roessel Gibson 
and Phyllis Girard to plan for '99 Re- 
union. She says "I still work", but Liz 
Medaglia (DC) wrote from Paris where 
she was a "corporate spouse" while hus- 
band joe had a meeting. They returned 
to renovate their 1 950's rambler house. 
Liz says Peggy Davis Molander's hus- 
band started a new job in MA and that 
Kim Johnson Smith and her family take 
care of everybody in Liz's neighborhood. 
Ann Moore (Hilliard, OHi is the first 
woman, Director of the Upper Arlington 
Library System in Columbus. Carol 
Mosely Tash (Winston-Salem, NC) is 
lawyer husband Gary's legal 
assistant/secretary. Daughter Ginny is 
summer receptionist until she returns to 
Elon C. and Alpha Omicron Pi sorority, 
son Andrew, a h.s. sr. is starting football 
lineman. Frere Murchison Gornto 
(Wilmington, NC) had her birthday in 
Rome and Florence (Italy not GA or SC). 
She and Dean were joined by daughter 
and son-in-law, and were told to expect 
to become grandparents! With Dean ad- 
ministrator of St. james Church and Frere 
City Manager, the Gorntos are testing the 
separation of church and state! Carol Os- 
born (Pasadena, CA) earned a masters of 
arts in music with highest honors, and is 
enjoying singing opera, teaching, and her 
new little cottage in the Pasadena hills. 
Lynn Pearson Russell (Alexandria, VA) 
wrote that son Mudgie (16) is in boarding 
school in CA, husband Bill continues his 
pediatric practice, Lynn is still at the 
NGA and had a fellowship in the Nether- 
lands after which she met daughter Emily 
(12) in Paris. Darlene Pierro (Silver 
Spring, MD) finished her first year as 
Head of the McLean School of Maryland 
and delivered her first commencement 
address (to her prep school St. Margaret's 
in CT). J. P. Powell (Chattanooga, TN) is 
Retail Sales Director for the TN Aquar- 
ium, bought a house, travels and volun- 
teers. She writes that Lucille McKee 
Clarkson has a thriving interior design 
business in Atlanta and Mary Blake 
Beeler Meadows and husband in Dallas 
are busy world travelers and Mary Blake 
has become a "savvy money manager." 
Grandmother Anne Richards Camden 
(Amherst, VA) celebrated first grand- 
child's first b'day, and says that she and 
jerry have the same job, same house. She 
and daughter Tracy work for the same 
printing company, daughter Erin is at the 
same college (MBC) and son Todd is in 
the same job in Brazil. Haden Ridley 
Winborne (Atlanta, GA) and John cele- 
brated anniversary #25 by visiting their 
twin girls on their respective studies in 
Aix-en-Provence and Florence, and 
Haden is now taking the docent course 
at the High Museum . Maureen Robert- 
son Baggett (Owings, MDl still teaches 
Spanish and French at Annapolis HS, but 

counts only 5 more years until she and 
Wayne retire to their Pawleys Island, SC 
home, has 2 children in college and 1 
about to be married. Fran Robinson 
Boyer (Cleveland, OH) is recovering 
from a knee injury, and has son John at 
Otterbein C. and h.s. sr. twin daughters 
lodie and Paige at home. With husband 
Gene and children Amy (11) and Mike 
(13) Sue Roessel Gibson (Ambler, PAi 
celebrated 50 by traveling. She teaches 
2nd grade in a suburban Philadelphia 
school district. Keithley Rose Miller (St. 
Louis, MO) says her residential and cor- 
porate design work is "going gang- 
busters", hoped to take daughter Tory 
(17) to husband Dwight's 35th UVA Law 
reunion, but was not making the summer 
tour with son Gib's (20 and at BU) band 
The Trouble. Jean Rushin Brown (Wilton, 
CT) was in NJ caring for her mom, decid- 
ing on 25th anniversary plans with 
Jonathan who continues to work at 
Usertech, monitoring son Rob's Wilton 
HS sr. activities, and volunteering. Sue 
Scanlan (Burke, VA) and husband Jared 
Cameron were "fine, fat and 50ish for 
their final fling in Formosa"and are now 
back in the US. Sue promises to write her 
Asian book which she began by writing 
feature articles for This Month in Taiwan 
magazine. Ginny Stanford Perdue 
(Nashville, TN) and John's happy year 
began with the wedding of their oldest 
Meredith to 6'4" Ted. Chandler is work- 
ing toward a nurse-practitioner, Emily's a 
freshman at C. of Charleston, and Ginny 
has 29 h.s. reunions to put on. Anne 
Suber Wilson (Maryville, TN) is 
Preschool Director for a Family Literacy 
Program affiliated with Maryville C, 
James (23) is at UNCCH grad school, 
and Marianne (21 ) is a sr. at U. of Rich- 
mond after studying in Zimbabwe. Terry 
Taylor Hamilton (Birmingham, AL) has 3 
jobs all tennis related, husband Duncan 
is in corporate law, Ashley graduated 
from Birmingham Southern, Taylor is at 
C. of Charleston on a tennis scholarship, 
and Duncan plays all sports. Anne Rhett 
Taylor Merrill iSanta Barbara, CA) and 
Tony traveled to Greece to visit friends 
and attend a wedding, came back to SC 
for another wedding and family reunion. 
Rhett (16) returned to Woodberry Forest 
and Zan began 8th grade. Pamela Tipton 
Newton (New Bern, NC) also has an 8th 
grader Bret whose science Olympiad 
team placed 10th nationally. Husband 
Carl is doing fine after a 5 bypass open 
heart surgery. Ann Tremain Lee (Newport 
News, VA) was off to Provence and en- 
joyed a "wonderful" reunion with Sue 
Thompson Watkins and Betsy West 
Dripps in FL Nancy Wendling Peacock 
(Nashville, TN) is an independent song- 
plugger and has a new address, new 
graduates (son Josh from Father Ryan 
H.S., beginning Architectural School at 
U.T., and daughter Jenni UNC-CH, stay- 
ing in Chapel Hill to work), and new 
music (Christian song released on CD in 
Jan., Christmas song cut for fall release, 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine ■ Winter 1999 


and a Time-Lite TV infomercial on 50's- 
70's Classic Country Songs), but also 
found time to travel and talk to old 
roommate Win Waterman Gildehaus 
who had just flown to Venice for a 
friend's 50th. Elizabeth Wyatt (Summit, 
NJi suspects she may be the newest '69 
mother with Hamilton (10/31/96) whose 
arrival prompted her and husband John's 
move from NYC to the 'burbs to a new 
old 1902 Victorian which was inaugu- 
rated by a mini-reunion visit from Pam 
Sinex, Sharon Singletary, Ronde Kneip, 
Mary Chestnut, Katinka Kibbee Eliza- 
beth continues at Merch and |ohn lias a 
"boutique" investment bank in NYC. 
Maria Ward Estefania i Chevy Chase, 
MD) retired from Bell Atlantic, and is 
having fun as President of DCs SBC 
alum club. AtLee Walker (Montross, VA) 
is remarried and living on the Northern 
Neck in VA where she has left behind 
academia to make "soft sculpture." In 
Poquoson VA we were eating fresh floun- 
der from the Bay last summer and mov- 
ing Elizabeth (23) W&L '97 and Colum- 
bia '98 from NYC to N) where she is 
teaching chemistry at Pennsauken HS. 
Katie (20) is a Hollins |r and Ann Stuart 
(1 6) is a |r. at Poquoson HS. As your Re- 
union Class Secretary, I encourage you to 
keep in touch. 


President: Marion F. Walker 
Secretary: Sarah P. vonRosenberg 
Fund Agents: Pamela Drake Mc- 
Cormick, Martha C. Holland 
Stephanie Harmon Simonard, still in 
Paris, plans to participate in the 50th an- 
niversary celebration of the )r. Year in 
France program there. She will soon visit 
with (anelle Grace Sherfy Stasheim, 
who's a tax attorney living in DC. 
Stephanie and Holly Smith were in- 
ducted onto the NSDAR national board 
as State Regents of France and Great 
Britain, respectively. They'll work to 
modernize the DAR and make it more 
international. Stephanie's daughter So- 
phie, 22, is in a joint master's program 
(Paris and London) studying European 
Union economies and laws; will intern in 
Brussels with an international lobbying 
firm. Daughter Vanessa, 20, is at Mar- 
quette Univ. studying international busi- 
ness. Daughter Emilie, 7. pursues a bilin- 
gual education and composes piano 
pia es Husband Baudouin runs his non- 
ferrous metal business and is president of 
their tennis club. Stephanie's interna- 
tional tax law practice is doing well. 
From London, Holly Smith reports her 
Gordon Square News newsletter is a big 
success and that almost every garden 
square in Kensington and Chelsea bor- 
ough subscribes to it. In Tallahassee, 
Mary Pat Varn Moore is still Exec. Direc- 
tor of the Government Services Council 
in the FL House of Representatives. Hus- 
band Paul opened a new upscale steak 

restaurant in Tallahassee with his college 
roommate. Their oldest son, Warren, 
graduated from h.s. He'll attend either 
Tallahassee Community College (if they'll 
let him play baseball!l or Florida State 
Univ. Taylor (9) keeps them busy with 
baseball, church choir, and summer 
camp. Also in Tallahassee. Rosie Brache 
Leparulo teaches at North Florida Com- 
munity College. Husband William loves 
teaching at FSU. He taught a summer 
session at the Univ. of Bucharest. Rosie s 
sons Willy (22) and Robert (20) are both 
at FSU. Willy switched his Masters' major 
to Sports Administration, and Robert is 
still an undergrad. E-mail Rosie at LEP- Edna Ann Osman- 
ski Loflus was promoted to full professor 
and is also Director of Academic Advis- 
ing at St. Andrews, Laurinburg, NC. Bill 
continues in administration at St. An- 
drews and son Willie. 8th grade, loves 
soccer Ellen Apperson Brown writes 
from Asheville, NC that for the past 2 
years she's been dealing with divorce, 
career changes and moves, but things are 
better now. She's launching a business 
called Pelican Projects to provide good 
cheer to shut-ins and long-term care fa- 
cility residents, since Henderson County 
seems to be retirement capital of the US! 
From Virginia Beach, Susan Snodgrass 
Wynne reports that her mother, Eleanor 
Potts Snodgrass, celebrated her 50th re- 
union at SBC. Susan's son |ohn gradu- 
ated from Princeton, and will do invest- 
ment banking in NY with BT Alex 
Brown, lohn's lacrosse team won its third 
National Championship, and the family 
follows the team to the games. Her son 
Brad will be a jr., with sports closer to 
home. This summer, the family will go to 
Bermuda for a graduation celebration, 
and will also spend a week in WY at a 
dude ranch. From Culpepper, VA, Charla 
Leonard Reynolds's older son Keith is 
starting at the Univ. of Richmond. Her 
other son William begins 10th grade at 
Woodberry Forest. Trish Neale Van Clief 
reports from Lexington, KY that her dear 
mother Claudia Neale, died 6/3 after a 
lifetime of battling cancer. Trish spent the 
last 4 months with her and her dad and 
flew home on weekends to be with DG. 
Trish was there when her mother died at 
home. She says her mother loved SBC 
and all her friends, and that she will al- 
ways be grateful for her mother's exam- 
ple and her faith that when God called 
her mother, she was ready. 

From NY, HI Martin writes that she 
had a wonderful visit with Jane Potts and 
that |ane "looks terrific." B| became en- 
gaged to a terrific man 1 2/97. Also in NY 
is Nancy Ewan Miller. An announcement 
of her wedding to Douglas Lloyd Miller 
appeared in the 7/98 Town and Country 
magazine. In Birmingham, AL. Margaret 
Lyle (ones bought a house after house-sit- 
ting for months. She went to an SBC din- 
ner at Margaret Hayes Brunstad's house 
in |une. Her son Alex studied for the 
summer in Oxford. England, son Andrew 

was there with her, and youngest son 
Michael also visited. Her nursing job in a 
dialysis unit is going well, and she'll 
begin grad school in nursing soon. Mar- 
ion Walker's law practice in the areas of 
discrimination, personal injury and com- 
mercial litigation is going well. She has 
started the Birmingham Chapter of the 
Inns of Court. Having golfed in the sum- 
mer heat, she's decided she needs to take 
out her 14 foot Capri more otten. And, 
typically Marion, she dressed up as Mae 
West for a cystic fibrosis fund-raiser — re- 
minds me of our reunion! In Ml, Emily 
McNally Brown celebrated her 25th an- 
niversary with most of their families. Son 
Peter (23), after having married 8/97, is 
building a house on a nearby lake. Son 
Chris 1 1 7) has recovered after his terrible 
car crash on his 1 7th birthday and gradu- 
ated in lune from h.s., a real miracle' She 
started her new job teaching at a private 
academy and continues to teach at night 
for a community college. Husband |im 
still enjoys his career, Betty Works Fuller 
is still rector of the Episcopal Church of 
the Advent in Alice, TX, and was the first 
woman rector elected in her diocese. 
Her husband continues as assistant rector 
at the Church of the Good Shepherd in 
Corpus Christi. Betty's daughter Mary is a 
jr. at Southwestern Univ. in Georgetown, 
TX, majoring in art history, and son Will 
is in 4th grade. From Midland, TX, 
Rhonda Griffith Durham reports she has 
been Director of Admissions at Trinity 
School since reunion. She stepped into a 
sudden vacancy to help out after ha\ ing 
been a trustee for 1 5 years. She's still 
reeling from our classmates' generosity in 
our 25th reunion gift. Lynn Waterman 
Blum writes trom Denver, CO that she 
has moved. Jean Andrews writes from 
Sacramento, CA that her husband Alan is 
an anesthesiologist and her son, 6, is a 
shark, snake and dinosaur specialist. Jean 
teaches French freelance to elem. 
schoolchildren and dreams of writing or 
teaching college seminars again. Here in 
Houston Nathalie (Bobo) Ryan Hoyt has 
all 4 kids in h.s. or college. She says 
there is always a "crisis," and it always 
involves monev! Bobo teaches French 
and English literature to 7th grade 
Gifted/Talented kids. She loves the 
school, which is 97% Hispanic, and the 
work. According to Bobo, Mont stays 
happv playing lawYer. Also in Houston, 
Carol Cody Herders family is bus\ with 
sports. Husband Charlie coaches basket- 
ball teams year round for their kids Sarah 
115) and Charles (11). Carol volunteers at 
her children!.' school and swims to keep 
in shape. They plan to spend much of 
their summer in CO. I'm still in Houston 
also after getting my Ph.D. in policy 
analysis and law. I'm thinking of doing 
compliance/business practices work full 
time. I still teach regulatory policy, fi- 
nance and accounting at the masters 
level at Houston Baptist Univ. Stan is still 
a psychologist in private practice, and 
also works for the school district and 

teaches biopsychology at Houston Bap- 
tist. My oldest son Charlie (22) graduated 
from college and was married in |une. 
Charlie is a physical therapy technician 
planning grad school in that field. My 
youngest son Will graduated from h.s. 
and will go to Vanderbilt in the fall. Their 
dad iwhom some of you mav rememberi 
is very ill with cancer so I'm working to 
be supportive Mom with the boys. It's a 
privilege to be your class secretary and 
record your news and history. 


Presidents: Cray Thomas Payne, 
Catherine (Cathie) Grier Kelly 
Secretary: Beverley Crispin 

Fund Agents: Maria Jones Tisdale, 
Elizabeth (Betsy) Brooks Jones 
So much news, so little space! Here 
'tis: Margaret Babb is still an attorney 
practicing health care law in DC. She 
was looking forward, 7/98, to adopting a 
baby boy from Russia Bet Bashinsky 
Wise and family spent Xmas bicycling 
around New Zealand, and also visited 
Sydney, Australia. They headed to MT 
7/98 for some R&R. Son Case is in 9th 
grade. Karen Bewick finished a Masters 
of Arts in English Literature. She plans to 
teach HS English. Karen and partner 
Susan Tiller renovated their VA home 
and bought 56 acres in SW CO where 
they hope to begin an Adolescent Sum- 
mer Retreat Center. Daughter Lauren is 
I i- Carol Brewer Evans' family keeps her 
busy. She saw Catherine Cranston 
Whitham at W&L as they were each 
dropping a daughter there for the Sum- 
mer Scholars program. Her Catherine 
was the scholar, while 9th grader Carey 
enjoys basketball. Carol has taken up 
watercolors and has also started a local 
mental illness support group. Cece Clark 
Melesco's a substitute elem. teacher 
when not busy with the kids: Cameron 
1 1 6 1, Clark 1 1 4), Alex (9), and |ohn (7). 
David is a luvenile & Domestic Court 
judge and works with the (VA) State 
Commission on Domestic Violence. 
Yvonne Collier Gwin teaches 2nd grade 
in New Orleans. Sons Mac and Elder are 
at Davidson College, while daughter 
Sibby is a HS soph. Catherine Cranston 
Whitham s still doing fundraising and p.r. 
for an historic house in Richmond plus 
many other volunteer activities. Whit, 
Craig (16), and Ann (18) are great. 
Catherine and her sister visited Prague, 
then |oined the tamik tor a week in Lon- 
don Beverley Crispin Heffernan and 
family are well. Enjoyed the SBC riding 
reunion, 5/98, Sue West Best was there 
too. Keep tabs on Cynde Manning 
Chatham, Robin Singleton Clovd, and 
Nancy Haight Com' Crocker Betzendahl 
moved from N| to Chadd's Ford, PA, re: 
Richard's promotion. The family went to 
Europe summer '98. Lindsay (16) plays 
basketball and Ashley (13) plays soccer. 

Sweet Bri\r College Alumwe Magazine ■ Winter 1999 

Coni still does commercial artwork. Janis 
Csicsek Dodge is a Division Manager for 
Mellon Bank, a director on several 
boards, and chairperson of the Penn Mar 
Foundation. She has 2 kids, Emily (12) 
and Trov (15) and 2 stepchildren, April 
(26) and Graham {22). Bonnie Lee Dami- 
anos Rampone is a nursery school 
teacher. Son Chuck is in 12th grade, 
Chris in 1 0th. Husband Chuck's busy 
with his car and bus dealerships. They 
skied in Vail, 3/98, and Bonnie Lee vis- 
ited SBC in March. Louisa Dixon is "tou- 
jours" in Besancon, France, coordinating 
student exchanges between VA and 
Franche-Comte. This year, she also 
helped with Western Michigan U's pro- 
gram. Marv Dubuque Desloge and fam- 
ily are in CT where she sells real estate. 
William (19) is a sophomore at Salisbury'. 
Chris 1 12i and Rav (11) keep her busy at 
home, leannette Eglie Drake is a Lt. Col. 
in the Air Force Reserves, based at Tyn- 
dall AFB (FLl. Son Andrew (5) keeps her 
hoppin' at home in Pittsburgh. Linda Fra- 
zier Snelling enjoys church work after 
her education career. Son Chris is a HS 
sr. Husband Michael's sons Greg & Jeff 
both got married in 1 998, while youngest 
son Tim is off to college in CA. Linda s 
daughter Catherine is a massage therapist 
and has a daughter born 9/97. Katylou 
Grav Brittle enjoyed the SBC riding re- 
union, 5/98. She has 3 horses in training, 
teaches riding, and is a certified Equine 
Sports Massage Therapist. Cathie Grier 
Kelly saw Carol Brewer Evans and Betsy 
Brooks |ones. Thomas (5) is in kinder- 
garten, Cathie works part time and plays 
tennis, and Bill's banking hard at 1st Citi- 
zens. Lisa Hall Isbell and husband, a 
Presbyterian Minister, live in Fairfax VA. 
Lisa does art conservation part time in 
her home. Ellen Harrison Saunders 
writes that Whitney, Harrison (15), Mary- 
Carson (12) and Grace (6) are fine. 
Ellen s busy with church, garden club, 
book clubs and an investment club in 
which |anie Reeb Chadwick 74 and 
Molly Reeb Nissman 77 are the brokers! 
Ellen has seen Betsy Brooks |ones, Carol 
Brewer Evans, and Maria \ Sandra 
Vonetes Ann Henderson Stamets and 
lay are in Louisville where Jay's still with 
UPS. They took up tennis about a year 
ago. Son Jon is a HS jr. Ann's also busy 
with PTSA and some catering. Chris 
Hoet'er Myers and and Jim visited Thai- 
land, Vancouver and Paris, and they took 
the girls to Grand Cayman Islands. Ginny 
Holdens law practice is thriving, she 
specializes in information technology. 
She traveled to East Africa. Carol Leslie 
St. John reports Brvan (17i plays lacrosse, 
Kevin (15) favors basketball and Harry 
(10) won the national 10 & under Paddle 
Tennis Championship in 1998! Tommy's 
computer company and Carol's design 
business are doing well. They've bought 
a house on the NJ shore. Carol hears 
from Martha French Roberts, Kathie 
Shirk Conick, Lizanne Potts Fischer, and 
Mary Dubuque Desloge Karin Lindgren 

continues to garner poetry awards. Her 
poem "A Dream Away" will be pub- 
lished fall '98. Her poem about the 
Sweet Briar Rose won 1st in a contest in 
AL and will be published in '99. Karin s 
"day job," bookkeeping, also keeps her 
busy. Linda Lucas Steele is married to 
Roger, works at Hollins University, and 
has 3 children: Evan (16), Molly (1 1 ) and 
Austen (9). The family traveled to Scot- 
land in 1997. Heather MacLeod Gale 
sees Elaine Altice Saman and Ginny 
Shipe Cameron, and spent July 4 at the 
annual Pawleys Island gathering with 
Margaret McFadden, |ane McFadden 
73, |ody Anderson Wharton, and Kath- 
leen Ryan. Sadlv, Heather reports that 
lody's father passed away 4/98. Our con- 
dolences, Jody 

Diana Martin Gordon took her first 
European trip, summer '98, for a writer's 
seminar in Holland. She and Miles (10) 
visited MT. Diana chaired a $400,000 
capital campaign for a music school. 
Shari Mendelson and family are busy. 
Some highlights: Husband Phil's book 
Can You Find lesus! 'has been #1 for over 
18 mos. on the Catholic Children's best 
seller list. Shari's planning the 1999 
"West Virginia It's You!" ad sales effort 
among other WV publications. Call 1- 
800-CALL-WVA for free copies. The fam- 
ily was off to a music/arts camp in MD 
last summer. Denise Montgomery is fre- 
quently in DC to see the boyfriend, and 
they went to Switzerland 9/97. Denise 
gave a presentation at the American Li- 
brary Assn. meeting in New Orleans, 
1/98. Nelly Osinga Branson still works 
part time at Behnke Nurseries (and saw 
Penny Czarra there), and is now a 
Brownie leader courtesy of Susie (7) and 
Molly (5). Husband Lindsay enjoys his 
new golf clubs. Cecilia Robertson Queen 
and Mike vacationed w/o kids at Hunting 
Island, SC in 5/98. Planning more of 
same in NC, 7/98. Cecilia still does 
adoptions for special needs children for 
the Dept. of Social Services; Mike works 
there too, in the Treasurer's Office. Sarah 
Ruhle Kyle is an elder in her Presbyterian 
church and enjoys gardening. Sarah, Ted, 
and their 3 sons (1 2, 1 & 7) are well. 
Ginny Shipe Cameron's son Scott 
worked for her summer '98 and attended 
Hampden-Sydney lacrosse camp. Son 
Andrew plays golf, tennis & basketball. 
The family plans a Bermuda cruise and 
other trips. Ginny recently saw Heather 
MacLeod Gale Polly Shriver Kochan & 
family are in PA, where Jeff is director ot 
neuroradiology at Temple U. Hospital. 
Michael (151 and Andrew (10) are into 
Scouts, skiing, piano, baseball & golf. 
Polly still enjoys "unemployment." Ann 
South Malick and clan are in Hudson, 
OH. Mary Frances (7) and Kacer (6) fin- 
ished their first year of school. Ann's a 
volunteer ambulance driver and husband 
Mark is a fundraising consultant. Nan 
Stuart started a new company, Code 3 
Associates, for animal disaster relief and 
animal control training. Her web site is Nan, hubb) 
Eric, and Nan's Dad and bros were off to 
AK summer '98. Barb Tafel Thomas is 
still a landscape designer and married to 
|oe, a commercial printer & avid sailor. 
Grant (20) is a soph at Sewanee, (In s 
HS sr. and daughter Lee is a HS jr. Barb 
plays tennis and saw SBCers Betsey Mc- 
Coll '63 and Mary Pope '64 at the South- 
ern Senior Cup in Columbus, GA. Gray 
Thomas Payne S family visited NY, CO 
and the Canadian Rockies. Catherine 
(9th grade) and Thomas (6th) are into 
sports. Gray continues to teach "Parent 
to Parent" and helped plan part of the 
Whitbread Around the World Sailing 
Race. They're buying a second home in 
Deltaville, VA. Marcia Thomas Gladwish 
enjoyed working with the Samaritan 
Purse's Operation Christmas Child, send- 
ing essentials and toys to children in war- 
torn countries. Marcia has 2 daughters in 
college. She is homeschooling her other 
2 daughters and shows her art work lo- 
cally. Dorsey Tillett's selling real estate, 
and Tom (19) is at Miami of Ohio. 
Hubby Frank survived turning 50. 
Dorsey and Rose Ann Toppin Cranz are 
organizing a Boxwood reunion in NYC, 
fall '98. Lisa Walker is a VP at Nation's 
Bank in D.C. Johnny (7) keeps Lisa & 
hubby jumping, and she sees )ody An- 
derson Wharton and 74ers Cindy Con- 
roy, Linda Kemp, Nancy Mortenson 
Piper and Sharon Mangus monthlv. Bon- 
nie Walton Mayberry's daughter Megan 
is a sr. at Amherst High. Bonnie's still a 
1st grade teacher and Jerry is still at 
Framatome. Laura-Hope Walton 
Lawrence has a new home in Shreveport, 
LA which she is fixing up to lease. Hope 
(16), Elizabeth (8) and Britain-Anne (3) 
keep Mom busy. Libby Whitley has 
added a new business to her enterprises: 
farm labor contractor, bringing in legal 
Mexicans for VA growers. She's seen 
Randy Anderson Trainor and Catherine 
Cranston Whitham Worden Willis res- 
cues dogs, mainly Old English Sheep- 
dogs, from S. FL pounds; to get one call 
her at 1 -888-642-281 1 . When not going 
to the dogs, Worden trades stocks and 
options. Wendy Wise Routh, Carlos, 
Lucie (10) and John Carlos (9) like their 
new house in Watermill, NY. They 
hosted Ann Cogswell Burris & family 
and visited Cogs, )ane Perry and Chris 
Hoefer Myers in SC. 


Presidents: Dorothy Lear Mooney, 

Suzanne Stryker Ullrich 
Secretaries: Meredith (Mimi) Borst 

Quillman, Mary Goodwin 

Fund Agents: Julia Sutherland, 

Elizabeth (Lisa) Wray Longino 

Leslie Anderson Battle took her 

Graduate School Counseling Exams in 

May. She saw Anne Baldwin Mann and 

Ann Ramsey Hill this spring. Her hus- 

band's business travel and girls' sched- 
ules keep her busy, Carol Baugh Webster 
is International Business Manager for 
Reemay, Inc., getting lots of flyer miles 
on trips to Europe and South America. 
She and Tim managed a Caribbean 
cruise and family trip to DC. Barbara 
Behrens Peck and family are now South- 
erners! Jim was transferred to Greens- 
boro, NC with Burlington. Sara(8) and 
Haley(4) are adjusting well. Barb did her 
first freelance project in 5 years, a layout 
for a book on Pre-Columbian art. 
Melanie Bowen Steglich and Lee left the 
reunion for a whirlwind sightseeing tour 
of DC. Melanie is Assistant National 
Sales Manager for Richard & Co., at the 
Dallas Apparel Mart. She and Lee were 
in Monterrey, Mexico on a Dental Mis- 
sions trip in April, and have a Lab puppy- 
named "Molar" — of course! Paula Brown 
Kelley and Jack had a great time at the 
20th! Paula is a "soccer mom" to John 
Patrick(6) and thankful that Genny(3) fi- 
nallv sleeps through the night. Paula 
started Kelley Commercial Real Estate in 
January. She has been fox hunting twice 
with Liz Williams Woodworth Lee Car- 
olio (Pforsich) is still teaching and is tak- 
ing her son Robert! 16) to London, Paris 
and Mannheim for his birthday. They will 
stay with Nanette Cooper Dumonteil in 
Paris! Lenore Cox is Contract Forms 
Manager at First Colony Life Insurance 
Company. Lenore thanks Kathy Jackson 
Howe for the great reunion hats and 
hopes she'll do tee shirts for the 25th! 
Virginia Craig is with Suntrust in Naples, 
FL. She is training for the Chicago 
Marathon and had a trip to Europe. She 
hears stories from Leith Colton Derish 
about her 2 childrenlshades of Leith)! 
Cannie Crysler Shafer says that reunion 
was too short and so much fun! Blakel8) 
and Francied 1 ) are playing soccer and 
piano and leaving Cannie behind on the 
slopes in Killington. They were in Hilton 
Head this spring with Win's winning golf 
team. Cannie is now tackling the 
kitchen/family room addition. Lucy 
Darby Cole loved rooming with god- 
daughter Janeldaughter of )anet Smalley 
Toddi at the reunion. Deb Davison Wei- 
dner's theme song is "On the road again" 
with Bod 4), Whitney(12) and Peter(6). 
Doug takes the boys to golf, tennis, and 
baseball while Deb does horse shows 
with Whitney. Dana Dotten Endacott 
plans to retire after 20 years in the Navy 
next spring. She wants to volunteer and 
spend more time with her family and 
hopes to see everyone at our 25th! Laura 
Farmer Gebhardt has moved to Encini- 
tas, CA. After 41 years, Carey |ohnson 
Fleming has her own horse, a Hanover- 
ian gelding. She saw Katherine Powell 
Heller and family in Hilton Head. Robin 
Jones Eddy has her brokers license in 
real estate with Mead Associates and 
works in a historical house in Lexington 
where she sees Tony Christian Brown 
and husband Jim. Stetsd 3) and Robin 
spend warm days fishing at Goshen Pass, 

Sweet Briar College Aluvwe Magazine ■ Wi\tek 1999 


Mary Goodwin Camper is a full time 
mom after working for 1 7 years. Word is 
out that she is an able volunteer. Mary 
was on the same breakfast trail ride at 
lackson Lake, WY as Leigh McDonald 
Forrester and her two children! Drusie 
Hall Bishop has two children and still 
rides her horse a few times a week. Mary 
Fontaine Harris has earned her Masters 
of Accountancy. Jane Hemenway Sulli- 
van and lay have a son-lohn William II 
born 5/21 ! His sister Elizabeth(2) is al- 
ready quite the New Yorker. |ane is on 
the Board of Sara Skagg's "Higher 
Ground." Jay's P. R. firm is working on 
the Viagra campaign! Dudie Hiemenz 
DiLeo and husband Tony are in St. Louis 
and Tony is Tax Director at Clark Refin- 
ing. Dudie spends most of her time dri- 
ving Dand 3) to St. Louis Amateur Blues 
Ice Hockey games and Laurad 1 ) to 
swimming. Eelen Humphrey Gora's 
daughter Heather graduated from h.s. 
and will attend U.C. Davis. Eelen is busy 
with 4 children. Sister Elinor Humphrey 
Comer is well and has Pat(7) and Ali- 
c ia(2). Nancyellen Keane Smithers says 
staying home with 2 children is harder 
work than her previous job! Ann Key 
Lucas loves real estate and husband Jim 
is in financial planning. Son |ohn(8l plays 
on a traveling ice hockey team and 
William(6) and Hunt(4) keep things mov- 
ing. Ann has a trip to the Black Sea 
planned. Jane Lauderdale Armstrong 
volunteers at Westminster Schools with 
David(4th grade) and Katedst grade). 
Maggie Laurent Gordy went camping 
with her family and had a post-reunion 
gathering with Susan Negaard Harley, 
Betsy Wood and Leigh Ramsay Simmons 
in Alexandria. Cathy Mellow Golter- 
mann teaches at Ladue Chapel Nursery 
School where she, twins Catherine and 
Christen(8) and Woody(6) all went. She 
plays tennis and teaches a children's ex- 
ercise class. They spend weekends water 
skiing and went to Wl. Barbara 
Mendelssohn Price sees Martha Glover 
Perry on Nantucket in the summer. 
Martha has lived in Hong Kong for 9 
years. She and Dennis have children 9, 
6, and 5. Ann Maricle Stefano, husband 
Vincent, Will(6) and Kate(3) had a blast 
dancing with classmates and their chil- 
dren at the Bistro at the reunion. They 
will be in Italy in July. Susan Negaard 
Harley and family love living in Lake 
Bluff, IL. Susan is Director of Research 
and Development at Allegiance Health- 
care. David is an attorney and they have 
children Andrew(5) and Caroline(2). 
Katherine Nesbit had a great time at 
Litchfield Beach, SC in July, a break from 
the traveling with AT&T. She is active 
with Junior League of Northern VA. Mary 
Page Stewart loved seeing Ann Yauger 
and Dru Springer Oswalt at the reunion. 
Geordie(lO) and Ellie(12) are great. Eliza- 
beth Perkinson had a wonderful visit 
with Catherine Taylor Moore and chil- 
dren Lee and Aynsley 4th of July at Top- 
sail Beach. Halite Powell Cardwell had 

her first child at 41 . D.W. was born on 
2/24/98 and will join Hallie. David, 
Jack(22) and Andrew(l4) on a summer 
trip to HI. Katherine Powell Heller 
wishes she had brought her girlsOO and 
6l to the reunion to see how gorgeous 
SBC still is. She and John will be in Japan 
in Sept. Missy Powell Adams and family 
moved to a new house in Baltimore! Had 
a reunion in Nashville with 78 friends. 
Lisanne Purvis Davidson and family 
moved from (A back to her home town 
of Fort Worth, TX. |anet Rakoczy Hud- 
son was sorry she couldn't get to the re- 
union but saw the video that Paula 
Brown Kelley and lack did! It was won- 
derful to see Leigh Ramsay Simmons 
photographs on display at the reunion. 
She will see Jeanne Beard Barden on her 
way to ME this summer. AK is still home 
lo Katie Renaud Baldwin where she is 
teaching and salmon fishing. She has a 
summer family reunion at Glacier Park, 
MT. Katie loves her new hot tub! Anne 
Riordan Flaherty and children Mary(9), 
Patrick(7), Timothy(6) and John cele- 
brated Wisconsin's sesquicentennial. 
Anne is playing bridge again — she 
learned to play freshman year in Ran- 
dolph! Anne Stelle Cole spent a hot sum- 
mer in Dallas with teenage son Kip and 
husband Steve. They are traveling, racing 
their sailboat and Anne volunteers on 
boards, at school and Yacht Club. Ann 
Thrash Jones and Bob, Chrisd 7) and 
Mary Paid 2) all enjoyed the 20th! Chris 
would like to attend W&L! Lisa Wray 
Longino does lundraising for the Dallas 
Symphony; daughter Fleming(12) loves 
riding and Camp Seafarer. Lisa's step- 
daughter was married. Lisa and George 
are traveling to Greece in the fall and a 
dude ranch at Christmas. Ann Yauger is 
leaving AT&T in Nov. with an early re- 
tirement package. She is planning her 
next career move — somewhere where 
they serve grits? I couldn't figure out who 
was married to Texan T.W. Youngs 9/97 
and moved 7/98 to Aubrey, TX from Suf- 
folk, VA after working at Dominion 
Equine Clinic. My family just returned 
from Wild Dunes, SC with Meg Richards 
Wiederseim and family. Her daughter 
Elizabeth(l4) is showing her horse and 
BillydO) is on the Jr Flyers Ice Hockey 
team. Meg went to the Riding Reunion in 
May with Addy Eshbach Our 20th re- 
union was great, just don't be the last 
one in the door for the class meeting at 
our 25th! 


Presidents: Elizabeth Harley Willetl 
Secretary: Patricia (Patsy) Roby 

Fund Agent: Elizabeth (Liz) 

Rodgers Boyd 
Liz Rodgers Boyd is busy with 
Tommy 6 and Louie 4, while husband 
Tom is a commercial litigator. Liz, prac- 
ticing probate and estate law a few hours 

a week is president of the board of The 
Coffee House Press, a small non-profit 
publisher. She received the "Rising Star" 
award from the St. Paul Jr. League, 5/98. 
Kathryn Marion and husband, Mark 
Meyer moved to Littleton, CO and are 
enjoying life with Sarah 2, whom they 
adopted from China 6/97. They are 
awaiting news on the adoption of an- 
other girl from China. Carla Pellegrino 
Cabot and Carlton are busy with Chip 7, 
Lilli 5, and Anne 4. They love Brookline, 
MA and are still working on their house. 
Carla sees Nancy Webb Corkery '81. 
Elizabeth Harley Willett, Chris and 
Catherine, 5 traveled to Bermuda and are 
building a cottage on Fripp Island, SC 
where they will host Liz Sprague Brandt. 
Perry and daughter Betsy for a weekend. 
Marguerite Kramer Kircher enjoys moth- 
erhood with daughter Sable 2 and is in 
her 1 2th year as a Branch Manager at 
Shields & Company. She runs 25 miles a 
week and teaches step aerobics. Erika 
Dorr Marshall writes from her childhood 
home "Lands End" where she is busy 
with Wiley 6, Foster 5 and Elise 2. 
Colleen Kuebel Berthelot and lackie cel- 
ebrated their 1 3th wedding anniversary. 
Colleen is president of the LA/MS CCLM 
chapter of commercial real estate. She 
earned the SIOR designation. Ann Alleva 
Taylor looks forward to reunion. She and 
Carter have renovated a home in Buck- 
head. |anet Lewis Shepherd writes from 
Atlanta, GA where Robert is 5 and Gra- 
de is 2. She and Jon are expecting num- 
ber 3 in Sept. In 1997, Janet completed a 
1/2 marathon and a triathalon. Caroline 
Reece Aquino is expecting her first child 
in Aug. She enjoyed Riding Reunion at 
SBC and is riding and teaching in Mid- 
dleberg, while her husband is with Sala- 
mander Farm. Tricia Dolph Fallon is 
back at work with Brown Bros, since the 
birth of Caroline, 3/97. Christina Jane is 
4. Shannon Young Ray has Breck 1 0, 
Peter 6, and the triplets 4, and works 3 
days a week in addition to volunteering 
for a new Public Library and a new 
Science Museum in Fort Worth, TX. Kris- 
ten Void Larsen and Kris are busy with 
Eleanor 2 and expect a second in Oct. 
Susan Dickinson Lindner is taking a 
break between jobs. She got together 
with Holly Pflug Allport and Margaret 
Dempsey in Orlando, FL 4/98. Her step- 
son graduated from HS. Ginger Reynolds 
Davis is busy with Jeffrey 9 and Carter 7 
in Spartenburg, SC. She joined in on the 
wedding festivities of Deanne Dawson 
James '86 along with other classmates. 
Leslie Caroline Kirkby is in NYC with her 
husband Richard Wardwell and their 
sons Ian 3 and Eric Alistair 1 . Leslie 
works in photography doing wedding, 
portrait and business annual reports. 
Chris Svoboda, in Los Angeles, is work- 
ing in Film/TV/Broadway/Concert Insur- 
ance and Bonding. She was inducted 
into the American Academy of Poets. 
Her poetry will be published in 5 collec- 
tions. She produced a documentary Trail- 

blazers which aired 9/98 on the History 
channel. Staci Skufca is in Boca Raton, 
FL. She vacationed in Cape Cod and 
Martha's Vineyard and saw Kristin Bryan 
in Boston Sophie Desprez Whitehouse 
is in North Redding, MA with husband 
Rob and Alexandre 1 1 and Eve Marie 9. 
She teaches French and tutors at a small 
private school in Hamilton, MA. They 
enjoy an annual trip to France to visit So- 
phie's family Margaret Dempsey is As- 
sistant Professor of Psychology at Tulane 
Uni. She is researching children's ability 
to cope in an inner city housing project 
in New Orleans. Michelle Scherrer Cas- 
tor was married in 5/97 to Robert Klimt. 
They live in Garden Ridge, T\ where 
Robert works tor the Dept of lustice. 
Michelle keeps in touch with Lynne 
Largey Goldfarb and Mary Trotman 
Lindy who live in the Wash DC area. 
Wanda Burley teaches computer science 
and math at the Amherst County HS. She 
enjoys volunteering with the Amherst Jr. 
Woman's Club and is the Assistant Jr. Di- 
rector of the VA Federation of Women's 
Clubs. Ann Evans McCluskey and Gregor 
are in Harwinton, CT with their son Con- 
nor 4 and many animals. Ann works in 
development with a non-profit and Gre- 
gor is in product development with a 
cigar company. Ann says, "Hello" to 
Vicki McCullough Carroll who recently 
moved to Highland Park, N|. Holly Pflug 
Allport is in Winter Park, FL with Peter 4, 
Sarah, 3, and Kate 1 . She walks 5 miles 
every day with the 3 in the triple jogger! 
Debbie |ones in Richmond, VA is in 
charge of the Risk Management and 
Product Development Division of the 
largest mortgage company of the East 
Coast. Suzanne Stovall Clarke welcomed 
Madeleine Elise on 9/26/97. Her mother 
and sister were her coaches since 
Richard was already in Macedonia with 
NATO peacekeeping forces. All 3 are 
now together in Baumholder, Germany. 
Charlotte Hicks is VP of Glasgow Hicks 
Company in Wilmington, NC. In addi- 
tion to being a new homeowner, Char- 
lotte sings with her church choir and 2 
ensembles, serves on the board of her 
church's preschool, works on a friend's 
political campaign and is active with 
Bible Study Fellowship. Beth Slayman 
Nubbe had twin boys, Karl and Eric on 
3/10/98. They join Adam 4. Twins is a 
new level of commitment and thanks to 
husband William, Beth is enjoying it. Joy 
Reynolds Mouledoux is at the Rhode Is- 
land School of Design studying Graphic 
Design. She sees Cecily Schultz '85. Vir- 
ginia Spigener Teel in Flat Rock, NC sees 
many SBC friends who visit her shop. 
Her business sends summer camp sur- 
prises to children at camps all over the 
U.S. Rosemarie Hermann Davis is in 
England where her husband will submit 
his thesis in Dec. They will then return to 
the states with sons, Paul 2 and lohn 1. 
Penny Parker Hartline is in Birmingham, 
AL with husband Roger, Merrill Grace 5 
and Parker 1 . She sees many SBC class- 


Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine ■ Winter 1999 

mates and hopes our 1 5 year reunion 
will be well attended. Betsy Becton Han- 
nah .ind her husband have settled into 
Canberra, Australia. Betsy has a job as a 
legal investigator. They love their house 
and have kangaroos about 500 yards be- 
hind it. Before leaving Washington DC 
she saw K.P. who is off to London for 3 
years. Anne Richards is Director of 
Media at SBC. She asks that everyone 
visit the basement of Benedict when 
back for the 1 5th. Her youngest son Arie 
is in the Army in Israel with the UN 
Peace Keeping forces and he still rides. 
Liz Boyer Caldwell sells real estate for 
Coldwell-Banker in Weston, FL. She sees 
Camille Mitchell Wingate and Helen 
Pruitt Butler in the Carolinas. Her chil- 
dren ,ire William 7 and Elizabeth 5 1/2. 
Roxanne Lie works with Taco Bell in 
Coldwater, Ml. She has been working 
with opera and theater companies along 
with an equestrian center and a few pri- 
vate horse farms. Debbie Blair Forrey is 
busy with 3 boys ages 10, 8 and 5. She 
will edit their school newsletter. Debbie 
is looking forward to our 1 5th. Louise 
(ones Geddes is trying to keep up with 
her 3 kids, 2 dogs and her husband. 
They traveled to Australia and New 
Zealand to visit family and friends. She 
hopes to run into SBC friends in Sea Is- 
land, GA. Elizabeth Yeager was married 
to Mark Edwards 7/11/98. They will live 
in Wichita Falls, TX. Her daughter Lara is 
excited about the wedding. Elizabeth s 
mother Kay Prothro Yeager '61 is in her 
2nd term as Mayor of Wichita Falls. 
Cheri Burritt Yates and lonathan are in 
Charleston, SC where Cheri is with a 
hotel management co. managing resorts 
in FL and with Marriott Hotels. They 
were in Italy and France in July and will 
be aboard the QE2 bound for England in 
Sept. She sees a lot of Mary Pope Hutson 
'83 and Cathy Toomey Cregorie Lt. 
Sloane Yeadon Mills was thankful to 
have majored in Italian because she was 
on Active Duty with the Navy for 2 
months in '97, when she traveled to Italy 
to plan a NATO Sea Day in which all 
ambassadors and their wives are hosted 
for a "Day at Sea ". Annelies Kelly Smith 
and Doug are moving to Bellevue, WA 
with Chelsea 1 3 (who traveled with her 
soccer team to Denmark and Sweden in 
July), Rose 9, Erin 7 (Annelies is their 
Brownie Leaderl, and Emma 4. Doug is a 
partner at his law firm. Gigi Collins is 
busy with Paige 4 and Michael, |r. born 
3/98. She also works close to home with 
a financial planner, locelyn Brine Spelker 
and family are moving to Madison, N|. 
Mark 6 1/2 and Jessica 3 1/2 keep her 
busy. I received one unsigned card from 
a classmate from Atlanta with a husband 
named Chris and a Nicholas 10 and 
Lexie 8. Bet Dykes '83 lives down the 
street, I think it is from Katherine Beck 

It has been great being Secretary. 
Thank you for always sending in those 
cards. Life in San Francisco, CA is great. 

Teddy is 2 and a joy. Ed sells ad\. 
for Popular Si rem e Magazine and I am 
volunteering and enjoying these wonder- 
ful da\s with Hedd) I look forward to 
seeing vou at our 1 5th Reunion, Ma\ 7- 
9, 1999. 


President: Ashley Flynn Blanchard 
Secretary: Cheryl Bishop Gilman 
Fund Agent: lean Spillane 

Sarah Andres moved to Tokyo, lapan 
to teach 3rd grade. Chiara Ascari finishes 
masters of social work 6/99. She moved 
to Richmond, VA with her cat. Beth Bab- 
bitt Bowen and |ohn welcomed Sarah 
Grace 1 0/1 6/97. Two weeks later they 
moved into their new log home in Buena 
Vista, CO. While |ohn builds a dam in 
Wilson, NC they relocated to the east 
coast for 9 months. Julie Brooks remains 
in Holland, Ml but travels to London, Los 
Angeles, Atlanta and Richmond. Dena 
Burnham Wong is an operating room 
nurse in Warrenton, VA, 1/16/97 Zachary 
was born to Amy Calandra Zechini, Scott 
and Nicholas (21. Leslie Carson Albiz- 
zatti relocated to Atlanta 10/97 in time to 
deliver Benjamin Carson 11/15/97. She 
sees Tisa Delaney Pearce, Heather Col- 
son, & Muffin Crouch '92. Memorial 
Day & 4th of July Leslie spent with Stacy 
Gilmore Hicks Meg Caulk bought a 
condo in Chevy Chase, MD. She is ac- 
tive with Washington, DC alumnae. In 
Wachula, FL Candace Collins Preston is 
a prosecutor. She writes that Claire 
Williams works in a lab in Peoria, AZ. 
KC Cushman Slack and Mark are build- 
ing a home in Richmond, VA. She 
spends her time with the lunior League. 
In Memphis, TN Stephanie Dance Tan- 
credi loves being an "official stay-at- 
home mom" with Daniel born 8/14/97. 
Tisa Delaney Pearce expects #2 9/98 to 
join Madeline (l).They will vacation with 
Beth Melloy Butler in Canada Tisa hears 
from Brandi Beck Fowler and Amy Ot- 
toway Zambetti '89. After 6 years in 
Alexandria, VA Amy Donnelly Tobik quit 
her job and moved to Winter Springs, FL, 
She enjoys more time with Katie (3), 
writing and painting. In White Plains, NY 
Lisa-Ann Fink works for Morgan Stanley 
Dean Witter and is studying for the series 
7 exam. Richie Fischer bought an apart- 
ment in Brussels. She teaches conference 
interpretation in Copenhagen and works 
as a freelance interpreter for the Euro- 
pean Parliament Ashley Flynn Blanchard 
and Wil bought an old house in "down- 
town" Amherst. She joined |C Bradford 
as an investment broker. She visited La- 
tane Spencer Hill '89 in Charlottesville. 
Dolly Garcia expects #2 12/98. She 
works as Marketing Manager for Bud- 
weiser in Puerto Rico. Stacy Gilmore 
Hicks received a Masters from Hollins. 
She plans to move to Atlanta or 
Charleston with Hayley (3). Sonja Gruhl 
relocated to San Diego, CA to continue 

being a corporate paralegal. She plays 
tennis and golf with boyfriend, Stephen. 
In I rant e Gael Guillermou Bachmann is 
busy with i4i Maiwi 
#3 8/98 She reports that BelenOrtiz- 
Pozo expects a bain in Sevilla, Spain 
Catherine Hollberg Minor is Vl'ot mini 
bership services at the Carroll County 
Chamber of Commerce. She does not 
miss the commute into Atlanta. Rosanna 
lones-Thurman expet Is #3 I 99 to join 
Danny (8)and Derek (2i. Marie Kettler 
Green enjoys her son (2), playing tennis 
and spending time at the beach. They 
bought another house in Fairhope, AL. In 
London Taki Kinoshita Austin works at 
BBC Worldw ide as mi assistant to sales 
director in book, video, and audio pub- 
lishing. She reports Beth Brodie married 
11/97. Kelleigh Klym finishes her last 
year of pediatric residency in Winnipeg. 
She bought a small farm where she en- 
joys her horses and flower gardening. 
Carol Krajewski represented SBC at the 
inauguration of the U of Minnesota's 
new president. She and Steve will bring 
more Fresian foals from Holland to the 
U.S. Amy Kroeger served as President for 
the AZ SBC club. She visited Ann Beatty 
and Jean Spillane in PA Amanda Priddy 
Burke caught up with Amy on a trip to 
Phoenix. Cata McDonald travels a ton, 
teaches 4th grade in Hong Kong and at- 
tended Lara Fieve's wedding in NYC. 
Renee Merion is Assistant District Attor- 
ney in Chester Co., PA. Allison Miree 
Gillespie reports Sallie Mcllheran mar- 
ried Johannes Wunner in Munich Ger- 
many. Anyone interested in putting to- 
gether a class e-mail address list contact 
Allison at 
lennifer Lee Munson lives in Reno, NV 
with her husband and 2 children. Ellie 
Myers Kenworthy has little time for any- 
thing but working on her home, yard and 
caring for Will(2)and Matt (1). Rachel 
Renzy Meima expects a baby 1/99. 
Meanwhile she is busy with aromather- 
apy and teaching riding. Kristen Costello 
Rieder had Sean Patrick 3/3/98. He joins 
Megan (2). She finds time to do real es- 
tate. Joie Roderick Tanckard enjoyed 
seeing Squiffy, her husband, and baby 
Elizabeth 5/98. Joie and Richard are 
planning a fall bike trip to Italy. Cather- 
ine Elizabeth Walcher was born 5/26/98 
to Claudia Schmidt Hunt in Lynchburg, 
VA. On 4/11/98 Cecilia Schultz Haynie 
welcomed lames Graham to the world. 
She keeps in touch with Liesel Farrel 
who is a baker in NH, Laura Gredys and 
Larissa Webb, (ill Straughan Carter loves 
Madison.GA where she and her husband 
restored an 1830s home. Bailey Middle- 
ton Carter arrived 1 1/25/97. (ill saw 
Sarah Andres, Allison Richards, Sarah 
Vandeventer Monahan, Melanie 
Waskow Deluca and (ill Whitaker Player 
this year. Tracy Thomas (ones and 
lonathan moved to Jacksonville, FL. 
lonathan is senior pastor at North Shore 
Presbyterian. They hope to return to 
France by 2000. Tracy enjoys creative 

memory photo albums Jennifer Walcott 
is in Decatur, GA with her husband, 
lamie Sayers and son, Sheamus (3). len- 
nifer works in Christian edu< ation al a 
Luthern Church. Carole Worthington 
Lumpkin, Bert and Raleigh (2) vacationed 
in Amelia Island. Fl Carole keeps in 
touch with Jacy Carter and Elizabeth 
Mason who is planning a wedding 10/98 
in St. Simons, GA. As for Scott and me 
we are expecting #4 10/98 to join lenna 
(6), Luke (4) and Jeb (3). Wow! We will 
be busy. 


President: Ellen Ober 
Secretary: Michelle MacMurtrie 

Fund Agent: Elizabeth (Beth) 


Bonnie Insalaco Abrams and hus- 
band lohn welcomed daughter Peyton in 
May. They live in Upper Montclair, N| 
and see Maria Bergh and Ashley Celts 
Laura Goebel Hammer is still in Iowa 
and plans to home school sons Keith and 
Ethan. Tracy Stuart works for Westmin- 
ster School in CT, teaching English and 
creative writing and coaching hockey 
and lacrosse. She saw Lisa LaLonde, 
Kerry O'Donnell, Danielle Tedesco, and 
Beth Davis in NYC. Colleen Losey had a 
ring game at reunion and married Harri- 
son Dudley on 8/1/98. lennifer |arvis 
Ballard and Patti Sagasti Suppes were 
bridesmaids. Tish Andresen Slattery en- 
joyed sailing with husband Bill and Billy 
(9) and Kaitlyn (5). She keeps busy at her 
job at Amerindo Investment Advisors in 
NYC while considering grad school in 
education. Elizabeth Harder will marry 
Elliott Botzis on 9/19/98. Ashley File, 
Michelle MacMurtrie Constable, Polly 
Crawford and Lisa LaLonde are in the 
wedding. Izzy works for Hoescht Marion 
Roussel Pharmaceuticals and lives in 
Greenville, SC. Julie Skilinski Brooks 
teaches fourth grade in Mexico, NY. She 
and Dennis traveled to ME to vacation 
and visit Laurie Palmer Kerry Pollock 
will marry David Thomas on 10/10/98 in 
Atlanta Harpreet Bedi, Beth Davis and 
Camelot Lindauer are bridesmaids. 
Maura Hutchens does advertising for 
Cuervo Gold Tequila in NYC. Meredith 
Alpert DeSantis keeps on her toes with 
her 2nd grade inclusion class. She and 
lames live in FL and are building a pool! 
After living in lapan and teaching English 
for three years, Johanna Kelleher is re- 
turning stateside! She plans to apply to 
grad school in Int'l Business/Pacific Rim 
Studies. Erin Glenn completed her M.Ed 
and is in bilingual/migrant education in 
Long Beach, WA. Jennifer Mooney will 
marry Chris Risey on 10/3/98 in New Or- 
leans. They built a home in Tampa, FL. 
Laurie Baker Knights and husband Laird 
bought a home in northern VA. They va- 
cationed in (ackson Hole, WY to cele- 
brate the 50th birthday of Carole Gilke- 

Sweet Br i Ms College Alumnai Magazine ■ Winter 1999 


son Baker, her step-mom and Beth Gilke- 
son's mother! Beth continues at ABI 
doing meeting planning. She bought a 
home, and saw K.L. Polevitsky when she 
showed up, brush in hand, to help her 
paint — what a friend! Kathy Lee returned 
from a six month stint in Stuttgart, Ger- 
many. She is stationed at Camp Lejeune, 
nting orders to Okinawa, lapan. 
She is scheduled for promotion to Cap- 
tain fall '98! Lily Anderson is planning 
her wedding to Gus Hartmann in 99 
She lives in Seattle and is a producer for 
Real Networks. Alex Alexander will 
marr\ Kov Boyd on 9/25 99, becoming 
step-mommy to lustin '4' She saw Tori 
Milner, as did I, and she looks wonder- 
ful! Dana Varnado Campbell and hus- 
band |amie moved to Chapel Hill, NC in 
June. Thev love their new house! Muffin 
Steers Farese and husband )ohn are prac- 
ticing law and working on their antebel- 
lum home in MS. Patti Sagasti Suppes 
teaches and studies for her Ph.D. at UNC 
Chapel Hill. She and husband left lead 
the youth program at church. Gretchen 
Smith Finley will be moving to San Fran- 
cisco 8/98 with her husband and daugh- 
ter Mallory(2). She saw Tracy Meier at 
the wedding of Lee Matzdorf ('91 ). 
Debra Elkins writes that she is still 
u rcaking havoc on Texas A&M's Indus- 
trial Engineering Program and loving it! 
Kristen Swenson Sloop started her own 
decorative painting business. Some of 
her pieces were in the 1998 Southern 
Living Idea Show Homes! Polly Craw- 
ford has been with Lord and Taylor in 
McLean, VA for 5 years. She is working 
toward her MBA at Keller Graduate 
School and is searching for a new job in 
pharmaceuticals Kaci Chandor DelPlato 
and husband Chris relocated to NYC in 
|une. Chris is with Goldman Sachs and 
Kaci still works as a technical recruiter— 
an easy telecommute from their new pad 
on the upper east side 1 Pamela Subranni 
Berman is a realtor specializing in the At- 
lantic City area. Twins Colby and Logan 
turned 3. Stephanie Turner is still with 
the AZ Department of Commerce and 
traveling a lot. She went to Guadalajara 
in May and usited with Carolyn Imper- 
ato McCammon in |une. Kendra McGe- 
orge is busy! Summer of 98 saw her get 
engaged, go to HI, and buy a house! She 
will marry Ken Dougherty 6/99 with Erin 
Currie Reilly and Johanna Kelleher as 
bridesmaids. Norma Bulls Valentine and 
Nancy are still busy with horses. The sis- 
ters manage their small barn together and 
continue to train. They also see Tracy 
Imse, who relocated to Boston. Tracy 
Parker manages the front desk at a large 
chain motel and works with "at risk" 
youth for Amherst County Youth Sen ices 
while attending Lynchburg College for 
her MA in Curriculum and Instruction. 
Son Timmv 12) and fiance Tim keep her 
busy. Arlington, VA resident Wendy 
Stevenson graduated 5/98 with a MA in 
Physical Therapy. She traveled to Eng- 
land before starting work at Sibley Hospi- 

tal in Washington, DC Catherine |annik 
received a dual MA in history and library 
science. She presented a paper that mas- 
be published in the Mississippi Historical 
Journal! Stacey McClain will marry Bob 
Folwell 10/17/98 in Jacksonville, FL. Les- 
ley Byers ('941 and Sabryna McClung 
will be bridesmaids. After a honeymoon 
in Ca, they will settle in FL Ellen Ober 
teaches second grade in Falls Church, 
VA. She is active with her church youth 
group and is working toward her MA 
from UVA as a reading specialist. 
Daniella Ceccarelli Toomey, husband 
Chris, and Steph Brown have a great 
time living together in Baltimore. Steph is 
a mortgage broker and Daniella will 
graduate 5/99 with her 2nd degree in 
nursing. They are looking forward to a FL 
vacation with Eleanor Guild Coghill and 
Corinne ludekis, and hope to meet up 
u ith Meredith Alpert DeSantis Sabryna 
McClung rode in the Krewe of Iris parade 
at Mardi Gras with Katherine 
Schupp('94). She camped w ith Stacey 
McClain and Dianne Hayes Doss and 
will become the bride of Greg Roberson 
in 1999. Amy Waite is a consultant with 
ADP in Atlanta. She hangs out with a fun 
bunch of SBCers there and keeps in 
touch with Karen Valanzano Nalini 
Mani Clement lives with husband Steve 
in College Park, MD. She opened her 
own consultant practice in Organiza- 
tional Development and Change Man- 
agement. She also works for the National 
Cathedral as Program Coordinator for 
State Days. She had news ot Sherani 
Amarasinghe, who will soon be graduat- 
ing from U of MN. She also keeps in 
touch with Nadia Zoha and Shaina |etha 
Rawji who work in the northern VA 
area, and Kristina Kukk who is in 
Dundee, Scotland. 

As for me, Jeff and I relocated to 
Alexandria, VA in Oct. We hosted a pre- 
reunion party for DC-area '93 alums and 
had a blast reconnecting with so many 
old friends at SBC in May. We are ea- 
gerly anticipating the birth of our first 
child in the spring. 


President: Laura S. Lechler 
Vice President: Jesse W. Durham 
Secretary: Catharine R. King 
Fund Agent: Theresa (Tracy) 

Katie Campbell is li\ ing in Richmond 
with Buff Barkley Wynn Cole and 
Amelia Dudman. She's working at 
Hunton & Williams. Wynn and Amelia 
were in Rachael Boyd's wedding on 
8/8/98. Other SBC bridesmaids included 
Lynne Boyd ('99), Claire Myers, Jessica 
Gindlesperger Hubble and Mary lane 
Bradley Rachael is teaching at the Stew- 
ard School in Richmond. Kimbie Sha- 
heen moved to Farmington, CT where 
she's teaching Latin and pursuing her 

in ( lassie s Linda Towers is liv- 

ing in FL and has kept in touch with 
Vicki Gajda Ashley Thorner Oelrich 
lives in Chapel Hill, NC and is employed 
h\ Durham Academv where she coaches 
|V field hockey — they were undefeated 
last \ear Sarah Reidy works for an inte- 
rior design firm in Atlanta. Laura Lee Rihl 
Joiner is in medical school in GA and is 
a 2nd Lieutenant in the Armv. Eileen 
MacMurtrie was at SBC for lunior Ban- 
quet and saw a lot of our classmates 
there. She s working towards her BSN at 
lohns Hopkins Univ. School of Nursing. 
She keeps in touch with Leah Jorgensen 
who lives in Alexandria, VA and works 
for the Public Broadcasting Service in 
Development. Tracy Walters is also in 
VA working as an IT recruiter and spend- 
ing time with her two-year old horse. 
Lindsay Mactavish is in the Peace Corps, 
living in Morocco. She completed her 
MPH at Loma Linda Univ. Constance 
Bump works at Wachovia Bank in \\ m- 
ston-Salem, NC as a Service Administra- 
tor for Lotus Notes. Heather Plank lives 
in northern Virginia and is getting regular 
acting work. Annie Pankoski h\es in 
Manhattan where she's a Financial Ana- 
lyst at Goldman, Sachs, & Co. Anne Os- 
terholm h\es in Lynchburg where she's a 
Case Manager at the Central Virginia 
Area Agency on Aging. She's also earn- 
ing her Gerontologv Specialist Certificate 
at Lynchburg College. Sandy Jennings- 
Neblett lives in Amherst, VA and is 
teaching elementary school in Appomat- 
tox. Imogen Slade works at a patent law 
firm in Fairfax, VA and attends paralegal 
school. Jenn Trzupek works for Citicorp 
Mortgage/Citibank Visa in St. Louis and 
recently saw Rachel Baltus, Julie Hilde- 
brand and Amy Daugherty Adria Lande 
works as an environmental educator 
aboard a schooner for SoundWaters. She 
lives on the schooner in Stamford, CT. 
Alex Hiribarne is an Associate Polarity 
Practitioner in Marblehead, MA and she's 
in school for Polarity Therapy. Laura 
McGlamery finished her masters in City 
and Regional Planning at UNC-Chapel 
Hill. Laura Billings received her certifica- 
tion for Microsoft Certified Solutions En- 
gineer and is the in-house Network Engi- 
neer at Carroll Independent Fuel in Balti- 
more. Sue Whitehead got engaged and is 
planning a 9/99 wedding. She's a copy- 
writer and traffic manager for a radio sta- 
tion in New York. Judy Brown also got 
engaged and will marry Reverend Gre- 
gory Pendelton Jr. in Oct. She works for 
Nelson County Department of Social Ser- 
vices. Sarah Dennis and Hayden Roberts 
are also engaged and planning a 6/99 
wedding. And I'll add another engage- 
ment to those by announcing my own to 
Patrick Fink. We're planning a 6/99 wed- 
ding as well. 


Sweet Briar College Alumwe Magazine ■ Winter 1999 


the 1997-1998 




Sweet Briar College 


Honor Role of Donors 


I am pleased to report our fiscal year-end results. The 1997-98 
total cash flow for the Development Program stands at 

We are extremely grateful for the generosity of our alumnae, 
parents, and friends to the unrestricted Annual Fund. Annual 
Fund receipts topped $1.8 million for the first time 
($1,802,498), an increase of $125,000 over last year. An 
unusually strong 50th Reunion Gift effort (Congratulations 
and thank you again, Class of 1948!) set a record with the 
largest-ever Reunion gift to the College. 

Analyzing the year's success, we credit: 

• Strong unrestricted giving. In addition to the Annual Fund, 
Sweet Briar received an unrestricted gift of $108,000 from 
the Virginia Foundation for Independent Colleges. 

• Bequests and life-income gifts totaling $1,243,723. 

• Endowment gifts of $548,360 received from pledges to 
the Audrey Teal Betts Challenge for the Riding Program. 

Ongoing thanks to each one of you who, through your loyalty, 
dedication, and enthusiastic support, has made possible this 
good news. Our success continues to come from the commit- 
ment of individual donors. You have heightened our sense of 
excitement as we look toward Sweet Briar's Centennial. 

Utchett L. Moore 
Vice President for Development 
and College Relations 


J 11 1997-98, Reunion classes, under 
the direction of Lochrane Coleman 
Smith '76, National Reunion Gifts 
Chair, raised $653,699— an all-time 
high. The Class of 1948 raised 
$287,733, the largesl single Reunion gift 
ever, winning the Nancy Dowd Burton 
Award for the largest gift in a Reunion 
year. The Class of 1948, witli 93% par- 
ticipation, also won the Participation 
Award for Classes Celebrating the 25th- 
30th Reunion. The Class of 1978, with 
40°o participation, won the Participation 
Award for Classes Celebrating the 5th- 
20th Reunion. 

Also, 1997-98 was the second year of 
our new Reunion Long-Term Pledge 
Program in which we encourage alum- 
nae to make generous gifts not only in 
the Reunion year, but also the years fol- 
lowing. This year, the Class of 1963 
won the Reunion Long-Term Pledge 
Award for raising the highest RLTP total, 
$71,000, for the four years following 

The purpose of the Reunion Giving 
Program is to increase unrestricted gifts 
to the Annual Fund; however, we recog- 
nize and thank all classes for their total 
gifts to all funds. 

The 1997-1998 
Alumnae Fund Committee 

Ann Ritchey Baruch '62 

Alumnae Fund Chair 

Lochrane Coleman Smith '76 

National Reunion Gifts Chair 

Melissa Gentry Witherow '80 

National Reunion Gifts Chair-Elect 

Mary Johnson Nelson '64 

Boxwood Circle Co-Chair 

|o Ann Soderquist Kramer '64 

Boxwood Circle Co-Chair 

Nannette McBurney Crowdus '57 

Planned Giving Chair 

1991-1996 'Reunion CLus 
Totals cinb 'rarticijxiticm 'Rates 

Total Gilts 




1948 $ 287,733 

Reunion Gifts Chairmen: 
Martha Mansfield Clement, 
Margaret Sheffield Martin, 
Margaret Addington Twohy 

1953 $69,800 

Reunion Gifts Chairmen: 
Kathleen Bailey Nager, 
Virginia Hudson Toone 

1958 $41,952 

Reunion Gifts Chairman: 
Dorothy Woods McLeod 

1963 $63,431 

Reunion Gifts Chairman: 
Allison Stemmons Simon 

1968 $40,095 

Reunion Gifts Chairman: 
Lynne Gardner Detmer 

1973 $18,812 

Reunion Gifts Chairman: 
Janice G. Keith 

1978 $30,684 

Reunion Gifts Chairman: 
Kathy Jackson Howe 

1983 $19,008 

Reunion Gifts Chairmen: 
Virginia Claus Buyck, 
Ellen Clare Gillespie Dreyer 

1988 $12,018 

Reunion Gifts Chairmen: 
Stacey Sickels Heckel, 
Kathleen Meredith lacobelli 

1993 $4,076 

Reunion Gifts Chairman: 
Elizabeth Gilkeson 

Total Total Annual 

Reunion Cifts+Pledges Fund 

Long-Term to Partcipation 

Pledges All Funds Rates 

$287,425 $310,274 95% 

$0 $113,884 58% 

$51,126 $44,926 52% 

$132,003 $66,411 50% 

$57,520 $142,335 38% 

$33,012 $18,962 29% 







$25,918 $19,543 25% 

$0 $4,938 30% 



Top Ten 1997-199$ Class 'Results 

Total Gifts: All Funds 

Total Gifts: Unrestricted 
Annual Fund 

Total Participation Rates: 
All Funds 

Total Participation Rates: 
Unrestricted Annual Fund 







Boxwood Circle Fund Agent: 
Anna Mary Chidester Heywood 

1948 $295,586 

Reunion Gifts Chairmen: Martha 
Mansfield Clement, Margaret 
Sheffield Martin, Margaret 
Addington Twohy 



Boxwood Circle Fund Agents: 
Julie O'Neil Arnheim, Margaret 
Wadman Cafasso 

_$1 14,951 


Reunion Gifts Chairman: Lynne 
Gardner Detmer 


_$ 84,350 


_$ 81,068 

Reunion Gifts Chairmen: 
Kathleen Bailey Nager, Virginia 
Hudson Toone 


_$ 77,200 


_$ 73,002 

Boxwood Circle Fund Agents: 
Faith Rahmer Croker, Louise 
Aubrey McFarland 



Reunion Gifts Co-Chairmen: 
Martha Mansfield Clement, 
Margaret Sheffield Martin, 
Margaret Addington Twohy 

_ $69,800 


Reunion Gifts Co-Chairmen: 
Kathleen Bailey Nager, Virginia 
Hudson Toone 


_$ 63,431 

Reunion Gifts Chairman: Allison 
Stemmons Simon 


_$ 51,520 


_$ 47,450 

Boxwood Circle Fund Agents: 
Virginia Del Greco Galgano, 
Nancy Hall Green, Donna 
Pearson Josey, Claire Hughes 
Knapp, Jo Ann Soderquist 
Kramer, Mary Johnson Nelson, 
Hedi Haug White 


$ 45,383 

Boxwood Circle Fund Agents: 
Nannette McBurney Crowdus, 
Charlotte Heuer de Serio 

1960 _$ 44,085 

Boxwood Circle Fund Agent: 
Margot A. McKee 


Reunion Gifts Chairman: 
Dorothy Woods McLeod 

_$ 41,592 

1948 96% 

Reunion Gifts Chairmen: Martha 
Mansfield Clement, Margaret 
Sheffield Martin, Margaret 
Addington Twohy 





Boxwood Circle Fund Agent: 
Anna Mary Chidester Heywood 

1949 81% 

Boxwood Circle Fund Agent: 
Mary Fran Brown Ballard 

1942 77% 

Boxwood Circle Fund Agent: 
Florence Bagley Witt 







Boxwood Circle Fund Agents: 

Jane Loveland Byerts, Barbara 
Nevens Young 

1951 70% 

Boxwood Circle Fund Agent: 
Anne Sinsheimer 





Reunion Gifts Chairmen: Martha 
Mansfield Clement, Margaret 
Sheffield Martin, Margaret 
Addington Twohy 



Boxwood Circle Fund Agent: 
Anna Mary Chidester Heywood 

1942 76% 

Boxwood Circle Fund Agent: 
Florence Bagley Witt 





Boxwood Circle Fund Agent: 
Mary Fran Brown Ballard 





Boxwood Circle Fund Agents: 
Jane Loveland Byerts, Barbara 
Nevens Young 

1954 _ 67% 

Boxwood Circle Fund Agents: 
Faith Rahmer Croker, Louise 
Aubrey McFarland 

1951 66% 

Boxwood Circle Fund Agent: 
Anne Sinsheimer 


_$ 40,095 



Reunion Gifts Chairman: Lynne 
Gardner Detmer 


_$ 38,217 

Boxwood Circle Fund Agents: 
Julie O'Neil Arnheim, Margaret 
Wadman Cafasso 

- 1 9 9 8 


The Sweet Briar Circle 

Ilk' Sh eel Briar Circle honors 


or more. Thank you hi the ~4 gifts 

of this magnitude up from ~0in 

which were received in 1997-98 
from these Sweet Briar Circle mem- 

ftMr.* and Mrs. Homer I. Altice 
ftMartha Garrison Anness 48 

Lisa Haggart Arnold '88 
88 Ann Ritchev Baruch '62 
ftGordon G. Beemer H 21 
ftAudrey T. Belts 45" 
ftMr. and Mrs. |. Bruce Bredin 
#Alletta Bredin-Bell 74 
ftMargaretta Bredin Brokavv 70 
*Mr. (H'49) and Mrs. Walter H. 

(Catherine Barrett '49) 
ft Ruth Simpson Carrington '21" 
ft Elizabeth Stanly Cates '63 
*Mr. and Mrs. lohn R. Childress 
98 Nancy Hancock Coe '31* 

* Virginia Upchurch Collier 72 
ftMr. and Mrs. W. Ford Cramer, |r. 
ft Winifred Storey Davis '61 
ftClosey Faulkner Dickey '48 

98 Ernest P. Edwards 

Bryce L. Elkins 

]eannette Shambaugh Elliott '33' 
ftKatherine Guerrant Fields '53 
ftMary-Fleming Willis Finlay '66 
98 Fannie Fletcher* 
ftCarol McMurtry Fowler '57 
98 Forrest L. Gager, Jr. 
98 Ann Paxson Gail '48" 
ftNancy Nalle Genung '37 
98 Nancy Hall Green '64 
ftEvelyn Dillard Grones '45* 
ftMr. and Mrs. Bradley Hale 
(Anne Sheffield '54! 
ftMr. and Mrs. Victor W. 
Henningsen, Jr. 

(Mayde Ludington '48) 
ftKathryn Trogdon Hightower '67 
98 Betty-Potter Kinne Hillyer '43 
98 Helen Murchison Lane '46 
ftMary Jane Luke '48 
98 Sara Finnegan Lycett '61 
ftjulia Groves Martin '42 
98 Margaret Sheffield Martin '48 
ftAntonia Bredin Massie 77 
ftMaddin Lupton McCallie 48 
98 Mary Lee McGinnis McClain '54 

Arthur L. McDougal 
98 Lois Fernley McNeil '40* 
98 Norma Patteson Mills '60 
^Virginia Cates Mitchell '63 
98 Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Nager, Jr. 
(Kathleen Bailey '53) 
98 Patricia Smith Nelson '48 
98 Betty Ann Bass Norris '46 
ftEllen Gilliam Perry '45 

* Julia Peterkin '35* 

98 Frances Gregg Petersmeyer '43 
ftElizabeth Perkins Prothro '39 

* Betty Johnson Ragland 48 
Linda K. Reinhold 

98 Audrey Lahman Rosselot '48 

* Patricia Traugott Rouse '48 
ftMerriam Packard Sargent '43* 

* Eleanor Potts Snodgrass '48 

98 Stephanie Bredin Speakman '68 
88 Sara Davis Spencer 48 
98 Serena Ailes Stevens '30 
ftKatherine Upchurch Takvorian 72 
ftEvaline Edmands Thoma '29 
ftMargaret Addington Twoh\ '48 
ft Ann Samford Upchurch '48* 
ftjulia Baldwin Waster '49 
ftCornelia Murray Weller '33' 

Anne C. Whinerv" 
ftConnie Burwell White '34 
ft Lois Peterson Wilson '26* 
ftFlorence Barclay Winston '57 
*|ane Miller Wright '48 
ftMargaret Jones Wyllie '45 

The President's Circle 

Seventy-One President!. Cm 
{between $5,000 and $9,999' were 
rece/'i ed during the last fiscal \ ear, 
up from 57 in 1996-97. Grateful 
thanks to each of these benefactors: 

98 Patricia Sorensen Ackard '41 
98 Martha Davis Barnes '48 
Josephine Bierhaus Barrow '52* 

* Bryan Alphin Bente '69 
ftlna Brown Bond '67 

98 Anne Mclunkin Briber '43 
98 Alice Cary Farmer Brown '59 

* Laura Lee Brown '63 
ftEllen Newell Bryan '26* 
*Ethel Ogden Burwell '58 

ftMr. and Mrs. William J. Cabaniss 
(Catherine Caldwell '61) 
98 Ann Arnspiger Canipe '69 

* Barbara Derr Chenoweth '38 
ftClaire Cannon Christopher '58 
ftMary Whipple Clark '35 

s Nannette McBurney Crowdus '57 
ftCharlotte Heuer de Serio '57 
Mr. and Mrs. David H. 

* Nancy Pingree Drake '43 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Dudman 

* Kemp V. Dwenger 
ftMary Beth Hamlin Finke 76 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Fretwell, |r. 
ftBonilee Key Garrett '43 
ftWinborne Leigh Hamlin '58 
*Mr. and Mrs. L. Parker Harrell, Jr. 
(Adele Vogel '62) 
98 Betty Forsyth Harris '60 
ft Marion Bower Harrison '48 
ft Vesta Murray Haselden '38 

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard G. Herring 
ftGladys Wester Horton '30 
ftKathy Jackson Howe 78 
ftMary Bailey Izard '52 

* Kathleen A. Kavanagh 74 
ftjane Johnson Kent '48 
ftSarah Tarns Kreker '39 

* Elizabeth Bramham Lee '48 
Paul S. Levy 

Elizabeth M. Lewis 

* Pamela Sullivan Livingston '67 
ftElizabeth Wray Longino 78 

ft Beth Thomas Mason '40 
ftCornelia Long Matson '58 
ftMcNair Currie Maxwell '63 
ft Anne Slupp McAlpin '68 

* Margaret Graves McClung '53 

* Dorothy Woods McLeod '58 

Qift Club* 

ftVaughan Inge Morrissette '54 

* Frances Kirven Morse '68 
ft Joanne Holbrook Patton '52 

Joan Petty 

* Kitty Corbett Powell '38 
ftMargaret Craighill Price '41 
ftPatricia Powell Pusey '60 
98 Virginia Cooke Rea '31* 

Clara Pfeiffer Rodes '55 
Virginia Dunlap Shelton '53 

ft Allison Stemmons Simon '63 

9$ Anne Sinsheimer '51 

* Helen Elliott Sockwell '48 
Margaret Semmes Stavropoulos '61 

9$ Mary Lyon Stedman '30 

* Margaret Towers Talman '49 
ftjean G. Taylor '49 
ftMildred Newman Thayer '61 
9$ Anne Hinshaw Vanderweil '68 
ftGeorge F. Walker 

ftMr. and Mrs. George H. Weiler, Jr. 

Edith Mapother Wells 
^Elizabeth Smith White '59 

Marie Brede Zimmerman '24 

The Boxwood Circle 

The 1997-98 
Boxwood Circle Committee 

The 1997-1998 Boxwood Circle 
Committee consisted of 58 mem- 
bers, as compared to 37 members 

in 1996-1997. The Committee 

included all class Boxwood Circle 

Fund Agents. 

Jo Ann Soderquist Kramer '64, 


Mary Johnson Nelson '64, 


Julie O'Neil Arnheim '61 

Mary Fran Brown Ballard '49 

Myth Monnich Bayoud '80 

Ann Young Bloom '59 

Carol Searles Bohrer '82 

Mary Morris Gamble Booth '50 

Marguerite Smith Boyd 71 

Ashley Wilson Brook 79 

Evelyn Day Butler '66 

lane Loveland Byerts '41 

Jean Shaw Byrne '65 

Margaret Wadman Cafasso '61 

Pamela Weiler Colling 79 

Nancy Webb Corkery '81 

Molly Rogers Cramer '81 

Faith RahmerCroker '54 

Nannette McBurney Crowdus '57 

Janet Myers Deans 77 

Charlotte Heuer de Serio '57 

Carol Anne Dickson '86 

Mary Beth Hamlin Finke 76 

Virginia Del Greco Galgano '64 

Nancy Hall Green '64 

Jean Lewis Guergai '87 

Ann Young Habliston '82 

Adele Vogel Harrell '62 

Kathryn Barnes Hendricks 70 

Anna Mary Chidester Heywood '45 

Cissy Humphrey 76 

Shirley Levis Johnson '47 

Elizabeth Brooks Jones 75 

Donna Pearson Josey '64 

Claire Hughes Knapp '64 

Lenetta Archard McCampbell '85 

Louise Aubrey McFarland '54 

Margot A. McKee '60 

Belli Ann Trapold Newton '86 

Kimberly Knox Norman '85 

Courtney Gibson Pelley '59 

Nanc\ Mortensen Pip< 

Lynn Pearson Russell '69 

Janet Monroe Schumann '56 

Margaret Haley Sheehan 

Anne Sinsheimer '51 

Lochrane Coleman Smith 76 

Evelyn Manov Sprinsky 71 

Audrey Stoddard '55 

Maria Jones Tisdale 75 

Teresa Pike Tomlinson '87 

Anne Hinshaw Vanderweil '68 

Elizabeth Smith White '59 

Hedi Haug White '64 

Melissa Gentry Witherow '80 

Florence Bagley Witt '42 
Susan Snodgrass Wynne 72 
Barbara Nevens Young '41 

The Boxwood Circle honors those 
who contribute $1 ,000 to $4,999. 
There were 484 members in 1997- 
98, compared to 471 in 1996-97, 
414 in 1995-96, and 399 in 1994- 


Susan Ragland Abrahamson '57 
ftCarolyn Sample Abshire '51 
ft Mr. and Mrs. A. Marshall Acuff, Jr. 

Sandra S. Adams-Choate 

* Eugenia Burnett Affel '42 
Glenn L. Allen, |r. 

* Hazel Sterrett Allen '40 
ftHarriette Hodges Andrews '53 
ftjane Lauderdale Armstrong 78 

Mr. and Mrs. Truman Arnold 

* Eleanor Johnson Ashby '53 
ftMarjorie Whitson Aude '57 

Nancy Weinberg Auersperg '81 
ftMr. and Mrs. Guilford C. 

ftSarah G. Babcock '83 
ftAlberta Pew Baker '49 

* Dorothy Tobin Baldwin '44 

* Nancy Godwin Baldwin '57 
ftMary Fran Brown Ballard '49 
ftMerrill Underwood Barringer '54 
*Anna Whitaker Bartel '41 

* Barbara Rockefeller Bartlett '63 
Hallie Orr Barton '32 

* Catherine Price Bass '45 

* Mary Brush Bass '62 

ft Myth Monnich Bayoud '80 
ftHarriotte Bland Beckwith '48 
ft Sally Skinner Behnke '44 

Stephen Belcher 
98 Suzanne Hardy Benson '48 

Malinda Bradley Bergen '87 

Sarah L. Betz '97 

Indiana Lindsay Bilisoly '48 

Marianne Pownall Billings 74 
ftjanet Martin Birney '53 
ftClare Newman Blanchard '60 

* Nancy Alexander Blaney '47 
ft Ann Young Bloom '59 
ftCarolyn Martindale Blouin '30 
ftSarah Porter Boehmler '65 

Patricia Ashby Boesch '58 
Letilia Ord Bonbright '43 
ftMary Morris Gamble Booth 50 

* Blair Bunting Both '40 

*Mr. and Mrs. W. Waldo Bradley 

Kenneth W. Bradt 
ft Joanne Raines Brinkley '57 
ftFrances Bailey Brooke '38 
Lisbeth Gibson Brooks '53 
ft Anne Carter Brothers '63 
ftMary Lanman Brown '50 
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony H. 
i Kenney '82) 

* Frances Gilbert Browne '56 
ftMr. and Mrs. Carter B. Bryan 
ft Nina Wilkerson Bugg '60 

Dr. and Mrs. Marvin C. Burdette, |r. 
ft Nina Sledge Burke '64 

* Shannon Wood Bush '87 
*Col. (H'37) and Mrs. Donald S. 

(Anne Lauman '37) 
ftEvelyn Day Butler '66 

* Virginia Claus Buyck '83 
ftMargaret Wadman Cafasso '61 
ft Ann Walsh Cahouet '54 

98 Mr. and Mrs. Craig J. Cain 

Mr. and Mrs. Carl W. Calandra 
ft Eugenia Dickey Caldwell '65 

* Barbara Hastings Carne '69 
9$ Emily Schuber Carr '47* 

lohn G. Casey 
ftMurrell Rickards Chadsey '44 
ft Fay Martin Chandler '43 
ftLeila Barnes Cheatham '45 
ftEllen Ramsay Clark '49 
ftMartha Mansfield Clement '48 

Virginia Campbell Clinch '29 

Mary Lee Bell Coffey '69 
ft Louisa Hunt Coker '56 

Elisabeth Ward Connors '80 

Margaret Cook '59 
*Mr. and Mrs. Albert B. Cord 
ft Nancy Webb Corkery '81 
ft Evelyn Carter Cowles 73 
ftjean Inge Cox '65 
ft Mary King Craddock '68 
ft Margaret A. Craw 72 
ftSally Fishburn Crockett '52 
ftSusan Branson Croft '64 
ftMary Stoll Cross '57 
ftMary Wheat Crowell 42 

Mr. and Mrs. Overton A. Currie 
ftlaquelin Ambler Cusick '57 
ft Rebecca Manning Cutler '27 

Suzanne Gay Dailey '83 
ft Mr. and Mrs. Peler V. Daniel 
ft Sarah Davis Daniels '82 
ft Harold R. Dann 
ftAlice Edwards Davenport '45 

Sylvia Saunders Davis '48 

Mr. and Mrs. Bradley W. Day 
ft Ruth Hemphill DeBuys '41 
ftDebrahL. Denemark 70 
ftElise Wachenfeld de Papp '55 
ftCatherine Newman Detering 76 
ftLynne Gardner Detmer '68 
ft Margaret Swindell Dickerman '43 

Eleanor Griggs Diemar '66 
ftjanet Broman Dingle '51 
ftAlice Warner Donaghy '62 
ftAnne Quarles Doolittle 78 
*Dr. and Mrs. William H.L. 

ftCarol Goodman Doty '87 
ftMary Treadway Downs '39* 
ft Ellen Clare Gillespie Dreyer '83 

Celia Williams Dunn '61 

* Rhonda Griffith Durham 72 

* Donor for pasl five years 
' Deceased 

- 1 9 9 8 



*Lucy Boyd Lemon Edmunds '63 
*Anne Hill Edwards '46 

Judith M. Elkins- 
^Marguerite Rucker Ellett '48 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Ellison 
*Michela A. English 71 

Maria Ward Estefania '69 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. 
Eubanks, |r. 

Iiilu Johnson Evans 73 

* Beryl Bergquist Farris 71 

* Leila Burnett Felker '45 

* Frances McClung Ferguson '80 
& Alice lohnson Fessenden '44 

Drs. Albert and lanet Finch 

* Frances lohnson Finley '37 

* Elizabeth Glenn Fisher '83 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Fonow 

&Linda Knickerbocker Ford '59 

Evelyn Lane Fozzard '52 
*Decca Gilmer Frackelton '41 
Mlinor Ward Francis '37 
*Ruth Hoopes Frangopoulos '69 

* Rebecca Young Frazer '35 
*Clara Call Frazier '40 
*Mary Ann Robb Freer '54 

Mr. and Mrs. Eric G. Friberg 

Gay Hart Gaines '59 

Ann Mountcaslle Gamble '51 

Elizabeth Moore Gardner '58 

Katrina Evans Gatti '88 

Katherine A. Gibson '83 
*Mrs. William B. Gillies, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. 
*Laura Radford Goley '52 

Barbara Paulson Goodbarn '83 
^Valerie Gordon-Johnson 74 

* Karen Greer Goss '89 

* Linda Sims Grady '60 

* Patricia Paterson Graham 79 
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Graves III 
Allison Roberts Greene '81 

*Dianne Verney Greenway '55 

* Elizabeth White Gregory '48 
&Mary Kimball Grier '53 
*AnneRyland Ricks Griffin '48 
*Claire Dennison Griffith '80 

Cecelia Williamson Grinstead '68 
Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Gromel 
Jean Lewis Guergai '87 

* Helen Carrulhers Hackwell '35 
Dr. and Mrs. Glenn F. Haeberle 
lane Eastin Hager '67 

*Mr. and Mrs. Frank P. Hall III 
*Sudie Clark Hanger '42 

* Adelaide H. Hapala 
^Margaret Troutman Harbin '42 
""arah McDuffie Hardaway '46 

Margaret Nelson Harding '52 
Helen Schmid Hardy '40 
Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Harju 
*Ann Pegram Harris '59 

* Elizabeth Trueheart Harris '49 
*Mary Lawrence Harris 79 
*Elisabeth Wallace Hartman '53 
*Ann Petescb Hazzard '51 
*Mary Groetzinger Heard '63 

* Nancy Bean Hector '43 
*Katherine Powell Heller 78 

Paula Brumm Hennessy 73 
^Dorothy Marks Herbruck '51 
*Anne Day Herrmann '64 
*Anna Mary Chidester 
Heywood '45 

Katharine Pauley Hickok 72 

Sarah Battle Hitch Hill 63 
Macon Winfree Hilton '62 
Betsey Sawyer Hodges '50 

* Esther Jett Holland '43 
*Martha C. Holland 72 
*Bridget O'Reilly Holmes '83 

* Margaret Millender Holmes '63 

* Lesley Bissell Hoopes '68 

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Horbatl 

* Elinor Taylor Hough '48 
*Anne Stuckle Houston '46 

Dr. and Mrs. Fred D. Hunker 
Carol Hays Hunley '81 
Marjorie Lasar Hurd '34* 

* Belle Brockenbrough Hutchins '29 

* Kathleen Meredith lacobelli '88 

* Wendy Igleheart 78 

* Dorothy Keller lliff '26 
Sarah Paradise Ingber '68 

*Jane Taylor Ix '48 
Anna M. Moore and Jack 

*Lucy Gordan Jeffers '39 
Mr. and Mrs I Rukin Jelks III 
Nancy Kegley Jenkins '42 

* Logan Phinizy Johns '36 
SMargery Scott Johnson '57 

Sally Lane lohnson '50 

Catharine Hardwick lohnston '49 
*Rose Montgomery Johnston '56 
*Dallis lohnson |ones '54 

* Katherine Doar lones '43 

* Nancy Parsons Jones '36 

* Louise Corrigan Jordan '39 
*Martha Legg Katz '52 

Narcissa Dillard Kelley '39 
*Anne Hoagland Kelsey '52 
*Mr. and Mrs. James S. Kemper III 

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Kicntz III 

Mr. and Mrs. Glen E. Kitchen, |r. 
*Cornelia Chalkley Kittler '40 

Karen E. Knaut 
*Jo Ann Soderquist Kramer '64 
*Mr. and Mrs. William A. Kroh 

* Elizabeth Landen Krone '81 
&Shapleigh Donnelly LaPointe '86 

* Elizabeth Todd Landen '50 
Drs. Oscar and Rosario Laserna 

* Frances Griffith Laserson 70 
Ella Jesse Latham '33' 

^Margaret W. Leigh 73 

* Kate Sulzberger Levi '38 
$Anne Noyes Lewis '43 

Jane Perry Liles '53 

Deborah J. Lindblom 
*Susanne Gay Linville '32 
^Elizabeth Hanger Lippincott '42 
SfeAnneCone Liptzin '61 
*|udith Perkins Llewellyn '48 
*Martha Skinner Logan '48 
& Julia Fort Lowe '63 

Susan Posey Ludeman '80 

Toni A. Luposello '83 

* Frances Graham Macllwinen '63 
Margaret Holcomb MacMillan '37 

^Elizabeth Haskell Mack '57 

* Katharine Phinizy Mackie '51 
*Kathrina Howze Maclellan '33 
^Gertrude Lewis Magavern '31* 
*Meta Bond Magevney '63 
*Marjorie Willetts Maiden '44 
*Mary Virginia Grigsby Mallett '49 
^Rebecca Douglass Mapp '37 

Nancy Snider Martin '48 

* Emily Wilkins Mason '44 
Allison lennings McCance 64 

*Stella Moore McClintock '57 

Bonnie Palmer McCloskey 70 
*Carol Blanton McCord 4" 
*Martha Hoffman McCoy 44 
*Mr. and Mrs. Norman E. 
McCulloch, Jr. 

* Louise Aubrey McFarland '54 
^Caroline Casey McGehee '49 
*Aimee Des Pland McGirt '47 
*Katherine Berthier McKelway '48* 
*Sherrie Snead McLeRoy 74 

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne E. McOwen 

* Helen Sim Mellen '31 
atCarolyn Foster Meredith '61 

Mary Lou Merkt 

Anne Taylor Merrill '69 
*|ulia Gray Saunders Michaux '39 
^Gertrude Robertson Midlen '39* 

Carol Vontz Miller '68 
&Martha lean Brooks Miller 41 
*Mary Fitzhugh Miller '64 

Ruth Courand Miller '53 
*Sue Lawton Mobley '55 

* Dorothy Lear Mooney 78 
*Ann R. Moore '69 

* Irene Mitchell Moore '42 

* Marie L. Moore 70 

&Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell L. Moore 
^Lucille Orr Morrison '67 
&Makanah Dunham Morriss '66 

Mr. and Mrs. John B. Morse, Jr. 

Elisabeth S. Muhlenfeld 
SEvelyn D. Mullen '31 
&Grace Bugg Muller-Thym '42 

Christine Kulczycki Murray '68 

* Ernestine White Murray '44 
^Elizabeth Doucett Neill '41 

* Diane King Nelson '48 

* Elizabeth Schmeisser Nelson '43 
*Jane W. Nelson '66 

*Mrs. Lawrence G. Nelson 
*Mary Johnson Nelson '64 
*Theda Sherman Newlin '32 
&Mr. and Mrs. J. Wilson Newman 

* Patricia lenney Nielsen '48 

* Byron Nimocks 

&Mr. and Mrs. Alvin B. Nordhem 
(Shirley Hauseman -il 
*Anne Borough O'Connor '41 

* Nancy McVay O'Neill '43 

* Susan C. OToole 73 

* Katharine Mockett Oberteuffer '66 

* Lamar Ellis Oglesby '54 
*|eanC. Old '47 
*Mary Scully Olney '41 

& Katharine Weisiger Osborne '47 
*Mr. and Mrs. lohn P. Ottaway, Jr. 
(Cynthia Wilson '57) 
*Anna Chao Pai '57 

* Alice Perry Park '65 
*Marie Gilliam Park '50 

* Helen Addington Passano '55 
^Courtney Gibson Pelley '59 
;•, Edna Syska Peltier '42 

* Kathleen Peeples Pendleton '55 

* Deborah Haslam Peniston '66 
& Meredith Slane Person '47 

* Elaine Newton Peters '57 

* Greta Barksdale Brown Peters '66 
*Dr. and Mrs. Cornelius W. 

Charlotte Prothro Philbin '95 
^Virginia Noyes Pillsburv '44 
*Mr. and Mrs. C. Cotesworth 

Pinckney (Helen Raney '66) 
« Vernon W. Piper 
W Susan Dern Plank 73 

*Ruth Myers Pleasants 34 
AEIeanor Cain Pope 58 

Elizabeth Dykes Pope '83 
^Catherine Tift Porter 44 

Dr. Nancy Dutton Potter 

Barbara Mendelssohn Price 78 
*Mr. and Mrs. Mark H. Prothro 
&Ann Wesley Ramsey 75 
*Patsey Carney Reed '62 
*Diane Dale Reiling 73 

Collette Restaino 
^Catherine Cox Reynolds '49 
*Mr. and Mrs. Billy D. Rhoades 
^Elizabeth Hooks Richards '48 
*Susan Van Cleve Riehl '47 

Christoph Ringier 

* Carrol I Weitzel Rivers '57 

* Dorothy Price Roberts '37 
Lisa Nelson Robertson 76 

*Olive Wilson Robinson '63 
&Mary Ann Mellen Root '53 
Joan De Vore Roth 41 

* Dorothy Rouse-Bottom 49 
&Anne Wilson Rowe '57 
&Mary Moore Rowe '34 

* Frances Morrison Ruddell '35 
ftjill Steenhuis Ruffato '80 
^Elizabeth Moore Rusk '26 

Lynn Pearson Russell '69 

* Betty Jackson Ryan '48 
^Christie Calder Salomon '64 

* Betty Van Dusen Samson '44 
&Mary Love Ferguson Sanders '43 

* Helen |. Sanford '42 

* Yvonne Leggett Sanford '39 
&Ellen Harrison Saunders 75 
&Ann Orr Savage '48 

Tracy G. Savage 70 

* Frances Dornette Schafer 70 
&Helene P. Schewel 

$Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Schroder II 

* Frances Longino Schroder '44 
*Mary Barge Schroder '39 
*|anet Monroe Schumann '56 

E. Elaine Schuster '58 
*Elizabeth Pinkerton Scott '36 

* Vivian Butler Scott '59 
$lekeOsinga Scully 78 
&Mary Lou Morton Seilheimer '63 
^Caroline Rudulph Sellers '46' 

* Eleanor Bosworth Shannon '47 
^Frances Bell Shepherd '55 

* Dorothy Wyart Shields '58 
*Susan Hendricks Slayman '60 

Marcia Fowler Smiley '49* 
Anne Thomson Smith '36 

* Betty Haverty Smith '44 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Smith 

* Ellen S.Smith '87 

* Frances Street Smith '52 
&Lochrane Coleman Smith 76 
*Mary Virginia Camp Smith 36 
*Alice Allen Smyth '62 

* Douglas Woods Sprunt '42 
Frederic C. St. Aubyn 

* Agnes Cleveland Stackhouse '31 
*Melanie Bowen Steglich 78 
""lynor Neblett Stephens '57 

Courtney Stevenson '66 
fcCharlotte Snead Stifel '52 

ludifh Bensen Stigle '67 

William W. Stover, Jr. 
*Ruth Lowrance Street '27 
#|osephine Reid Stubbs '30 

Julia K. Sutherland 78 
&Paulett Long Taggart 44 

* Margaret Cromwell Taliaferro '49 
*Nancy St. Clair Tallev. 56 

* Elvira McMillan Tate '65 
lane Findlay Tate 43 

*Vera Blake Thiers 77 

* Isabel Gaylord Thompson '45 
*|ane Arensberg Thompson '61 
sRay Henley Thompson '62 
^Eleanor St. Clair Thorp '58 

Janet Smalley Todd 78 
*Ruth UllandTodd '22 
*|ane Roseberry Tolleson '52 
« Teresa Pike Tomlinson '87 

* Virginia Hudson Toone '53 
Terry Starke Tosh 75 

*Newell Bryan Tozzer '55 
*Betsy Gilmer Tremain '42 

Ann Goldmann Uloth '83 

Georgene M. Vairo 72 

* Margaret West Valentine '55 
*Sally Schall Van Allen '42 
^Virginia Wurzbach Vardv '48 
^Dorothy Barnum Venter 35 
» Adeline lones Voorhees '46 
«|ane Tatman Walker '60 
*|udith Atkins Wall '61 
^Margaret Storey Wasson '61 

Amelia M. Watkins '87 
#HelenGravattWatt 44 
*Lee Montague Watts '39 
*Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Webb 
&|ane Bradley Wheeler '64 

Alice Stansbury White '52 
*HediHaug White '64 

* Karen Kniskern White '43 
Kenneth S. White 
Elizabeth D. Whitley 75 

* Margaret Richards Wiederseim 78 

* Elizabeth Colwill Wiegers '59 
*Cecil Butler Williams '47 

* Elizabeth Plunkett Williams '48 
Sally Smith Williams 48 

^Marjorie Woods Williamson '44* 
*Courtenay Sands Wilson '66 
Nancy Hardt Winter 74 
Bonnie Mathews Wisdom 28 
Bet Bashinsky Wise 75 
^Melissa Gentry Witherow '80 

* Helen Pender Withers '48 
&Ariana Jones Wittke '46 
*Camilla Crocker Wodehouse 71 
"? Helen Davis Wohlers '45 
*Johanna Yaple Wolski 70 

* Edith Norman Wombwell '53 
&Diane Duffield Wood 57 

* Elizabeth Bond Wood 34 
*Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Wood III 

(Mina Walker '62) 
*Mr. and Mrs. James A. Woods 

Barbara Boiling Woodward '64 
*Cornelia R. Woodworth '86 

Merrilee Davies Wroten '93 

* Susan Snodgrass Wynne 72 

* Dorothy Malone Yates '42 
Cynthia Noland Young '40 

* Marion Mundy Young '42 
Patricia Gromel Young '66 

*Mr. and Mrs. Elwin J. Zarwell 

* Louise Swiecki Zingaro '80 
*Jane Lewis Zollicoffer '50 

# Donor tor past live vears 
■ Deceased 

19 97-1998 H N 

R R C 


The Junior Boxwood Circli 

fund Agents 

Holh Caswell King '92, Co-Chair 
Katherine Lindse) \uchtei 

Wife) \ Hen 

Elizabeth Henslev Martin '91 
Beth K. Roland '89 
Sara D. Selby '9b 
lean Spillane '90 

I C. Stone '95 
KaraR I 

The lunior Boxwood Circle honors 

' I on- 
tribute $10t >S800, depending on 


Amanda M. Acuff '97 

Landis E. Addison '97 

Nessim A. Al-Yafi '97 

Alicia Allen '97 

Lisa Haggart Arnold '88 

Susanna M. Bader '97 

Ann E. Barrett '97 

Patricia H. Baughman '97 

Natalie K. Beidler '97 

Heather E. Benhard '97 

Christina A. Benson '97 

Kabaye Berhanu '97 

Pamela Subranni Berman '93 

Sarah L. Betz '97 

Katrina Balding Bills '97 

Lucretia C. Bock '97 

Stephanie A. Brundage '92 

Virginia L. Brundage '97 

Alison A. Burnett '97 

Courtney I. Burt '97 

Jill E. Butcher '97 

Jennifer Brodlieb Cacioppo '92 

Melissa A. Cameron '97 

Amy L. Campbell '97 

Melanie L. Chriscoe '97 

Catherine L. Clarkson '97 
&Marissa Ashe Cole '93 

Sharon R. Colquitt '97 

Amy E. Cook '97 
*Polly C. Crawford '93 

Lisa C. Crego '92 

Heather L. Cushman '97 

Sarah |. Dennis '96 

Mary Margaret Dixon '96 

Margaret McClellan Driscoll '92 

Elizabeth F. DuCharme '97 

Stephanie H. Dudley '96 

Amelia E. Dudman '96 

lesse W. Durham '96 

Annette C. Dusenbury '97 

Amy C. Earehart '97 

Catherine H. Ehlen '95 
*Debra A. Elkins '93 
fcKimberley McGraw Euston '92 

Amy E. Everett '97 
^Catherine Gornto Freeman '92 

Thea A. Galenes '97 

Stephanie |. Garcia '97 
*Kelly K. Gardner '93 

Katrina Evans Gatti '88 

Ml E. Gavitt '97 
* Elizabeth A. Gilkeson '93 

Allison Miree Gillespie '90 

Karen Greer Goss '89 

Jessica D. Grass '97 

English E. Griffith '95 

katherine Gumerson '97 

Renee E. Gunn 97 
MisonS Hall 97 

Mm L. Harbour '97 

Carlene L. Harper '94 

knsten McCowan Hartley '97 

Susan C. Heale) 97 

Gwendolyn Hickey-Babcock '95 

Jessica M. Hiveley '97 

Susan Messikomer '93 

Elizabeth L. Hunter 97 
* Kathleen Meredith lacobelli '88 

Tracy E. Imse '93 

lulia Ingelido '97 

Michelle M.laniak '97 

Margaret H. Jenkins '97 

Jessica E. John '95 

Katherine L. Johnston '97 
*Keeley Sullivan Jurgovan '92 

Sophia Kassim '97 

Nicole M. Kelleher '97 

Tanya R. Ketchum '97 
*Holly Caswell King '92 

Laura Baker Knights '93 

Courtney B. Lammers '97 

Catherine R. Lanter '96 

Laura S. Lechler '96 

Ronda |. Lehenbauer '97 

Ann E. Lindquist '92 

Jennifer M. Lister '97 

Kathryn Hall Lombardi '97 

Conner C. Louis '97 

Amy T. Louthan '97 

Margaret A. MacDonald '97 

Katherine |. Maxwell '95 

Kathryn A. May '94 

Katherine M. McCartney '97 

Stacey McClam 93 

Elizabeth M. Mcintosh '97 

Stacy E. McKimm '97 

Gail I. Mesdag '97 

Virginia R. Miller '97 

Rebecca D. Moats '97 

Christina L. Muir '97 

Sutapa Mukherjee '93 

Susanne E. Nifong '97 

Kerry S. O'Donnell '93 

Ashley Thorner Olerich '96 

Catherine A. Osuna '97 

Stephanie M. Pappanikou '97 

Janine C. Paris-Mesanko '96 

Bhavi N. Patel '97 

Maia E. Pearson '97 

Charlotte Prothro Philbin '95 

Lucinda L. Polley '97 

Laura M. Powell '96 

Kerri A. Rawlings '97 

Sarah E. Reidy '96 

Leslie |. A. Rodgers '94 

Lindemann M. Rollenhagen '97 

Reneca R. Rose '97 

Amy Biathrow Ross '94 

Ute Koehler Sartin '97 

Sara E. Schmalz '97 

Alexa T. Schriempf '97 

Katherine K. Seder '97 

Ana-Marija Simic '96 

Sophie L. A. Simonard '97 

Kristen B. Swenson '93 

Ethel B. Stewart '97 

Caitlin N. Sundby '94 

Tasha M. Swales '97 

lennifer |. Swisher '97 

Elizabeth Stinnett Taylor '93 

Vaiana J. Teriitehau '97 

Heather M. Terry '97 

Cassandra L. Thomas '97 

Martha H. Tinnell '97 

Courtney L. Totushek '97 

Linda W. Towers '96 

Laura Swope Townsend '95 
Laura Warren Underwood '93 
Norma Bulls Valentine '93 
Desiree E. Valenzuela '97 
Kara R. Vlasaty '97 
Melanie E. Vracas '97 
lennifer M. Wagner '97 
Hilarie S. Wakefield '95 
Alison C. Wallis '96 
Theresa L. Walters '96 
Katherine G. Warner '95 
Kathrvn Black Watson '97 
Sarah Clifford Weaver '95 
Katherine V. Whitby '95 
Tracy Camden Wilburn '93 
Leigh C. Wilson '97 
Merrilee Davies Wroten '93 
Paige Peabody Yager '97 
Amy D. Yakubinis '97 

The Golden Stairs 

Donors ol %ifts between $500 and 

ire recognized bv member- 
ship in The Golden Stairs. This 
year's membership reached 279 
up from the 1996-97 memh, 
of 271 and 236 in 199 

* Ralph Aiken' 

Mary Ann Albright '83 
*Kristy Alderson 73 
*Mr. and Mrs. Ted 0. Anderson 

* Victoria L. Archer '81 

* Norma Bradley Arnold '44 
|an Huguenin Assmus '69 
Eleanor Hirsch Baer '53 

* Nancy Thompson Baker '50 
Robin E. Behm 79 

Mr. and Mrs. Randall L. Bell 
&Polly Benson-Brown '58 

Marcia Rhodes Berglund '55 
*Elizabeth Gillespie Billings '84 
Lee Brown Billingsley '58 
Elizabeth Barnes Bird '39 
Lucinda Michel Blakely '66 

* Suzanne Edinger Boas '68 
^Catherine Sims Boman 

Constance Tunnell Bond '48* 

* Desiree M. Bouchat '83 
*Gracey Luckett Bradley '39 

Martha J. Brewer '69 

* Phyllis Herndon Brissenden '55 
Anne Bowen Broadus '44 
Mary Jane Hipp Brock 70 

*Helen Bauer Bruckmann 78 
*Ann-Barrett Holmes Bryan '49 
*Susan lackson Burns '48 

Frances Simmons Byerly '43 
*Mary Swift Calhoun '31 

Mary Altgelt Campbell '62 
£Dr. Anthony Caprio 
*Rew Price Carne '59 
*Mary Housel Carr '38 

Joseph F. Carroll 

* Victoria McCullough Carroll 84 

* Donna Robinson Cart '52 

* Elsie Prichard Carter '59 
Elizabeth Brewer Caughman 70 
Mary E. Cave '53 

*Bettye Thomas Chambers '62 
Victoria Chumney '87 

*Glenys Dyer Church 73 
Lynn Adams Clark '61 
Catherine L. Clarkson '97 

*Kirkland Tucker Clarkson '53 

&|eanne Posselt Clear '41 

* Alexandra Carpenter Cole '58 
» Eleanor Wright Conway '32 
*Mary McClure Conway '63 

*Carol D. Cone 

* Valerie Fanm i! 

|i ii a Sinnott Cotreau '86 
Virginia Baldwin Cox '69 
*Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth H. 
Crandall |i 

* Louise Martin ( n ason 72 

* Faith Rahmer Croker '54 

Mr ami Mrs. William M. Cullom 

* Marcia Morrison Curtis '34 
*DianeDalton '67 
*Sally Dobson Danforth '59 
*Sallie Legg De Martine 49 

* Diana G.Dent '50 
Catharine Doolin Dickey '48 

SEIizabeth Avery Durt 45 

* Marie Shields Duke 76 
Augusta Harrison Dunstan '88 
Mrs. Leslie R. Dyer, )r. 
Elizabeth Walker Dykes '54 

^Frances Earlv '62 
&Julie Micou Eastwood '51 

* Putnam Mundy Ebinger 70 
Nancy Moses Eubanks '48 

■SKimberley McGraw Euston '92 
Heather Colson Ewing '90 

#Mary Rich Ewing '36 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Fahy 
Dr. and Mrs. Eric B. Farber 

* Augusta Saul Farrier '39 
^Constance Currie Fleming '40 

* Virginia Squibb Flynn '32 
*Chloe Fort '62 

*Sally Bianchi Foster '50 
*Mary Carter Frackelton 72 
&|eanne Morrell Garlington '48 
^Caroline Chobot Garner '54 
*Ann Gateley 70 

Mary Waterman Gildehaus '69 
*Anne Kilby Gilhuly '55 
^Elizabeth A. Gilkeson '93 

Robert M.Gill 

Allison Miree Gillespie '90 

Susan Hill Glick '68 
*Wayne Stokes Goodall '48 

Patricia Roby Gotfredson '84 

Madeleine F. Green 

Mary E. Gress '68 
*Ann Peterson Griffin '68 

Mary Sutherland Gwinn '65 
*Metta Streit Halla '55 
^Elizabeth Wood Hancock '63 
*Lynn Prior Harrington '58 

* Dale Hurler Harris '53 
Martha Mattern Harvey '64 
Stacey Sickels Heckel '88 

*Susan Moseley Helm '66 
Floride Buchanan Heyward '58 
Deborah Ziegler Hopkins 73 
Susan Messikomer Horenkamp '93 

Planet Rakoczy Hudson 78 
Arthur F. Humphrey III 
Susan Scales Hunt '87 

* Lauren MacMannis Huyett 79 

* Marian Shanley Jacobs '44 
*|ulia Mills Jacobsen '45 

Kathleen Hsu |eong '64 

* Martha Black Jordan '53 

* Donna Pearson Josey '64 
Leon J. Kaplan 

*Mary A. Kelley 70 

* Nancy Vaughn Kelly '48 
*Keenan Colton Kelsey '66 
*Melissa McGee Keshishian 71 
«Sally Old Kitchin 76 

Marilyn K. Kolb 71 
*Ianet Hiestand Koller '63 
Michael S. Koppisch 
Mr. and Mrs. Albert M. 

*|ane Shipman Kuntz '58 
^Margaret Johnson Lai" 

in inda Young Larson 73 
*Jane Lawdei 15 

loroth) Moure Lawson '59 
*Emilie Emory Lear\ 

Emma Riely Lemaire'30 
*Dr. and Mrs. George H. Lenz 

* I liane M. Leslie 73 
Mucia Woods I indli 
^Elizabeth lohnston Lipscomb '59 

Linda Lipscomb 73 
^Valerie Stoddard Loring '59 
^Virginia Timmons Ludwick '53 

Mary Slollenwerck Lynch '63 
^Patricia Sparks Lyndon '68 

Katherine Macdonald 

* Brooke Patterson Mahlstedt '65 
&Nanci Hay Mahoney '54 
*Peachey Lillard Manning '50 
*Robert G. Marshall 

Dr. and Mrs. A. Dallas Martin, Jr. 
^Constance Somervell Matter '48 

Mr. and Mrs. H. W. H. Maxwell 

* Deborah Koss McCarthy 77 
Caroline Miller McClintock '43 
Mary Barbour McCrea '48 

* Marie Musgrove McCrone '49 
*Cynthia McKay 78 

$ Joanna Fink Meeks '34 

*Anne Milbank Mell 71 
Karen Gill Meyer '63 

*Lee Mackubin Miller '66 

^Margaret Sandidge Miller '37 
Warren Moore Miller 72 
Mildred Moon Montague '40 

* Nancy P. Moody '54 
&Jane D. Mooney 77 

& Dorothy Myers Morehead '42 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Moring 

* Virginia Van Winkle Morlidge '28 
^Carter Heyward Morris 73 

* Elvira Whitehead Morse '48 

* Miriam Molander Moss '62 
K Rosemary Newby Mullen '45 

Marcia Nass 
*|ane Shoesmilh Newcomb '48 
w Lindsay Smith Newsom '67 
& Molly Reeb Nissman 77 

Julia A. Northrup 70 
&Mr. and Mrs. Peyton Norville 

* Martha Bulkley O'Brien '59 

& Dorothy Campbell O'Connor '40 

Sarah Whitener O'Connor '63 
^Susanna Bernard Odence '55 
*Leila Kucewicz Parham '63 
w Isabel Grayson Parish '53 
*Ann N. B. Parks '39 
^Barbara Searles Parrett '41 
*Olivia Cantey Patton '53 
*Mr. and Mrs. S. F. Pauley 

* Phoebe Brunner Peacock '68 
Elizabeth G. Perry 73 

&C. Gregg Petersmeyer 
&Anne Allen Pflugfelder '54 
&June Arata Pickett '53 
$Mr. and Mrs. E. Lee Piepho 
*Andria Calhoun Plonka '67 

Janice E. Pogue 71 

lane G. Potts 73 

Anne Little Poulet '64 
*M. Anne Powell '88 

Allen Boyd Puckett III 

* Elizabeth Kernan Quigley '48 

* Louise Weston Rainey 74 
Bruce I. Rakay 

&Gail Anderson Ramey '64 
#Milbrey Sebring Raney '65 


♦ Donor for past five years 

• Deceased 


Patricia ). Reardor 

Anne Leavell Reynolds '63 
ft Mary Hudgins Rice '47 
ftMary Barren Robertson '48 

H. Therese Robinson '83 
ft Barbara Collis Rodes '56 

* Frances A. Root '80 
Victoria Wolf Rosenfield '86 
Nathalie M. Ryan 42 

ftGloria Sanderson Sartor 4J 
ft Jean Oliver Sartor '39 

L Angelyn Schmid '87 

Kelly B. Schmitt '94 
fcMr. and Mrs. John H.Scott 

* Beverly Benson Seamans '50 

* Harriet Houston Shatter '64 
ft Jane Russo Sheehan '52 
ftLola Steele Shepherd '50 

* Beatrice Backer Simpson '48 
ft Anne Kleeman Sites 4" 

ft lane Collins Sjoberg '53 
ftBlandina |ones Skilton '35 
ft Emily Pleasants Smith '65 
Kathleen Keogh Snelling '88 

* Marion Brown Snider '38 
ftSuzette Morton Sorenson 4" 
^Caroline Birdsall Sory '61 

* Nancy Salisbury Spencer '56 
Patti Birge Spivey '61 

* Margaret Jones Steuart '54 
ft Anne Green Stone '53 

* Betty Behlen Stone 5 1 

ft Valeria Parker Storms '58 
ft Ann Percy Stroud '62 

* Virginia Burgess Struhsaker 44 

* Elizabeth Hemenway Sullivan 78 
ftCindy Sorenson Sutherland 74 

* Margaret Robinson Tallmadge '81 
ft Ann Collins Teachout '54 
ftMartha Owen Thatcher '48 

Mr. and Mrs. )ames E. Theodores 

Douglas Dockery Thomas '62 
ftMargaret Smith Thomasson '36 
ftlanet D.Thorpe '39 

Suzanne Stryker Ullrich 78 
A Pamela Trimingham Van Dyck '68 

Claire Cartwright Vaughan 78 
ft Ann May Via '54 
ft Jane Richardson Vieth '46 

* Linda Mae Visocan '87 
ftMaria Carozza Volpe '62 
ftLaura Campbell Walker '68 
ft Bess Pratt Wallace '48 
ftHelen Gwinn Wallace '41 
*Edith Brainerd Walter '42 
ftPatricia Whitaker Waters '44 

Sarah Clifford Weaver '95 
ftLanghorne Tuller Webster '58 
ftWendyC. Weiler ~1 
ftCharles M. Weis 
ft Mrs. Richard C. Weiss 
*Ann Marshall Whitley, 4" 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul G. Wiley II 
ftEleanor Keen Williams '68 
W Gail Zarwell Winkler 76 

Kathleen Harris Wray '63 
ft Anne loyce Wyman '53 

* Barbara Smith Young 71 
ftMargaret Mapp Young '67 

The Junior Bench 

The 1997-98 junior Bench . 
corned i87 membet- * 

Amanda M. Acuff '97 
WAnne Ellice Adan 

* Deborah Butteri Akers 77 
ft Heather Pirnie Albert '82 
ftDiana Stout Allen '42 

Holly Pflug Allport '84 

loan lohnston Ambrose '63 

ft Lucy Otis Anderson '63 

ftMona Thornhill Armiste.n 

ft Dr. and Mrs. Gregory T 

ft Barbara Gracey Backer "1 
ftAnnabell Brock Badrow '48 
ft Dr. and Mrs. lames L. Baldwin 

Marguerite Emmert Baldwin '46 
ftEthel Green Banta '55 
leanne Beard Barden 78 
loanne Harrier Barker '60 
ftKathryn Beard '55 
ft Sophie MacKenzie Belouet '68 
*Sally-Ann Sells Bensur 79 
ftMelissa Lohr Berge '63 
ftjanet MacFarlan Bergmann '38 
ftSuzanne Seaman Berry '61 
ftFrances Weil Binswanger '34 

Drusilla Hall Bishop 78 
*Mr. and Mrs. lames H. Black IV 

* Barbara Blair 

* Patricia McClay Boggs '55 
ft Virginia Quintard Bond '31 

* Martha Neil I Boney 72 
lane Merkle Borden '65 
Barbara Sampson Borsch '59 
Saralee Cowles Boteler 79 

ftLaura Hailey Bowen '56 
ftElizabeth Rodgers Boyd '84 
Dr. and Mrs. loseph B. Boyd 
ftElizabeth Bulkley Bradley '61 
lane Williams Bradley '44 
Susanne Turner Brennan '83 

* Betty Suttle Briscoe '34 

ft Mary Dame Stubbs Broad '50 
ft Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Brodie 
ftludith Hartwell Brooks '62 
ftRhoda Allen Brooks 71 
ftMartha Ake Brouse '36 
ftEllen Moseley Brown 71 

* Nancy Dixon Brown '63 
ftCecilia A. Bryant '68 
ftLurline Tolbert Buppert '65 

Anne Cogswell Burris 75 
ft lean Shaw Byrne '65 
Jennifer Brodlieb Cacioppo '92 

* Deborah Ryan Cairns 74 
Mary lohnson Campbell '58 

ftSuzanne Jones Cansler '63 

* Barbara Smith Carter '40 
ft Anne Elliott Caskie '53 
ft Anne Sniffen Cates 71 

Annette Teng Cheung 79 
ftLucy Canary Church '61 
ftAnne Macfarlane Clark '45 
ftlane Black Clark '56 

Dr. and Mrs. Terrence T. Clark 

Nan Robertson Clarke 73 
ftMr. and Mrs. David R. Clayton 

leannette Singleton Cloyd 75 
ftMr. and Mrs. William H. 

Cogswell III 
ftVivian Yamaguchi Cohn 77 

* Eleanor Myers Cole 46 

Dr. and Mrs. Malcolm H. Cole, Jr. 

* Hazel Stamps Collins '32 

ftShirley Sutliff Cooper '55 
ftSheila Carroll Cooprider '64 
ftPaula Ayotte Corwin '67 
ftPaula Wirtzman Craighill '63 

* Polly C.Crawford '93 

ft Virginia Ramsey Crawford '59 
ftCarolineGibbesCrosswell 71 
ftLynne Smith Crow '64 
ftLaura L. Crum 79 

Lucy Call Dabney '42 
ftCarolyn Conley Danley '46 

Jane R. Davenport 70 

* Nancy Daugherty Davidson '82 
Holly Chaikowski Davis '61 

ft Monica F. Dean 
Andrea Denson-Wechsler '62 

* Barbara Tessin Derry 72 
*Betty Emerick Dethlets '43 
ftMargaret Huxley Dick '36 
ft Ann King Dietrich '53 
ftCathleen Gilmore Dietz 75 

* Peter B. Dirlam 

ftMr. and Mrs. loseph M. Dixon, Jr. 
ftCynthia Abbott Dougherty '42 
ftElizabeth Healy Downing '45 

Shannon Thompson Eadon '80 
ftjoan McCoy Edmonds '47 
ftjessie Strickland Elcock '46 
ft Wendy Worthen Elliott 79 

Dana Dotten Endacott 78 
ftC. Lee Essrig 72 

Janet Pehl Ettele '57 
ftStuart Bohannon Evans '61 

Caroline Miller Ewing '53 
*Patricia Dolph Fallon '84 
ft Jennifer Stockwell Ferguson 73 
ft Mary Berkeley Fergusson '50 

Sarah Kalber Fiedler '66 

* Marian R. Finney '82 
■ft Frances Butt Fisher '66 
ftMary Vinton Fleming '46 
ftCarolyn Irvine Forbes '48 
ftSarah Tomlinson Foscue '38 

* Marion Malm Fowler '32* 
ft Page E. Franson '87 
ftCatherine Gornto Freeman '92 

* Natalie Roberts Funk '66 
ftCarol Provence Gallivan 73 

Sharon McGralh Gardner '81 
ftMary Davis Garone '81 
ftToni Naren Gates '67 
ftCapel Grimes Gerlach '36 

Ethel Getgood 

Constance Hancock Getman '48 

Mary Ware Gibson '83 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Kevin Gilgan 
ft Anne Cooke Gilliam '40 
ftSuzanne Lockley Glad '51 
ft Adelaide Boze Glascock '40 
ft Jane Piper Gleason 74 

* Rebecca Frost Good 77 
ftLucy Regester Goode '51 

Jane Goodridge '63 
Nancy Douthat Goss '55 
ftludy Wilson Grant '66 

* Elizabeth S.Gray '33 
Jane Powell Gray 72 

ftElna Green 

ftCatherine Smart Grier '46 

*M. Keating Griffiss '60 

ftKatherine C. Grones 79 
Ann Young Habliston '82 
Dr. and Mrs. Victor Haddad 

^Virginia Moomaw Hall '42 

ftMr. and Mrs. Thomas W. 

*MaryStagg Hamblen 53* 

ftMary E. Hannah '62 

ftMargaret May Hardei 

* Harriet Hazen Harnack '45 
Eleanor Magruder Harris 74 
lane M. Hatcher '61 

ft Kim Hershey Hatcher 78 

Elizabeth Oliver Hawkins '68 
ftElizabeth Brown-Serman H. 
ftKatherine A. Hearn '85 

* Barbara Cain Hegarh 73 

* Sarah Easter Henderson '50 
Lucy Hervier 

ft Virginia Heizer Hickenlooper '38 
Gwendolyn Hickey-Babcock '95 

ft Ann Ramsey Hill 78 
Pauline Woodward Hill '31 

ft Iris Poneiger Hinchman '56 

ft Dorothy Duncan Hodges '57 

* Linda Schwaab Hodges '65 
Ethel A. Holladay '83 
Barbara Mathews Holley '54 
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard J. 

ftMr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Horak 
ftjing Wang Huang '68 

Mary Chesnutt Hunt '69 

Alicia Markey Hutter '89 

Ann Biggs lackson '68 
ft Barbara Garforth lackson '55 
ftSara Callison Jamison '29 

* Rosemary Bjorge lohnson '40 
ftShirley Levis Johnson '47 

ft Arnold Susong Jones '36 
ft Dona Van Arsdale lones '64 

* *inne Wimbish Kasanin '59 
ftAlice Mitchell Keister '70 

Pamela Ford Kelley '67 
ftMary Fontaine Keown '63 
ftHolly Caswell King '92 
ftWistar Watts King '46 
^Marguerite Kramer Kircher 84 

Polly Shriver Kochan 75 

Marc-Olivier Langlois 

* Blair Walker Lawrence '68 
ftKarol A. Lawson '81 

Elsie Landram Layton '50 
ftCatharine Bracher Leggett 43 
ftDeirdreA. Leland'68 
ftRuth Willingham Lentz 74 
ftElizabeth Grones Leonard 76 

* Lynda Overly Levengood '64 
ftElizabeth Lewis '69 

Elizabeth Randolph Lewis '63 
Nancy Palermo Lietz '86 

* Nancy Robinson Lindberg 78 
ft Jean Morris Long '54 
ftBeatrice Dingwell Loos '46 

Virginia Bramlett Lowrance '54 
ftElisabeth Fletcher Lubin '80 
Ann Key Lucas 78 

* Frances Matton Luckett '45 

* Nancy Coppedge Lynn '61 
Tracy Gatewood Lyons '83 

ft Michael ). Madden 
*Julia Easley Mak '49 

* Nancy Blackwell Marion 74 
Elaine Deshler Marshall 70 
Dr. and Mrs. Virgil H. Marshall 
Jamie Planck Martin '81 
Genevieve Maxon-Stark 

*Alice E. McBee 41 
Lenena Archard McCampbell '85 

* Elizabeth Parker McColl '63 
ftMarjorie McGraw McDonald '60 
ftMary Lee McDonald '65 
ftCarter Donnan McDowell '57 

9? Ellen Sellers McDowell 73 

* Nancy B. McDowell '63 
ftSarah Kennedy McGroarty '7. 

Anne Gregg Mclver '61 
ftDorothea Campbell McMillan '66 

Cynthia Moorhead McNair '53 
ftCarson Freemon Meinen '80 
ftLucy Chapman Millar '83 

* leannette Bush Miller 71 
ftMr. and Mrs. C. Robert Monnich 

Bettie Lee Moore 77 
ftLouise P. Moore '50 
ftMary Louise Kelley Moore '62 
ftCharlotte Orr Moores '55 
ftMarilyn Garabrant Morris '66 
ft Miriam Baker Morris '83 
ftjanet Trosch Moulton '39 
ftCharlotte Sprunt Murchison '46 

* Helen Turner Murphy '56 

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Naquin 
ft Laura Conway Nason '61 

Carol Newman 71 
ft Lossie Taylor Noel I '41 
ft Louise Konsberg Noll '44 

Virginia Marchant Noyes '59 

Denise Wisell O'Connor 71 
ft Nan E. O'Keeffe '53 

Ashley Thorner Olerich '96 
ftMary lane Schroder Oliver '62 
'•■Mildred O'Neal Palmer '52 

Nancy Keen Butterworth 
Palmer '51 
ft Kathleen Papadimitriou '84 

Mar) Hamilton Parsons 78 
ft Viola Graveure Patek '66 

Mr and Mrs David G. Peek 
ftKathleen Garcia Pegues 71 
ft Elizabeth Few Penfield '60 
ft Elizabeth Graves Perkinson '48 
*Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Pike 

Bonnie L. Pitman '68 
*Ruth Ptingsten Polster '38 
ftArdis Fratus Porter '48 
ftElizabeth Tyson Postles '31 
ftAnn Hauslein Potterfield '42 

Hallie Nixon Powell 46 

Christine Mendel Prewitt 73 
ftCynthia Vaughn Price '31 
ftRobinRutter Price "2 
ftElizabeth Cate Pringle '62 
ftMartha Bennett Pritchett '68 
ftBarbara Munter Purdue '32 
ft Patricia Owens Purvis '50 
ft Sarah Massey Rankin '68 
ftElizabeth Kelly Ravitz '85 
ftElizabeth D.Rawles 75 

Noel McKissick Reber 78 

Mary McDuffie Redmond '47 

Judge and Mrs. Richard L. Reeh 
ft Louise Lembeck Reydel '41 
ft Peggy Moore Ripley '52 
ft Frances L. Robb '48 
ftCaroline Moody Roberts '53 

Sarah Archibald Roberts '83 
ft Doris Brody Rosen '51 

Susan Rowat-Steiner '81 
ftElizabeth BeltzRowe 48 
ftFrancesMeek Roue 42 

Charlotte Garber Rudulph '43 
ft Susan Griste Russell 78 
ftCynthia Sinclair Rutherford 54 
ft Ruth Frame Salzberg '58 
*|o Schneider Samp 77 
ftMargaret Mackie Sanders 71 

Dicksie Lee Waterhouse 
Sandifer '61 
ftludith Welton Sargent '59 

Ute Kdehler Sartin '97 
ft Evelyn Ware Saunders '30 

Kathryn Smith Schauer '56 
ftAnne Parker Schmalz '62 
ftMargaret Cornwell Schmidt '37 
ftKathleen Cochran Schutze 73 
ftSarah J. Scott 77 

$ Donor for past five years 
' Deceased 


* Elizabeth Duke Seaman '59 
Mr. and Mrs. Craig M. Sherman 
Beverly 0. Srmec 

*Anne Smith Simet '63 

Bliss Simmons '87 
#Slephanie Harmon Simonard 72 
&Sarah Garrison Skidmore '56 

Adelaide lohnston Skoglund 70 
*Wylie lameson Small '83 
^Catherine Brownlee Smeltzer '59 
^Margaret Lotterhos Smith t4 
*Wendy Weiss Smith 71 
jKynthia Hubard Spangler '63 
^Caroline Hawk Sparrow '81 

* Katharine Osborne Spirtes 75 
Ann Maricle Stetano 78 
Man/ Clarkson Stein '82 
Ellen R. Stelling 73 

^Catherine Lawder Stephenson '39 
Patricia Cesak Stephenson 73 
Ethel B. Stewart '97 

* Nedra Greer Stimpson 51 
*Winitred Hagberg St. Peter '38 
#Mary Lane Bryan Sullivan '58 
#Marie E. Sushka '67 

Cornelia Kennedy Suskind '81 
*Grace E. Suttle '60 
Tasha M. Swales '97 

* Nancy Conkle Swann '66 
fcMartha Madden Swanson '66 

Marie Holman Swayze '47 
ANancy St. Clair Talley '56 
*Jo Ann Roderick Tankard '90 

Dorsey Redmond Teague '86 

Kathryn Telfer 74 

Grace Quirk Thompson '88 
& Margaret Lee Thompson '31* 
Sloan Vail Thome '51 

Tate McArthur Todd '48 
^Sandra Schwartz Trapper 73 

Mr. and Mrs. lohn C. Turtle 
*Patricia Williams Twohy '58 
*Carolyn Dickinson Tynes '56 

Ellen Byrne Utterback 79 

Lee Cooper van de Velde 58 
#Lucy Dennington Van Zandt 73 
*Anne Souder von Weise '86 

Karen H. Waldron 75 
^Christine Devol Wardlow '63 

* Betty Byrne Gill Ware '55 
Malloy Wright Warren '48 

*Mr. and Mrs. Woodward A. 
Warrick, |r. 

* Barbara Chase Webber '54 
lane Feltus Welch '55 

* Dorothy C. Westby '60 

* Barbara Holman Whitcomb '41 
*Helen Littleton White '41 
*Wendelin A. White 74 
*Margaret Ballard Whitehurst '39 
*|oan McCarthy Whileman '49 
^Catherine Cranston Whitham 75 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Whitley 
*Patricia Calkins Wilder '63 

Roselise Holmes Wilkinson '49 
*Eleanor Clatlin Williams '39 
*|ane Dildy Williams '55 
*Mildred Gill Williamson '38 
Ellen Thackray Wilson '46 
Hildee Williams Wilson '89 
Margaret Street Wilson '64 
fcEmily Coxe Winburn '55 
Betty Bentsen Winn '53 

* Betty Cocke Wright '45 
*|oan Broman Wright '56 

Alexandra Bernard Wyllie '86 

Ann H. Yauger 78 
*Ann Benet Yellott '51 
*Marthalyn Rushing Yocum '44 
$|acqueline Lowe Young '53 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Zak 
* Amanda Ottaway Zambetti '89 
*Page McFall Ziebold '60 

The Hitching Post 

Contributors of $100 to 

members of The Hitching 
Post. This fa 
corned 1 >90 members in I i| 

Leland R. Abbey 

* Eleanor Goodspeed Abbott '44 
sHouise Brandes Abdullah '54 

Mariorie Levine Abrams '52 

* Mary Dohs Acey '60 
Mrs. Victor Ackermann 

*|anice Wiley Adams '38 

Tempe Kyser Adams '48 

Landis E. Addison '97 

Elaine O. Ahnell 

Mr. and Mrs. Dale B. Alberda 
^Leslie Carson Albizzatti '90 
SMarion Walker Alcaro '35 
*Martha Williams Alday '44 
^Margaret Rvan Ale 76 
^Shirley Haywood Alexander '38 

Beverly Alexandre 
*Courtney Banton Alford '87 

Alicia Allen '97 

* Kathleen Ward Allen '40 
*Mary Armstrong Allen '29 

Sara Bryan Allen '43 
&Jean Meyer Aloe '63 

* Kathryn Fulton Alston '48 
Nessim A. Al-Yafi '97 

* Beverley Sharp Amberg '65 

* Katherine Amsden '53 
*|oan Motter Andersen '51 
^Cynthia Bekins Anderson 73 

Elaine Krause Anderson '45 
&|ana Bekins Anderson '59 
# lean Cole Anderson '31 

Patricia Andonian '84 

* Helen Walton Andrae '38 
&Elena Doty Angus '33 

Florence Pye Apy '53 

Deborah Pollock Arce 73 

Toni Santangelo Archibald '80 

Mr. and Mrs. David R. 

Sal I ie Bernard Armstrong 76 
^Carolyn Scott Arnold '57 

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin R. Aronhalt 
Mucinda Converse Ash '47 
*Susan Wilson Ashcom '66 
£Ann Belser Asher '50 

Mrs. Newell A. Augur, |r. 
*Mrs. George Austen, |r. 
*Mrs. Quincy C. Ayres 
*Martha Rugeley Bachman '44 

Susanna M. Bader '97 
*Sally Twedell Bagley '67 

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond A. Bahret 
*Mary Trombly Bailey '66 

Susan Lazarus Bailey '85 
&Mary Newell Baird 44 

Katherine Tarns Bairstow '80 
*Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Bake 
wVictoria J. Baker '67 

Ann Works Balderston 76 

Mary Dixson Baldwin '67 

Myra Carr Baldwin '36 

* Sydney Holmes Bales '44 
^Cecilia MacKinnon Ballard '40 
*Mary Handy Ballentine '59 

* Helen Hanson Bamford '34 

* Patricia Carroll Bankenstein 74 

Cecily Schulz Bank- 
*Ann Henderson Bannard '49 
Mr. and Mrs. Julian W. Banton 
Gretchen Bullard Barber '67 
Martha Ban howsky 76 
leanne Stoddart Barends '54 
Roberta Nelson Bargamin '58 
*Brenda Muhlinghaus Barger '65 

* Henry M. Barker 

*Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Barkley 

* Brooks Barm". 4 1 

* Patricia Levi Barnett '49 
Florence Rowe Barnick '80 
Ann E. Barrett '97 

*Vicky Thoma Barrette '65 
Dixie Boring Bassett '68 
Patricia H. Baughman '97 
Mary Alice Bennett Baumberger '42 
Patricia Sadtler Baxter '67 

* Mnna UiKnn Beard 51 
Nell Orand Beck '52 
Nancy Neighbors Becker '57 
Phyllis G. Becker 74 
Peggy Pattillo Beckham '56 

*Mr. and Mrs. |ohn H. Beebe, Jr. 

*|udith Howe Behn '65 
Natalie K. Beidler '97 

Judith Rives Bell 72 

^Katharine Spaatz Bell '41 
Mr. and Mrs. Frank P. Bellan 
Alice Butman Bellows '48 
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Belovics, |r. 

*Mr. and Mrs. John L. Bender 
losephine Benedek 
Heather E. Benhard '97 

*Mrs. William Bennett 
Christina A. Benson '97 
Corinne Loney Benson '20 
Deborah Kocik Benton 79 
Leslie Malone Berger '83 
Kabaye Berhanu '97 
Pamela Subranni Berman '93 
Claudia Berryhill 72 

*Ethel Gurney Betz '41 
Mr. and Mrs. Gary N. Betz 
Eleanor B. Bibb '83 
Eliza Lloyd Biederman '54 
Katrina Balding Bills '97 
Barbara Baker Bird '52 
Leslie Ludwick Bires '80 
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth O. Birney, |r. 
Ana Serrano Black '83 
Phebe Harris Blackburn '65 
Sadie Allen Blackburn '45 
Patricia H. Blanchard 

&Anne McNeer Blanken '50 

#Nancy Dicks Blanton '36 

&Lynn Carol Blau '63 
loan Clinchy Blood '65 
Linda Rowland Blount '87 
Katherine M. Blue '89 

*Muriel Grymes Blumenthal '43 
Lucretia C. Bock '97 

* Louise Cobb Boggs '61 
Pauline Wells Bolton '52 

*Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Bolz 

Betty B. Booker '66 
$Charla Borchers-Leon '81 
*Mary Green Borg '64 

* Nancy Hotchkiss Boschen '34 
Mildred Pickett Bost '30 
Susan Desmet Bostic 72 
Christine Davis Boulware 77 
Linda S. Bourgeois 

*Anne Lile Bowden '47 
*Kay Diane Moore Bowles '57 
*Mary Anderson Bowley '44 

Deborah Price Bowman '82 

Evelyn Pringle Boyd '62 

* Mr .ind Mrs lames N. Boyd 
Benjamin C. Boylston 

Mr. ami \U- loseph C. Bradford III 
Sarah Longstrelh Br.nllrv 
Elizabeth Pierce Bradshaw 

* Laura Hawkins Brady 70 
^Sydney Graham Brad 

* Barbara A. Brand 71 
Nelly Osinga Branson 75 

*Edith Page Gill Breakell '45 

* Diane Ball Brendel 78 
Virginia McGuire Bn 

*Ann Smith Bretscher '60 
*Grace Lanier Brewer '42 
*Anne S. Briber '69 
*Edith Vongehr Bridges-Cone '41 

Ruth Briggs 

Ashley Simmons Bright '86 

Leslie |. Brock 

Mar} Baker Brockman '84 

* Ashley Wilson Brook 79 
*Anne H. Brooke '33 

* Leslie Wilkinson Brotman 78 

* Barbara Rhodes Brown '35 
Betsy Smyth Brawn '45 

&Mr. and Mrs. Bobby L. Brown 

Brianna Boswell Brown '82 
*Eden Zuckerman Brown '88 

* Emily McNally Brown 72 
*Mary Traugott Brown '45 

Patricia R. Brawn 72 

* Pauline Hudson Brown '43 

* Rosamond Sample Brown '64 
&Susan Glasgow Brown '64 

* Dorothy Gilbert Browne '38 
Virginia Weed Browne '57 
lane Patton Browning '66 

* Shirley Poulson Broyles '54 
Stephanie A. Brundage '92 
Virginia L. Brundage '97 
Catherine Cage Bruns '55 
Alicia Parker Brusenhan '87 

*Myra Marshall Brush '30 
Ellen S. Buchwalter 

* Alice Lancaster Buck '44 

* Martha Hedeman Buckingham '55 
Deborah Donigan Bullert '81 
Marie Ironmonger Bundy '51 
Sally Kendall Bundy '58 

*Susan L. Bundy 73 

srjSharon Fitzgerald Burchard '63 

* Elisabeth Chambers Burgess '59 
^Marietta Eggleston Burleigh '58 
Mathrin Burleson 

Alison A. Burnett '97 

Courtney I. Burt '97 
wSusan Heitmiller Busch 78 

Terese DeGrandi Busch 76 
& Margaret Lloyd Bush '36 

lenny Robinson Bussey '80 

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Butcher 

Jill E. Butcher '97 
«|ulia Blakey Butler '48 
&Jane Loveland Byerts '41 

* Victoria Campo Byrd '91 
Patricia Littleton Byrne '83 
Elizabeth Wilder Cady '52 
Beda Carlson Calhoun '37 

*Kimberly Olmstead Calhoun '92 
*Ruth Ellen Green Calhoun '57 
Melissa A. Cameron '97 
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip F. Cameron 
Laura Tucker Camp 79 
Amy L. Campbell '97 
*Anne Estill Campbell '50 
Mr. and Mrs. lames Campbell 
Judith Franklin Campbell '59 
&Sarah Van Winkle Campbell '66 
*Mr. and Mrs. William A. 

Robin L. Cannizzaro '84 

* \niia ( rossingham Cannon 73 
#Mary Noble Caperton '54 
*Susan M. Capozzoli '80 

* Betty Noland Caravati '63 
Hallie Powell Cardwell 78 

*Lucy Kreusler Carey '50 
*Elaine Kimball Carleton '57 

* Martha Burnet Carlisle '59 

* Laura Bowen Carmichael 79 

i nes '30 
^Victoria White Carpentei 
*Mary Woltz Carrison 70 

* i ,c-ui u I aaham ( arroll hi, 
»Mary Millet I arroll '52 

&Mr. and Mrs. William R. Carson, |r. 
#Anne Babson Carter '61 
*Anne Russell Carter '34 

Eleanor Wells Carter 8 ! 
*|ane Munnerlyn Carter '50 

Adele Scott Caruthers '58 

Candida M. Casey 76 
*Dr. and Mrs. Rodolfo Celis 
*)ane Reeb Chadwick 74 

Marydee Wimbish Chalfant '60 

* Judith Sorley Chalmers '59 

* Clara Sasscer Chandler '40 
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher B. 

*Lynn Mather Charette '86 

Ruth Rundle Charters '37 
*Lee Anne MacKenzie Chaskes '83 
*Cynthia Manning Chatham 75 

Courtney Warrick Cherna '84 

Dorothy Montague Cholnoky '50 

Melanie L. Chriscoe '97 
*Sharon Bradford Christhilf '65 

Kate-Roy Massie Christian '64 
*Lisa A. Church 82 

* Laura Morrisserte Clark '85 
Mary Pierce Clark '51 
Mildred Pharr Clark '38 

* Nancy Hamel Clark '52 
^Carolyn Monteith Clarke '42 

* Katherine Wood Clarke '65 
Sally Searle Clarke '49 

Ian Schnibbe Clean/ 75 
Alicia Clegg 77 

* Virginia Skeppstrom Cline '48 
Sarah M. Clinton '91 

* Patricia Snowden Cloetingh 79 
3? Katherine Mikell Cochran 76 
*Betty Farinholt Cockrill '44 
#Margina Dunlap Cogswell '67 

Lucy Darby Cole 78 
*Marissa Ashe Cole '93 
*Rodes Estill Coleman '51 
^Louise Wilbourn Collier '46 

Virginia Marks Collier '92 

Katharine Blackford Collins '63 
&Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Collins 

Michael |. Collins 

Sharon R. Colquitt '97 
&Anne W. Cone 
&DeirdreS. Conley 73 

* Frances Ulmer Conley '47 
Ansley Merritt Conner '87 

* Barbara Tragakis Conner '85 
Gail Robins Constantine '67 
Amy E. Cook '97 

* Barbara Bush Cooper '81 

* Catharine Spessard Cooper '57 

* Deborah Freeman Cooper '50 
&Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Cooper 
*Hortense Powell Cooper '40 

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald V. Cooper 
Martha Tisdale Cordell '82 
Dr. and Mrs. Michael A. Corrado 
Caroline Corum '88 
*Mazeppa M. Costa 78 

#Donor for past live years 
' Deceased 

1997-1998 HONOR 


Caroline Webster Cotter '81 
*Page Phelps Coulter '57 
*Jane Ellis Covington '60 

* Bonnie Loyd Crane '50 
Laura Crogan Crane '47 
Rose Toppin Cranz 75 

* Primrose lohnston Craven '43 
jean Craver '65 

#Lt. Col. and Mrs. |ohn I. Craw 

Lisa C. Crego '92 
$Ann Kiley Crenshaw 76 

Flora Cameron Crichton '46 

Jennifer L. Crispen 
*Cutler Bellows Crockard 72 

Marilyn Hannah Crocker '46 

Susan Brush Croft '68 
^Margaret Reeder Crosbie '64 
*Martha Stewart Crosland 71 

Anne Frothingham Cross '66 
*Marjorie Ward Cross '32 

* Jennifer E. Crossland '86 

* Eleanor Crossley '67 
$Carol Turner Crosthwait '57 

* Susan Andrews Cruess 79 
Sherrill Milnor Crump 70 
Susanne Brown Crump '67 
Martha Moore Cuenod '53 


Carter Burns Cunningham 71 
*|ean Hedley Currie '42 
*)ane Guignard Curry '23 

Heather L. Cushman '97 

* Robin R. Cutler '66 
tjudith Harris Cutting '61 
&Chesley Johnson Dale-Arnurius '43 

* Jacqueline Sexton Daley '40 
Maura A. Daly 

C. F. Damon, |r. 
■S Shirley Shaw Daniel '41 
losephine Ragland Darden 74 

* Rosemary Ashby Dashiell '46 
Mary Simpson Daugette '55 

'^Elizabeth Ripley Davey '47 
loan Black Davidson '58 

*Mr. and Mrs. Corbin |. Davis 
Deborah Wood Davis '42 
Lt. Col. and Mrs. James W. 

Davis, Jr. 
Janet Houstoun Davis '42 

* Julia Brooke Davis '81 
&Marjorie Thaden Davis '38 
*Mary Boyd Davis '59 

* Virginia Cummings Davis '42 
William L. Davis 

$Anna Gilbert Davy '32 
Col. and Mrs. lames N. Dean 
Patricia Dean 76' 
Constance Williams 
de Bordenave '68 
Calvert G. de Coligny, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. J. Roy Dee, Jr. 

* Margaret Mohlman Degler '54 
*Mr. and Mrs. Robert Del Monte 

* Gertrude Raymond Dempster '33 
Mary Farinholt Denious '86 
Sarah J. Dennis '96 

* Beverley Birchfield Derian '59 
Kathryn N. Deriso-Schwartz '88 

* Katherine Munter Derr '47 
ludith Barthold De Simone '66 
Linda C. DeVogt '86 

*Carolyn Mclvor Dews '58 

* Margaret Stuart Wilson Dickey '41 
Debra Middleton Dickinson '81 

*Dr. and Mrs. John R. Dickinson 

*PageCroyder Diehl '54 
Anne Kinsey Dinan '68 
Mr. and Mrs. Allan D. Dittmer 
Mary Margaret Dixon '96 


*Mary Talcott Dodson '38 

Swee-Lan Wong Dolan '80 
*Keir Henley Donaldson '52 
&Ann Thomas Donohue '54 
Julie G. Dorsett '87 
Ina Pell Dove '64 
*Phyllis Tenney Dowd '44 
#Vidmer Megginson Downing '49 
&Joan Lamparter Downs '58 
& Diana Muldaur Dozier '60 

* Kathleen Walsh Drake 72 

* Maud Tucker Drane '38 
*Cynthia Harrison Drinkwater '41 ' 

Margaret McClellan Driscoll '92 
Judith Kingman Driskell '58 
*Martha Shmidheiser DuBarry '48 
Elizabeth F. DuCharme '97 
Stephanie H. Dudley '96 

* Virginia Decker Dudley '45 
Amelia E. Dudman '96 
Jeanne Duff '53 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Duffie 
*Jane Yoe Duggan '53 
Julia Howell Dunbar 77 
Mimi Galloway Duncan '42 

* Patricia Potter Duncan '41 
Sally Dunham '66 
Cathleen Brooke Dunkle '85 
Jeannette Mandle Dunlap '42 
Cynthia Ellis Dunn '50 

*Elizabeth Space Dunn '59 

* Helen C. Dunn '64 
Lucy Frost Dunning '59 
Jesse W. Durham '96 
Annette C. Dusenbury '97 

* lane Spiegel Eakin '45 
Amy C. Earehart '97 
Willia Fales Eckerberg '61 

*Barbara Elliott Eddins '58 
*Marietta tones Eddy 78 

* Elaine Johnson Edwards '46 
Patricia Thornhill Edwards '66 
Catherine H. Ehlen '95 

&Mary Ellen Thompson Beach 
Ela '42 

* Martha Meehan Elgar '67 

* Debra A. Elkins '93 

* Margaret Ross Ellice '34 
Agnes Williams Ellis '35* 

*Bettina Bell Emmons '39 

Joan Chamberlain Engelsman '54 

Alan M. Engler 
$Jane Campbell Englert '57 
&Nancie Howe Entenmann '56 

Moira Erickson-Lawrence '80 
^Barbara Duffield Erskine '69 
&Mary Eriksen Ertman '51 
*Cecile Waterman Essrig '44 
*Carolyn Cannady Evans '49 
^Elizabeth Cassidy Evans '33 

Patricia A. Evans 

Amy E. Everett '97 
*Gladden Adam Falivene '90 
*Tabb Thornton Farinholt '59 

Mr. and Mrs. James S. Farmer 
*Sue Wakeman Farquhar '63 

Ann Sims Fauber '64 
*Sarah Norman Faulconer '44 

Teresa Lioy Faulkner 71 

Lisa Faulkner-O'hara '80 
*Fitzallen Kendall Fearing '23 

Nancy Banfield Feher '64 

* Margaret Mather Feldmeier 71 
#Mary Jane Roos Fenn '54 
*Elizabeth Ball Fensom '37 

* Helen Schaumleffel Ferree '29 
*Coralie Kahn Ferro '40 

Regina Fields 

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest G. Fine 

Eleanor Damgard Firth '41 
*T. Richard Fishbein 
*Grace Jones Fishel '52 

Elaine Floyd Fisher '57 

Genevieve Marsh Fisher '38 
*lsabel Anderson Fitzgerald '55 
*Janna Staley Fitzgerald '61 

Margaret Medlock Fitzgerald '81 

* Rachel Mays Fitzgerald 73 
Susan M. Fitzgerald 74 
Stephanie Stitt Filzpatrick '81 

*Catherine Flaherty '80 
Carolyn Swift Fleming '57 
Judith Brown Fletcher 71 
Mary LaVigne Fletcher '82 

*Moselle Worsley Fletcher '38 
Jennie Lyons Fogarty '68 
Carol Remington Foglesong 71 

*Mr. and Mrs. )oseph P. Foley 

* Patricia Lynas Ford 51 
Pauline Boswell Fosdick '43 

* Alice Mighell Foster '65 

* Joanne O'Malley Foster '52 
^Virginia Watts Fournier '44 

* Barbara Childrey Fowler '61 
*Anne Gwinn Fox '57 

* Alexandria S. Francis 74 
Joyce B. Franke 

&Daun Thomas Frankland 74 
*Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Franson 
^Joanne Williams Fraser '51 

Carla deCreny Freed '51 
^Heather Willson Freeman '84 
Helen Plowden Freeman '65 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert French 
Jane Hutcherson Frierson 74 
*PatriciaCarlin Friese '51 
&Mary Hancock Fritzsche '49 
Laetitia Seibels Frothingham '41 
Sarah Dabbs Fryer 72 
Penn Willets Fullerton '66 

* Beverley Hill Furniss '35 
Gail Sims Furniss '64 


Thea A. Galenes '97 
*Joan Fisch Gallivan '56 
•§g Elizabeth Meric Gambel 73 
*Mary Goodwin Gamper 78 

Stephanie J. Garcia '97 
*KellyK. Gardner '93 

Elza Long Garnett 72 

Mildred Wilson Garnett '27* 
Mynn FrazierGas '67 
*Carolyn Cooper Gates '55 

Nicole Gauthier '91 

Nil E. Gavin '97 
*Elizabeth Dershuck Gay '49 

* Karen Greer Gay 74 
Mary Bryan Gay 72 
Harriet Willcox Gearhart '45 

* Eileen P. Gebrian 72 
Genevieve Hammel Geer '50 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Geller 
Galvin M. Gentry 76 

* Patricia Mast George 70 
Ann Gladney Gibson '45 

*Anne Green Gilbert '69 
*Nancy Hawbaker Gilbert '58 
*|oseph A. Gilchrist, |r. 
*Elisabeth Elmore Gilleland '50 

* Nancy Gillies '64 
*Louise Blakeslee Gilpin 73 

Kathleen Button Ginn '55 

* Marion P. Girard '69 
*PaulW. Girard 

* Ellen Wilkerson Given '50 
Cornelia BearGivhan '58 

* Nancy lameson Glass '43 
Elizabeth |. Classman 71 
Sarah Giddens Glenday '69 

* Alice Williams Glover '42 

* Suzanne Wright Godfrey 75 
*Donna Reese Godwin 52 

w Elizabeth Freeman Goetz 78 

Kana Roess Goldsmith '91 
wAnn Martin Gonya '85 

Stapleton D. Gooch IV 
«Mr. and Mrs. John K. Goodwin 

Helen Milner Gordon 77 

Cheryl Gorman '84 
*Mary Murchison Gornto '69 
^Elizabeth Anderson Gorrell '48 
*Anne Evans Gorry '64 

lane Gott 70 

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Gottsche 

Eileen Goudge 
•Amy Gould-Pilz '88 
&Priscilla Mullen Gowen '34 
& Mercedes Gravatt Grandin 72 
*Jo Gulick Grant '50 

Louise Mandeville Grant '56 

Jessica D. Grass '97 

Anne Lee Gravely '62 

Mr. and Mrs. Randall Gravley 

Jane Ransom Gray '48 

Karen Gray 

Elizabeth Duggins Green '86 

Julia T. Green '58 
*Sara Ironmonger Greer '53 

Mary Shine Gregg '62 

* Evelyn Christison Gregory '56 
Gail Harrison Cregson '66 
Lura Litton Griffin 78 
English E. Griffith '95 
Mavis Ray Griffith 78 
Courtney Kneece Grimm '89 
Mr. and Mrs. E. Henry Groppe, |r. 

* Marie Pickering Grose '61 
Paige Taylor Grundy '87 

&Mr. and Mrs. Peyton Grymes, Jr. 

Isabelle Viguerie Gsell '86 

Julia Guill 

Katherine Gumerson '97 
& William D. Gumerson, Jr. 
^Elizabeth Cumnock Gunn '38 

Renee E. Gunn '97 

Suzanne Collins Gurley 78 

Anne Woods Guzzardi '44 
&Ann Clarke Gwinn '68 

Sally R. Haas 72 
*Alice Trout Hagan '49 
*KatherineE. Hagan 81 
*Margot H. Hahn 

Nancy H. Haight 75 

Margaret Mueller Haldeman '45 

* Barbara Jones Hale '43 

* Barbara Murphy Hale '60 
Alison S. Hall '97 

Mary S. Halsey 74 
Anne Dougherty Hamblett '81 
Mr. and Mrs. Tom L. Hamby 
Dorothy Candler Hamilton '56 

& Tracy Drake Hamilton '81 
Lois Streett Hamrick '66 

Sfejane Pinckney Hanahan '57 
Mrs. Myran H. Hanz 
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Harbour 
Mary L. Harbour '97 
Elisabeth Sartor Harden '68 

* Katharine C. Hardin 79 
Susan Negaard Harley 78 
Carlene L. Harper '94 

^Margaret Thouron Harrell '64 
Terrell Luck Harrigan '81 
Patricia Harrington 
$|ane Hardy Harris '43 
*|eannine Davis Harris '80 

* Alice King Harrison '42 
*)oan Cabaniss Harrison '58 
*Marian Martin Harrison '58 

Penelope A. Harrison '61 
Adele Perry Hart '69 
*Henriette Minor Hart '39 
Kristen McCowan Hartley '97 

* Penelope Parker Hartline '84 
Elma Lile Hartmann '48 

*Lenora Fiducia Hartmann '55 
$ Martha Baum Hartmann '62 

Karen J. Hartnett 70 
*Jane Clark Hartnch '41 
*Jov Bennett Hartshorn '54 

Martha Mitchell Hartzog '67 

* Deborah R.Harvey '82 
*Connie C. Haskell 70 

Anne Mobley Hassett '87 
Elizabeth Meade Hastings '56 

* Diane Hatch 64 

Evelyn Sanders Haugen '55 
Mate L. Haw '92 

* Imogen Brock Hawley '38 
Isabel Olmstead Haynes '37 
Mary F. Hazelton '40 
Susan C. Healey '97 

June DeFrees Heelan '36 

* Beverley Crispin Heffernan 75 
^Margaret Dawson Hellyer '47 
*Mary Frye Hemphill '45 

* Janet Maynard Henderson '60 
Mary Brower Henderson '39 
Kathryn Barnes Hendricks 70 
Catherine Goodhart Henson 77 
Charlotte Hoskins Herbert '67 
Hillary L. Herbert '82 

* Harriet Daniel Herd '38 
*Margaret Pulis Herrick '62 

Helen Chapman Herring '61 
&Ann Banks Herrod '68 
^Patricia Neithold Hertzberg '67 

Anne Willis Hellage '56 
^Carolyn Mapp Hewes '69 

Mary Halligan Hibbard 70 
&Adrianne Massie Hill '60 

* Irene McDonnell Hill '45 
lane Burnett Hill '40 

* Margaret Hodges Hill '49 
Theodora Hill 60 

*Mary Wheeler Milliard '43 
&Eve Godchaux Hirsch '48 
Cameron Cox Hirtz '88 
Katherine Cole Hite '88 
Melissa Schoen Hitt '85 
Jessica M. Hiveley '97 
Renate Weickert Hixon '60 
Grace Gould Hobbs '67 

* Ann Leonard Hodges '53 

* Elizabeth Carper Hoffman '54 

* Louise Chapman Hoffman '61 
Pembroke Reed Hoffmier '68 
Mary M. Hogan 

*Helen Stanley Hollifield '51 
Diane Holloway '69 
Mr. and Mrs. |ohn F. Holmes 

*Carolyn Hollister Holmfelt '69 

* Dorothy Ayres Holt '31 
&Emily Moravec Holt 70 

Jessica L. Holzer 70 
Susan Ostrander Hood '51 
Frances Clardy Hooper '85 
8etsy Benoit Hoover '65 

*Kathryn Levi Hoover '81 

*|ane Haldeman Hope '60 
Marilyn Wellborn Hopper '53 

&lna Hamilton Houck '58 
Douglas K. Hoverkamp 

*Ruth Faulkner Howe '48 

* Laura Graves Howell '42 
Nancy Trimble Howell '82 

&Wanda Cronic Howell 74 
*Ellen Warner Hudson '50 

♦ Donor for past live yeare 

• Deceased 

19 9 7-1998 

^Frances Chichester Hull '41 
^Marguerite F. Hume 4 ( 
^Jacqueline Mabie Humphrey '60 
# Barbara Plamp Hunt '55 

Darrell W. Hunt 

Elizabeth H. Hunt '65 

Elizabeth L. Hunter '97 

Louise Lambert Hunter 77 
*Still Hunter, |r. 

Allen W. Huszli 

Anne Clement Hutchison '91 
^Camilla Alsop Hyde '27 
#Sally Wright Hyde '65 
#Marjorie Ris Hyland '33 

Margaret Imbrie '33' 

Mar) Imbrie '33' 

Tracy E. Imse '93 

lulia Ingelido '97 

Shirley Nalley Irving '40 

Fanchon Lewis lackson '50 

Kathryn Leake lackson '73 

T. Haller lackson, |r. 
*Deanne Dawson lames '86 

Michelle M. laniak '97 

* Barbara lastrebsky '87 
#EveAltshelerJa\ 56 

Mr. and Mrs. Al Jenkins, |r. 
Margaret H. lenkins '97 
Virginia R. Pascoe lennings '87 

* Nancy Carter Jewell '50 
lessica E. lohn '95 

^Catherine Vance lohns '48 

Ann Cumaer lohnson '59 
&Jane Moore lohnson '36* 

Katharine Bennett lohnson '81 

R. Lianne lohnson 74 

Sallie Small lohnson '61 
9S Katherine Estes lohnston '40 

Katherine L. lohnston '97 
*Anne Smith lones '61 

* Benjamin H. Jones 
Judith Cowen Jones '60 

*Lucy Kiker Jones '43 
Margaret Fitzsimons lones '51 
Peggy Jones '65 
Charlotte Lykes Jorgensen 72 

* Patricia Damron Joy '48 

* Phyllis A. loyner '55 
Stephanie Snead Juarascio '81 

*Ellen Nichols lump '60 
*Keeley Sullivan lurgovan '92 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Kacho 
SSMonika Kaiser '82 

Mr. and Mrs. Hun-Wen Kan 

Cwen Speel Kaplan '60 

Sophia Kassim '97 

* Patricia Swinney Kaufman 70 
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard J. Keating, Jr. 
Mary H. Keating '81 

*Ruth Harman Keiser '39 
tBriggettJ. Keith 72 

* Janet Sheppard Kelleher 75 
Nicole M. Kelleher '97 

#Adele Laslie Kellman '67 
*Mary Willis Kempe '35 
*Anna Piatt Kemper '64 

Catherine L. Kendall '86 

Rosemary Gugert Kennedy '48 
*|ean Felty Kenny '53 

Holly Weaver Kenreich 76 
s&Carol Gamberg Kenyon 77 

Karen D. Kerlin '83 

Mrs. Charles C. Kestner 

Tanya R. Ketchum '97 
»Carol Turnbull Kidd '59 

Virginia Klise Kidd 70 
*Anne Rogers Killefer '61 
*Beverly Bassett Kimmel '69 
*Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey C. King 
*Mary Haskins King '45 

*Michaelle Connors King '87 
*Susan |. King 78 
Virginia Lynch Kiseljack '84 

* Virginia MacKethan Kitchin '59 
Susan Walton Klaveness 76 
Alice Hagan Klielolh 79 

Mr. and Mrs Richard R Kline 
M. Frances Knight '64 
Laura Baker Knights '93 
Sarah lohnston Knoblauch 74 

* Louise Conklin Knowles '28 

* Rebecca Faxon Knowles '55 

* Ella-Prince Trimmer Knox '56 
Kathy Orr Knuth 75 

■ft Mr. and Mrs. Herman S. 
Kohlmeyer, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Jan Koper 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Kih inski 

• Lawson Kuhns '57 

*Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Kurtz, Jr. 
Priscilla Blackstock Kurz 67 
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Kwak 
Mary Pederson Kyger '65 

*Susan Herbert Kyle '68 

*Aileen H. Laing '57 

*Muriel Wikswo Lambert '66 
Courtney B. Lammers '97 
Priscilla Bowdle Lamont '57 

*Amy Campbell Lamphere '80 
Mason H. Lampton 

&Mary Evans Landrum '46 
Grayson Harris Lane '83 

* Willie Newbury Lansing '62 
Catherine R. Lanter '96 

*Cara Ardemagni LaRoche '92 

* Wesley Powell Lassen '89 

* Linda McGuire Last '58 

* Alice F. Laubach '35 

Mr. and Mrs. lohn J. Lawlor III 
Virginia Tyson Lawrence '58 
Alice |. P. Lawson '34 

* Eleanor Snow Lea '40 
Cecilia Garcia-Tunon Lear 78 
Laura S. Lechler '96 

Ann Tremain Lee '69 

* Nancy Fink Leeds '57 
Mr. and Mrs. Woodruff W. 

Carroll Morgan Legge '52 
Ronda J. Lehenbauer '97 
&Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Leming 

* Nancy Newell Lennon '64 
Sarah Webb Lent '50 

*Ann Colston Leonard '47 
Deborah Brennan Leslie '87 

* Dorothy Wood Letts '50 
Ms. lulia B. Leverenz 

* Anita Loving Lewis '41 

& Margaret Sibley Lewis '46 
^Virginia Sheaft Liddel '52 

Betsy Bell Liles '82 

Peng K. Lim 

Karin I. Lindgren 75 

Susan Dickinson Lindner '84 

Ann E. Lindquist '92 
&Sara McMullen Lindsey '47 
&Marcia Pace Lindstrom '66 
& Miriam Wyse Linsky '50 

Jennifer M. Lister '97 
*Anne Corbitt Little '34 

* Suzanne M. Little '68 

* Betty Mundy Littrell '52 
Stephanie Moffett Litz 74 
loan Hulley Liverman '64 

&June Krebs Liversage '49 

* Maria Burroughs Livingston '40 
&Peggy Fossett Lodeesen '58 
*Edna Osmanski Loftus 72 

Kathryn Hall Lombardi '97 
Martha Watson Lombardy '82 

• ! w i,u ksun London 78 

I illian Dugger London 73 
#Mrs. Albert Long 

* David L. Longfellow 
Karin Lawson Look 74 
Conner ( Louis 97 
Amy T. Louthan '97 

9& Virginia Page Love '50 
Doris Crane Loveland '33 

* Katharine Tilghman Lowe '57 
lane G. Lucas 73 

* Perry Liles Lucas '85 

* Jerry Dreisbach Ludeke '54 
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald G. 

Barney Walker Lutsk '65 

* Elizabeth Francke Lynn 74 
*Christina Savage Lytle '88 

Clair Falcon Maasbach '81 
*Anne MacClintock '65 
*Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. 
MacDonald III 

Margaret A. MacDonald '97 

Brooke Hamilton MacKinnon 62 
&Nancy E. MacMeekin '65 

Evelyn Snyder MacMillan '65 

Marion MacRae '67 
*Elsie Day Sutherlin '39 
«Tonia W. Macneil '68 

Mrs. William H. Macon 

* Linda Poole Maggard 75 
*The Rev. and Mrs. Charles F. 

Helene Bauer Magruder '57 
ftDorothy Campbell Maher '43 
Elizabeth Camlin Maher '46 

* Katherine Cooley Maher '68 
Alice Benton Major 79 
Susanne Elkins Major 70 
Ann South Malick 75 

&Anne Williams Manchester '55 
$Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Mancusi, Jr. 
*Anne Baldwin Mann 78 
*Jean Caldwell Marchant '52 
*Joan Teetor Marder '50 
#Cheryl Mares 
&Jane Gregory Marrow '38 

Barbara Favill Marshall '50 
*Mary Seaton Marston '31 

Sydney E. Marthinson '87 

* Harriet Wall Martin '65 
Judith Powell Martin '67 

* Elizabeth P.Mason '90 

* Eleanor Gilmore Massie '66 

* Elinor Vorys Matchneer '54 
&Mr. and Mrs. Linwood S. Mather, Jr. 
SEIizabeth W. Matheson '64 
*Ann C. Mathews '69 

* Kathryn Carroll Mathewson '66 

* Barbara Offutt Mathieson 70 
Myrna Godshall Maxfield '58 
Katherine |. Maxwell '95 
Kathryn A. May '94 

* Louise Jenkins Maybank '60 

* Dorothy Ulf Mayer '59 

* Antoinette LeBris Maynard '45 
Carol Lord Mayo '60 

*Cathy Cash Mays '84 
*Emily Dick McAlister 78 
Anne McCaffrey McBrian '48 

* Erlend Carlton McCaffree '54 
&Amy Thompson McCandless '68 

Katherine M. McCartney '97 
Stacey McClain '93 
Barbara McCleave 72 
*KatharineE. McCoid'88 

* Janet Baldwin McColloch 79 

* Margaret Katterjohn McCollom '40 
^Pamela Drake McCormick 72 
^Martha Bachman McCoy '26 

Patricia Robineau McCulloch '4 i 

• \ in. '. \L. 

*Harriotte Dodson McDannald '65 

Robert L. McDill 
*Denise A. McDonald 

* Nancy M. M. 

Barrie leffrey McDowell '81 
Sorrel Mackall McElroy '59 
Joan Livingston Ml Fall '50 
Mr. and Mrs. Terence C. 

loan M. McGettigan '83 
Earl M. McGowin 
Mr. and Mrs. Norman I 

Mi < ."win, |r. 
Martha E. McGrady 

*Thelma Houk McGrory '57 
Mary Boyd McGuire '89 

*Sarani'McHugh '81 

* Mil e \u ulsiin Mi llv.une 4i 

* l\rl\n ( Iraham Mclnnis '65 
Elizabeth M. Mcintosh '97 
Linda A. McKeever 

*Claudia Antrim McKenna '48 
*Joan Baggs McKenzie '58 

Stacy E. McKimm '97 
*Mr. and Mrs. William G. McKoy 

Barbara Clark McLaughlin 77 
*Elizabeth Gockley McLellan '40 
*Lynne Pottharst McMillan '69 

Sallie Armfield McMillion '59 

Rebecca Michie McVeigh '87 

* Frances deSaussure Meade '68 
Miriam Washabaugh Meglan 71 
Jeannette D. K. L. Mehl 78 

SSuzanne Bassewitz Mentzinger '52 
Eugenie Pieper Meredith '53 
Thelma M. Merrill 74 
Gail |. Mesdag '97 


* Ruth Oddy Meyer '51 

* Frances Mallory Meyers '64 
•ft Petsy Gautier Mezey '55 

* Elizabeth Maraffi Michaud '86 
*Fredda Duncombe Millard '49 

* Barbara Yocom Miller '63 
*Ellen Duval Miller '44 

*Mr. and Mrs. J. Clifford Miller, Jr. 

Keithley Rose Miller '69 

Mr. and Mrs. Lowell E. Miller 
*Mary Webb Miller '57 

Phyllis Thorpe Miller '48 

Virginia R. Miller '97 

Pamela L. Milne 79 

Catherine Hollberg Minor '90 

* Nancy Ettinger Minor '56 
Alison Mitchell 79 

* Katherine Oglesby Mixson '33 
Rebecca D. Moats '97 

&Mr. and Mrs. Ben E. Mobley 
*Sarah Bonham Mohle 77 
*Mary Davis Molander '69 
Mr. and Mrs. lack G. Mondel 
Dianne Chase Monroe '58 
Denise Montgomery 75 
Margaret Cook Montgomery '60 

* Marion Saunders Montgomery '44 
Elizabeth Braden Moody '67 

* Barbara Bowen Moore '60 
Catherine Taylor Moore 78 
Margaret Preston Moore '42 

ftSally Hamilton Moore '61 
^Marianne Burtis Moorer '69 
&|ulia Arnold Morev 63 
#Kelli Ketchum Morgan '89 

Danielle DePaul Morgenthaler '85 

Jacques Morin 

Katharine Fisher Morland 71 

* Lei la Booth Morris '52 
Melissa Cope Morrisserte '83 

Margaret Moran Morrow '67 

* Natalie Wittich Morrow '57 

m H, Morse 
SMyrtle Alston Mott '51 
*Lydia Plamp Mower '55 
*|ane Dawson Mudwilder '53 

John C. Mueller 

Christina L. Muir '97 

Sutapa Mukherjec 
*Ann Porter Mullen '48 

Donna Anderson Mullens '53 

* Valeria Murphey 71 

ft lean Blanton Murphy '44 
*Mary Petree Murphy 70 
*Bettina Patterson Murray '64 
ftCaroline Tuttle Muru\ "I 
Joan Douglas Murray 75 
#Sally Myers Mactavish 

* Juliette Rollins Napier '46 
Harriet Hurley Nelson '60 

*Mellie Hickey Nelson '67 

* Mrs Stanley Nemser 
*Francisca Brackenridge 

Neumann '61 
Mi and Mrs. James W. 
Newman, Jr. 

* Louise Cooke Newton '82 
*Mr. and Mrs. Walter R. Nexsen 
*Martha Clay Nichols '56 

Barbara Ashton Nicol 74 
ft Tennessee Nielsen 76 
Susanne E. Nifong '97 

* Frances Stith Nilsson 72 
*Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Noble, Jr. 

Emma Coggeshall Nock '58 

* Lindsay Crumpler Nolting 4J 
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Nolton 

*Nancy F. Norman 

& Margaret Swann Norris '45 

&Jule Seibels-Northup '68 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Nott IV 

#Anne Gayle O'Beirne '41 

*AngelaCardamoneO'Donnell '41 
Kerry S. O'Donnell '93 

ftGrace Mary Garry Oates '64 
Martha Query Odell '49 
Melissa Darden Odom '84 
Jane Carter Ogburn '52 

ftCarolyn Staman Ogilvie '38 

ftMichael |. Olecki 

*Sue Roth Olson '57 
Elisabeth McClung Ooi 
Robyn Bailey Orchard '86 
Mary Beth Miller Orson '86 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. 

* Katharine Wilson Orion 75 
Mr. and Mrs. Albert V. 

Catherine A. Osuna '97 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Oswald, |r. 
ftDrucilla Springer Oswalt 78 

* Elizabeth Farmer Owen '62 

* Norma Davis Owen '56 

* Harriett Tavenner Owens 44 
Elizabeth Conner Pace '86 

* Robert G.Page 

Ms. Linda B. Paolicchi 
Stephanie M. Pappanikou '97 
Janine C. Paris-Mesanko '96 

*Alice Dabney Parker 32 

*Mary Booth Parker '49 
Elizabeth Pidgeon Parkinson '64 
Margaret Weimer Parrish 76 
Melissa Byrne Partington '83 

ftCarrington Lancaster Pasco '40 
Bhavi N. Patel '97 
Suzanne F. Patterson 

ftMary |udd Patton '39 
Elizabeth Parker Paul '56 

*Donoi ■ 
• Deceased 


^Barbara ). Payne 71 
&Mollie Archer Payne '58 
*Alix Sommer Pearce 71 
& Barbara Sloan Pearsall '49 
*Lucretia Crater Pearse '55 
*Clarice Hancel Pearson '32 
*Mr. and Mrs. Larry E. Pearson 

Maia > 
*Mary Welles Pearson '39 

Barbara Behrens Peck 78 

Beverly Ayers Peck '61 

♦ Josephine Neal Peregrine '48 
ftHannah Mallory Perkins '44 

Dr. and Mrs. Ralph A. Pesiri 

♦ Barbara Bell Peterson '60 
Almena Hill Pertit '69 
loan M. Petty 

♦Christine Weiss Pfeil 74 
Diana Cecil Pickering 79 

♦ IdaTodman Pierce '38 
Darlene B. Pierro '69 
Hannah I. Pillsbur\ "4 

*Mr. and Mrs. Ballard F. Pinkard, |r. 
*Chloe Lansdale Pilard '61 

♦ Elizabeth Brawner Pittman '59 
Helen Platten '41 

♦Claudia Forman Pleasants 70 
Bowdre Budd Poer 46 

♦ Magdalen Andrews Port 54 - 

♦ Elizabeth Hicks Pollak '45 

ind Mrs. Dale W. Polley, Sr. 
Lucinda L. Polli 

Dr. and Mrs. Richard A. Pollock 
Lisa Lucas Popera '88 

♦ ibeth Scott Porter '64 

♦ Rozelia Hazard Potter '43 
Katharine B. Potterfield 70 

♦ Barbara Golden Pound '47 

♦ Florence A. Powell '80 

♦ Jeanne Forsyth Powell '68 
Laura M. Powell '96 
Linda Byrd Powell '62 
Midge Chace Powell '53 

♦Annabelle Forsch Prager '4 1 

♦ lean Countryman Presba '31 
Florence Cillem Pressly '42 

♦ Beth' B.Preston 4! 
Ruth Garrett Preucel '49 

♦ Eleanor Wallace Price '39 
£ Mar) K. Pringle '34 
♦Virginia Stevens Purcell 72 

♦ Sarah Rick Putnam '35 
Leslie Heye Quarrier '62 

♦ Stacey Hannan Quinn '89 
Cynthia Davis Rackley 71 
Carolyn Rogers Rainbow 70 
Bonnie Damianos Rampone 75 

♦ Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Ramsay 
Elizabeth Saunders Ramsay '30 

♦ Kimberly Riccardi Ramse) 73 
Yvonne Worley Randall 50 

♦ Eloise English Rankin '42 
Nancy Pesek Rasenberger '51 

*Carolyn King Ratclifte '60 
♦Mary Scott Rauch '62 

Kerri A. Rawlings '97 

Nana Messick Ray '52 

♦ Betty Forbes Ravburn '56 
*Ellen Pringle Read '60 

♦ Ann Morrison Ream- 42 
«Ellen Robbins Red '46 

♦ Margaret W. Redtern 4" 
♦Gretchen Armstrong Redmond '55 

Nancy Bullard Reed '66 
lames W. Reid 

♦ Marion Sim Reid '36 
Sarah E. Reidy '96 
Katherine Willcox Reiland '54 

♦Mr. and Mrs. Walter A. Reiter, |r. 

♦ Page Munroe Renger '67 

♦Julie Smith Rentschler '80 
McCall Henderson Revercomb '48 

♦ Emory Hill Re\ 41 

♦ Marguerite Morgan Reynolds '65 
Louise Winslett Richardson '60 
Celia Loving Richeson '58 
Elizabeth Gawthrop RieK 

Beth Ries 

♦ Lynne Riley-Coleman '64 
♦Mary Cosby Rinehart '61 
♦Georgia Schlev Ritchie '80 
♦Anne Davis Roane '54 

♦ Betty Frantz Roberts '40 
♦Marion Mann Roberts '39 

Mary Lineberger Roberts '58 
Sylvia Schively Robertshaw 48" 
♦Jane \exsen Robertson '69 

♦ Mary McElroy Robertson 84 
• : liana Robin '57 

Captain and Mrs. Evan D. 

Josephine Shaw Robinson 70 

♦ Lindsay Coon Robinson '49 

♦ Marguerite Brendlinger 

Robinson 44 
Patricia Davin Robinson '49 
♦Ann T. Rockwell '80 
♦Josephine Wells Rodgers '53 
Leslie ). A. Rodgers 94 
Patricia Martin Rodier-Kern '66 

♦ Ann Venable Rogers '54 
Elizabeth Gates Rogers '47 

♦ Rosemary Frey Rogers '34 

♦ Sally Walke Rogers '42 

Mr. and Mrs. lames |. Rognmoe 

♦ Susan Castle Rolewick ~4 
Lindemann M. Rollenhagen '97 

♦ Nan Locke Rosa '53 
Reneca R. Rose '97 

♦ David Rosenbloom 

Anne Sargeanl Rosenthal '81 
Amy Biathrow Ross '94 
Mr. and Mrs. Gary W. Ross 
Nancy Buckey Rothacker '86 
Barbara Winn Rothschild '83 

♦ Lillian Simmons Rountrey '35 
♦Gary Maxwell Rousseau '56 

Victoria Nalle Rowland '66 
♦Traylor Rucker '65 

♦ Raymond G. Ruff 

Mason Bennett Rummel '83 
Susan Clay Russell '81 
Mary Moore Rutherfoord '42 

♦ Suzanne Wilson Rutherford '35 

♦ Margaret Christian Ryan 74 
Margaret M. Sabo 

lulie Bradshaw Sackett '65 
Renee Regen Sage 63 

♦ Patricia Halloran Salvadori '50 

♦ Magdalena Salvesen '65 
lane Hubbard Sams 79 

♦ Ann Temple Samson '35 
Margaret Craig Sanders '50 

*MaryT. Sattler '88 

♦ Lucie Wood Saunders '49 
A. Patricia Saveall 

♦ Sallie F. Scarborough 75 

♦ Patricia WhelanSchenck '82 

♦ Katherine A. Schlech 70 
Sara E. Schmalz '97 
Deborah A. Schmidt '89 
Linda-lean Smith Schneider 76 
Alexa T. Schriem|n 

♦ Patricia Hassler Schubei 4" 

♦ Elizabeth Hall Schwartz '43 

♦ Ruth Mealand Schwartz '40 

♦ Nancy Hatch Schwartzmiller 79 

♦ Nancy Pendergrass Scott '67 
Prudence Sandifer Scott '59 

# Isabel Scriba '35 

Angela M. S< i 
Angela Averett Scurry 82 
Mabelle Garrard Seawright '58 
Katherine K. Seder '97 

♦ Barbara Bradshaw Sedgwick 56 
Elizabeth Taylor Seifert '83 

♦ Margaret Gordon Seiler '44 
Anne Darden Self '80 
Pamela Dickens Sellars '83 

♦ Cannie Crysler Shafer 78 

♦ Elizabeth Hutchins Sharland '61 

♦ Enid Winkelman Sharpe '57 

♦ Esther Cunningham Shav 45 
♦Margaret Haley Sheehan 73 

Burney Parrott Sheeks '55 
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert H. 

Dale Shelly 72 
Rebecca Patton Shepard '63 

♦ Cotten Skinner Shepherd '33 

♦ Marguerite Stephens Sheridan '34 
Mr and Mrs. Joseph H. Sherrard V 

♦ Julia Shields '62 
Annette Shillestad '89 

♦ Mr. and Mrs. |ohn G. Shillestad 

♦ Lisa Guigon Shinberger '29 
Martha McBroom Shipman '31 

♦ Mr. and Mrs. Kenelm L. Shirk 

♦ Fayth Mueller Shirkey '39 

♦ Marjorie Shugart Short '43 
Abby Patterson Shultis '66 
Frances Utley Shyjka '64 

♦ Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Sidles 
Mary-Nelson Neville Sieman '33 

♦ Catherine Parker Silverman '43 
Mary Laird Silvia '60 
Ana-Marija Simic '96 

♦ Margaret Lawrence Simmons '49 
Sophie L. A. Simonard '97 

♦ Diane Richmond Simp-un 51 

♦ Estelle F. Sinclaire '40 

♦ Mary Todd Singh '59 

♦ Elizabeth Sicard Sita '37 
Ruth Longmire Skelton '45 
Mary Skinner 71 
Elizabeth Gallo Skladal '58 
Kathleen Cushman Slack '90 
Virginia Borah Slaughter '62 
Kristen Swenson Sloop '93 
lonathan Small 

♦ Adel Shinberger Smith '62 
Ann Tierney Smith '56 
Anne G. Smith '86 

♦ Belle Williams Smith '65 
Cameron K. Smith 
Carolyn Tolbert Smith '53 
Chloe Mason Smith '51 

♦ Elizabeth Clark Smith '83 
Hallie Darby Smith '67 
Helen Oaklev Smith 73 
Holly L. Smith 72 

♦ lulie Littleton Smith '89 
Karen McKenzie Smith '59 

♦ Marsha Phillips Smith 74 

♦ Maude Adams Smith '27 
♦Sheila Haskell Smith '61 

♦ Teresa Powell Smith '82 

♦ Susanne Williams Snead 64 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Solimando 

♦ Virginia Sortor-Sumner '62 
Katherine Souder 

♦ Mr. and Mrs. Furman South III 
Mi and Mrs. Chester E. 

Spangler, )r. 
Ava Spanier '86 

♦ Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Sparks 
Anne Garriry Spees 79 

Drs. Paul and Patricia Speidel 
Carolvn Ivey Spencer 77 

Elizabeth Flanders Spencer 63 
lean Piatt Spencer 
♦Cora Morningstar Spiller '50 

♦ Diane Doscher Spurdle '59 
Carol Leslie St. John 75 

5t lohn 
Katherine laschen St. lohn '87 

♦ Elizabeth Selden Stainbrook '33 
Brent Slait-Gardner 

♦ Bette Smith Stamats '54 

♦ Ann Henderson Stamets 75 
♦Anne Stanley '64 

♦ Sarah Anderson Stanton '89 

♦ Nancy Sanders Starr 46 
Helen Rae Stebbins '37 

♦ Robert A. Steckel 

♦ Jane Street Steele '56 

♦ Kathleen Pretzfelder Steele 73 

♦ Linda Lucas Steele 75 

Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Steele, Jr. 

Barbara H. Steiner 

Celia Newberg Steingold '68 

♦ Mr. and Mrs. Gerry U. Stephens 
♦Janet Cook Stephens '61 

♦ lesseA. Stewart 74 

♦ Martha Maupin Stewart '29 
♦Mary Page Stewart 78 

♦ Anne Stoddard '68 

♦Jean McKenney Stoddard '39 

♦ Margaret McCarthy Stoeffel '81 

♦ Martha Lou Lemmon Stohlman '34 
Marjorie Selvage Stone 46 

*Nan Hart Stone '47 

♦ Bonnie MoeStook 72 

♦ Catherine Hall Stopher '69 
Laura L. Stottlemyer 

Pamela Terry Stoutenburgh '48 

♦ Barbara Bourke Stovall 45 
^Jessie Marr Strahman 42 
♦Sally C. Strain '63 

♦ Lynn Gullett Strazzini '67 

Ann Funkhouser Strite-Kurz '63 

♦ Nan Stuart 75 
♦Sue Graves Stubbs '33 
♦Ann Anderson Stucke\ 62 

Elizabeth Nelson Suhr '87 
Ellen Sullivan 77 
Caitlin N. Sundby '94 

♦ Dorothy Denny Sutton '44 

♦ Nancy Catch Svien '39 
Marianne Oliveri Svoboda '60 

♦ Anne Benedict Swain '39 

♦ Kristin Amylon Swam "4 

♦ Lillian Sinks Sweeney '80 
Mr. and Mrs. Peter |. Swenson 

♦ Mary Taylor Swing '58 
Jennifer |. Swisher '97 
Sandra La Staiti Sylvia '59 

♦ Anne Allen Symonds '62 

♦ Rebecca Trulove Symons 79 

♦ Helen Bradley Tarbutton '89 
♦Carol Moseley Tash '69 

♦ Claire Kinnert Tate 71 
♦Ann Sheldon Taylor '51 

Elizabeth Stinnett Taylor '93 

♦ Elizabeth Tyree Taylor 71 

♦ Kathleen Watson Taylor '65 

♦ Margaret Wayland Taylor '33 
♦Mary Herbert Taylor '45 

Mar) Law Taylor '43* 

♦ Sandra Taylor 74 

♦ Katherine Mensing Teitgen '44 

♦ Mary R. Templeton '35 

♦ Jeanne Skerry Tepe '45 
Vaiana |. Teriitehau '97 
lames E. Terrell 
Heather M. Terry '97 
Elizabeth Ball Thagard '60 
jean Mackenzie Thatcher 71 

♦ Penelope Writer Theis '64 

♦ Caroline Keller Theus '64 
Cassandra L. Thomas '97 
Mary Morrison Thomas 72 
Dana Reinschmidt Thompkins '65 

♦ Cathv Weiss Thompson 74 
Elodie Taylor Thompson 71 

♦ Joanne Bossert Thompson '59 
♦Susan Boline Thompson '80 

Valerie Haygood Thompson '68 

♦ Elizabeth Schneider Thornton '80 
Christopher Kilcullen Thurlow '65 
Dr. and Mrs. William V. Tillery III 
Martha H. Tinnell '97 

♦ Elizabeth McMahan Tolbert '57 

♦ Bertha Lee Toole '46 

♦ Cynthia B. Topping '65 
♦Alice Jones Torbett '60 

Courtney L. Totushek '97 
Carol Rolston Toulmin '51 
Linda W. Towers '96 
Cynthia Little Townsend 79 
Laura Swope Townsend '95 
Marc H. Trager 

♦ Patronella Sykes Treadwell '58 

♦ Mary Kelso Treanor '31 
lane Fitzgerald Treherne- 

Thomas '57 

♦ Rosemary Dunaway Trible 71 

♦ Gail Rothrock Trozzo '64 
Mary Murray Trussell '55 

♦Ann Rowland Tuck '48 

♦ Carol Exnicios Tucker '53 

♦ Eleanor Marshall Tucker '30 

♦ Greyson Shuff Tucker 72 
Susan Tucker '67 

♦ Evelyn Williams Turnbull '40 
Pamela MyreTurm 

Carol Wooldridge Turtle '87 

♦ Charlotte Davenport Turtle '41 
Hazel Fellner Turtle 44 
Cynthia Tye 

♦Ainslie Jones Uhl 76 
Linda R. Uihlein 77 
Laura Warren Underwood '93 

♦ Barbara Clark Utley '44 
James U I'tt 

Elizabeth Proctor Valega '84 
Norma Bulls Valentine '93 
Desiree E. Valenzuela '97 

♦Mary Einhaus Vallen 72 

ft Martha Falk Vallery '44 

♦ Ursula Reimer Van Anda '51 
♦Mary Walker Van de Water 44' 

Ann Pritchett Van Horn 74 

♦ SigridCarlen Veasey '81 
Michelle E. Venema '84 
Evalena Sharp Vidal '48 

♦ Irene Vongehr Vincent '40* 
Kara R. Vlasaty '97 
Hollis Hutchens Volk '80 
Carolyn Rusch Von Endt 71 

♦ Susan P. von Rosenberg 72 
A. Mina Von Voss '87 
lerrold R. Voss 

Melanie E. Vracas '97 

♦ Virginia loachim Wade '63 
lune Heard Wadsworth '57 
Jennifer M. Wagner '97 
Marye Taylor Wagner 73 
Hilarie S. Wakefield '95 

♦ Patricia Tighe Walden '53 

♦ Naomi Sirna Waldstein '51 
Mary Brown-Serman Walke '38 

♦ AtLee Walker '69 
Alison C. Wallis '96 

Mr. and Mrs. Garv M. Walters 
*SarahEsler Walters 41 
Theresa L. Walters '96 

♦ Carolyn Jones Walthall 71 

♦ Dawne Cotton Ward '81 

♦ Donor for past fiv? years 
' Deceased 

1997-1998 HONOR 


♦Jessica Bemis Ward '63 

♦ Sloan Hawkins Ward '44 

♦ Anne English Wardwell '6S 

* Patricia Coxe Ware '59 
♦Zola Garrison Ware 49 
♦lane Oxner Waring '58 

Katherine C. Warner '95 
Margaret Smith Warner '58 
Mary Grate Warren '52 
Patricia Anderson Warren '61 
Mr. and Mrs. Roger D. Warren, Sr. 

* Patricia Waters 7/ 
Sandy Waters '68 
Kathryn Black Watson '97 

♦Sarah Watson 70 

* Elizabeth Andrews Watts 74 

* Katharine McCardell Webb 70 

♦ Mr. and Mrs. Lester H. Weekes 

* PamelaS. Weekes '83 

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald F. Weigle 

♦ Ann Eustis Weimer '49 
♦Mr. and Mrs. lay M. Weinberg 

♦ Peggy Roudin Weinberger '4! 
Unne Rynders Welch '62 

Meredith Leslie Welch '65 

♦ Elder Witt Wellborn 67 
♦Marguerite Geer Wellbon 
♦lanice Fitzgerald Wellon^ 

Carol Davis Wells '62 

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Werner 

♦ loan Darby W 

Gale Hull Whetzel 71 
Katherine V. Whitby '95 

♦ Mi and Mrs Man |. White 
^Caroline W. White 79 
*|esse A. White '86 

♦ loyce Smith White '49 

♦ Nancy Storey White '50 
Patricia Davis Whitehurst '67 

«Dr. and Mrs. Harold B. 
Whiteman, |r. 

♦ Margaret Robertson Whitney '36 

♦ Margaret Gearing Wickham 42 
Pamela Hellmuth Wiegandt '64 
Cassandra Whaling Wierman '85 
Herbert N. Wigder 

Tracy Camden Wilburn '93 
Louise Wallace Wilemon '57 

♦ Sarah MacFarlane Wiley 70 
♦Ashby lenkins Willi 

♦ Elizabeth Harlev Willett'84 
Charlotte Moore Williams '67 

♦ Emory Gill Williams '40 

Mi and Mrs. lames G. Williams 
Louise Dunham Williams '58 
Margaret Bromberu 

♦Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. 

*Sallie Yon Willian> 

♦losephine Happ Willingham '38 

♦ loanne Oberkirch W 

♦ Lillian Neely Willis '39 

♦Mr. and Mrs. George |. Willock 

Kimberly K. Willock '89 
♦Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Wilson 

Leigh C. Wilson '97 
♦Mary Anne Wilson 3" 

Winifred B. Wilson 

♦ Nancy Ray Wiltshire '86 
♦Adela Cocke Winfree '36 

♦ Betty Leflel Wingate '48 

♦Camille Mitchell Wingate '84 

i . Wingfield 
♦Claire Giesecke Wingo '30 

♦ Lavalette Dillon Wintzer '35 

\>he Wise '90 
Letitia C. Wissman 
Heather Shettle Witherspoon '88 

♦ Man i.i ( I Wittenh - 

♦ Helen B. Wolcott '35 
feBetS) M Wolfe '68 

Man, Tripp Woltensberger 82 
Christine Sheris Wood 73 

♦ Dorotli'. . «id '48 

♦ Mimi Etheridge Wood 44 
♦Olivia Rhodes Woodin '41 

♦ Lindsay Prentis Woodroofe '30 

♦ Dana Dewey Woody '58 
Phoebe Swenev Woolle\ 45 

♦ Nancy lones Worcester '49 
Rosalie Barringer Wornham '51 
Wendy Bursnall Wozniak 76 

♦Mary Denny Scott VVr.r, 61 
|ill Wentorf Wright 76 

♦ Barbara Wuehrmann 71 

Bernard |. U under. Ir 

♦ Virginia Q. Wynn 46 

i Mrs, AlipioYabar 
Paige Peabod) Yager '97 
Amy D. Yak 

♦ Susan Tucker Yankee '50 
♦Marshalyn Yeargin-Allsopp '68 

♦ Lizora Miller Yom i 
♦Anne Kendig Young '63 

♦ loyce Lenz Younc 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. Young III 
Susannah Scagel Young '85 
♦Camille Williams Y<. 

and Mrs. Terrence L. 
Donna Martin Zahorik '66 
lean Romanske Zaniewski 77 
lanis Thomas Zeanah '52 
Barbara Pratt Zerega '83 
ki-\U\ loueZiegler '59 

♦ Suzanne Weaver Zimmer '85 

♦ Cornelia Perkins Zin* - 

The Audrey Teal Beits Challenge 
for the Riding Program 

The College is exceedingly grateful to those listed below for making the Riding Program a priority in their 
giving for 1 998. Each gift was matched dollar for dollar by a special gift made possible by the estate ot 
Audrey Teal Berts, Class of 1945. Over $2 million dollars has been added to various riding endowments 
over the past year. Thank you for your generous support. 

Sandra S. Adams-Choate 
Sarah G. Babcock '83 
Susan Lazarus Bailey '85 
Myth Monnich Bayoud '80 
Miriam F. Bennett 
Anne larrell Berry 78 
Audrey T. Betts '45* 
Barbara Blair 
Catherine Sims Boman 
Saralee Covvles Boteler '79 
Mr. and Mrs. ). Bruce Bredin 
Alletta Bredin-Bell '74 
Katylou Gray Brittle 75 
Margaretta Bredin Brokaw '70 
Sarah Sutton Brophy '83 
lennifer Brodlieb Cacioppo '92 
|ohn G. Casey 

Courtney Warrick Cherna '84 
Catherine L. Clarkson '97 
Jeannette Singleton Cloyd 75 
Jocelyn Palmer Connors '62 
Jessica Sinnott Cotreau '86 
Evelyn Carter Cowles '73 
Mr. and Mrs. W. Ford Cramer, )r. 
Mr. and Mrs. Peter V. Daniel 
Mary Donaldson De Figard '68 
Helen Shingler DeForest '85 
Monica F. Dean 
Elizabeth G. Dennison 
Elise Wachenfeld de Papp '55 
Tria Pell Dove '64 
Sally Dunham '66 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Ellison 
Jennifer |. Fesche '87 
Mary-Fleming Willis Finlay '66 
Edith Marsh Fonda '52 
Catherine Gornto Freeman '92 
Jane Hutcherson Frierson '74 
Mrs. Philip Gallery 
Sharon McGrath Gardner '81 
Allison Roberts Greene '81 
Gail Harrison Gregson '66 
Evelyn Dillard Grones '45* 
Nancy H. Haight 75 
Katherine A. Hearn '85 
Beverley Crispin Heffernan '75 
Felicia Home Higgins '74 
Mr. and Mrs. ]. Rukin lelks III 
Virginia Klise Kidd '70 
Rebecca H. King 
Karen E. Knaut 
Helen F. Kollock 
Shapleigh Donnelly LaPointe '86 
Mason H. Lampton 
Elizabeth M. Lewis 
Stephanie Moffett Litz '74 
Katherine Macdonald 
Marjorie Willetts Maiden '44 
Melissa Griffith Manning '69 
Antonia Bredin Massie '77 
Nancy B. McDowell '63 
Nancy P. Moody '54 
Marie L. Moore '70 
Makanah Dunham Morriss '66 

Charlotte Sprunt Murchison '46 
Marcia Nass 

Elizabeth Schmeisser Nelson '43 
Mr. and Mrs. Albert V. Osterholm 
loan Petty 

Andria Calhoun Plonka '67 
Cynthia Rakow Prewitt '96 
Gertrude Prior '29* 
Nancy Bullard Reed '66 
Collette Restaino 
Frances A. Root '80 
Anne Sargeant Rosenthal '81 
Stephanie Bredin Speakman '68 
Wendy D. Stevenson '93 
Prudence Gay Stuhr '63 
Elizabeth Nelson Suhr '87 
Cindy Sorenson Sutherland '74 
Vera Blake Thiers '77 
Adeline Jones Voorhees '46 
Helen Gwinn Wallace '41 
Amelia M. Watkins '87 
Elizabeth D. Whitley '75 
Margaret Richards Wiederseim '78 
Cassandra Whaling Wierman '85 
Elizabeth M. Williams '78 
Haden Ridley Winborne '69 
Bet Bashinsky Wise '75 
Margaret lones Wyllie '45 
Anne Joyce Wyman '53 
Louise Swiecki Zingaro '80 

# Donor for past t 

• Deceased 


^Alumnae Q(Vin$ bif Class 

Warmest thanks to each alumna 
who sent a giit to the College dur- 
ing 1997-98. It is because ofyoui 
strong, ongoing support that Sweel 
Briar continues to stand at the fore- 
front of American edut .Hum toda) 


Number in Class: 13 
Number of Donors: I 
Percentage of Participation: 8% 
Total Class Dollars: $25 
Martha Steele McNaghten 

Number in Class 2 
Number of Donors: I 
Percentage of Participation: 50% 
Total Class Dollars: $100 
Corinne Loney Benson 

Number in Class: 2 
Number of Donors: I 
Percentage of Participation: 50% 
Total Class Dollars: $447,096 
^Gordon G. Beemer H'21 
$Ruth Simpson Carrington' 

Number in Class: 3 
Number of Donors: I 
Percentage of Participation: 33% 
Total Class Dollars: $1000 

Number in Class: 8 
Number of Donors: 3 
Percentage of Participation: 38% 
Total Class Dollars: $253 
*|ane Guignard Curry 
*Fitzallen Kendall Fearing 
Virginia Thompson McElwee 

Number in Class: 10 
Number of Donors: I 
Percentage of Participation: 10% 
Total Class Dollars: $5,665 
Marie Brede Zimmerman 

Number in Class: 9 
Number of Donors: I 
Percentage of Participation: 1 1 % 
Total Class Dollars: $20 
Mary I. Sturgis 

Number in Class: 13 
Number of Donors: 9 
Percentage of Participation: 69% 
Total Class Dollars: $30,613 

Helen Carter Bailey 
*Ruth Will Beckh 

* Ellen Newell Bryan* 

* Gertrude Collins Calnan 

* Dorothy Keller llift 
Elizabeth Rountree Kellerman 

* Martha Bachman McCoy 

* Elizabeth Moore Rusk 
ft Lois Peterson Wilson* 

Number in Class: 20 

Number of Donors: 10 

Percentage of Participation: 509! 

Total Class Dollars: $3,098 
Daphne Bunting Blair 

* Rebecca Manning Cutler 
Julia Reynolds Dreisbach 
losephine Snowdon Durham' 
Mildred Wilson Garnett* 
Audrey Graves 

^Camilla Alsop Hyde 

*Maude Adams Smith 

*Ruth Lowrance Street 

*Nar W.Taylor 

Number in Class: 20 
Number of Donors: 6 
Percentage of Participation: 30% 
Total Class Dollars: 5665 

* Louise Conklin Knowles 
Phyllis Walker Leary 
Austina Mallory 

* Virginia Van Winkle Morlidge 
Katherine Phillips Pope 
Bonnie Mathews Wisdom 

Number in Class: 34 

Number of Donors: lb 

Percentage of Participation: 47% 

Total Class Dollars: $13,150 

*Mary Armstrong Allen 
lanet Bruce Bailey* 
lane Wilkinson Banyard 
Virginia Campbell Clinch 

* Helen Schaumleffel Ferree 
*lsabelle North Goodwin 

* Virginia Chaffee Gwynn 

* Belle Brockenbrough Hutchins 
*Sara Callison lamison 

* Gertrude Prior* 

* Dorothea Paddock Seeber 
&Lisa Guigon Shinberger 

* Ruth Ferguson Smythe 

* Martha Maupin Stewart 
#Evaline Edmands Thoma 

Susie Tucker Yates 

Number in Class: 38 
Number of Donors: 23 
Percentage of Participation: 6 1 % 
Total Class Dollars: $39,334 
*Carolyn Martindale Blouin 

Mildred Pickett Bu-l 

Myra Marshall Brush 

* Elizabeth Carnes 
^Elizabeth Williams Gilmore 

* Elizabeth Gorsline 
*Merritt Murphey Green 
^Charlotte Brown Harder 
*Gladys Wester Horton 

* Adelaide Wampler Kundahl 
Emma Riely Lemaire 

* Frances Harrison McGiffert 
Elizabeth Saunders Ramsay 

$Sally Reahard 
*Mary Burks Saltz 

* Evelyn Ware Saunders 

* Mary Lyon Stedman 
*Serena Ailes Stevens 

* losephine Reid Stubbs 

* Eleanor Marshall Tucker 
Lillian Wood Waller* 

&Claire Giesecke Wingo 

* Lindsay Prentis Woodroofe 

Number in Class: 42 
Number of Donors: 22 
Percentage of Participation: 52% 
Total Class Dollars: $766,530 
*Jean Cole Anderson 

* Virginia Quintard Bond 
*Mary Swift Calhoun 

* Nancy Hancock Coe' 
*|osephine Gibbs Du Bois 
*Mary Cannaday Gore 

Pauline Woodward Hill 

* Dorothy Ayres Holt 
^Gertrude Lewis Magavern* 
&Mary Seaton Marston 

* Helen Sim Mellen 

* Evelyn D. Mullen 

* Elizabeth Tyson Postles 
&)ean Countryman Presba 
*Cynthia Vaughn Price 
*Cillette Hilton Pritchard 

* Virginia Cooke Rea* 
Ellen Eskridge Sanders 
Martha McBroom Shipman 

* Agnes Cleveland Stackhouse 
^Margaret Lee Thompson* 
*Mary Kelso Treanor 

Number in Class: 39 
Number of Donors: 18 
Percentage of Participation: 46% 
Total Class Dollars: $6,860 
HallieOrr Barton 

* Hazel Stamps Collins 
& Eleanor Wright Conway 
*Marjorie Ward Cross 
^Margaret Bennett Cullum 
*Anna Gilbert Davy 

$ Virginia Squibb Flynn 
*Marion Malm Fowler* 

* Sally Ainsworth Glass 
*Amalie Frank Kohn 
*Susanne Gay Linville 

* Eugenia Ware Myers 
*Theda Sherman Newlin 

* Alice Dabney Parker 
*Clarice Hancel Pearson 

* Barbara Munter Purdue 
Gertrude Buist Robert 
Elizabeth Layfield Smith 

Number in Class: 62 
Number of Donors: 33 
Percentage of Participation: 53% 
Total Class Dollars: $84,350 
*Elena Doty Angus 
*Sara Houston Baker 
^Blanche Davies Barloon 
*Mary Palton Bromfield 
*Anne H. Brooke 
*Lucy Oliver Brooks 
^Elisabeth Ratcliff Bryan 
*Mary Barnhart Carlton 
* Gertrude Raymond Dempster 
Jeannette Shambaugh Elliott* 

^Elizabeth Cassidy Evans 
^Elizabeth S. Gray 

Margery Gubelman Hasten 
*Marjorie Ris Hyland 
Margaret Imbrie* 
Mary Imbrie" 
Ella lesse Latham* 
Elizabeth Giesen Lindsay 
Doris Crane Loveland 
&Kathrina Howze Maclellan 
wKatherine ( Iglesln Vlixson 
^Frances Neville Newberry 
&Jane Martin Person 
*Mary demons Porzelius 

* Helen Persise Roberson 
$Cotten Skinner Shepherd 

Mary-Nelson Neville Sieman 
^Elizabeth Selden Stainbrook 
*Sue Graves Stubbs 

* Margaret Wayland Taylor 
^Charlotte Tamblyn Tufts 
^Cornelia Murray Weller* 

Betty Workman Wright 

Number in Class: 61 
Number of Donors: 39 
Percentage of Participation: 64% 
Total Class Dollars: $32,039 

* Helen Hanson Bamlord 

* Edith Hagen Benson 

* Frances Weil Binswanger 

* Nancy Hotchkiss Boschen 
*Betty Suttle Briscoe 
*Anne Russell Carter 
*Marcia Morrison Curtis 

& Margaret Ross Etl ice 

Helen Bean Emery 
*Eleanor Cooke Esterly 

* Dorothy Turno Gardner 
*Priscilla Mullen Gowen 
*Bonney McDonald Hatch 

Marjorie Lasar Hurd* 

Alice]. P. Lawson 
*Emilie Emory Leary 
&Dearing Lewis 
*Anne Corbitt Little 

Mary McCandlish Livingston 
*Lydia Goodwyn Lorenlzen 

Bculis Rector Love 
^Marjorie Westcott Mai ke\ 
^Elizabeth Scheuer Maxwell 
#Satilla Franklin Means 
*loanna Fink Meeks 
&Emilv Marsh Nichols 

* Dorothy Prince Oldfield 
*Ruth Myers Pleasants 
&Mary K. Pringle 

* Rosemary Frey Rogers 

* Elizabeth Mayfield Roughton 
*Mary Moore Rowe 

Victoria Parsons Saunders 
^Marguerite Stephens Sheridan 
&Martha Lou Lemmon Stohlman 
*Mary Lee Ryan Strother 
^Connie Burwell White 
*Elizabeth Bond Wood 

Amy Davies Yingling 

Number in Class: 71 
Number of Donors: 34 
Percentage of Participation: 48% 
Total Class Dollars: $60,592 
* Marion Walker Alcaro 

*Lois Vanderhoef Benner 
& Barbara Rhodes Brown 
>:Mar\ Whipple Clark 

* Juliet Halliburton Davis 
&Mary Honeywell Dodds 

Mary Hastings Dunfee 
Agnes Williams Ellis* 
lacqueline Chappelle Everett 
^Frances Meeks Ford 
*Rebecca Young Frazer 

* Beverley Hill Furniss 

* Helen Carruthers Hackwell 
*Mary Willis Kempe 

* Alice F. Laubach 
*)ane Lawder 

* Eleanor Rust Mattern 
Marie Schroeder Packard 

*|ulia Peterkin* 
*Sarah Rick Putnam 
*Harriet Williams Rand 
Lillian Simmons Rountrey 

* Frances Morrison Ruddell 
& Suzanne Wilson Rutherford 
&Ann Temple Samson 

Elizabeth Stone Scerbo 
& Frances Spiller Scott 

* Isabel Scriba 
*Blandina lones Skilton 
*Mary R. Templeton 

* Dorothy Barnum Venter 
Evelyn Martin Williams 

*Lavalette Dillon Wintzer 

* Helen B. Wolcott 

Number in Class: 63 
Number of Donors: 37 
Percentage of Participation: 59% 
Total Class Dollars: $11,173 

Myra Carr Baldwin 
is Nancy Dicks Blanton 

lane Shelton Bowers 

* Martha Ake Brouse 

* Sophia Campbell Brown 

* Margaret Lloyd Bush 
^Lillian Steele Cook 
*Mary Blythe Cunningham 
& Maria Valentine Curtis 

* Margaret Huxley Dick 
$Mary Rich Ewmg 
^Elizabeth Morton Forsyth 
^Lillian Cabell Gay 
*Capel Grimes Gerlach 
*Mary Vogdes Haines 

lune DeFrees Heelan 

* Eleanor Francisco Hood 

* Jacqueline Moore Hoofnagle 

* Logan Phinizy lohns 
*Jane Moore Johnson* 
& Arnold Susong lones 

* Nancy Parsons lones 
Lucille Scott Knoke 

& Abigail Lesnick Leibowitz 
Constance Warner McElhinney 

* Margaret I. Mencke 

* Carol Straus Ney 

* Katharine Niles Parker 
*Marion Sim Reid 
^Elizabeth Wall Saunders 
^Elizabeth Pinkerton Scott 

Anne Thomson Smith 
*Mary Virginia Camp Smith 
sfeMargaret Smith Thomasson 

* Margaret Robertson Whitney 
*Mary Poindexter Willingham 
*Adela Cocke Winfree 

#Donof tor pasl I . 
• Deceased 


Number in Class: 47 
Number oi Donors: 22 
Percentage oi Participation: 47% 
Total Class Dollars: $9,993 
ftAnne lauman Bussey 
•Col. Donald S. Bussev H'37 
Beda Carlson Calhoun 
Ruth Rundle Charters 
Sara Kirkpatrick Fearing 

* Elizabeth Ball Fensom 

* Frances lohnson Finley 
•Margaret Bradley Forsyth 
ft Elinor Ward Francis 

* Nancy NalleCenung 
Isabel Olmstead Haynes 

ftRosalie Hall Hurst 
Margaret Holcomb MacMillan 

* Rebecca Douglass Mapp 
Mary Agnew Merrill 
Margaret Sandidge Miller 

•Mary Cochran Nicholson 

* Dorothy Price Roberts 
A)eanette Bowen Runyan 

* Margaret Cornwell Schmidt 

* Elizabeth Sicard Sita 
Helen Rae Stebbins 

•Marion Leggett Whyte 

Number in Class: 87 
Number oi Donors: 56 
Percentage oi Participation: 64% 
Total Class Dollars: $23,730 
ft lamce Wiley Adams 

• Shirley Haywood Alexander 
ft Helen Walton Andrae 

Emma Glass Beasley 
ftlanet MacFarlan Bergmann 
ftFrances Bailey Brooke 

• Dorothy Gilbert Browne 
•Mary Housel Carr 

• Barbara Derr Chenoweth 
Mildred Pharr Clark 
Virginia Guild Colmore 

• Florence Caven Crosnoe 

• Susan Gibson Davenport 

• Marjorie Thaden Davis 
ftlsabelle Franke DeGraaf 
ftMary Talcott Dodson 

ft Maud Tucker Drane 
ftlanet Forbush Fead 

Genevieve Marsh Fisher 
ft Moselle Worsley Fletcher 
ftSarah Tomlinson Foscue 
ftElinor Wilson Gammon 
ft Lillian Williams Grymes 
ft Elizabeth Cumnock Gunn 

• Vesta Murray Haselden 

• Imogen Brock Hawley 

• Harriet Daniel Herd 
•Virginia Heizer Hickenlooper 
•Marion Fuller Kellogg 

• Kate Sulzberger Levi 

• Elizabeth Lockett Lord 
•lane Gregory Marrow 

losephine Sutton McCandlish 

• Anne Old Mercer 

• Lucy Taliaferro Nickerson 
•Carolyn Staman Ogilvie 

• Ida Todman Pierce 

ft Ruth Pfingsten Polster 

• Kitty Corbett Powell 
Anne Warriner Prince 

• Louisa Grace Prince 

• Barbara Cross Reese 
*ElizabelhWillcox Riddle 

• Elizabeth Burks Ridenhour 

• Mary Hamilton Schuck 

• Margaret Weimer Shepherd 

• Marion Brown Snider 
•Winifred HagbergSt. Peter 

• Pauline Swan 

• Elizabeth Hopper Turner 
M,ir\ Brown-Serman Walke 

ftMildred Gill Williamson 

• Josephine Happ Willingham 
Lucv Winston Works 

ft Justine Domhoff Wright 
Gertrude Alexanderson Young 

Number in Class: 77 
Number oi Donors: 52 
Percentage oi Participation: 68% 
Total Class Dollars: $30,643 

Elizabeth Barnes Bird 
ftGracey Luckett Bradley 

Elizabeth Vanderbilt Crampton 
ftMary Treadway Downs* 
ftBettina Bell Emmons 
ft Augusta Saul Farrier 

Mary Buchanan Flowers 

Ellen George Frampton 
ftSarah Belk Gambrell 

Henrierte Minor Hart 

Mary Brower Henderson 

luli j Ridgely Howe 
ft Lucy Gordan leffers 
ft lean Black Jennings 

* Louise Corrigan Jordan 

* Ruth Harman Keiser 
Narcissa Dillard Kelley 

* Sarah Tarns Kreker 

* Martha Fuller Leys 
ftSuzette Boutell McLeod 
ftlulia Gray Saunders Michaux 
ftGertrude Robertson Midlen' 
*|anet Trosch Moulton 
ftAnn N. B. Parks 

ftMary ludd Patton 
ftMary Welles Pearson 

* Eleanor Wallace Price 

* Elizabeth Perkins Prothro 
Katharine Porter Read 

ft Marion Mann Roberts 

* Yvonne Leggett Sanford 
ft lean Oliver Sartor 
ftMary Barge Schroder 
ftFayth Mueller Shirkey 
^Catherine Lawder Stephenson 
ft lean McKenney Stoddard 

ft Lois Lear Stoops 

* Katharine Bonsall Strong 

* Elsie Day Sutherlin 

* Nancy Catch Svien 
ftAnne Benedict Swain 

* Janet D. Thorpe 

* Patricia Balz Vincent 

* Anna Davies Volwiler 

ft Jean Moore von Sternberg 
ft lee Montague Watts 
ftMargaret Ballard Whitehurst 

* Eleanor Claflin Williams 
ftLillian Neely Willis 

Shirley Jones Woodard 
ft Lottie Lewis Woollen 
ftMary Mahan Zimmerman 

Number in CIj* 
Vumbet n/ Donors: 6-) 
Percentage oi Participation 
Total t lass Dollars: t26,044 

Betty Menefee Ahrens 

• Hazel Sterrett Allen 
ftKathleen Wand Mien 
ftCecilia MacKinnon Ballard 
ftlanet Martin Bennett 

lean Blount 

• Blair Bunting Both 
Agnes Spencer Burke 

• Barbara Smith Carter 
ftClara Sasscer Chandler 
ft Marjorie Stock Clemens 
ftHortense Powell Cooper 

• Margaret Woodward Countess 
^Jacqueline Sexton Daley 

Mary Kilham Dans 
ftCoralie Kahn Ferro 
ftConstance Currie Fleming 
ftClara Call Frazier 

Margaret Woods Gillette 
ftAnne Cooke Gilliam 
ft Adelaide Boze Glascock 

Helen Schmid Hardy 
ftGeorgia Herbert Hart 

Elizabeth Ivins Haskins 

• Virginia Allison Haywood 
Mary F. Hazelton 

lane Burnett Hill 

Shirley Nalley Irving 
ft Rosemary Bjorge lohnson 
ftKatherine Estes Johnston 

• Helen Cornwell |ones 
ftMargaret Dowell Kearnev 

• Mariana Bush King 
ftCornelia Chalkley Kittler 

Charlotte Knox Lane 

• Eleanor Snow Lea 

• Maria Burroughs Livingston 
Jane Bush Long 

• Beth Thomas Mason 

ft Marion Daudt McBride 

• Margaret Katterjohn McCollom 

• Anne Burr McDermott 

• Elizabeth Gockley Mclellan 

• Lois Fernley McNeil* 
Mildred Moon Montague 

• Muriel Barrows Neall 

• Louise Partrick Newton 

• Dorothy Campbell O'Connor 

• lean Tyree Oseth 
ftCarrington Lancaster Pasco 

• Florence Merrill Pilkinton 

• Polly Poe Richmond 

• Betty Frantz Roberts 

• Ruth Mealand Schwartz 

• Estelle F. Sinclaire 
Helen W. Taylor 

Ellen McClintock Templeton 

• Evelyn Williams Turnbull 
Irene Vongehr Vincent* 

ftAnne Conant Weaver 

• Emory Gill Williams 

• Louise Pugh Worthing 

• Helen Patton Wright 
Cynthia Noland Young 

Number in Class: 94 
Number oi Donors: 69 
Percentage oi Participation: 73% 
Total Class Dollars: $27,523 
ft Patricia Sorensen Ackard 

* Helen Carmine Barber 

* Doris Albray Bardusch 


•Anna Whitaker Bartel 

• Phyllis Carr Beinhorn 
*■ Katharine Spaatz Bell 

Betsy Tower Bennett 

• Ethel Gurney Betz 

• Elizabeth Hudson Boba 

ft Edith Vongehr Bridges-Cone 
> Line loveland Byerts 

Frances Watkins Centilli 
•Jeanne Possell 1 leai 

• Shirley Devine Clemens 
Anne Smith Clow 

• Bette Fawcett Collier 

• Betty BarteltCroasdale 

• Shirley Shaw Daniel 

• Josephine Harlan Darby 

• Ruth Hemphill DeBuys 

• Margaret Stuart Wilson Dickey 
ftCynthia Harrison Drinkwater* 

• Patricia Potter Duncan 
ftKatherine Estes 

Eleanor Damgard Firth 
ftDecca Gilmer Frackelton 
Laetitia Seibels Frothingham 
lean RuRgk". Hall 

• lane Clark Hartrich 

• Elizabeth Brown-Serman Hayes 

• Frances Chichester Hull 

• Patricia Eaglesfield Kirchhoffer 
ft Anita Loving Lewis 

• Alice E. M< H.- 
Ann Pickard McCarry 
Lucy Parton Miller 

• Martha Jean Brooks Miller 
Mary White Miller 

^Elizabeth Doucett Neill 
ft Lossie Taylor Noell 
ftAnne Gayle O'Beirne 
ftAnne Borough O'Connor 
ftAngela Cardamone O'Donnell 
ftMary Scully Olney 
ft Barbara Thompson Parker 
ft Barbara Searles Parrett 

Helen Platten 
ftMargaret Craighill Price 
ftWilma Cavett Records 
ftEmory Hill Rex 
ft Louise Lembeck Reydel 
ft Linda Boyle Richardson 

loan De Vore Roth 
ft Marion Webb Shaw 

Eunice Foss Sneed 
ftGertrude Marill Stanchfield 
ftLillian Fowlkes Taylor 
ft Charlotte Davenport Turtle 
ftjudith Davidson Walker 
ft Helen Gwinn Wallace 
ftCaroline Des Granges Wallis 
ftSarahEsler Walters 
ftElizabeth Lancaster Washburn 
ft Barbara Holman Whitcomb 
ft Helen Littleton White 
ftOlivia Rhodes Woodin 

Marietta Solon Woolverton 
ft Barbara Nevens Young 

Number in Class: 100 
Number oi Donors: 77 
Percentage of Participation: 77% 
Total Class Dollars: $36,513 
ft Daphne Withington Adams 
ft Eugenia Burnett Aftel 
ftMarion Robbins Alexander 
ft Diana Stout Allen 
ftMargaret Cunningham Allen 

Mary Alice Bennett Baumberger 

Beatrice Brown Borden 

ftlessamine Boyce Bowles 
Virginia McGuire Brent 
ft Grace Lanier Brewer 
ftEdnaSwann Carter 

• Elizabeth Chamlierlam 

• Betty Blackmer Childs 
Katherine Coggins Clark 

•Carolyn Monteith Clarke 

Barbara Engh Croft 
ftMary Wheal Crowell 
ft Jean Hedley Currie 

Ltu v Call Dabney 

Deborah Wood Davis 

lanet Houstoun Davis 

• Virginia Cummings Davis 

• Dorothea Hutchings Donley 

• Cynthia Abbott Don 
Mimi Galloway Duncan 
Jeannette Mandle Dunlap 

ftMary Ellen Thompson Beach Ela 
ft Barbara Ripley Furniss 

Louise Hannoch Gersten 
•Alice Williams Glover 

• Virginia Moomaw Hall 
ftSudie Clark Hanger 
ftMargaret Troutman Harbin 
ft Frances Caldwell Harris 
ftAlice King Harrison 

ft Diana Greene Helfrich 
ftSusan Greer Hendrick 
ft Laura Graves Howell 
Nancy Kegley Jenkins 
ftAnne Bundy Lewis 
ftElizabeth Lewis Lewis 
ftElizabeth Hanger Lippincott 
ft lane Taylor Lowell 

• Genevieve Mundy Lyttle 
ftjulia Groves Martin 

• Irene Mitchell Moore 
Margaret Preston Moore 

ft Dorothy Myers Morehead 
ftGrace Bugg Muller-Thym 
ft Lindsay Crumpler Nolting 
ft Shirley Hauseman Nordhem 
ft Edna Syska Peltier 
ftAnn Hauslein Potterfield 

Florence Cillem Pressly 
ftEloise English Rankin 
ftAnn Morrison Reams 
ft Nancy Davis Reynolds 
ftSally Walke Rogers 
ft Frances Meek Rowe 
ftjeanne Buzby Runkle 

Mary Moore Rutherfoord 

Nathalie M. Ryan 

• Helen J. Sanford 
ftGloria Sanderson Sartor 
ft Douglas Woods Sprunt 
ftjeanne Sawyer Stanwood 
ftlessieMarr Strahman 

Virginia Wilkinson Swanson 
ft Ruth Jacquot Tempest 
ft Betsy Gilmer Tremain 
ftPattie Early Trippet 
ftSally Schall Van Allen 

• Edith Brainerd Walter 
ftMargaret Gearing Wickham 
ftjoanne Oberkirch Willis 

• Florence Bagley Witt 

• Dorothy Malone Yates 
•Marion Mundy Young 

Number in Class: 100 
Number oi Donors: 74 
Percentage oi Participation: 74% 
Total Class Dollars: $77,200 

Sara Bryan Allen 

Louise Woodruff Angst 

# Donor tor past five years 

• Deceased 

19 9 7-1998 


* Brooks Barnes 
*|eanne Turney Benjamin 
aSMuriel Grymes Blumenlhal 

Letitia Ord Bonbright 
r «Eitie Siegling Bowers 
as Anne Mclunkin Briber 

* Virginia White Brinton 

* Pauline Hudson Brown 
asCynthia Smith Brutzman 

Frances Simmons Byerly 

* Fay Martin Chandler 
*Carol Tanner Cover 

* Primrose Johnston Craven 
&Chesley lohnson Dale-Arnurius 
*Betty Emerick Dethlefs 

* Margaret Swindell Dickerman 

* Nancy Pingree Drake 
Pauline Boswell Fosdick 

*Bonilee Key Garrett 

* Nancy lameson Class 
as Barbara lones Hale 

Harriette Morris Haller 
*|ane Hardy Harris 
SNancy Bean Hector 
*Mary Wheeler Hilliard 

* Betty-Potter Kinne Hillyer 

* Esther |ett Holland 

* Marguerite F. Hume 
Byrd Smith Hunter 

* Dolores Cheatham lames 
lean Latham |ones 

*Katherine Doar lones 

SiLucy Kiker lones 
Ruth Willis Leaman 

^Catharine Bracher Leggett 

*Anne Noyes Lewis 

& Dorothy Campbell Maher 

^Valerie lones Materne 

aSCIare Eager Matthai 
Caroline Miller McClintock 
Patricia Robineau McCulloch 

*Jane Gregory Moore 

AMary Christian Mulligan 

^Elizabeth Schmeisser Nelson 

* Louise Moore Nelson 
*NancyMcVay O'Neill 

Ann Jacobs Pakradooni 
^Frances Gregg Petersmeyer 

Harriet Pullen Phillips 
&Rozelia Hazard Potter 
*Annabelle Forsch Prager 

* Betty B. Preston 
*Mary Carter Richardson 

Charlotte Garber Rudulph 
*Mary Love Ferguson Sanders 
*Merriam Packard Sargent* 
Moselle Faulconer Scales 

* Elizabeth Hall Schwartz 
*Marjorie Shugart Short 
^Catherine Parker Silverman 

* Elizabeth Dichman Smith 
Mary Kinkle Sullivan 
lane Findlay Tate 

Mary Law Taylor' 
as Suzanne Douglas Terry 

* Frances Taylor Trigg 
$Anne Williams Tulev 

* Peggy Roudin Weinberger 
afcjanice Fitzgerald Wellons 
'•.'Karen Kniskern White 

* Fayette McDowell Willed 
*Mary Steiger Wingerd 

Number in Class: 104 

Number of Donors 

Percentile or Part/i ipation: 76% 

Total Class Dollar-. J ' 

* Eleanor Goodspeed Mabofl 

* Martha Williams Alday 

* Norma Bradley Arnold 

* Martha Rugeley Bachman 
*Mary Newell Baird 

* Dorothy Tobin Baldwin 

* Sydney Holmes Bales 

* Louise Smith Barry 
&Sally Skinner Behnke 

* Elisabeth Vaughan Bishop 

* Dorothy Beuttell Blakeman 
#Mary Anderson Bowley 

]ane Williams Bradley 
^Carlisle Morrissett Branch 
*Ann Seguin Britt 

Anne Bowen Broadus 
^Mildred Faulconer Bryant 

* Alice Lancaster Buck 
Mildred Littleford Camm 

afcMurrell Rickards Chadsey 

* Anita Lippitt Clay 

* Betty Farinholt Cockrill 
*Phyllis Tenney Dowd 

Cecile Waterman Essrig 
asSarah Norman Faulconer 

* Alice lohnson Fessenden 
as Virginia Watts Fournier 

* Elizabeth Williams Gookin 
Anne Woods Guzzardi 

*PersisLadd Herald 
Carol Myers Hunter 
*Marian Shanley lacobs 
*|ean Ryan Kehl 
&Marjorie Willetts Maiden 
& Emily Wilkins Mason 

* Martha Hoffman McCoy 
aslane Rice McPherson 

* Ellen Duval Miller 

& Marion Saunders Montgomery 

lanet Staples Munt 
&|ean Blanton Murphy 

* Ernestine White Murrav 
asSarah Hollerith Nietsch 

* Louise Konsberg Noll 
as Mary King Oehmig 

* Harriett Tavenner Owens 
as Hannah Mallory Perkins 
as Margaret Eggers Perry 

a$ Virginia Noyes Pillsbury 
^Catherine Tift Porter 
& Alice Hepburn Puleston 
Shirley Coombs Ramsour 
as Ann Moore Remington 
& Marguerite Brendlinger Robinson 
*Anne Hynson Rump 

* Betty Van Dusen Samson 
?; Muriel Abrash Schapiro 
as Frances Longino Schroder 
as Margaret Gordon Seiler 

Louise Hesson Shelburne 

* Betty Haverty Smith 

* Patricia Stickney 

* Virginia Burgess Struhsaker 

* Dorothy Denny Sutton 
*Paulett LongTaggart 
Matherine Mensing Teitgen 

Hazel Fellner Turtle 

* Barbara Clark Utley 
*Martha Falk Vallery 

as Marx Walker Van de Water* 
aSSIoan Hawkins Ward 

* Patricia Whitaker Waters 

* Mabel Breese Wellinghoff 
#MarJorie Woods Williamson* 
afcMimi Etheridge Wood 
*Helen Cantey Woodbridge 
ftMarthalyn Rushing Yocum 

Mary Braden Young 

Number in Class: 84 
Number oi Donors: 68 
Percentage oi Participation 
Total Class Dollars: Si'-, 831 

Elaine Krause Anderson 

Man, Svmes Anderson 
^Catherine Price Bass 
*Lile Tucker Bell 

* Audrey T. Berts* 
Sadie Allen Blackburn 

*Edilh Page Gill Breakell 

Betsy Smyth Brown 
afcMary Traugott Brown 
as Hilda HudeChapin 
asLeila Barnes Cheatham 
afcAnne Macfarlane Clark 

* Alice Edwards Davenport 
as Ann Parsons Davis 

* Elizabeth Healy Downing 

* Virginia Decker Dudley 
as Elizabeth Avery Dull 

as Jane Spiegel Eakin 
afcjean Ridler Fahrenbach 

* Leila Burnett Felker 

* Joyce Livermore Foust 
Harriet Willcox Gearhart 
Ann Gladney Gibson 

*Martha Holton Glesser 

* Elizabeth Gray Gray 

* Evelyn Dillard Grones* 
Margaret Mueller Haldeman 

* Harriet Hazen Harnack 
as Joanne Morgan Hartman 
wMildred Carothers Healy 
#Mary Frye Hemphill 

9$ Anna Mary Chidester Heywood 

* Irene McDonnell Hill 
$ Julia Mills Jacobsen 
as Anne Dickson Jordan 
&Mary Haskins King 
as Ann McLean Loomis 

* Frances Matton Luckett 

as Antoinette LeBris Maynard 
& Alice Nicolson Mcllvaine 

Sarah Temple Moore 
asDaleSayler Morgan 

Jane Clarke Morrow 
as Rosemary Newby Mullen 
^Margaret Swann Norris 

Ann Richey Oliver 
aiMia Hecht Owens 
asEllen Gilliam Perry 

Margaret Booth Pierce 

* Elizabeth Hicks Pollak 

* Elizabeth Zulich Reuter 
^Caroline Parrish Seager 

* Frances EstesSeibels 

* Esther Cunningham Shay 
Ruth Longmire Skelton 

as Anne Walker Somerville* 
as Alice Gearhart Stinson 

* Barbara Bourke Stovall 
a&Mary Herbert Taylor 
as|eanne Skerry Tepe 

& Isabel Gaylord Thompson 

* Ellen Dodson Wightman 
aSEIIen Gray Wilson 

* Helen Davis Wohlers 
Phoebe Sweney Woolley 

* Amanda Parsley Worth 

* Betty Cocke Wrig hi 
asMargaret lones Wyllie 

Number in Class: 101 
Number oi Donors: bl 
Percentage oi Participation: 60% 
Total Class Dollars: $48,899 
Catherine Brooks Augustine 
Marguerite Emmert Baldwin 

* Lucy-Charles Jones Bendall 

* Sarah Bubb Bruch 
9SEdwina Young Call 

Jane Pickens Church 

* Eleanor Myers Cole 
*Louise Wilbourn Collier 

Flora Cameron Crichton 
Marilyn Hannah Crocker 
afcCarolyn Conley Danley 

* Rosemary Ashby Dashiell 
afcAnne Hill Edwards 

* Elaine lohnson Edwards 

* Jessie Strickland Elcock 
Helen Graeff Ellerman 
Anne Stubbs Fitzsimmons 

*Mary Vinton Fleming 

loan Berend Gordon 

^Catherine Smart Grier 

* Emily Albert Hanahan 
afcSarah McDuffie Hardaway 
*Mary Holland Hardin 

Elizabeth Gurley Hewson 

Mary Taylor Hollowell 
&Anne Stuckle Houston 
*Wistar Watts King 
*|ean Pollard Kline 
&Mary Evans Landrum 
98 Helen Murchison Lane 

Ann Farr Lewis 

* Margaret Sibley Lewis 

* Elinor Clement Littleton 

* Louisa B. Lloyd 

* Beatrice Dingwell Loos 
Elizabeth Camlin Maher 

*Palmour Holmes Mclntire 
^Charlotte Sprunt Murchison 

* Juliette Rollins Napier 
lulia lerman Neal 

* Betty Ann Bass Norris 
Bowdre Budd Poer 
Hallie Nixon Powell 

*Ellen Robbins Red 
Judith Bailey Refo 
Megare Thompson Robertson 
SSMary Vandeventer Saunders 
^Caroline Rudulph Sellers* 

* Margaret Coffman Smith 

* Nancy Sanders Starr 
Marjorie Selvage Stone 
Catherine Evans Stroud 

as Jean Carter Telford 

* Leila McLaughlin Thompson 

* Bertha Lee Toole 
aslane Richardson Vieth 
as Adeline lones Voorhees 
#)oan Darby West 

Ellen Thackray Wilson 
asAriana lones Wittke 

* Virginia Q. Wynn 

Number in Class: 102 
Number oi Donors: 55 
Percentage oi Panicipation: 54% 
Total Class Dollars: $19,001 

* Lucinda Converse Ash 

* Elaine Davis Blackford 
as Nana Alexander Blanev 
asCatharine Fitzgerald Booker 
*Anne Lile Bow den 

* Xl.ina lui ker Bouerfind 

* Emily Schuber Carr* 
98 Frances Ulmer Conley 

lulia Holt Coyle 

Laura Grogan Crane 
^Frances Gardner Curtis 
asElizabeth Ripley Davey 
*Katherine Munter Derr 
*|oan McCoy Edmonds 

* Elizabeth Weil Fisher 
98 Mary McGuire Gilliam 

Judith Burnett Halsey 
asMargaret Dawson Hellyer 

Frieda Manley Hutchinson 

Elizabeth Newell lohns 
asShirley Levis Johnson 
asGloria Gamble Jones 

Virginia King 
aSAnn Colston Leonard 
*Sara McMullen Lindsey 
*Caral Blanton McCord 

Mary Jones McGehee 
#Aimee Des Pland McGirt 
*|ean C. Old 

* Katharine Weisiger Osborne 

* Meredith Slane Person 

* Barbara Golden Pound 
as Jean Ferrier Ramsay 

* Margaret W. Redfern 
Mary McDuffie Redmond 

« Isabel Zulick Rhoads 

Mary Hudgins Rice 
*Susan Van Cleve Riehl 

Elizabeth Gates Rogers 

* Patricia Hassler Schuber 
as Eleanor Bosworth Shannon 
*Anne Kleeman Sites 
*Martha C. Smith 
*Suzette Morton Sorenson 

Evelyn White Spearman 
aWenllian lenkins Stallings 
Linda McKoy Stewart 

* Nan Hart Stone 
Marie Holman Swayze 
Bettie Golden Tyler 

* Margaret White Van Buren 
*Suzanne Fitzgerald Van Home 
*Ann Marshall Whitley 
*Cecil Butler Williams 

Margaret Bromberg Williams 

Number in Class: 122 
Number oi Donors: //" 
Percentage oi Participation: 96% 
Total Class Dollars: $295,586 

Tempe Kyser Adams 
&Kathryn Fulton Alston 

* Martha Garrison Anness 
SAnnabell Brock Badrow 

* Martha Davis Barnes 
asHarriotte Bland Beckwith 

Alice Butman Bellows 
SfcSuzanne Hardy Benson 

Indiana Lindsay Bilisolv 

Constance Tunnell Bond* 
&Susan lackson Burns 
*Julia Blakey Butler 
&Martha Mansfield Clement 
as Virginia Skeppstrom Cline 
9S Constance V. Conover 

Wrginia Pekor Culpepper 

Sylvia Saunders Davis 

Joyce Raley Debergh 

Catharine Doolin Dickey 
SfcClosey Faulkner Dickev 
^Martha Shmidheiser DuBarry 
^Marguerite Rucker Ellett 

Nancy Moses Eubanks 
asCarolyn Irvine Forbes 

• Donor lofpjsi five yean 
■ De eased 

19 97-1!? 3 8 HONOR ROLL OF 

as Ann Paxson Gail* 

* Jeanne Morrell Carlington 
Constance Hancock Cetman 

* Elizabeth C. Gibson 
*Wayne Stokes Goodall 
JsElizabeth Anderson Correll 

lane Ransom Gray 
^Elizabeth White Gregory 
#Anne Ryland Ricks Griffin 
& Marion Bower Harrison 

Patricia Goldin Harrsch 

Elma Lile Hartmann 

Avery Draughon Helm 
*Mayde Ludington Henningsen 
#EveGodchaux Hirsch 

Mary Humphries Hook 
^Elinor Taylor Hough 
3sRuth Faulkner Howe 
*|ane Taylor Ix 

* Murray Armstrong lames 
^Catherine Vance Johns 

* Patricia Damron |oy 
Bett\ Warner Keith 

& Nancy Vaughn Kelly 
Rosemary Gugert Kennedy 

sslane lohnson Kent 
Anne Street Lautz 

* Elizabeth Bramham Lee 

* Judith Perkins Llewellyn 
SMartha Skinner Logan 
•;Mary |ane Luke 

*|o Vestal Lyon 

* Margaret Sheffield Martin 
Nam y Snider Martin 

* Constance Somervell Matter 

* Faith Mattison 

Anne McCaffrey McBrian 
«Maddin Lupton McCallie 

Mary Barbour McCrea 
Matherine Berthier McKelway* 
^Claudia Antrim McKenna 

Phyllis Thorpe Miller 

* Elvira Whitehead Morse 
*Ann Porter Mullen 

* Diane King Nelson 

* Patricia Smith Nelson 
J8|ane Shoesmith Newcomb 
*Westray Boyce Nicholas 

* Patricia lenney Nielsen 
*|osephine Neal Peregrine 
^Elizabeth Graves Perkinson 

* Emily Lottis Peters 
*Ardis Fratus Porter 
^Elizabeth Kernan Quigley 

* Betty lohnson Ragland 
lleana Garcia Ramirez de 

McCall Henderson Revercomb 

* Elizabeth Hooks Richards 

* Helen McKemie Riddle 

* Frances L. Robb 

Sylvia Schively Robertshaw' 
&Mary Barrett Robertson 

luanita Minchew Robinson 
$ Audrey Lahman Rosselot 

* Patricia Traugott Rouse 

* Elizabeth Beltz Rowe 

* Betty lackson Ryan 
*Ann Orr Savage 

* Beatrice Backer Simpson 
^Caroline Haskell Simpson 

Marjorie Smith Smithey 
& Eleanor Potts Snodgrass 

* Helen Elliott Sockwell 
*Sara Davis Spencer 

Effie Gray Starck 
Pamela Terry Stoutenburgh 
Elizabeth Wallace Tenney 
seMartha Owen Thatcher 
Tate McArthur Todd 

SSAnn Rowland Tuck 
^Margaret Addinglon Iwoln 
*Ann Samford Upchun h' 

* Virginia Wurzbach Vardy 
Evalena Sharp Vidal 

»;lievs Pratt Wallace 
Malloy Wright Warren 
lenny Bechtel Whyte 

* Elizabeth Plunkett Williams 
Sally Smith Williams 

* Betty Leffel Wingate 

* Helen Pender Withers 

* Dorothy Wallace Wood 
•j lane Miller Wright 

Number in Class: 84 
Number oi Donors: 68 
Percentage of Participation: 81% 
Total Class Dollars: $47,425 

* Alberta Pew Baker 
$Mary Fran Brown Ballard 
^Marilyn Hopkins Bamborough 
*Ann Henderson Bannard 
^Patricia Levi Barnett 

3S Katharine Hart Belew 
^Elizabeth Wellford Bennett 

* Patricia Brown Boyer 
^Catherine Barnett Brown 
*Walter H. Brown H'49 

SS Ann-Barrett Holmes Bryan 
as Anne Fiery Bryan 

* Ellen Ramsay Clark 
Sally Searle Clarke 

w Elizabeth Ruth Cleaver 
Elisabeth Corddry 
Alice Dahm Crane 

* Nancy Frantz Davies 
*SallieLegg DeMartine 

Mary Geer DiRaddo 
$Vidmer Megginson Downing 
^Carolyn Cannady Evans 

Frances Pope Evans 
as June Eager Finney 
$Mary Hancock Fritzsche 

* Elizabeth Dershuck Gay 
*Katherine Veasey Goodwin 

* Alice Trout Hagan 
^Elizabeth Trueheart Harris 
^Margaret Hodges Hill 
*Carolyn Aubrey Humphries 

Sarah Strickland lohnson 
Catharine Hardwick lohnston 
*Ann Doar Jones 

* Emily Pruitt Jones 
*|acquelin lacobs Leffers 
*June Krebs Liversage 

* Polly Plummer Mackie 

* Julia Easley Mak 

*Mary Virginia Grigsby Mallett 
*Sue Corning Mann 
asMarie Musgrove McCrone 
^Caroline Casey McGehee 
&Fredda Duncombe Millard 

Martha Query Odell 
&Mary Booth Parker 

* Barbara Sloan Pearsall 
Ruth Garrett Preucel 

^Catherine Cox Reynolds 

* Lindsay Coon Robinson 
Patricia Davin Robinson 

& Dorothy Rouse-Bottom 

* Lucie Wood Saunders 

* Alice Dulaney Sheridan 

* Margaret Lawrence Simmons 
^Carter Van Deventer Slatery 

Marcia Fowler Smiley* 
*Gratia Boice Smith 

* Margaret Cromwell Taliaferro 

^Margaret Towers Talman 
*|eanG. laylot 
*Anne Bush Train 
*Zola Garrison w ire 
&Julia Baldwin V 
afcMary Stevens Webb 
*Ann Eustis Weimer 
# Joyce Smith White 
*|oan McCarthy Whiteman 
Roselise Holmes Wilkinson 
* Nancy lones Worcester 

Number in eh*. 122 
Number of Donors: 74 
Percentage or Partii ipation: bi".\ 
Total Class Dollars: $17,297 

as Ann Belser Asher 

* Nancy Thompson Baker 
*Anne McNeer Blanken 

as Mary Morris Gamble Booth 

Fh/abeth While Bradley 
&Mary Dame Stubbs Broad 

Edith Tanner Broughton 
*Mary Lanman Brown 
*Anne Estill Campbell 
•1 m\ kreusler Carey 
asJaneMunnerlyn Carter 

Dorothy Montague Cholnoky 

Julia FreelsChwalik 
as Anne Peyton Cooper 

* Deborah Freeman Cooper 
Margaret Murchison Corse 

* Carolyn Tynes Cowan 

* Bonnie Loyd Crane 

* Diana G. Dent 
Cynthia Ellis Dunn 

$Mary Berkeley Fergusson 

*Sally Bianchi Foster 

^Caroline Bailey Fritzinger 
Genevieve Hammel Geer 
Katherine Lang Gibson 

Mlisabeth Elmore Gilleland 

&Ellen Wilkerson Given 

*JoGulick Grant 

* Nancy Franklin Hall 
*Sarah Easter Henderson 

Betsey Sawyer Hodges 
Henrietta Hill Hubbard 

* Ellen Warner Hudson 
Fanchon Lewis lackson 

&Nancy Carter Jewell 
Sally Lane lohnson 
Nell Greening Keen 

* Elizabeth Todd Landen 
^Margaret Gee Lawes 

Elsie Landram Layton 
Sarah Webb Lent 

* Dorothy Wood Letts 
*Miriam Wyse Linsky 

* Virginia Page Love 
*Peachey Lillard Manning 
*|oan TeetorMarder 

Barbara Favill Marshall 
^Elizabeth Hutchens McCaleb 
Nancy Day McCammond 
Joan Livingston McFall 
Mary Roberts Mellow 
Sydney Overstreet Meredith 
& Louise P. Moore 

Ann Green Pangels 
asMarie Gilliam Park 

* Patricia Owens Purvis 
Yvonne Worley Randall 
Catharine Clark Rasmussen 

* Edith Brooke Robertson 
"^Virginia Luscombe Rogers 

* Patricia Halloran Salvador! 
Margaret Craig Sanders 

Beverly Benson Seamans 
■i ■ i, | i, ■ 
*Lola Steele Shepherd 

Louise Streeter Smith 
WCora Morningstar Spiller 

Ann Preslon Vick 

Elizabeth Markgral Waring 
•■Vim ) Storey White 
#Kay Leroy Wing 
&Susan Tucker Yankee 

Virginia Mann York 
*Jane Lewis Zollicotfer 

Number in Class: 105 
Number of Donors: 73 
Percentage ol Partit ipation: 70% 
Total ( lass Dollars: > 

*Carolyn Sample Abshire 
SJoan Motter Andersen 

Patricia A. Barton 
*Mona Wilson Beard 

Anne Fletcher Bedford 

Sally Anderson Bernays 
*Jean Randolph Bruns 
asGrace Cosier Buchignani 

Marie Ironmonger Bundy 

Mary Pierce Clark 
Modes Estill Coleman 

Ruth Clarkson Costello 
*Joan St. John Curtner 
SJanet Broman Dingle 
*JulieMicou Eastwood 
&Mary Eriksen Ertman 

* Patricia Lynas Ford 

as Joanne Williams Eraser 
Carla de Creny Freed 

* Patricia Carlin Friese 
Ann Mountcastle Gamble 
Margaret Works Gibbs 

afcSuzanne Lockley Glad 

* Lucy Regester Goode 
Angie Vaughan Halliday 

$Mary French Halliday 
*Ann Petesch Hazzard 
*|ean Stapleton Hellier 

* Dorothy Marks Herbruck 
*Helen Stanley Hollifield 

Susan Ostrander Hood 
aSSusan Taylor Hubbard 

* Louise Coleman Jones 
Margaret Fitzsimons Jones 
loan Kuehnle Kaufman 

asGeorgia Dreisbach Kegley 
*Sue Taylor Lilley 

* Katharine Phinizy Mackie 
&Monna Simpson MacLellan 

Martha Staley Marks' 

Joan Cansler Marshall 
asjoan Widau Marshall 
^Eugenia Ellis Mason 

Lois Aitken McRoberts 
*RuthOddy Meyer 
asjoan Hess Michel 
*Mary Street Montague 
&Jane C. Moorefield 

* Myrtle Alston Mott 

* Frances Browder Nibley 
Nancy Keen Butterworth Palmer 

& Ruth Magee Peterson 

Janet Johnston Phillips 
as Mary Kraus Pierson 

Margaret Seaman Pinkos 

* Audrey Breitinger Post 
Nancy Pesek Rasenberger 
Mary Semple Riis 

* Doris Brody Rosen 

* Margery Davidson Rucker 
aeDiane Richmond Simpson 

*Anne Sinshei 
Chloe Mason Smith 

i Slimpson 

*Ann Sheldon rayloi 
*|oan Vail rhorne 

Carol Rolston Toulmin 
^Ursula Reimer Van Anil.i 
* Naomi Sirna Waldstein 

Bett\ bourn 
■i \' 

Rosalie Barringer Wornham 
*AnnBenel V 

Number in Class: 130 
\umber of Donors: 80 
Percentage of Participation 
Total Class Dollars $3i 

Marjorie Levine Abrams 

Phoebe DeFoe Adams 
^Cynthia Balch Barns 

losephine Bierhaus Barrow' 
*Clara McDonald Bass 

Nell Orand Beck 

Barbara Baker Bird 

Pauline Wells Bolton 
*Ruth Edgerton Boyer 
*Grace Wallace Brown 

Elizabeth Wilder Cady 
aeMary Miller Carroll 

* Donna Robinson Cart 

* Jacqueline Razook Chamandy 

* Nancy Hamel Clark 

* Sally Fishburn Crockett 
Polly Plumb deButts 

*Keir Henley Donaldson 
as Anne Forster Dooley 
Mary Marshall Dyke 
*Grace DeLong Einsel 

* Harriet Thayer Elder 
Eulalie McFall Fenhagen 

asGrace Jones Fishel 

Patricia Ruppert Flanders 

Edith Marsh Fonda 

Pride Binger Forney 
*Joanne O'Malley Foster 
asCynthia A. Fowle 

Evelyn Lane Fozzard 

Sally M. Gearhart 
&Mary Ford Gilchrist 

* Donna Reese Godwin 

* Laura Radford Goley 
Catherine Yerkes Grant 

*BrigitteC. H.Guttstadt 
Mary Gesler Hanson 
Margaret Nelson Harding 

* Nancy Laemmel Hartmann 

* Cornelia Dumas Herff 
afcMary Barcus Hunter 
*Mary Bailey Izard 
aSGinger Dreyfus Karren 

* Martha Legg Katz 
*Anne Hoagland Kelsey 

Carroll Morgan Legge 
■S? Virginia Sheaff Liddel 
*BettyMundy Littrell 

* Nancy Morrow Lovell 

* Edith Bell Lyon 
#|ean Caldwell Marchant 
^Suzanne Bassewitz Mentzinger 
^Katharine Shaw Minton 

* Leila Booth Morris 
lane Carter Ogburn 

&Jane Ramsay Olmsted 
*Mildred O'Neal Palmer 

* Joanne Holbrook Patton 
Norma Jansen Phalen 

* Louise Kelly Pumpelly 
*|oan Stewart Rank 

' Deceased 

-19 9 8 



Nancy Messick Ray 

Ann Trumbore Ream 
*Peggy Moore Ripley 

Mary Boyd Ronald 
#)ane Russo Sheehan 

Ann Whirtingham Smith 

* Frances Street Smith 
*Charlotte Snead Stifel 

* Louise Warfield Stump 
*Mary Kimball Temple 

* Patricia Beach Thompson 
*|ane Roseberry Tolleson 

Catherine Kinnear Train 
Carolyn Black Underwood 
Mary Grate Warren 
Alice Stansbury White 

I Trask Wood 
janis Thomas Zeanah 
^Cornelia Perkins Zinsser 

Number in Class: 116 
Number of Donors: 70 
Percentage oi Participation: 60% 
Total Class Dollars: $81,068 

* Katherine Amsden 
&Harriette Hodges Andrews 
*Nancy Bomar Andrews 

Florence Pye Apy 

* Eleanor Johnson Ashby 
Eleanor Hirsch Baer 
Elizabeth Moore Baker 

Mary Littlejohn Belser 

* Janet Martin Birney 
Lisbeth Gibson Brooks 

* Patsy Phillips Brown 
*Anne Elliott Caskie 

Mary E. Cave 

Janet Hamilburg Churchill 
*Kirkland Tucker Clarkson 

Martha Moore Cuenod 
#Ann King Dietrich 

Jeanne Duff 
#Jane Yoe Duggan 

Caroline Miller Ewing 
Catherine Guerrant Fields 

* Dorothea M. Fuller 
*Sara Ironmonger Greer 
*Mary Kimball Grier 

Mary Stagg Hamblett* 
*Dale Hutter Harris 

* Elisabeth Wallace Hartman 
*Ann Leonard Hodges 

Marilyn Wellborn Hopper 

* Nancy Ord Jackson 
*Mary Sexton Jones 
*Martha Black lordan 
*|ean Felty Kenny 

lane Perry Liles 

* Virginia Timmons Ludwick 

* Alice Trilck McClements 

* Margaret Graves McClung 

* Nancy M. McDonald 
Cynthia Moorhead McNair 
Nancy Goldie McTaggart 
Eugenie Pieper Meredith 
Ruth Courand Miller 

&|ane Dawson Mudwilder 
Donna Anderson Mullens 

* Kathleen Bailey Nager 
*NanE. O'Keeffe 

* Isabel Grayson Parish 
*Olivia Cantey Patlon 

* June Arata Pickett 
Midge Chace Powell 

^Caroline Moody Roberts 
*|osephine Wells Rodgers 
*Mary Ann Mellen Root 

* Nan Locke Rosa 
Virginia Dunlap Shelton 

* Jane Collins Sjoberg 
Carolyn Smith 
Carolyn Tolbert Smith 

*Anne Green Stone 

* Betty Behlen Stone 
^Virginia Hudson Toone 
*Carol Exnicios Tucker 

Constance Werly Wakelee 
^Patricia Tighe Walden 
lane Weslbrook 
Betty Bentsen Winn 
*Edith Norman Wombwell 
*Anne Joyce Wyman 

* Jacqueline Lowe Young 

Number in Class: 122 
Number oi Donors: 84 
Percentage oi Participation: 69% 
Total Class Dollars: $73,002 

* Louise Brandes Abdullah 

* Betty Orr Atkinson 
Jeanne Stoddart Barends 

* Merrill Underwood Barringer 
*Mary Bowns Bell 

*Joan Potter Bickel 

Eliza Lloyd Biederman 
*|o Nelson Booze 
£ Beverly Smith Bragg 
*Anne C. Brooke 
*Shirley Poulson Broyles 
#Sarah M. Bumbaugh 
*Ann Walsh Cahouet 
*Mary Noble Caperton 
*|udith R. Catlin 

* Nancy H. Cornwall 

* Faith Rahmer Croker 
^Barbara Wilson Daniell 
*Mary Hitchcock Davis 

* Barbara P. Day 
*Ruth Frye Deaton 

* Margaret Mohlman Degler 
*PageCroyder Diehl 
#Ann Thomas Donohue 

Elizabeth Walker Dykes 

Alexes Ogilvie Echols 

Joan Chamberlain Engelsman 
*Mary Jane Roos Fenn 
*Susan Bassett Finnegan 
&Mary Ann Robb Freer 
^Caroline Chobot Garner 

Marion Brice Griffey 

Margaret Van Peenen Grimes 
*Anne Sheffield Hale 
*Doreen Booth Hamilton 
*)oy Bennett Hartshorn 

* Elizabeth Carper Hoffman 
Barbara Mathews Hoi ley 
Page Anderson Hungerpiller 

*|oan Anson Hurwit 
Karen Looker Hyde 

* Vicky Toof Johnson 
*Dallis lohnson Jones 

* Bruce Watts Krucke 
*Ann Henry Lake 
*Elisabeth Helm Lawson 

Marilyn Clark Leathers 
Martha Dabney Leclere 

*Page Brydon Leslie 

*Jean Morris Long 
Virginia Bramlett Lowrance 

* Jerry Dreisbach Ludeke 
*Nanci Hay Mahoney 

Meri Hodges Major 

* Elinor Vorys Matchneer 
*Erlend Carlton McCaffree 
*Mary Lee McGinnis McClain 

*Louise Aubrey McFarland 
*Anne Maury Miller 

* Nancy P. Moody 
*Vaughan Inge Morrissette 

* Lamar Ellis Oglesby 
*Kay McLaughlin Patrick 
*Anne Allen Pflugfelder 
&Sally Gammon Plummer 

Magdalen Andrews Poff* 
*Margaret Morris Powell 
M,ir\ Barber Read 
Katherine Willcox Reiland 

* Margaret Ewart Riter 
*Anne Davis Roane 
*Ann Venable Rogers 
*Cynthia Sinclair Rutherford 

* Margaret Hobbs Shaw 
^Margaret Lotterhos Smith 

Ruth Sanders Smith 
*Bette Smith Stamats 

* Margaret lones Steuart 
*Hattie Hughes Stone 
*Ann Collins Teachout 
*Ann May Via 

* Barbara Chase Webber 
*]ane Henley Zahner 

Nancy Campbell Zivley 

Number in Class: 116 
Number oi Donors: 69 
Percentage of Participation: 60% 
Total Class Dollars: $23,550 
Elizabeth Harrison Austin 

* Ethel Green Banta 
*Gail Davidson Bazzarre 
*Kathryn Beard 

Marcia Rhodes Berglund 

* Patricia McClay Boggs 

ss Phyllis Herndon Brissenden 

Catherine Cage Bruns 

Chase Lane Bruns 
& Martha Hedeman Buckingham 
*Susan Hayward Collins 

loan Kells Cook 
^Shirley Sutlift Cooper 

Mary Simpson Daugette 

Diane Johnson DeCamp 
*Elise Wachenfeld de Papp 

Cary Fox Fisher 

* Isabel Anderson Fitzgerald 
^Carolyn Cooper Gates 
*Anne Kilby Gilhuly 

Kathleen Button Ginn 

Nancy Douthat Goss 
& Virginia Chamblin Greene 
wDianne Verney Greenway 

Laurie Godfrey Gregory 

Derrill Maybank Hagood 
*Constance Hill Hall 
*Metta Streit Halla 

Jeanette Kennedy Hancock 
*Lenora Fiducia Hartmann 

Evelyn Sanders Haugen 

* Barbara Plamp Hunt 

*Mary Amanda McThenia lodice 

* Barbara Garforth Jackson 

* Phyllis A. Joyner 

* Rebecca Faxon Knowles 

* Diane Hunt Lawrence 
*Anne Williams Manchester 

Catherine Roberts McHaney 
*Petsy GautierMezey 
*Sue Lawton Mobley 

* Betty Sanford Molster 
Denny Williams Moore 
Margaret Space Moore 

#Charlotte Orr Moores 
*Lydia Plamp Mower 

Frederika Merriman Naylor 
*|udy Trevor Nettles 
is Patricia Kilmer Norris 
*Susanna Bernard Odence 

* Helen Addington Passano 
*RenisSiner Paton 

* Lucretia Crater Pearse 

* Kathleen Peeples Pendleton 
*Gretchen Armstrong Redmond 

Clara Pfeiffer Rodes 

* Elizabeth Miller Sayler 
Burney Parrott Sheeks 
Nancy Anderson Shepard 

* Frances Bell Shepherd 
Barbara Telfer Thompson 

* Newel I Bryan Tozzer 
Mary Murray Trussell 

* Margaret West Valentine 

* Betty Byrne Gill Ware 
Jane Feltus Welch 

AJane Dildy Williams 
AEmily Coxe Winburn 
ACamille Williams Yow 

Number in Class: 131 
Number oi Donors: 79 
Percentage oi Participation: 60% 
Total Class Dollars: $13,769 
AAnn Greer Adams 

Sally Whittier Adams 

Peggy Pattillo Beckham 
A Laura Hailey Bowen 

Elizabeth Pierce Bradshaw 

Pryde Brown 
^Frances Gilbert Browne 

loan Phelps Burkett 
^Frances Shannonhouse Clardv 
*Jane Black Clark 
^Barbara Darnall Clinton 
*Louisa Hunt Coker 

Louise Galleher Coldwell 

Harriet Y. Cooper 

Katherine Kindred Decker 

* Susan Clay Disharoon 
Mary Major Duncan 
LeRae Hehl Dwight 
Marlene Etienne Engdahl 

ANancie Howe Entenmann 
A Helen Wolfe Evans 
AJoan Fisch Gallivan 
*Ellen Bordley Cibbs 

Louise Mandeville Grant 
A Evelyn Christison Gregory 

* Lottie Lipscomb Guttry 
*Mary Koonz Gynn 

Dorothy Candler Hamilton 

Katherine G. Harrison 

Elizabeth Meade Hastings 

Paula Burnum Hayes 

Denny Dolan Henkel 

Anne Willis Hetlage 
*lris Potteiger Hinchman 

lanet Caldwell Irwin 
*Eve Altsheler lay 
& Rose Montgomery lohnston 

Karen Steinhardl Kirkbride 
A Ella-Prince Trimmer Knox 

Gwen Hoffman Lamb 

* Barbara Bernhard MacLea 
*Sally Hyde McMillin 

Catherine Lotlerhos Mills 

* Nancy Ettinger Minor 
*Anne Carroll Mulholland 

* Helen Turner Murphy 
Corell Lauter Murray 

* Martha Clay Nichols 
*Mary Thornton Oppenhimer 

* Norma Davis Owen 

*Lucy Blanton Park 
Allison Boykin Parsons 
Elizabeth Parker Paul 
Paula Purse Pointer 

&Mary Ann Hicklm Quarngesser 

*|ane Eiser Rather 

* Betty Forbes Rayburn 

* Barbara Collis Rodes 
*Gary Maxwell Rousseau 

Kathryn Smith Schauer 

* lanet Monroe Schumann 

* Barbara Bradshaw Sedgwick 
A Anne lacobson Shramko 
&Sarah Garrison Skidmore 

Ann Tierney Smith 

* Nancy Salisbury Spencer 
*|ane Street Steele 

Byrd Stone" 

* Nancy St. Clair Talley 
Leila Thompson Taratus 

* Sarah Sharp Taylor 
Gretchen Stauffer Torres 

*Carolyn Dickinson Tynes 

* Dorothy Urner 

& Marguerite Geer Wellborn 
Ann Rowell White 
Elizabeth Hodgin Williams 

* loan Broman Wright 
Sloyce Lenz Young 

Number in Class: 129 
Number oi Donors: 83 
Percentage of Participation: 64% 
Total Class Dollars: $66,120 

Susan Ragland Abrahamson 

Nancy Crone Adams 

Judith Ruffin Anderson 

Susannah Newlin Archinal 

* Carolyn Scott Arnold 
*Marjorie Whitson Aude 
*Nancy Godwin Baldwin 

Nancy Neighbors Becker 
Barbara Denton Berlage 

*Kay Diane Moore Bowles 

*Sydney Graham Brady 

* Joanne Raines Brinkley 
Virginia Weed Browne 

*Mary Landon Smith Brugh 
*Ruth Ellen Green Calhoun 

* Elaine Kimball Carleton 

* Catharine Spessard Cooper 
*Page Phelps Coulter 
*Mary Stoll Cross 
*Carol Turner Crosthwait 
&Nannette McBurney Crowdus 
*|aquelin Ambler Cusick 
^Charlotte Heuer de Serio 

* Margaret Liebert Dobbins 
*|ane Campbell Englert 

lanet Pehl Ettele 

Suzanne Gipson Farnham 

June Mills Fenner 

Elaine Floyd Fisher 

Carolyn Swift Fleming 
&Carol McMurtry Fowler 
#Anne Gwinn Fox 

Susan Smith Friend' 
Sfejane Pinckney Hanahan 

Barbara Baker Hart 

* Dorothy Duncan Hodges 

* Betty Folmar Hunt 

* Margery Scott lohnson 
*|oan Lawson Kuhns 
*Aileen H. Laing 

Priscilla Bowdle Lamont 
&Nancy Fink Leeds 
^Katharine Tilghman Lowe 

# Donor for past five vearc 

• Deemed 

-19 9 8 


sjfcChrishne Smith LoWT) 

* Elizabeth Haskell Mack 
Helene Bauer Magruder 

*Susan Elder Martin 
ASlella Moore McClintock 
*Carter Donnan McDowell 
*Thelma Houk McGrory 
*Anne F. Melton 

* Betty Murden Michelson 
*Mary Webb Miller 

* Natalie Wittich Morrow 
*Sue Roth Olson 
*Cynthia Wilson Ottaway 

Virginia Marks Paget 
*Anna Chao Pai 

Helene Perry 
*Elaine Newton Peters 

* Eleanor lohnson Ponder 
Monica Ballard Porter 

#Averala Paxton Poucher 
*Carroll Weitzel Rners 

* Alice Barnes Robertson 
*Diana Robin 

& Anne Wilson Rowe 
■ I nid Winkelman Sharpe 
is Elaine Steele Shults 
*Enid W. Slack 
*Elynor Neblett Stephens 

* Elizabeth McMahan Tolberl 
*|ane Fitzgerald Treherne-Thomas 

|une Heard Wadsworth 
*|ane Best Wehland 

Louise Wallace Wilemon 

Faye Rathgeber Willis 
$Mary Anne Wilson 
*Florence Barclay Winston 
*Diane Duffield Wood 

* Marguerite McDaniel Wood 
Elizabeth Wilson Woodruff 

*Dagmar Halmagyi Yon 

Number in Class: 755 
Number of Donors: 84 
Percentage of Participation: 54% 
Total Class Dollars: $45,767 

* Sarah Austen Adams 
*Cecile Dickson Banner 

Roberta Nelson Bargamin 
is Polly Benson-Brown 
Lee Brown Billingsley 
Patricia Ashby Boesch 
Julia Olive Craig Brooke* 
Sally Kendall Bundv 

* Marietta Eggleston Burleigh 

Mary lohnson Campbell 
Adele Scott Caruthers 
*Claire Cannon Christopher 

* Edith Knapp Clark 

* Alexandra Carpenter Cole 
*Marion Thorington Conover 

Elizabeth Fairfield Creighton 
loan Black Davidson 

* Betty Sivalls Davis 
#Shirley McCallum Davis 
*Carolyn Mclvor Dews 
« Beatrice Dodd 

&Joan Lamparter Downs 
Judith Kingman Driskell 

&Ann Plumb Duke 

*Carol McClave Duncan 

*Barbara Elliott Eddins 
Mary Sample Edmonds 
Carolyn Dennis Fielding 

*Ruth MackieCabay 
Elizabeth Worrell Gallagher 
Elizabeth Moore Gardner 

* Nancy Hawbaker Gilbert 

Cornelia Bear Givhan 

Julia T. Green 
*Winborne Leigh Hamlin 
*Lvnn Prior Harrington 
*)oan Cabaniss Harrison 
$ Marian Martin Harrison 
*Susan Calhoun Heminu.n 

Floride Buchanan Heyward 
*lna Hamilton Houck 

June Berguido lames 
*|ane Shipman Kuntz 

Elizabeth Mears Kurtz 

* Linda McGuire Last 
Virginia Tyson Lawrence 

is Judith Graham Lewis 

* Peggy Fossett Lodeesen 
*Cornelia Long Matson 

Mvrna Godshall Maxfield 
*Joan Baggs McKenzie 

* Dorothy Woods McLeod 
Dianne Chase Monroe 
Emma Coggeshall Nock 

*Mollie Archer Payne 

*Sara Gait Pollard 

is Eleanor Cain Pope 

^Stephanie Butan Profaci 
Celia Loving Richeson 
Annette Tatlow Ritchie 
Mary Lineberger Roberts 

*Anne A. Robinson 
Mary Templeton Rountree 

SfcRuth Frame Salzberg 

*Betty Phillips Sanford 
E. Elaine Schuster 
Mabel le Garrard Seawright 

* Dorothy Wyatt Shields 
Elizabeth Gallo Skladal 
Elizabeth Smith Stone 

* Valeria Parker Storms 
*Mary Lane Bryan Sullivan 
*Mary Taylor Swing 

* Eleanor St. Clair Thorp 
*Patronella Sykes Treadwell 

* Patricia Williams Twohy 
Lee Cooper van de Velde 

*)ane Oxner Waring 
Margaret Smith Warner 

*Langhorne Tuller Webster 
Elizabeth Kemper Wharton 
Louise Dunham Williams 

*Dana Dewey Woody 

Number in Class: 143 
Number ot Donors: 92 
Percentage of Participation: 64% 
Total Class Dollars: $29,869 
*Jana Bekins Anderson 
&Mary Handy Ballentine 
Jane Moore Banks 

* Karen Herschbach Bates 
&Ann Young Bloom 

Barbara Sampson Borsch 

* Alice Cary Farmer Brown 

* Julia Watts Buchanan 

* Elisabeth Chambers Burgess 

* Patricia Chandler Burns 

* Ethel Bruner Campbell 
Judith Franklin Campbell 

*Mary Cooke Carle 

* Martha Burnet Carlisle 
*Rew Price Carne 

* Elsie Prichard Carter 

* Judith Sorley Chalmers 

* Virginia Nassib Collett 
Margaret Cook 

* Virginia Ramsey Crawford 
Betsy Salisbury Creekmore 

* Sally Dobson Danforth 

*Mary Boyd Davis 
*Beverlt>\ Birchfield Derian 
Anne Fisher Duncklee 

* Elizabeth Space Dunn 
Deborah Dunning 
Lucy Frost Dunning 

*Tabb Thornton Farinholt 
*Susan Perry Farmer 
^Catherine Watjen Flemings 

* Linda Knickerbocker Ford 
Gay Hart Gaines 

*Jane Wheeler Garcia 

* Patricia Frawley Gates 
Suzanne Hater Hambrick 

*Ann Pegram Harris 

*Ann B. Hearin 
Mary Payne Hester 
Evelyn Moore Horton 
Jo Dougherty Hottenstein 
Ann Gumaer Johnson 

*Anne Wimbish Kasanin 

*Carol Turnbull Kidd 

* Virginia MacKethan Kitchin 
*Cornelia Fitzgerald Lange 
*Jane Kroegar Larimore 

Dorothy Moore Lawson 
*|udy Nevins LeHardy 
& Lucia Woods Lindley 

* Elizabeth Johnston Lipscomb 
& Elizabeth Meyerink Lord 

* Valerie Stoddard Loring 
Marcia Brown Lyle 

*Sandra Maddox H'59 
Kathleen Mather 

* Dorothy U If Mayer 
Sorrel Mackall McElroy 
Sallie Armfield McMillion 

&|ane Jamison Messer 
Susan Taylor Montague 
Sarah Murdock Moore 
Suzanne Pohl Moulton 
Virginia Marchant Noyes 
*Martha Bulkley O'Brien 
^Courtney Gibson Pelley 
^Elizabeth Brawner Pittman 

* Susan Hight Rountree 
*Meriweather Hagerty Rumrill 
*Judith Wellon Sargent 

* Sarah Mayfield Schreiner 
Prudence Sandifer Scott 

*Vivian Butler Scott 

* Elizabeth Duke Seaman 
&Mary Todd Singh 
&Sara Beattie Sinkler 

Joann Derrickson Slights 
^Catherine Brownlee Smeltzer 
Karen McKenzie Smith 

* Diane Doscher Spurdle 

* Jacqueline Hekma Stone 
^Patricia Davis Sutker 

Sandra La Staiti Sylvia 
Mary Taggard Taylor 

* Joanne Bossert Thompson 

* Patricia Coxe Ware 
Barbara Lewis Weed 

&Cay Ramey Weimer 
^Elizabeth Smith White 
^Elizabeth Colwill Wiegers 
&Lizora Miller Yonce 
Isa-Mary Lowe Ziegler 

Number in Class: 145 
Number of Donors: 79 
Percentage of Participation: 55% 
Total Class Dollars: $49,829 
*Mary Dohs Acey 
wjudy Barnes Agnew 
Joanne Harrier Barker 

nan Blanc hard 
*Mollie McDonald 1 1 
#Ann Smith Bretscher 
*Nina Wilkerson Bugg 

* Isabel Ware Burch 
Annie-Laurie Martin Carlton 
Nancy Beekman Carringer 

ice Wimbish Chalfant 
*Anne Rienecke Clarke 

* Elizabeth Quaile Clement 
*)ane Ellis Covington 

* Diana Muldaur Doziei 
*Kathy Knox Ennis 

* Suzanne Styer Ericksen 
Nancy Cornell Esposito 
Maydelle Foster Fason 

*Linda Sims Grady 
*M. Keating Griffiss 

* Anita Perrin Grymes 

* Barbara Murphy Hale 

* Dorothy Grant Halmstad 

* Betty Forsyth Harris 
*|anet Maynard Henderson 
*Adrianne Massie Hill 

Theodora Hill 

Renate Weickert Hixon 
*Anne Catling Honey 
&Jane Haldeman Hope 

Elizabeth Meade Howard 

* Jacqueline Mabie Humphrey 
Margaret Kistler Jackson 

*Mary Claiborne Johnston 
Judith Cowen Jones 

* Ellen Nichols Jump 
Gwen Speel Kaplan 

* Dorothy Barnwell Kerrison 
Jane Riddle Lancaster 

*Ann Crowell Lemmon 
*Gail P. Lloyd 
Ary Lotterhos Lyle 

* Deborah Lane Lyon 

* Louise Jenkins Maybank 
Carol Lord Mayo 
Maline Gilbert McCalla 

*Marjorie McGraw McDonald 
Margot Saur Meyer 

* Norma Patteson Mills 
Margaret Cook Montgomery 

* Barbara Bowen Moore 
Betsey Belisle Moreland 
Harriet Hurley Nelson 

&Carol Barnard Ottenberg 

* Elizabeth Few Penfield 
se Barbara Bell Peterson 
*Patricia Powell Pusey 
^Carolyn King Ratcliffe 

* Ellen Pringle Read 
Louise Winslert Richardson 
Mary Laird Silvia 

* Susan Hendricks Slayman 
^Elizabeth Shwab Stephen 

Jean Morris Stevenson 

* Shirley Hayman Sudduth 
*Grace E. Suttle 

Marianne Oliveri Svoboda 
Elizabeth Ball Thagard 
Griselda Fages Theberge 

* Alice Jones Torbeft 

* Sarah Underhill Viault 
&Jane Tatman Walker 
&Lura Coleman Wampler 

Suzanne Reitz Weinstein 

* Dorothy C. Westby 
Jane Headstream Yerkes 


Number in Class: 155 
Number of Donors: 76 
Percentage oi Participate i 
Total Class Dollars: $14 i 
*Simone Aubry 

Marylee Matthews Bacharach 
*Suzanne Seaman Berry 

Annabel Pagan Blakey 

* Louise Cobb Boggs 
Marjorie Hill Bradford 

*Elizabeth Bulkley Bl 
Beverly Ambler Bradshaw 

* Catherine Caldwell Cabaniss 

* Margaret Wadman Cafasso 
*Anne Babson Carter 

* Julia Johnson Chapin 
A Lucy Canary Church 

Lynn Adams Clark 

Diana Nalley Coates 
is Dale A. Cooper 
*Judith Harris Cutting 

Mary Kennedy Daly 

Holly Chaikowski Davis 
*Judith Rohrer Davis 
& Winifred Storey Davis 

Celia Williams Dunn 

Willia Fales Eckerberg 
#Stuart Bohannon Evans 
*Janna Staley Fitzgerald 

Suzanne Carr Fitzgerald 

Marion Lucas Fleming 

* Barbara Childrey Fowler 

* Marion Mollz Funkhouser 
& Marie Pickering Grose 

Penelope A. Harrison 
Jane M. Hatcher 
Helen Chapman Herring 

* Louise Chapman Hoffman 

* Elizabeth Pease Hopkins 
*Marybelle L. Ilifr 

Sallie Small Johnson 
$Anne Smith Jones 
*Anne Rogers Killefer 
*Anne Cone Liptzin 
*Sara Finnegan Lycett 

* Nancy Coppedge Lynn 
Barbara Stanford Mason 
Annabelle Ansley McCee 
Anne Gregg Mclver 

*Carolyn Foster Meredith 
Patricia Stanton Meyer 
SSally Hamilton Moore 
•ft Nell L. Morlidge 

* Laura Conway Nason 
*Francisca Brackenridge 


Emily Fitzhugh Ogden 
*Lucy Israel Oliver 
&Ann Prichard Pace 

Beverly Ayers Peck 
*Chloe Lansdale Pitard 

Sally Mathiasen Prince 

Lucy Giles Richey 

Mary Cosby Rinehart 

Dicksie Lee Waterhouse Sandifer 

Faith Bull is Sebring 
^Elizabeth Hutchins Sharland 
*Sheila Haskell Smith 
^Caroline Birdsall Sory 

Patti Birge Spivey 

Margaret Semmes Stavropoulos 

Lucinda Lowry Stein 

* Virginia Lutz Stephen 
*Janet Cook Stephens 
^Mildred Newman Thayer 
*Jane Arensberg Thompson 

Elizabeth Jones Turner 
*Judith Atkins Wall 

* Donor for past five years 
' Deceased 

-19 9 8 


Patricia Anderson Warren 

♦ Margaret Storey Wasson 
Emily Whaley Whipple 

♦ Mary Denny Scott Wray 

Number in Class: 150 
Number of Donors: 71 
Percentage of Participation: 47% 
Total Cass Dollars: $35,652 

♦ Anne Ellice Adam 

♦ Juliette M.Anthony 
Gray Baird 

♦ Ann Ritchey Baruch 

♦ Mary Brush Bass 
Evelyn Pringle Boyd 

♦ Judith Hartwell Brooks 
Mary Altgelt Campbell 

♦ Bettye Thomas Chambers 

♦ Jocelyn Palmer Connors 
Betty McEachern Dalsemer 
Andrea Denson-Wechsler 

♦Alice Warner Donaghy 

♦ Frances Early 

♦ Chloe Fort 
Anne Lee Gravely 
Mary Shine Gregg 

♦ Mary E. Hannah 

♦ Adele Vogel Harrell 

♦ Martha Baum Hartmann 

♦ Anne lohnson Henderson 

♦ Margaret Pulis Herrick 
Macon Winfree Hilton 
Margaret Innes 
Molly Harris Jordan 


♦ Margaret lohnson Laney 

♦ Willie Newbury Lansing 

♦ Reyhan Tansal Larimer 
Laura Connerat Lawton 
Page Nelson Loeser 

♦ Mary Steketee MacDonald 
Brooke Hamilton MacKinnon 
Deborah Glazier Michael 
Linda Emery Miller 

♦ Mary Louise Kelley Moore 

♦ Miriam Molander Moss 
Barbara Pearsall Muir 
Margaret deLashmutt Newlyn 

♦ lean Gantt Nuzum 

♦ Mary lane Schroder Oliver 
Josephine Wheatley Overbey 

♦ Elizabeth Farmer Owen 
Linda Byrd Powell 

♦ Elizabeth Cate Pringle 
Leslie Heye Quarrier 
Kate Webb Ragsdale 

♦ Mary Scott Rauch 

♦ Patsey Carney Reed 

♦ Catherine Grinnan Ritter 
Joline Street Robinson 
Helen Pogue Sanders 

♦ Anne Parker Schmalz 
Jane Roulston Schottker 
Cornelia Harrison Scribner 

$ Julia Shields 
♦Gracia Walker Slater 
Virginia Borah Slaughter 

♦ Adel Shinberger Smith 

♦ Alice Allen Smyth 
♦Virginia Sortor-Sumner 

♦ Ann Percy Stroud 
Mary Sturr Stuart 

♦Ann Anderson Stuckey 
♦Anne Allen Symonds 
Douglas Dockery Thomas 

♦ Ray Henley Thompson 

♦ Maria Carozza Volpe 

♦ Elizabeth Fleet Wallace 

Lynne Rynders Welch 
Carol Davis Wells 
♦ Mina Walker Wood 

Number in Class: 164 
Number of Donors: 88 
Percentage of Participation: 54% 
Total Class Dollars: $67,767 

♦ Susan R. Alexander 
Julia Hunt Allen 

♦Jean Meyer Aloe 
Joan Johnston Ambrose 

♦ Lucy Otis Anderson 

♦ Lea Osborne Angell 
Cynthia McRae Bailey 

♦ Barbara Rockefeller Bartlett 

♦ Melissa Lohr Berge 
Susan Terjen Bernard 

♦ Lynn Carol Blau 
♦Anne Carter Brothers 

♦ Laura Lee Brown 

♦ Nancy Dixon Brown 

♦ Sharon Fitzgerald Burchard 

♦ Suzanne Jones Cansler 

♦ Betty Noland Caravati 

♦ Elizabeth Stanly Cates 

♦ Catherine Dillingham Caverly 
Martha Sweet Colangelo 
Katharine Blackford Collins 

♦ Mary McClure Conway 
Norma M. Cook 

♦ Paula Wirtzman Craighill 
Martha Kirchheimer Culbreth 
Letitia Skinner Dace 
Virginia Schanzer de Laureal 

♦ Lucy Boyd Lemon Edmunds 
Leslie Smith Elger 

♦ Sue Wakeman Farquhar 

♦ Anne PinckneyGay 
Jane Goodridge 
Ann Fletcher Griffin 
Marion Dean Hall 

♦ Elizabeth Wood Hancock 

♦ Mary Groetzinger Heard 
Sarah Battle Hitch Hill 

♦ Margaret Millender Holmes 
Harriet Reese Jensen 

♦ Mary Fontaine Keown 
Janet Clark Knudsen 

♦ Janet Hiestand Koller 
Elizabeth Randolph Lewis 

♦ Julia Fort Lowe 

Mary Stollenwerck Lynch 

♦ Frances Graham Macllwinen 

♦ Meta Bond Magevney 
Cynthia Hooton Magowan 

♦ McNair Currie Maxwell 

♦ Elizabeth Parker McColl 

Ann Knickerbocker McCulloch 

♦ Nancy B. McDowell 
Karen Gill Meyer 

♦ Barbara Yocom Miller 

Virginia Corwin Millo 

♦Virginia Cates Mitchell 

♦ Julia Arnold Morey 
♦Joan Newhall 

Dorothy Beam Niemann 
Margaret MacKenzie Nowacki 
Sarah Whitener O'Connor 
Carole Cline Palmer 

♦ Leila Kucewicz Parham 

♦ Carolyn Clark Pegg 
Anne Leavell Reynolds 

♦Olive Wilson Robinson 
Renee Regen Sage 

♦ Mary Lou Morton Seilheimer 
Rebecca Patton Shepard 

♦Anne Smith Simet 

♦Allison Stemmons Simon 

♦ Cynthia Hubard Spangler 
Elizabeth Flanders Spencer 

♦Sally C. Strain 
Ann Funkhouser Strite-Kurz 

♦ Prudence Gay Stuhr 
Katherine Haskell Subramanian 
Marilyn Mitchell Sweeney 

♦ Judith Johnson Varn 

♦ Virginia Joachim Wade 

♦ Barbara Sullivan Wanamaker 
♦Jessica Bemis Ward 

♦ Christine Devol Wardlow 

♦ Patricia Calkins Wilder 

♦ Sallie Yon Williams 

♦ KeiRMatheson Wood 
Kathleen Harris Wray 

♦ Anne Kendig Young 

Number in Class: /65 
Number of Donors: 90 
Percentage of Participation: 55% 
Total Class Dollars: $51 127 

♦ Elizabeth McGuire Appel 
Adrienne Ash 
Margaret Aurjnd 
Geraldine R. Bailey 
Pamela Larson Baldwin 
Edith Lasher Birch 
Anne Booth 

♦ Mary Green Borg 

♦ Rosamond Sample Brown 

♦ Susan Glasgow Brown 

♦ Nina Sledge Burke 
Jean Walker Campbell 
Kate-Roy Massie Christian 

♦ Barbara Little Chuko 

♦ Mary Duer Colen 

C. Victoria Coxe Commander 

♦ Sheila Carroll Cooprider 

♦ Susan Bronson Croft 

♦ Margaret Reeder Crosbie 

♦ Lynne Smith Crow 

♦ Emily Ward Culp 

♦ Diana Davis 
Virginia S. deBuys 
Mary Peeples De Vries* 
Tria Pell Dove 

Helen C. Dunn 

♦ Anne Pruitt Everett 
Ann Sims Fauber 
Nancy Banfield Feher 
Gail Sims Furniss 

♦Virginia Del Greco Galgano 

♦ Nancy Gillies 

♦ Anne Evans Gorry 

♦ Nancy Hall Green 
Katherine Griffith 

♦ Margaret Thouron Harrell 
Martha Mattern Harvey 

♦ Diane Hatch 

♦ Anne Day Herrmann 
Kathleen Hsu Jeong 

♦ Dona Van Arsdale Jones 

♦ Jillian Cody Jones 

♦ Donna Pearson Josey 

♦ Anna Piatt Kemper 
Sarah Strother King 
M. Frances Knight 

♦ |o Ann Soderquist Kramer 

♦ Anne Whaley LeClercq 

♦ Nancy Newell Lennon 

♦ Lynda Overly Levengood 
Joan Hullev Liverman 
Catherine Lynn 

Susan Deasy Maguire 

♦ Elizabeth W. Matheson 
Linda Lee McAndrew 

Allison Jennings McCance 
Melody McCormick 

♦ Frances Mallory Meyers 

♦ Mary Fitzhugh Miller 

♦ Mary Payne Morton 

♦ Carol Lowdon Mullis 
Dagmar Stoll Murphv 

♦ Bettina Patterson Murray 
Katherine Johnston Myatt 

♦ Mary Johnson Nelson 

♦ Grace Mary Garry Oates 
Elizabeth Pidgeon Parkinson 

♦ Elisabeth Scott Porter 
Anne Little Poulet 

♦ Gail Anderson Ramey 

♦ Lynne Riley-Coleman 

♦ Barbara Burns Roper 
♦Christie Calder Salomon 

♦ Dorothy Norris Schipper 

♦ Elizabeth Kopper Schollaert 

♦ Betty Carlton Schroeder 
Harriet Houston Shaffer 
Frances Utley Shyjka 

♦ Susanne Williams Snead 

♦ Judith Dunn Spangenberg 

♦ Anne Stanley 

♦ Alice Fales Stewart 

♦ Carol Eckman Taylor 

♦ Penelope Writer Theis 

♦ Caroline Keller Theus 

♦ Gail Rothrock Trozzo 

♦ Jane Bradley Wheeler 

♦ Hedi Haug White 
Pamela Hellmuth Wiegandt 
Margaret Street Wilson 
Barbara Boiling Woodward 

Number in Class: 167 
Number of Donors: 86 
Percentage of Participation: 51% 
Total Class Dollars: $13,085 

♦ Julie Bearden Adams 

♦ Beverley Sharp Amberg 
Augusta Marshall Andrews 

♦ Mona Thornhill Armistead 

♦ Nancy Moog Aubrecht 

♦ Abby Starke Baird 

♦ Brenda Muhlinghaus Barger 

♦ Vicky Thoma Barrette 
Sonja Howell Baum 

♦ ludith Howe Behn 
Phebe Harris Blackburn 
Joan Clinchy Blood 

♦ Sarah Porter Boehmler 
Jane Merkle Borden 
Beatrice Totten Britton 

♦ Margaret Cuthbert Broaddus 

♦ Lurline Tolbert Buppert 

♦ Jean Shaw Byrne 

♦ Eugenia Dickey Caldwell 

♦ Margaret Rand Chapman 
Melinda Musgrove Chapman 

♦ Sharon Bradford Christhilf 

♦ Katherine Wood Clarke 
Foy Roberson Cooley 

♦ lean Inge Cox 
Jean Craver 

Susan Hobbs Croyvder 

♦ Alice V. Dodd 

♦ Patricia Markle Dresden 
♦Alice Mighell Foster 

Helen Plowden Freeman 
Mary Sutherland Gwinn 
Virginia Brent Hailes 
Gabrielle Eraser Hale 

♦ PryorHale 

♦ Juliet Young Hancock 
Elizabeth Sutton Healy 

♦ Linda Schwaab Hodges 
Betsy Benoit Hoover 

♦ Sarah McCrady Hubbard 
Elizabeth H. Hunt 

♦ Sally Wright Hyde 
Peggy Jones 

Mary Pederson Kyger 

♦ Elizabeth Hanger Luther 
Barney Walker Lutsk 

♦ Anne MacClintock 

♦ Nancy E. MacMeekin 
Evelyn Snyder MacMillan 

♦ Brooke Patterson Mahlstedt 

♦ Harriet Wall Martin 
Emory Williams McCov 
Nancy Moss McDaniel 

♦ Harriotte Dodson McDannald 
■• Wary Lee McDonald 

♦ Aline Rex McEvoy 

♦ Evelyn Graham Mclnnis 
♦Joan Messenger Merchan 

Susan Fedeler Mills 
Betsy Knode Newton 

♦ Alice Perry Park 
Natalie Lemmon Parker 

♦Carol Cole Pelzer 

♦ Laura Haskell Phinizy 

♦ Milbrey Sebring Raney 
Helena Papis Rangel 

♦Marguerite Morgan Reynolds 

♦ Carol Reifsnyder Rhoads 

♦ Alice Haywood Robbins 
♦Traylor Rucker 

Julie Bradshaw Sacked 

♦ Magdalena Salvesen 

♦ Belle Williams Smith 

♦ Emily Pleasants Smith 

♦ Saralyn McAfee Smith 

♦ Elaine Horton Snook 

♦ Jane Hamill Sommer 

♦ Elvira McMillan Tate 

♦ Kathleen Watson Taylor 
Dana Reinschmidt Thompkins 
Christopher Kilcullen Thurlow 
Payson Jeter Tilden 

♦ Cynthia B. Topping 

♦ Katharine Weinrich Van Geel 

♦ Anne English Wardwell 
Meredith Leslie Welch 

Number in Class: 184 
Number of Donors: 90 
Percentage or Participation: 49% 
Total Class Dollars: $33,379 
Pearl Riggan Adamson 

♦ Susan Wilson Ashcom 

♦ Linda Wallace Bailey 

♦ Mary Trombly Bailey 
Jeannie Campbell Barquin 
Lucinda Michel Blakely 
Frances Watson Bond 
Betty B. Booker 

H. Pennel Brooks 
Margaret Rogers Brown 
Pamela Jones Brown 
Jane Patton Browning 

♦ Evelyn Day Butler 

♦ Virginia Lee Butters 

♦ Sarah Van Winkle Campbell 

♦ Georgia Graham Carroll 
Anne Frothingham Cross 

♦ Robin R. Cutler 
Clare Loyd Davison 
ludith Barthold De Simone 
Eleanor Griggs Diemar 
Ann C. Dreher 

Sally Dunham 

Patricia Thornhill Edwards 


# Donor for past five years 
■ Do eased 


Sallie lackson Exum 

♦ Laura Penick Fell 
Sarah Kalber Fiedler 

♦ Mary-Fleming Willis Finl.u 

♦ Frances Butt Fisher 

♦ Penn Willels Fullerton 

♦ Natalie Roberts Funk 
Catherine Ireys Candel 
Ann Winfree Cooch 

♦Judy Wilson Grant 
Gail Harrison Gregson 
Ann Crowe Griffin 
Lois Streett Hamrick 
Katie Pritchett Harris 
Sandra Hatten Hartwell 

♦ Susan Moseley Helm 
Ruth Schmidt Igoe 
Grace Butler lohnson 

♦ Keenan Colton Kelsey 
Anne Mercer Kornegay 

♦Muriel Wikswo Lambert 
♦Mary Behnke Larsen 

Mary Entwistle Limbert 
♦Marcia Pace Lindstrom 

Randi Miles Long 

♦ lulie Whitehurst MacKinlay 

♦ Eleanor Gilmore Massie 

♦ Kathryn Carroll Mathewson 

♦ Sarah Dean McGill 

♦ Dorothea Campbell McMillan 

♦ Lee Mackubin Miller 
Margaret Henning Minnick 

♦ Marilyn Garabrant Morris 
Susan Parker Morrison 

♦ Makanah Dunham Morriss 

♦ Margaret Gillmer Myers 

♦ lane W. Nelson 
Marsha Dumas O'Connor 

♦ Katharine Mockett Oberteuffer 
♦Josephine Noland Old 

♦ Viola Graveure Patek 

♦ Deborah Haslam Peniston 
Andrea Pearson Pennington 

♦ Greta Barksdale Brown Peters 

♦ Sarah Raney Pinckney 
Nancy Bullard Reed 
Patricia Martin Rodier-Kern 
Victoria Nalle Rowland 

♦ Diana Simrell Savory 
Abby Patterson Shultis 

♦ Penelope Steketee Sidor 

♦ Eileen Hodges Small 
Susan Moorman Southworth 
Laura Saunders Spratley 

♦ leannine Corbett Squires 

♦ Annie Ward Stern 
Courtney Stevenson 
lane Utley Strickler 

♦ Harriette Horsey Sturges 

♦ Nancy ConkleSwann 

♦ Martha Madden Swanson 

♦ Victoria Chainski Verity 

♦ Anne Newton Walther 

♦ Courtenay Sands Wilson 
Patricia Gromel Young 
Donna Martin Zahorik 

Number in Class: 184 

Number oi Donors: 99 

Percentage oi Participation: 54% 

Total Class Dollars: $47,348 
Susan Sumners Alloway 

* Elizabeth Kurtz Argo 

♦Sally Twedell Bagley 

♦Victoria |. Baker 
Mary Dixson Baldwin 
Gretchen Bullard Barber 

♦Carroll Randolph Barr 

Patricia Sadller Baxter 

♦ Mary-Baird Shinberger Bell 
Anne Carr Bingham 

♦ Ina Brown Bond 
Margaret Dortch Brooks 

♦ Elizabeth R. Brown 
Kerry Weber Brown 

♦ Peggy Kennedy Brown 
'♦.'Sara H Brvdges 

♦ Katharine Barnhardt Chase 
Ellen Kelley Cinq-Mars 

♦ Margina Dunlap Cogswell 
Stephanie Ewalt Coleman 
Gail Robins Constantine 
Juliet Bodin Converse 

♦ Paula Ayotte Corwin 

♦ Eleanor Crossley 
Susanne Brown Crump 

♦ Diane Dalion 

♦ Direxa Dick Dearie 
Virginia Stanley Douglas 
Leslie Huber Dudley 

♦ Martha Meehan Elgar 

♦ Linda Fite 

♦ Margaret Handly Fitzgerald 

♦ Susan Soriero Galbreath 

♦ Lynn Frazier Gas 

♦ Toni Naren Gates 
♦Jill Berguido Gill 

lane Eastin Hager 
Dixie Thompson Hanes 
Martha Mitchell Hartzog 
Maria Wiglesworth Hemmings 
Charlotte Hoskins Herbert 

♦ Patricia Neithold Hertzberg 

♦ Kathryn Trogdon Hightower 
Grace Gould Hobbs 

♦ HallamHurt 
Suzanne Hoag Ippolito 
Norvell M. |ones 

♦ Victoria lones 
Barbara Tillman Kelley 
Pamela Ford Kelley 

♦ Adele Laslie Kellman 

♦ Dorothy Dana King 
Priscilla Blackstock Kurz 

♦ Pamela Sullivan Livingston 
Lindee Henderson Lucas 
Lynn Lyle 

Josephine Wiens MacMichael 
Marion MacRae 
Judith Powell Martin 

♦ Mary-Ellen Martin 
Judy Addison Mayberry 
Judith Haskell McCarthy 

♦lanie Willingham McNabb 
loan McClure McNamara 

♦ Mary Gillespie Monroe 
Elizabeth Braden Moody 

♦ Lucille Orr Morrison 
Margaret Moran Morrow 
Marion Harvey Morton 
Carole E. Munn 

♦ Mellie Hickey Nelson 

♦ Lindsay Smith Newsom 

♦ Britton Hassell Nielsen 

♦ Kristin Amundson Ogley 
Susan Morck Perrin 
Virginia Young Phillips 

♦ Bonnie Blew Pierie 

♦ Andria Calhoun Plonka 

♦ Pamela Pryor 

♦ PageMunroe Renger 
Elizabeth Gawthrop Riely 
Nancy Townsend Schlachter 

♦ Nancy Pendergrass Scott 
Stella Renchard Seamans 
Rose Smith Sharp 
Virginia Yelverton Showalter 
Hallie Darby Smith 

Judith Bensen Stigle 
♦Gracey Stoddard 

♦ Lynn Gullett Strazzini 
♦Marie E. Sushka 

Mary Bell Timberlake 

Susan Tucker 

Anne Dearborn Vance 

♦ Elder Witt Wellborn 

♦ Ann Denton Wells 
Patricia Davis Whitehurst 
Charlotte Moore Williams 

♦ Margaret Mapp Young 

Number in Class: 187 
Number of Donors: 79 
Percentage oi Participation: 42% 
Total Class Dollars: $114,951 

lane Brady Arnold 

Dixie Boring Bassett 

♦ Sophie MacKenzie Belouet 

♦ Suzanne Edinger Boas 

♦ Cecilia A. Bryant 

♦ Marilyn Meyers Buckey 

♦ Octavia Wood Cooper 

♦ Mary KingCraddock 
Susan Brush Croft 

♦ Electa Hoffman Culver 
Constance Williams 

de Bordenave 
Amanda de Coligny 

♦ Mary Donaldson De Figard 

♦ Georgia Riley de Havenon 

♦ Lynne Gardner Detmer 
Anne Kinsey Dinan 
Barbara Baur Dunlap 
lennie Lyons Fogarty 

♦ Kathleen Obenchain Glass 
Susan Hill Glick 
Elizabeth Miller Green 
Mary E. Gress 

♦ Ann Peterson Griffin 
Cecelia Williamson Grinstead 

♦ Ann Clarke Gwinn 
Elisabeth Sartor Harden 
Elizabeth D. Harvey 
Elizabeth Oliver Hawkins 
Camilla Reid Hazlehurst 

♦ Ann Banks Herrod 
Pembroke Reed Hoffmier 

♦ Lesley Bissell Hoopes 

♦ ling Wang Huang 
Sarah Paradise Ingber 
Ann Biggs lackson 
Alice Preston lacobs 

♦ Susan Herbert Kyle 

♦ Blair Walker Lawrence 

♦ Deirdre A. Leland 

♦ Suzanne M. Little 

♦ Patricia Sparks Lyndon 

♦ Tonia W. Macneil 

♦ Katherine Cooley Maher 
Judith Harhottle Maselli 

♦ Melanie Stembal Mathews 

♦ Anne Stupp McAlpin 
♦Amy Thompson McCandless 

♦ Frances deSaussure Meade 
Susan Somerville Menson 
Carol Vontz Miller 

♦ Frances Kirven Morse 
Christine Kulczycki Murray 
Courtney Cash Mustin 

♦ |ule Seibels-Northup 

♦ Phoebe Brunner Peacock 
Bonnie L. Pitman 

♦Jeanne Forsyth Powell 
♦Martha Bennett Pritchett 

♦ Sarah Massey Rankin 

♦ Marguerita Chandler Riggall 

Elma L. Sava 
♦Christina Bar i hum Schieffelin 
Lorna Allen Sorley 

♦ Stephanie Bredin Spea 
Celia Newberg Steingold 

♦Anne Stoddard 
Valerie Haygood Thompson 
Michal S. Twine 

♦ Pamela Trimingham Van Dyck 

♦ Anne Hinshaw Vanderweil 

♦ I JUL I I .nnplirtl U.tlkrl 

s.iniK Wali'is 
Ann A. Webster 

♦ Suzanne Torgan Weston 

♦ Eleanor Keen Williams 
Wanda Hunt Williams 

♦ Betsy M.Wolfe 
Nancy Hickox Wright 

♦ Marshalyn Yeargin-Allsopp 

Number in Class: 172 
Number of Donors: 81 
Percentage oi Participation: 47% 
Total Class Dollars: $19,432 

Ian Huguenin Assmus 

Alberta Zotack Baigent 

Elizabeth Beach Baker 

Katherine Hutton Barry 

Penny Proctor Beebe 

♦ Anne Crawford Bent 

♦ Bryan Alphin Bente 
Loraine Kneip Bradley 
Martha J. Brewer 

♦ Anne S. Briber 

♦ Rosemary Warner Bristol 
lean Rushin Brown 

♦ Anne Richards Camden 

♦ Ann Arnspiger Canipe 

♦ Barbara Hastings Carne 
Lucile McKee Clarkson 
Mary Lee Bell Coffey 
Virginia Baldwin Cox 
Marion West Dripps 

♦Carolyn lones Elstner 

♦ Barbara Duffield Erskine 
Maria Ward Estefania 
Cynthia Hays Finley 

♦ Ruth Hoopes Frangopoulos 

♦ Susan Roessel Gibson 
♦Anne Green Gilbert 

Mary Waterman Gildehaus 

♦ Marion P. Girard 
Sarah Giddens Glenday 

♦ Mary Murchison Gornto 
Elizabeth Taylor Hamilton 
Adele Perry Hart 

♦ Carolyn Mapp Hewes 
lane Merriam Hildt 
Diane Holloway 

♦ Carolyn Hollister Holmfelt 
Edna Cunningham Horning 
Sally Boucher Hovermale 

♦ Alice Powers Hudson 
Mary Chesnutt Hunt 
Kimberly )ohnson-Smith 

♦ loan Sheets lones 

♦ Beverly Bassett Kimmel 
Melville Douglass Krebs 
Dianne Cassedy Lambert 
Ann Tremain Lee 

♦ Elizabeth Lewis 
Virginia Taylor Lopez 

♦ Melissa Griffith Manning 
Mary Mahan Marco 

♦ Ann C. Mathews 

♦ Lynne Pottharst McMillan 

♦ Elizabeth Medaglia 
Anne Taylor Merrill 

♦ loan Adriance Mickelson 
Kailr iiller 
Keilhley Rose Miller 

♦Mary Davis Molander 

♦ Ann R. Moore 

♦ lanet Abney Moore 
Marianne Burtis Moorer 

♦Carol Osborn 
Nancy Wendling Peacock 
lane Banks Petrey 
Almena Hill Pettit 
Darlene 8. Pierro 
Bettye Hobbs Pruitt 

♦ Jane Nexsen Robertson 
Nancy losephs Rohrer 
Lynn Pearson Russell 
Katherine Blythe Southerland 

♦Catherine Hall Stopher 
Diana Carmichael Styers 

♦ Pamela Sinex Subalusky 
♦Carol Moseley Tash 

♦ Elizabeth Smith Taylor 
Sally Gipson Tully 
Mary Nelson Wade 

♦ AtLee Walker 

Suzanne Thompson Watkins 

♦ Haden Ridley Winborne 

Number in Class: 1 94 
Number oi Donors: 9b 
Percentage oi Participation: 50% 
Total Class Dollars: $41,388 
Loring Harris Amass 

♦ Elizabeth Edwards Anderson 
Carol Covington Bellonby 
Deborah Ohler Bowman 

♦ Laura Hawkins Brady 
Mary lane Hipp Brock 

♦ Margaretta Bredin Brokaw 

♦ Linda Williams Buttrill 

♦ Suzanne Yates Cahill 

♦ Mary Woltz Carrison 
Elizabeth Brewer Caughman 
Candace Buker Chang 
Heather Tully Click 

♦ Emily Gooch Crenshaw 
Sherrill Milnor Crump 

♦ Susan Holbrook Daly 
lane R. Davenport 

♦ Debrah L. Denemark 
Tauna Urban Durand 

♦ Virginia Eldridge Eaton 

♦ Putnam Mundy Ebinger 

♦ Lucy Lombardi Evans 
Rose Ann Feldman 

♦ Elsa lones Forter 
*May Humphreys Fox 

♦ Fielding Clark Gallivan 

♦ Ann Gateley 

♦ Patricia Mast George 

♦ Sydney McCampbell Glass 
larrett Dudley Goodwin 
lane Gott 

Deborah D. Hand 
Kathryn H. Harris 
Karen J. Hartnett 

♦ Connie G. Haskell 
Kathryn Barnes Hendricks 
Mary Halligan Hibbard 

♦ Emily Moravec Holt 
Jessica L. Holzer 

♦ Margaret Sharp Howell 

♦ Carolyn Barr Hoyt 
Margaret Arnold lackson 

♦ Deborah L. lones 

♦ Patricia Swinney Kaufman 

♦ Alice Mitchell Keister 
Mary A. Kelley 

♦ Donor for pasl five years 
' Deceased 


* Barbara LaLance Kelly 
Kathryn Waldrop Kerkering 
Virginia Klise Kidd 

* Frances Griffith Laserson 
Mary Scales Lawson 
Allen Lybrook 
Susanne Elkins Major 
Elaine Deshler Marshall 

* Barbara Offutt Mathieson 
Bonnie Palmer McCloskey 
Janine Brockie McKee 

*Marjorie Rebentisch McLemore 

*Marie L. Moore 

&Mary Petree Murphy 
Mary Blencowe Murray 
Rebecca L. Nelson 
Julia A. Northrup 
Lindsley Brown Oehlert 

*Kay Parham Pic ha 
Elizabeth Holloway Playforth 

*Claudia Forman Pleasants 
Katharine B. Potterfield 
Anne D. Purinton 

*Wallis Wickham Raemer 
Marcia Pollock Ragsdale 
Carolyn Rogers Rainbow 
Mary Clemens Randolph 
Mary Kendig Rankin 
Josephine Shaw Robinson 
Deborah Warren Rommel 

* Betty Rau Santandrea 
Tracy C. Savage 

* Frances Dornette Schafer 

* Katherine A. Schlech 
)ane Lewis Seaks 
Carroll Bryan Shannon 
Adelaide lohnston Skoglund 

&Carey Cleveland Swan 
Diana Councill Sweeney 
Sally A. Taylor 

SKaty Warren Towers 
Margaret Cooper Tyner 
Susan Hampton Vernooy 
Phyllis Blythin Ward 

* Sarah Watson 

Elizabeth McLemore White 
*Sarah MacFarlane Wiley 

Jane H. Williams 
Sffjohanna Yaple Wolski 

Number in C/ass: 201 
Number of Donors: 100 
Percentage oi Participation: 50% 
Total Class Dollars: $14,397 
Mary Oakey Aiken 

* Barbara Gracey Backer 
*Mary H. Barnes 

Linda Flatten Bennett 

Rene Roark Bowditch 

Rebecca Randolph Boyers 
« Barbara A. Brand 

Dorothy Wetzig Brand 

Linda Lewis Brauer 
*Rhoda Allen Brooks 

* Ellen Moseley Brown 

* Wendy Norton Brown 
Sharon Hudnall Bugg 

&Anne Sniffen Cates 

Judy M. Cohn 
&Anne Helms Cooper 

* Carol D. Cooper 

* Martha Stewart Crosland 
^Caroline Gibbes Crosswell 

Carter Burns Cunningham 
Ruth Allen Darlington 
Jan M. Dickel 
Carolyn Thomas Dold 

*Michela A. English 
Robbin Richardson Falls 

* Beryl Bergquist Farris 
Teresa Lioy Faulkner 

* Margaret Mather Feldmeier 

* Frances Woltz Fennebresque 
Judith Brown Fletcher 
Carol Remington Foglesong 
Patricia I. Fuller 

Laura Mink Gardner 
Elizabeth J. Classman 
Barbara Davis Godbout 
Lendon F. Gray 
Susan E. Greenwald 
Marjorie Montgomery Hebard 
Alice Edens Hudgins 

* Deborah Proctor III 
Elizabeth Proctor Jennings 
Alison Jones 

* Frances Barnes Kennamer 

* Melissa McGee Keshishian 
Jean Littleton Knight 
Linda Whitlow Knight 
Marilyn K. Kolb 

Linda Hill Krensky 
*F. Lodi Kysor 
Nancy Glaser LaGow 
Katherine Wilson Lamb 

* Sally Uptegrove Lee 
Louise Dempsey McKean 
Gertrude Slade McKnight 
Christine McLain 
Rebecca Boftomley Meeker 
Miriam Washabaugh Meglan 

SfAnne Milbank Mell 

* Beverly Van Zandl Mickley 
sejeannefte Bush Miller 

Katharine Fisher Morland 
&Anne Wiglesworth Muhoz 
^Valeria Murphey 
^Caroline Turtle Murray 

Carol Newman 

Denise Wisell O'Connor 
#Ann Shipper Oates 

Mary Bell Parks 

* Barbara J. Payne 
*Ali\ Sommer Pearce 

* Kathleen Garcia Pegues 
Janice E. Pogue 
Cynthia Gridley Pruden 
Cynthia Davis Rackley 
Mary Lyman Ray 

* Margaret Mackie Sanders 

* Amanda Thrasher Segrest 
Sarah Thorndike Shepherd 
Mary Skinner 

98 Wendy Weiss Smith 
Amanda Megargee Sutton 

SSCIaire Kinnett Tate 

^Elizabeth Tyree Taylor 

*Martha Roton Terry 
Jean Mackenzie Thatcher 
Elodie Taylor Thompson 

* Rosemary Dunaway Trible 
Carolyn Rusch Von Endt 

* Nancy Liebowitz Voss 
*Carolyn Jones Walthall 

Julia Lowry Warfel 

* Wendy C. Weiler 
Ellen R. Weintraub 
Gale Hull Whetzel 

^Elizabeth Mumford Wilson 

* Camilla Crocker Wodehouse 
Jill Minnema Worth 

98 Barbara Wuehrmann 

* Barbara Smith Young 
Diana L. Zeidel 

Number in Class: 190 
\umber oi Donors: 88 
Percentage of Participation: 46% 
Total Class Dollars: $25,318 
*Cecilia Albert 
*Susan Norton Allen 

Jean M. Andrews 

Judith Rives Bell 

Claudia Berrvhill 
98 Martha Neill Boney 

Susan Desmet Bostic 
^Elizabeth Williams Bowman 

Ellen Apperson Brown 
wEmilv McNally Brown 

Patricia R. Brown 

* Victoria White Carpenter 
Rosinne Kaliff Chlala 

* Virginia Upchurch Collier 
98 Mary Gott Collins 
SKate Williams Cox 

* Margaret A. Craw 
*Louise Martin Creason 
wCutler Bellows Crockard 
98 Barbara Tessin Derry 

* Kathleen Walsh Drake 
98 Rhonda Griffith Durham 
*C. Lee Essrig 

9sAbby E. Flynn 

98 Mary Carter Frackelton 

Sarah Dabbs Fr\er 

Betty Works Fuller 

Elza Long Garnett 

Mary Bryan Gay 

* Eileen P. Gebrian 
Kathryn Keys Graham 

98 Mercedes Gravatt Grandin 
Jane Powell Gray 
Dorothy A. Gremillion 
Sally R. Haas 
Jean Mann Hardesty 
Ann Troutman Harpole 
Lauren Mobley Harrell 
Marsha Albert Haugen 
Katharine Pauley Hickok 

* Martha C.Holland 
Deborah Wilson Hollings 
Cynthia Heye Hopkins 

98 Nathalie Ryan Hoyt 

* Martha Bugg Hughes 
Susan Jensen 

* Margaret Lyle Jones 
Charlotte Lykes Jorgensen 
Susan Groub Judd 

*Briggett J.Keith 

Lucinda Hart Kennon 
9$ Alice Johnson Krendel 

Joan Langenberg 

Rosario Brache Leparulo 
#EdnaOsmanski Loftus 

Barbara J. Martin 

Barbara McCleave 

* Pamela Drake McCormick 
Margaret Hoy McFadden 

& Dorothy Courington McGinley 

Warren Moore Miller 

Mary Morrison-Outon 

Elise Webb Neeland 
^Frances Stith Nilsson 

Lucinda Lawrence Pierce 

* Robin Rutter Price 

* Virginia Stevens Purcell 
Leslie Armstrong Ramsey 
Patricia J. Reardon 

Gail Gamer Resch 
9eCharla Leonard Reynolds 
Catherine Howell Riordan 
Dale Shelly 

* Stephanie Harmon Simonard 


Virginia Simonds 

Holly L. Smith 

loan Hobbs Spisso 
is Katherine Upchurch Takvorian 

Mary Morrison Thomas 

Penelope Thomas-Kezar 
*Greyson Shuff Tucker 

Georgene M. Vairo 
*Mary Einhaus Vallen 

Frances Shroder White 

Virginia Shields White 
*Marcia G. Wittenbrook 

* Susan Snodgrass Wynne 

* Susan P. von Rosenberg 

Number in Class 224 

Number oi Donors: 69 

Percentage of Participation: 31% 

Total Class Dollars: $19,337 

*Kristy Alderson 

*Cynthia Bekins Anderson 
Deborah Pollock Arce 

*Susan L. Bundy 

«Glenys Dyer Church 
Nan Robertson Clarke 
Elizabeth Thayer Clough 

wDeirdre S. Conley 

* Evelyn Carter Coules 
Susan M. Craig 

* Laura Montague Cross 
Susan Hancock Duke 
Mia Johnson Evans 

98 Jennifer Stockwell Ferguson 

* Rachel Mays Fitzgerald 
SjCarol Provence Gallivan 
^Elizabeth Meric Gambel 

Virginia Woodward Gast 

* Louise Blakeslee Gilpin 
Kathryn Thilking Goto 
Mary Beverley Taylor Haque 

* Margaret May Harden 

* Barbara Cain Hegartv 
Deborah Ziegler Hopkins 
Kathryn Leake lackson 
lane Knutson James 
Dianne Wood Keyset 

wHibernia Cuthbert Langley 
Lucinda Young Larson 

* Margaret W. Leigh 

* Diane M. Leslie 
^Christine Eng Leventhal 

Linda Lipscomb 
Lillian Dugger London 
Jane G. Lucas 
Molly Dunn Martin 
ss Carter Heyward Morris 
Candace Sheffield Neilson 
Laurel A. Norris 

* Roberta Harmon O'Neil 
JeSusan C. O'Toole 
wSusan Kirby Peacock 

Elizabeth G. Perry 
^Valerie Fannon Phillips 
wSusan Dern Plank 

lane G. Potts 

Christine Mendel Prewitt 
&Kimberly Riccardi Ramse\ 
w Pamela |. Rasche 
SDiane Dale Reiling 

Catharine Rasmussen Rentzel 
98 Kathleen Cochran Schutze 

Helen Oaklev Smith 

Susan Dabney Smith 

Karol Kroetz Sparks 

lean Piatt Spencer 

Monica Saumweber Spillias 
» Kathleen Pretzfelder Steele 

Ellen R. Stelling 

Patricia Cesak Stephenson 

Renee Sterling 
is Sandra Schwartz Tropper 

Freida Carpenter Tucker 
9SLucy Dennington Van Zandt 

Ma rye Taylor Wagner 

Mar) Van Gundy Waller 

Christine Sherwood Warner 
*Lisa Fowler Winslow 

Christine Sheris Wood 

Number in Clas* 228 
Number of Donors: 93 
Percentage oi Participation: 4 1 % 
Total Class Dollars: $46,501 
^Patricia Carroll Bankenstein 

Victoria Bates 

Phvllis G.Becker 

Marianne Pownall Billings 

Katherine Amundson Boase 

Ellen Bass Brad\ 
*Alletta Bredin-Bell 

* Deborah Ryan Cairns 
98 Jane ReebChadwick 

Wendy L. Cherry 
Sara F. Clary 
Elizabeth B. Converse 
Elizabeth Meyer Costello 
Linda Kemp Couch 
losephine Ragland Darden 
Francesca Robbin Delle 
Marion Van Horn Eagan 
SB Deborah Hart Eiserle 
Teresa Lear Evans 
Susan M. Fitzgerald 

* Alexandria S. Francis 
&Daun Thomas Frankland 

lane Hutcherson Frierson 
Moira Fulton 
98 Elizabeth Redwine Garner 

* Karen Greer Gay 
98 Jane Piper Gleason 

* Valerie Gordon-lohnson 
Pamela Cogghill Graham 
Patricia Barnett Greenberg 
Mary S. Halsey 

Eleanor Magruder Harris 

Elizabeth Biggar Hellmuth 

Felicia Home Higgins 

Winton Smoot Holladay 
& Nancy Lea Houghton 
seWanda Cronic Howell 

Maureen E. Hynes 

Tracy lames 

R. Lianne Johnson 

* Kathleen A. Kavanagh 
Sarah Johnston Knoblauch 
Alethea F. Lee 

*Ruth Willingham Lentz 
Stephanie Moffett Litz 
Marilynn Marshall Livingston 
Karin Lawson Look 

98 Elizabeth Francke Lynn 

* Nancy Blackwell Marion 

s Marcia Brandenburg Martinson 

Emory Furniss Maxwell 

Cynthia Hardy McCabe 
&Sherrie Snead McLeRoy 

Thelma M. Merrill 

Elaine L.Mills 

Barbara Ashton Nicol 

Patsy Watson Norfleet 

Mar) Bush Norwood 

Tana Meier Parseliti 
SfChristine Weiss Pteil 

Hannah L. Pillsbury 

Catherine B. Pritchett 

fcDonor lof pdM : 
' Deceased 



• .. -.< Weston Rainey 
ftSarah Rebentisch Randolph 
ftMary Reid Roach 

* Susan Castle Rolewick 
ftMargaret Christian Rvan 
ft Joan Buckley Saunders 
ftKatherine Vuicich Schinasi 

Anita Brosius Sisk 

Kelly Borrowman Slobodian 

Ann R. Smith 
ft Marsha Phillips Smith 

Rosalind Ray Spell 
ftlesse A. Stewart 

Catherine Williams Sullivan 

Margaret Myers Sullivan 
ftCindy Sorenson Sutherland 

* Kristin Amylon Swain 
ftDeborah Griffin Tanner 
ftSandra Tayloi 

Kathryn Teller 
ftCalhy Weiss Thompson 
ftMeredith Thompson 

Ann Pritchett Van Horn 

Melissa Leib Veghte 

Deborah Camalier Walker 

* Elizabeth Andrews Watts 
ftWendelin A. White 

Mary Holman Williams 
Nancy Hardt Winter 
Mary Satterfield Worrell 
ftCecilia Kirbv Wraase 

Number in Class: 204 
Number oi Donors: 86 
Percentage oi Participation: 42% 
Total Class Dollars: $14,101 

Gail Anderson 

Dolores-May Scott Arias 

Constance Crocker Betzendahl 

Nelly Osinga Branson 

Katylou Cray Brittle 

Anne Cogswell Burris 

Virginia Shipe Cameron 
ftCynthia Manning Chatham 

Amanda Weber Clark 

Ian Schnibbe Geary 

* Sarah P. Clement 
leannette Singleton Cloyd 
Mary Dubuque Desloge 

ftCathleen Cilmore Dietz 

Ann Mason Dunn 

Ann Hollins Morrissett Emison 

Carol Brewer Evans 
ftLinda Frazier-Snelling 

Sarah Smith Freeman 

* Heather MacLeod Gale 
Sharon Mendelson Gallery 

ftSuzanne Wright Godfrey 

Kathie Shirk Gonick 

Patricia Wade Goolsby 

Charlotte Martin Gordon 

Nancy H. Haight 
ftMarybeth Connor Hamlin 

Claiborne Gooch Hammond 
ft Beverley Crispin Heffernan 
ftElizabeth Washabaugh Jarvis 

Elizabeth Walker lohnson 

Edith S. (ones 
ftjanet Sheppard Kelleher 
ftCatherine Grier Kelly 
ftElizabeth Scott Kimmel 

Kathv Orr Knuth 

Polly Shriver Kochan 

Abigail Bradley Ledbetter 

Karin I. Lindgren 

* Linda Poole Maggard 
Ann South Malick 

Linda Carroll Matthews 
Bonnie Walton Mayberry 
Margaret S. McFaddin 
Denise Montgomery 
Elizabeth Burdge Murphy 
loan Douglas Murray 
Christina Hoefer Myers 
Elizabeth Davis Myers 
Dorsey Tilled Northrup 
Patricia Tucker O'Desky 

ft Katharine Wilson Orton 
Anne Felch Park 
Cecilia Robertson Queen 
Marsha Millican Quinn 
Bonnie Damianos Rampone 

ftAnn Wesley Ramsey 

ftElizabeth D. Rawles 
Rosalind Moorman Reidy 
Wendy Wise Routh 
Elizabeth Stough Rush 
Kathleen A. Ryan 

ft Ellen Harrison Saunders 

ftSallie F. Scarborough 
Elizabeth Shelton Smolens 

ft Katharine Osborne Spirtes 

ftCynthia Smith Spotswood 

ftAnn Henderson Slamets 

ft Linda Lucas Steele 
Carol Leslie St. lohn 

ft Nan Stuart 

ftMay Waters Summerour 
Kristina Allen Sutter 
Barbara Tafel Thomas 
Terry Starke Tosh 
Cary Anderson Trainor 

ft Nancy Wilson Tucker 
Pamela Myre Turner 
Celia Gerrard Veselka 
Karen H. Waldron 
Elissa C. Walker 

ftNanq Cunningham Watson 

ftCatherine Cranston Whitham 
Elizabeth D. Whitley 
Bet Bashinsky Wise 

Number in Class: 184 
Number oi Donors: 78 
Percentage oi Participation: 42% 
Total Class Dollars: $15,048 
ft Margaret Ryan Ale 

Sallie Bernard Armstrong 
ftNursat I. Aygen 

Ann Works Balderston 

Martha Barchowsky 

Catherine |. Barrier 
ftPhyllis Schulman Bell 

Laura Lee Bost 

Margot Mahoney Budin 
ftSusan Gaiser Burke 

Terese DeGrandi Busch 

Cornelia Radford Butler 

Candida M. Casey 
ftKatherine Mikell Cochran 

Melanie Coyne Cody 

Anna M. Coroneos 
ftAnn Kiley Crenshaw 

Patricia Dean* 
ftCatherine Newman Detering 
ftMarie Shields Duke 
ftMary Beth Hamlin Finke 

Galvin M. Gentry 

Gladys Van Horn Gille 
ft Melanie Archer Graetzer 

Kelsey Canady Griffo 
ftlennie Bateson Hamby 
ftRobin Rodger Heller 

Hilary Speare Hewitt 

Pamela McDonnell Hindsley 

MaryCostello Howell 
Carene Pagonis Hunt 
Man Wilmer lacobs 
Elizabeth Farmer larvis 
Susan Ray Karlson 

*|ane De Butts Kates 
Holly Weaver Kenreich 

ftSally Old Kitchin 
Susan Walton Klaveness 
Denise Alexandre LeComte 

ftElizabeth Grones Leonard 
Carolyn Caldwell Lindau 
Elizabeth Bates Locke 
Anne White Lumpkin 
Cheryl Lux 
Margaret Milnor Mallory 

ftMarilyn K. McClelland 
Caroline Bickel McLoughlin 
Mary Briscoe McNatt 
Wendy Schnering Meehan 

ftTennessee Nielsen 
Deborah Mutch Olander 
Margaret Weimer Parrish 
Carol Fiske Piatt 
Virginia Spangler Polley 
I'.itrn uTalbott Reed 
Melanie Holland Rice 

ft Norma Neblett Roadcap 
Lisa Nelson Robertson 
Virginia Freeman Roper 
Donna Daniels Rubin 
Linda-lean Smith Schneider 
Elliott Graham Schoenig 

ftRowena Van Tuyl Schubert 
Sally R. Schultz 
Kari Andersen Shipley 
Mary Partlow Short 
Maureen O'Hearn Slowinski 
Kalharyn Kelly Smith 

ftLochrane Coleman Smith 
Nana Romm Stone 
Deborah Massie Thurman 

ftAinslie lones Uhl 
Cynthia Wattley Washburn 

ftGail Zarwell Winkler 
Mary A. Woodford 
Wendy Bursnall Wozniak 
Jill Wentorf Wright 

ftAnn L. Yellott 

Number in Class: 162 
Number oi Donors: 56 
Percentage oi Participation: 35% 
Total Class Dollars: $39,111 
ft Deborah Butteri Akers 
ftMartha Branch Alexander 
ftAnne Fomon Armstrong 

Christine Davis Boulware 

Sarah Longstreth Bradley 
ftAnita Crossingham Cannon 

Alicia Clegg 
ft Vivian Yamaguchi Cohn 
ftGloria F. Cowan 
ftElizabeth White Drbal 

Julia Howell Dunbar 

Dabney Bragg Foshee 
ft Rebecca Frost Good 

Helen Milner Gordon 

Paula Brumm Hennessy 

Patricia Wornom Henry 

Catherine Goodhart Henson 

Louise Lambert Hunter 

Martha Crowe Jones 
ftCarol Gamberg Kenyon 

Stephanie Maxson Kenyon 

Lea Kline 
ftAntonia Bredin Massie 
ft Deborah Koss McCarthy 

Ellen Sellers McDoyvell 

Sarah Kennedy McGroarty 

Barbara Clark McLaughlin 

Harriet Dinegar Milks 
ftSarah Bonham Mohle 
ftlaneD. Mrin 

Bertie Lee Moore 
ftKristi Karpinski Mutschelknaus 
• Mull* Reeb Nissman 
ftLoretta Fitzgerald Nowlan 

Lucy Eubank Peak 

Elvira Cash Pecora 
ft Barbara Bernick Peyronnet 
ft Jo Schneider Samp 
ft Sarah J. Scott 

Angela M. Scully 
ftCarolyn Williams Seeling 

Elizabeth Conway Selden 
ft Margaret Haley Sheehan 
ft Maggie Shriver 

Carolyn Ivey Spencer 

Lillian King Springer 
ftWendy Congdon Stanton 
ftElizabeth Little Stevens 

Cheryl L. Stipp 

Ellen Sullivan 
ft Deborah L. Thacker 
ftVera Blake Thiers 

Linda R. Uihlein 

Elizabeth Wade 
ft Patricia Waters 

lean Romanske Zaniewski 

Number in Class: 209 
Number oi Donors: 80 
Percentage of Participation: 38% 
Total Class Dollars: $34,160 
ftPriscilla Powell Adams 
ftjane Lauderdale Armstrong 

Cynthia Whitley Auman 

Kathryn Renaud Baldwin 

Jeanne Beard Barden 

Anne Jarrell Berry 

Drusilla Hall Bishop 
ftjulie Pfautz Bodenstab 

Lizabeth Lambert Bowden 
ft Diane Ball Brendel 
ftAllison Egbert Brokaw 
ftLeslie Wilkinson Brotman 
ftHelen Bauer Bruckmann 
ftSusan Heitmiller Busch 

Hallie Powell Cardwell 

Lucy Darby Cole 
ft Elinor Humphrey Comer 
ftMazeppa M. Costa 

Lenore L. Cox 

Lisanne Purvis Davidson 
ftAnne Quarles Doolittle 
ft Marietta Jones Eddy 

Dana Dotten Endacott 

Adelaide Eshbach 

Rebecca Dane Evans 

Carey Johnson Fleming 
ftMary Goodwin Gamper 

Mary Moore Garrison 

Mary C. Gearhart 
ftElizabeth Freeman Goetz 

Lura Litton Grittin 

Mavis Ray Griffith 

Suzanne Collins Gurley 

Susan Negaard Harley 
ft Kim Hershey Hatcher 
ftKatherine Powell Heller 
ftAnn Ramsey Hill 
ftKathy lackson Howe 
ftjanet Rakoczy Hudson 
ftWendy Igleheart 

Ann Thrash Jones 

Paula Brown Kelle) 
ftSusan I Knr 1 . 1 

Jana E. Koubek 

Cecilia Garcia-Tunon Lear 
ft Eve lackson London 
ftElizabeth Wray Longino 

Anne Simonds Lowe 

Ann Key Lucas 
ftAnne Baldwin Mann 

ieth Lipinski McAdoo 
ftEmily Dick McAlister 
ftCynthia McKay 

Mary Mulvihill McKenna 

leannette D. K. L. Mehl 
ft Dorothy Lear Mooney 

Catherine Taylor Moore 
ftDrucilla Springer Oswalt 

Mary Hamilton Parsons 

Barbara Behrens Peck 

Elizabeth G. Perkinson 

Barbara Mendelssohn Price 

Noel McKissick Reber 
ftSusan Griste Russell 

Eileen P. Scully 
ftleke Osinga Scully 

Rebecca S. Seabrook 
ftCannie Crysler Shafer 

\nn Maricle Stefano 
ftMelanie Bowen Steglich 
ftMary Page Stewart 
ftElizabeth Hemenway Sullivan 

Julia K. Sutherland 

Janet Smalley Todd 

Suzanne Stryker Ullrich 

Claire Cartwright Vaughan 
ftMargaret Richards Wiederseim 

Elizabeth M. Williams 

Ann H. Yauger 

Number in Class: 192 
Number oi Donors: 66 
Percentage oi Participation: 34% 
Total Class Dollars: $9,491 

Caro Lawrence Bahnson 

Robin E. Behm 
*Sally-Ann Sells Bensur 

Deborah Kocik Benton 

Mary McBride Bingham 

Jody N. Booze-Daniels 

Saralee Cowles Boteler 
ftAshley Wilson Brook 

Laura Tucker Camp 

* Laura Bowen Carmichael 
Annette Teng Cheung 

ft Patricia Snowden Cloetingh 

Louise Mueller Cook 
ftSusan Andrews Cruess 
» Laura I Gum 
ftWendy Worthen Elliott 

Sarah Colhoun Engram 

Louise Wright Erwin 
ftClara Jackman Garbett 

Deborah Parker Gibbs 
ft Patricia Paterson Graham 
ftKatherine C. Grones 
ft Kristina Furches Harcum 
ft Katharine C. Hardin 

• Mary Lawrence Harris 
ftElizabeth G. Hester 

Phyllis Shelton Higginbotham 

Lisa C. Hite 
ft Lauren MacMannis Huyett 
ftElizabeth C. Kelly 

Alice Hagan Kliefoth 

Sally Byron LaBarre 
ftCelia Brown Lee 


♦ Donor for pasl five years 
' Oeceas«i 

1997-1998 HONOR ROLL 

Virginia Pierson Letterman 
Helen P. Lewis 
Susan Anthony Lineberry 
Alice Benton Major 

* Janet Baldwin McColloch 

* Karen Jaffa McGoldnck 
Pamela L. Milne 
Alison Mitchell 

*Pamela Ramsdell Mitchell 
Mary Pittman Moore 
Hannah Craighill Morehead 
lane Clark Morrison 
Agnes Towers Morrissey 
Diana Cecil Pickering 
Corby Hancock Pine 

w Prudence Saunders Pitcock 
jane Hubbard Sams 
Barbara Lackey Schaeffer 

* Nancy Hatch Schwartzmiller 
Susan Allan Severns 
Cynthia Lee Sinchak 

Rosa McGowin Slaughter 
Grace Groacci Slimak 
Anne Garrity Spees 
Cathy Calello Staples 

* Rebecca Trulove Symons 
Beth Bogdan Tetrault 
Cynthia Little Townsend 
Ellen Byrne Utterback 
Lynn V. Westine 

^Caroline W.White 
Nancy C. White 

Number in Class: 175 

Number of Donors: 67 

Percentage of Participation: 38% 

Total Class Dollars: $17,853 
Toni Santangelo Archibald 
Barbara Wesley Bagbey 
Katherine Tarns Bairstow 
LaQuela Scaife Barnett 
Florence Rowe Barnick 

* Robin L. Bayless 
*Myth Monnich Bayoud 

Anne Mulholland Benedict 

Leslie Ludwick Bires 

Jenny Robinson Bussey 
*Susan M. Capozzoli 

Lisa Carangelo 

Elisabeth Ward Connors 

Sally Dow Datilio 
#Dianne Delledera 

Swee-Lan Wong Dolan 

Cary Dollard 

Shannon Thompson Eadon 

* Pamela Koehler Elmets 
Katherine Taylor Erickson 
Moira Erickson-Lawrence 
Lisa Faulkner-O'hara 

* Frances McClung Ferguson 
^Catherine Flaherty 

Tamara Driskill Francis 

Wanda McGill Fry 

Kimberly Wood Fuller 

Ellie Garner-Rhodes 
*Charlotte Gay Gerhardt 

Mary Sturkie Greenberg 
*Claire Dennison Griffith 

Martha Gose Griffith 
*Jeannine Davis Harris 

Sylvia K. Hart 

Pamela Willed Hauck 

Virginia Faris Hoffman 

Catherine Mills Houlahan 

Lindsey Meadows Hundley 
*Susan Smith Kemp 
*Amy Campbell Lamphere 
^Elisabeth Fletcher Lubin 

Susan Posey Ludeman 
Ann Vandersyde Malbon 

* Carson Freemon Meinen 
Nancy Holdsworth Moore 

$ Ellen Clement Mouri 
Judith Wright Noel 
Sandra Rappaccioli Padilla 

^Florence A. Powell 

*Elizabeth Hardin Randall 

*Ann Connolly Reagan 

&|ulie Smith Rentschler 

^Georgia Schley Ritchie 

*Ann T. Rockwell 

* Frances A. Root 
*|ill Steenhuis Ruflato 

Julia Grosvenor Sanford 
Anne D. Secor 
Anne Darden Self 

* Elizabeth B. Swearingen-Edens 

* Lillian Sinks Sweeney 
*Susan Boline Thompson 

* Elizabeth Schneider Thornton 
Elizabeth Purdy Thorsey 
Hollis Hutchens Volk 

* Melissa Gentry Witherow 

* Louise Swiecki Zingaro 

Number in Class: 1 97 
Number of Donors: 72 
Percentage of Participation: 37% 
Total Class Dollars: $11,521 
Kathleen McTaggart Allen 

* Victoria L. Archer 

Nancy Weinberg Auersperg 

* Rebecca Carter Barger 
Lisa Allison Barnhart 
Hedley Sipe Bethke 

wCharla Borchers-Leon 
Ellen Hagan Brown 
Deborah Donigan Bulled 

*Susan Graham Campbell 
Allison Muller Chambers 

* Barbara Bush Cooper 

* Nancy Webb Corkery 
Caroline Webster Cotter 

* Molly Rogers Cramer 
&)ulia Brooke Davis 

Marlene Weber Delledera 
Debra Middleton Dickinson 
Leslie MacNeil Dobbins 
Margaret Medlock Fitzgerald 
Stephanie Stitt Filzpatrick 
Sharon McGrath Gardner 
&Mary Davis Garone 
Allison Roberts Greene 

* Katherine E. Hagan 
Anne Dougherty Hamblett 

& Tracy Drake Hamilton 

Mary Reiler Hantzes 

Terrell Luck Harrigan 

Eleanor Frank Hazard 

Elizabeth Simpson Hilberts 
*Kathryn Levi Hoover 

Sarah F. Huie 

Carol Hays Hunley 

Katharine Bennett Johnson 

Stephanie Snead Juarascio 

Mary H. Keating 
^Elizabeth Landen Krone 

Virginia Donald Latham 
*Karol A. Lawson 

Harriet Harrison Leavell 

* Nancy Dabbs Loftin 
Clair Falcon Maasbach 
Nina Brown MacDonald 
lamie Planck Martin 
Wendilynn Wood McAfee 
Barrie Jeffrey McDowell 

Suzanna Bethea Mills 
Christina O'Leary-Rose 

* Henrietta White Palmer 
Laura Coleman Proctor 
Claire McDonnell Purnell 

* Susan P. Richeson 
Anne Sargeant Rosenthal 
Susan Rowat-Steiner 
Susan Clay Russell 
Mary Boehling Schwartz 
Elizabeth G. Seacord 
Catherine Cassidy Smith 

* Karen Battle Smith 
Naomi Weyand Smith 
Caroline Hawk Sparrow 
Mary Adams Steed 

^Margaret McCarthy Stoeffel 
Cornelia Kennedy Suskind 
^Margaret Robinson Tallmadge 
*Sigrid Carlen Veasey 

* Dawne Cotton Ward 
Alexandra D. Willson 
Angelyn Odom Wright 
Letha Dameron Zackowski 

Number in Class: 187 
Number of Donors: 59 
Percentage of Participation: 32% 
Total Class Dollars: $4,962 
Pamela Campbell Aadland 

* Victoria Lee Adams 

* Heather Pirnie Albert 
Frances Fowler Bauerle 
Frances Mantho Belliveau 
Leslie Bergman 
Deborah Price Bowman 
Brianna Boswell Brown 
Gay Kenney Browne 

*|ean von Schrader Bryan 
Michelle Martinez Cartei 

* Elizabeth Gantt Castles 
&Lisa A. Church 

Martha Tisdale Cordell 
Cynthia McMechan Curry 
*Sarah Davis Daniels 

* Nancy Daugherty Davidson 
Anne Morris Dickerson 

&Ethel Burwell Dowling 

Holly Green Dunlap 
^Marian R. Finney 

Elizabeth Engelsmann Flanigan 

Mary LaVigne Fletcher 

Lucile Redmond Flournoy 

Mary P. Green 

Ann Young Habliston 
*Anne Edmunds Hansen 

Rosemary Hardy 

* Deborah R. Harvey 
Hillary L. Herbert 
Leslie Hertz 
Danielle M. Herubin 

*Lucie Stephens Holland 
Nancy Trimble Howell 

* Katharine N. Johnson 
sfeMonika Kaiser 

Laura Whitehurst Lascara 
Betsy Bell Liles 
Martha Watson Lombardy 
Gay Loudon-King 
Cheryl A. Luque 
Catherine Adams Miller 
& Louise Cooke Newton 
Sally Shapard Peek 
Rachel Millrood Perlman 
Jennifer Rae 

* Patricia Whelan Schenck 
*Grace Tredwell Schild 

Angela Averett Scurry 
Aimee Nelson Smith 
Beverly Townsend Smith 
Nancy Smith 

* Teresa Powell Smith 

*Patti H. Snodgrass 
Mary Clarkson Stein 
Caroline Szak-Erickson 

sDorinda Davis Trick 
Patsy Griffith Van Etten 
Barbara Bryant Williams 
Mary Tripp Wolfensberger 

Number in Class: 188 
Number of Donors: 58 
Percentage of Participation: 31% 
Total Class Dollars: $45,235 

Anne Chapin Albert 

Mary Ann Albright 
sSarah G. Babcock 

Katherine C. Barrett 

Leslie Malone Berger 

Eleanor B. Bibb 

Ana Serrano Black 
#DesireeM. Bouchat 

Susanne Turner Brennan 

Sarah Sutton Brophy 

* Virginia Claus Buyck 
Patricia Littleton Byrne 
Eleanor Wells Carter 

*Lee Anne MacKenzie Chaskes 
Suzanne Gay Dailey 

* Emily Kitchel DeCamp 

^fe Ellen Clare Gillespie Dreyer 
^Elizabeth Glenn Fisher 

Katherine A. Gibson 

Mary Ware Gibson 

Barbara Paulson Goodbarn 

Ethel A. Holladay 

* Bridget O'Reilly Holmes 
Amy Painter Hur 
Karen D. Kerlin 

* Alice Cutting Laimbeer 
Grayson Harris Lane 
Martha Riggs Lowry 
Toni A. Luposello 
Tracy Gatewood Lyons 
Joan M. McGettigan 

*Mary Watt Messer 

*Lucy Chapman Millar 

^Miriam Baker Morris 
Melissa Cope Morrissette 
Virginia Harsh Mossburg 
Amy Boyce Osaki 
Barbara Rose Page 
Melissa Byrne Partington 
Elizabeth Dykes Pope 
Diane White Ramsey 
Sarah Archibald Roberts 
H. Therese Robinson 
Laura Mixon Rodriguez 
Lisa Rogness 
Leslie Wright Root 
Barbara Winn Rothschild 
Mason Bennett Rummel 
Elizabeth Taylor Seifert 
Pamela Dickens Sellars 

wWylie Jameson Small 

* Elizabeth Clark Smith 

* Margery Johnson Springer 
Ann Goldmann Uloth 
Julia Snodgrass Walker 
Diana Duffy Waterman 

& Pamela S. Weekes 
Barbara Pratt Zerega 

Number in Class: 199 
Number of Donors: 55 
Percentage of Participation: 28% 
Total Class Dollars: $4,874 

Nancy O'Brien Albus 

Holly Pflug Allport 

Patricia Andonian 

* Elizabeth Gillespie Billings 
Kimberly Hofmann Bird 
Ann Reisner Bonney 

* Elizabeth Rodgers Boyd 
Elizabeth Sprague Brandt 
Mary Baker Brockman 

Elizabeth Boyer Caldwell 
Robin L. Cannizzaro 

* Victoria McCullough Carroll 
Courtney Warrick Chema 

wGertrudeG. Collins 
*Margaret T. Dempsey 

Margaret Twohy DeVan 
w Patricia Dolph Fallon 
& Heather Willson Freeman 

Lynne Largey Goldfarb 

Catherine Hass Gordon 

Cheryl Gorman 

Patricia Roby Gotfredson 

* Penelope Parker Hartline 
Mary Patterson Hatcher 

* Karen Goodspeed Hertlein 
«? Marguerite Kramer Kircher 

Virginia Lynch Kiseljack 
Jean Coggeshall Lavespere 
Susan Dickinson Lindner 
&Kathryn Marion 

* Cathy Cash Mays 
Margaret Evans McCluskey 

* Diana Crandall Nielsen 
Melissa Darden Odom 

* Kathleen Papadimitriou 
Anne Hutchison Pede 
Laura Yancey Peery 

^Shannon Young Ray 

* Elisabeth Burwell Reichard 
*Anne H. Richards 
&Mary McElroy Robertson 

Elise Carlen Robison 

Jennifer A. Rotman 
&|anet Lewis Shepherd 

Patricia S. Skufca 

Annelies K. Smith 

Tracy Glaves Spalding 

Elizabeth Proctor Valega 

Michelle E. Venema 

Marian Wahlgren Vester 

Maria Lyons Wells 
*Elizabeth Harley Willetl 
*Camille Mitchell Wingate 

Cheri Burritt Yates 

Number in Class: 182 
Number of Donors: 43 
Percentage of Participation: 24% 
Total Class Dollars: $2,780 

Susan Lazarus Bailey 

Cecily Schulz Banks 

Lesly Allen Bell 

* Laura Morrissette Clark 

* Barbara Tragakis Conner 
Susan Podesta Cozzi 
Helen Shingler DeForest 
Cathleen Brooke Dunkle 
Mitzi Morgan Faber 
Heather Homonnav Finlv 
Kelley Manderson Fitzpatrick 
Kara Grady Godfrey 


fc Donor (or pasl five years 

* Deceased 

-1998 HONOR 

ft Ann Martin Gonya 
ft Katherine A. Hearn 

Melissa Schoen Hitt 

Frances Clardy Hooper 

Ashbv Clark Hopkins 
ftCatharineT. Hubbard 

Kathryn Bosco Kosanovich 

Leanne Weber Kreis 
ftBrigid McClynn Lengyel 
ftPerr, Ules Lucas 

Lenetta Archard McCampbell 

Mir\ Bliss McGrath 

Louellen Brooks Meyer 

Linda S. Miller 

Danielle DePaul Morgenthaler 

Nanq E Ness 

Karla Kennedy Newman 

|ill Redpath Noland 

Kimberly Knox Norman 
*Cale S. Oertli 
ft Deborah Fischer Oleisky 

Allison Bennett Pishko 

Haifleigh Hall Pritchard 
* Elizabeth Kelly Rautz 

M,ir\ N. Rosa 

Sharon Booth Shanahan 
ftChristine Corcoran Trauth 

Heidi Belofsky Turk 

Madge Hall Vosteen 

Cassandra Whaling Wierman 

Susannah Scagel Young 
ftSuzanne Weaver Zimmer 

\umber in Class: -'J<> 
Slumber oi Donors: 6 1 
Percentage ot Participation: 27% 
Total Class Dollars: $-.141 
ftMary Molyneux Abrams 

Alison Kohlhepp Adkins 
ft Harriet McNair Alexander 

Ruth Newell Angevine 

Kirsten Bailey Atkinson 

Ashley Simmons Bright 

Mary Jo Biscardi Brown 

Rushton Haskell Callaghan 

Jennifer Jahos Chaladorf 
ft Lynn Mather Charette 

Jessica Sinnott Cotreau 
ft Jennifer E. Crossland 

Melissa A. Davison 

Linda C. DeVogt 

Mary Farinholt Denious 

Donna Prommas Duchou 

Anne Merriman Dum 
ftDrusilla Davis Fadus 

Sarah Engleby Farrell 

Patricia S. Click 

Elizabeth Duggins Green 

Stephanie Hamilton Gregory 

Isabelle Viguerie Gsell 
ftMary Boulware Hobbs 
ftDeanne Dawson lames 

Catherine L. Kendall 
ftShapleigh Donnelly LaPointe 

Karyn Harcum Levy 

Susan Mann Levy 

Nancy Palermo Lietz 
ft.Manah Smith Malik 

Katherine McKelway 

Lisa A. Marks 

Rebecca Young Metro 
ft Elizabeth Maraffi Michaud 
ft Beth Ann Trapold Newton 

Susan Carr Nickel 

Robyn Bailey Orchard 

Mary Beth Miller Orson 

Elizabeth Conner Pace 

lulia Huntington Pesek 

Desiree A. Petrus 

Andrea Kane Rose 
ft Jennifer Memmott Rosenberg 

Victoria Wolf Rosenfield 

Nancy Buckey Rothacker 

Catherine Callender Sauls 

AnneG. Smith 

Ava Spanier 

Dorsey Redmond Teague 

Elizabeth Doyle Teare 

Anne P. To\e\ 

Virginia Haynie Wainstein 

Barbara Brasted Wait 
ftjesse A. White 
ftNancy Ray Wiltshire 
ftCornelia R. Woodworth 

Louanne Pahel Woody 

Alexandra Bernard Wyllie 
ft Anne Souder von Weise 

Number in Class: 188 
Number of Donors: 64 
Percentage oi Participation: 34% 
Total Class Dollars: $13,471 
ftCourtney Banton Alford 

Katherine Fons Barkley 

Malinda Bradley Bergen 

Linda Rowland Blount 

Alicia Parker Brusenhan 

Karen A. Bryan 
ft Shannon Wood Bush 

Anne Hales Capo 

Anna Gallant Carter 

Kristen Kreassig Carter 

Victoria Chumney 

Carole Thrash Collins 

Ansley Merritt Conner 

Mary Via Cuoco 
ft Pamela Miscall Cusick 

Julie G. Dorsett 
ftCarol Goodman Doty 

Jennifer J. Fesche 

Heidi Schultz Figler 
ft Page E. Franson 

Amy Tetteh Griffin 

Paige Taylor Grundy 

Jean Lewis Guergai 

Kimberley Belcher Harvey 

Anne Mobley Hassett 

Susan Scales Hunt 
ft Barbara Jastrebsky 

Virginia R. Pascoe Jennings 

Wimberly Eaton Jessup 

Leslie Ross Kellogg 
ftMichaelle Connors King 

Deborah Brennan Leslie 

Mary Paton Lewis 

Kristen Whitney Lowrey 

Sydney E. Marthinson 
ftAnn McAllister 

Molly McNamara 

Rebecca Michie McVeigh 

Rebecca A. Mills 
ftMary Robison Oates 
ftCaroline Owen-Houde 

Beth A. Parker 

Elizabeth Wilson Parrish 

Melissa Murray Quinones 
ft Lee Carroll Roebuck 
ftHilary Harris Salley 

Katherine Bryan Sanders 

L. Angelyn Schmid 

Leslie Cantrell Schoeffel 

Bliss Simmons 

Cameron Clark Sipe 

Blair Beebe Smith 

ft Ellen S.Smith 
Katherine Jaschen St. John 
Elizabeth Nelson Suhr 

ftTeresa Pike Tomlinson 
Carol Wooldridge Tuttle 

ftLinda Mae Visocan 
A. Mina Von Voss 
Caroline Trask Wallace 
Amelia u Watkins 
Victoria A. Willson 
Georgianna Conger Wolcotl 
Evan C. Wright-Faser 

Number in C/a.^ 
Number ot Donors: 4 J 
Percentage oi Participation: 28% 
Total Class Dollars: $17,473 

Lisa Haggart Arnold 
ft Eden Zuckerman Brown 

Lee Ann E. Conard 

Caroline Corum 

Kathryn N. Deriso-Schuartz 

Brooke Rinehart Dunn 

Augusta Harrison Dunstan 

Laura M. Ferrazzano 

Dee A. Fraley 

Carolyn Grant Gallagher 

Katrina Evans Gatti 
*Amy Gould-Pilz 

Elizabeth Bennett Haga 

Stacey Sickels Heckel 

Susanna Broaddus Hickman 

Cameron Cox Hirtz 

Katherine Cole Hite 
ftKathleen Meredith lacobelli 

Julie Lindauer Jacobson 

Maia Free Jalenak 

Laura Schumacher Kasprzak 

Elizabeth Belser Kistler 

Beverly Freeman Kump 

Jennifer Crawley Lewis 

Whitney Bolt Lewis 
ftChristina Savage Lytle 

Stephanie Sprouse Macoy 
ft Katharine E. McCoid 

Cecilia Moore 

Katherine K. O'Connor 

Lisa Lucas Popera 
ftM. Anne Powell 

Kristen Petersen Randolph 

Jennifer Bach Rosen 
ftMary T. Sartler 

Melinda D. Sher 

Kathleen Keogh Snelling 

Mary S. Stockburger 

Grace Quirk Thompson 

Tracy Tigerman Thompson 

Courtenay Fraley Williams 

Heather Shettle Witherspoon 

Number in Class: 195 
Number ot Donors: 50 
Percentage of Participation: 26% 
Total Class Dollars: $4,005 
*A. Whitney Bay 

Krista S. Biggs 

Madeleine L. Blanchard 

Katherine M. Blue 

JoAnn Bogolin 

Gwendolyn J. Bombay 

Marianne Butler Branham 

Kimberly A. Brookes 

Nancy Quinones Chancier 

Patricia F. Christian 

Sandra L. Compton 

Margaret M. Frazier 

Lisa Wallen Gardner 

Molly Currens Gaskins 

Tracy Worthington Ginn 
ft Karen Greer Goss 

Mary E. Gottlieb 

Courtney Kneece Grimm 

Stephanie M. Hall' 
ftStacey M. Hannan 

Alicia Markey Hutter 

Susan \ 

Patricia Witcher Jordan 

Mary Kramlich-Nash 
ftWesley Powell Lassen 

Dana de Holl Lesesne 
ftEmmy S. Leung 

Ruth Taul Magnusson 
• Monica C. Mahoney 

Kimberly Kline Malone 

Mary S. Mason 

Mary Boyd McGuire 
ft Donna Meyer-Hodgert 

Amy Jenkins Millican 
ftKelli Ketchum Morgan 

Kathryn Bolton Overman 

Cynthia B. Riegel 
ft Eden L. Rue 

Amy E. Sanidas 

Deborah A. Schmidt 

Annette Shillestad 
ftjulie Littleton Smith 

Anne Haw Spencer 
ftSarah Anderson Stanton 
ft Helen Bradley Tarbutton 

Laura Lawson Trevev 
ftWhitney Odell Tucker 

Kimberly K. Willock 

Hildee Williams Wilson 
ftAmanda Ottaway Zambetti 

Number in Class: 163 
Number oi Donors: 48 
Percentage oi Participation: 30% 
Total Class Dollars: $2,938 
ft Leslie Carson Albizzatti 

Ruth N.Allen 

Hope E. Bartlett 

Amanda Priddy Berkey 
ftAshley Flynn Blanchard 

Jennifer A. Brennan 
ftjulie B. Brooks 

Karen L. Brown 
ftAmy E. Burton 

Shannon H. Coleman 

Susan H. Deal 

Heather Colson Ewing 
ftGladden Adam Falivene 

Ulrike M. Fischer 

Kristen Hofheimer Flanagan 

Dolly M. Garcia 

Allison Miree Gillespie 
ft Laura G. Gredys 

Olivia S. Grymes 

Lisa Waldrop Hammerschmidt 

Stachelle Gilmore Hicks 

Claudia Schmidt Hunt 

LuAnn Haag Hunt 

Anne Galbreath Jenkins 
ftNancy Dodge Kershner 
ftlrfan Kiratli Latimer 
ft Elizabeth P.Mason 

Rachel Renzy Meima 

Catherine Hollberg Minor 

Elinor H. Myers-Kenworthy 

Nina Rowles Panarese 

Alisa Delaney Pearce 
ftMary Naff Philpott 

Kristen K. Redick 

Vanessa K. Rhodes 
ftAllison Richards 

Kathleen Cushman Slack 

lean Spillane 

Rebecca Finkbeiner Streett 

Jennifer R. Sullivan 
ftjo Ann Roderick Tankard 

Jill Armstrong 

Pawla M. Tweedy-Hamlette 

Mary Ashe v. 

Dena Burnham Wong 

Sarah Mcllheran Wunner 

Christine Carriere Zazulak 
ftAmy Calandra Zechini 

Number in Class: 146 
Number oi Donors: 37 
Percentage oi Participation 
Total Class Dollars: $1,185 
Sonya A. Bowen 
Suzanne Petrie Brady 
ftElizabeth J. Butler 
ft Victoria Campo Byrd 
Sarah M. Clinton 
Lisa Rabasca Dougherty 
MelanieC. Duke 
Susan Sickels Dyer 
Mary Anne Farmer 
Anne Crow Galanides 
Nicole Gauthier 
Kathryn Johnson Glass 
Gwen Fisher Glew 
Kana Roess Goldsmith 
Marie Wright Haider 
Marian W. Hedgpeth 
Katherine Cooper Hoffman 
ft Karen T. Hott 
Victoria L. Hutcheson 
Anne Clement Hutchison 
Elizabeth B. Jennings 
Stacey Lawrence Lee 
Megan Read Lindberg 
Michele Williams Lusby 
Amy Bryan Merselis 
Ashley Quarrier Moran 
Carlin McKenna Moroney 
Dawn Monahan Nelson 
ftSarah E. Pitts 

Mary Lanford Price 
ft Patience Richeson 
Emily Leming Rospond 
Charlotte R. Sanders 
Susan J. Spurrell 
Terri Brockwell Waggoner 
Kathryn Hagist Yunk 
Suzanne M. Ziesmann 

Number in Class: 160 
Number oi Donors: 40 
Percentage oi Participation: 25% 
Total Class Dollars: $3,274 
ft Laura M. Arceneaux 

Janeime Asbury Brown 

Stephanie A. Brundage 

Natasha Stanfill Bullotta 

Lori Saraniero Butterfield 

Jennifer Brodlieb Cacioppo 
ft Kimberly Olmstead Calhoun 

Laurie Taylor Clark 

Virginia Marks Collier 

Lisa C. Crego 

Judy S. Currie 

Margaret McClellan Driscoll 
ft Kimberley McGraw Euston 
ftjill S. Fahy 

Laura Davis Fiochetta 
ftCatherine Gornto Freeman 
ftjaimie Del Monte Galbreath 

Amy C. Ghiz 

fc Donor for past five wars 
' Deceased 


Carolyn E. Griffin 
*Brett M. Halliwanger 
Leise Scheppe Hammer 

* Kate I. Haw 

Catherine Driskill Hindman 
Margaret Ledyard Hopkirk 
*Keeley Sullivan Jurgovan 

* Holly Caswell King 
*Cara Ardemagni LaRoche 

Kristin ). Liljegren 
Ann E. Lindquist 
Julia Hanneken Linza 
Lindsay lenkins Matthews 

#Sheila M. McWilliams 
Kyra J. Meelan 

^Caroline E. Newman 
Nora S. Oney 
Amy A. Peck 
Amy Dickson Riddell 
Susan C. Schmidhauser 
lennifer Valentine Van Ness 
Melinda S. Wick 

Number in Class: 183 
Number oi Donors: 64 
Percentage of Participation: 35% 
Total Class Dollars: $5,445 

Kathleen D. Abel 

Amorette Wilt Aitken 

Sarah R. Alexander 

lennifer Jarvis Ballard 

Harpreet Bedi 

Pamela Subranni Berman 

Julia Skilinski Brooks 

Sidney Cauthen Bullard 

Rebecca H. Carle 

Ashley V. Celis 

Candice K. Chang 

Eleanor Guild Coghill 
*Marissa Ashe Cole 
^Michelle MacMurtrie Constable 

Camille A. Crawford 
SPollyC. Crawford 

Lauri L. Dabbieri 

Beth M. Davis 

Kathryn Chandor DelPlato 

Meredith Alpert Desantis 

Dianne Hayes Doss 
*Debra A. Elkins 

Kristen L. Engle 

Thomasin A. Foshay 

Margaret M. Frederick 

Katherine T. Ganahl 
*Kelly K.Gardner 
^Elizabeth A. Gilkeson 

Ashley D. Hammond' 

Susan Messikomer Horenkamp 

Christina Andert Hoy 

Tracy E. Imse 

Elizabeth H. lames 

Corinne S. Judeikis 

Laura Baker Knights 

Lisa C. La Londe 

Colleen G. Losey 

Stacey McClain 

Sabryna A. McClung 

Kendra D. McGeorge 

Tracy B. S. Meier 

Sutapa Mukherjee 

Kerry S. O'Donnell 
*Ellen E. Ober 
Maurie A. Palmer 

Kay Pierce 

Kristen Swenson Sloop 
& Wendy D. Stevenson 

Carolyn S. Swain 

Heather C. Swenberg 

Elizabeth Stinnett Taylor 

Danielle Tedesco 
Daniella Ceccarelli Toomey 
Laura Warren Underwood 
Karen T. Valanzano 
Norma Bulls Valentine 
Catherine R. Viette 
Patricia Doran Walczak 
Christen Bugg Watson 
Tracie Allen Webber 
Annegret P. Weckerle 
Tracy Camden Wilburn 
Merrilee Davies Wroten 
Sigrid A. Zirkle 

Number in Class: 129 
Number oi Donors: 29 
Percentage oi Participation: 23% 
Total Class Dollars: $1,385 


Katherine Lindsey Auchter 

P. Robyn Barto 

Heather L. Bayfield 

lamee Thompson Briggs 

Lesley L. Byers 

Kimberly L. Clayton 

Allison Vollmer Douglass 

Shannon Hetchel Dykes 

Lenora L. Farrington 

Carlene L. Harper 

Elizabeth A. Hershey 

|ill A. Higginbotham 

Zeda E. Homoki 

Elizabeth C. Lanard 

Elizabeth Thigpen Landry 

Linda S. E. Lombardo 

Kathryn A. May 

Amelia W. McDaniel 

Kimberly |. Mounger 

Rebecca H. Nelson 

Elizabeth A. Riccobono 

Leslie ). A. Rodgers 

Amy Biathrow Ross 

Kimberly Szuszczewicz Snead 

Belinda Smith Struckmeyer 

Caitlin N. Sundby 

Stacy L. Thompson 

Cara Gunther Waterhouse 

Ginger Amon White 

Number in Class: 149 
Number oi Donors: 35 
Percentage oi Participation: 24% 
Total Class Dollars: $2,916 

Heather L. C. Aspinwall 

Lucia de Oliveira Bosworth 

lennifer Parker Broughton 

Diana L. Campbell 

Pilar L. Collier 

Stephanie Salter Crenshaw 

Catherine H. Ehlen 

Yana Wagg Gardephe 

English E. Griffith 

Bergen M. Hall 

Anna E. Hawthorne 

Elizabeth Dunck Hayes 

Gwendolyn Hickey-Babcock 

Courtney A. Huffman 

Jessica E. |ohn 

Laurel L. Knaup 

Katherine). Maxwell 

Shannon D. A. Newman 

Catherine W. Orr 

Charlotte Prothro Philbin 

Anna M. Reilly 

Daniela N. Ricci 

Mary-Byrd Schroeder 

Shelby A. Snyder 

Marion N. Stewart 
Laura Swope Townsend 
Gretchen L. Vida 
Hilarie S. Wakefield 
Katherine G. Warner 
Sarah Clifford Weaver 
Katherine V. Whitby 
Meredith |. T. Williams 
Amy M. Woods 
Eileen E. Yates 
Sarah E. Young 

Number in Class: 132 
Number oi Donors: 63 
Percentage oi Participation: 48% 
Total Class Dollars: $3,563 

Rebecca A. Arkus 

Marie G. Bandy 

Robin L. Bettger 

Rachael Boyd 

Wanda D. Brockman 

Natalie ). Brown 

Constance G. Bump 

Christie L. Cardon 

Sarah T. Chaffee 

Claire A. E. Christensen 

Kelly A. Collins 

Susan T. Craig 

Amy M. Daugherty 

Yolanda L. Davis 

Sarah |. Dennis 

Mary Margaret Dixon 

Stephanie H. Dudley 

Amelia E. Dudman 

Jesse W. Durham 

Megan B. Fletcher 

Lee A. Foley 

Shannon E. Fountain 

Kathleen D. Franson 

Stephanie P. Franz 

Elizabeth H. Groves 

lulie R. Hildebrand 

Alexandria Hiribarne 

Sandy K. lennings-Nablett 

Octavia Hyland Jones 

Clark Jordan 

Catharine R. King 

Kelly L. Knappenberger 

Emily T. Kuchar 

Catherine R. Lanter 

Catherine C. Latimore 

Laura S. Lechler 

Eileen R. MacMurtrie 

Leigh A. Mason 

Frazier W. Miller 

Ashley Thorner Olerich 

Anne L. Osterholm 

Dejerianne T. Ostrow 

Janine C. Paris-Mesanko 

Abigail E. Phillips 

Heather L. Plank 

Laura M. Powell 

Cynthia Rakow Prew itt 

Sarah E. Reidy 

lennifer L. Richmond 

Sara D. Selbv 

Janeen K. Sharma 

Ana-Marija Simic 

Imogen M. Slade 

Melissa J. Snvder 

Kay M. Thomas 

Nancy Corcoran Thurginger 

Linda W. Towers 

L. Paige Vaught 

Alison C. Wallis 

Theresa L. Walters 

Susan M. Whitehead 

Cynthia L. Wilkerson 

Carrie Henderson Woldin 

Number in Class: 108 
Number oi Donors: 100 
Percentage oi Participation: 93% 
Total Class Dollars: $4. 76t I 

Amanda M. Acuff 

Landis E. Addison 

Nessim A. Al-Yafi 

Alicia Allen 

Susanna M. Bader 

Ann E. Barrett 

Patricia H. Baughman 

Natalie K. Beidler 

Heather E. Benhard 

Christina A. Benson 

Kabaye Berhanu 

Sarah L. Betz 

Katrina Balding Bills 

Lucretia C. Bock 

Virginia L. Brundage 

Alison A. Burnett 

Courtney I. Burt 

Jill E. Butcher 

Melissa A. Cameron 

Amy L. Campbell 

Melanie L. Chriscoe 

Catherine L. Clarkson 

Kerry E. Coleman 

Sharon R. Colquitt 

Amy E. Cook 

Heather L. Cushman 

Elizabeth F. DuCharme 

Annette C. Dusenbury 

Amy C. Earehart 

Amy E. Everett 

Kacey Farber 

Thea A. Galenes 

Stephanie J. Garcia 

Jill E. Gavitt 

Jessica D. Grass 

Katherine Gumerson 

Renee E. Gunn 

Alison S. Hall 

Mary L. Harbour 

Kristen McCowan Hartley 

Susan C. Healey 

Jessica M. Hiveley 

Elizabeth L. Hunter 

Julia Ingelido 

Holly B. James 

Michelle M. Janiak 

Margaret H. Jenkins 

Katherine L. Johnston 

Cristy C. M. Jordan 

Sophia Kassim 

Nicole M. Kelleher 

Tanya R. Ketchum 

Courtney B. Lammers 

Ronda J. Lehenbauer 

lennifer M. Lister 

Kathryn Hall Lombardi 

Conner C. Louis 

Amy T. Louthan 

Margaret A. MacDonald 

Autumn L. Mather 

Katherine M. McCartney 

Elizabeth M. Mcintosh 

Stacy E. McKimm 

Gail J. Mesdag 

Virginia R. Miller 

Rebecca D. Moats 

Christina L. Muir 

Susanne E. Nifong 

Catherine A. Osuna 

Stephanie M. Pappanikou 

Bhavi N. Patel 

Maia E. Pearson 

Lucinda L. Polley 
Kerri A. Rawlings 
Lindemann M. Rollenhagen 
Reneca R. Rose 
Ute Koehler Sartin 
Robin Sayre 
Sara E. Schmalz 
Alexa T. Schriempf 
Katherine K. Seder 
Sophie L. A. Simonard 
Ethel B. Stewart 
Tasha M. Swales 
lennifer ). Swisher 
Vaiana |. Teriitehau 
Heather M. Terry 
Kerry E. Thacker 
Cassandra L. Thomas 
Martha H. Tinnell 
Courtney L. Totushek 
Desiree E. Valenzuela 
Kara R. Vlasaty 
Melanie E. Vracas 
Jennifer M. Wagner 
Kathryn Black Watson 
Angela R. Williams 
Leigh C. Wilson 
Paige Peabody Yager 
Amy D. Yakubinis 

The 1998 Senior Class "planted a 
seed" with their senior cla^ 
pledging $11,345 to be divided 
equallv between the unrestricted 
Alumnae Fund and a special fund 
ted to a project to lie identi- 
fied in the College's Master Plan. 

The class created the Class of 1998 
Master Plan Fund as a way of 
showing commitment to the future 
of Sweet Briar. At the Fifth 
Reunion, the (lass will determine 
how the money will be spent. 

A special thanks to Virginia 
Blair '98 and Charlotte Rognmoe 
'98 for leading this effort. The 

1 1 70 percent 

Jennifer M. Anderson 
Susan L. Aronhalt 
Susan M. Barney 
Chantel N. Bartlett 
Bronwyn E. Beard 
Stephanie H. Belk 
Virginia W. Blair 
Dana L. Bordvick 
Kelly L. Bowman 
Candice M. Broughton 
Melinda S. Brown 
Mary K. Bryan 
Cynthia M. Bumgardner 
Jayme L. Calabrese 
Katherine M. Carr 
Melissa A. Coffey 
Adair F. Collins 
Jessica A. Cronin 
Lindsay A. Culp 
Page Darney 
Tara M. Day 
Amanda B. Diamond 
Sandra C. Dittmer 
Angela D. Elliott 
Dawn E. Everett 
Pamela E. Fine 
Laura L. Fitton 
Deirdre B. Flannerv 

♦ Donor tor pasi t 

• Deceased 

- 1 9 9 8 


Mary E. Friberg 
Karin C. Fung 
Allison A. Gerber 
Mary A. Cheen 
Gretchen G. Gravley 
Tonya N. Grudier 
Cynthia J. Hague 
Elisabeth A. Hall 
Courtney |. Hayes 
Charlotte A. Higgins 
Susan A. Holman 
lean E. Holmes 
loanne E. Hopkins 
Elizabeth G. Hunt 
kirn E. Izquierdo 
Inga |. lackson 
Isabel D. lean-Pierre 
Rong Jiang 
Amanda D. kottke 
Joanna |. kucinski 
Bngette P. Laib 
Anne k. Larus 
Carolyn M. Leddy 
Natalie A. Lindfors 
Astrid M. B. Liverman 
katherine J. Martin 
Mary Lea Martin 
Fionna J. Matheson 
Anna k. Meres 
Madge E. Miller 
Tricia L. Mohana 
Maleka Newsome 
Sarah E. Nolton 
Suzanne M. O'Loughlin 
Adefunmi I. Omisade 
kimberly A. Osborne 
lessica G. Pavia 
Darelle A. Pfeifter 
Evah k. Pottmeyer 
Serena k. Putegnat 
Heather L. Reynolds 
katherine A. Rinehart 
Charlotte |. Rognmoe 
Melissa A. Rothwell 
kindle L. Samuel 
Saq L. Sharpes 
Britt k. Sheinbaum 
Shelley M. Shreve 
Heather L. Smith 
Elizabeth R. Snider 
Sarah k. Spangler 
Amanda B. Stroupe 
Erikka E. Sund 
Scarlett E. Swain 
Catherine L. Thomas 
Heather A. Thomas 
Mamie |. Tokaruk 
Rhonda G. Tyree 
Emily Q. Virkus 
Anne-Claire L. Wackenhut 
Jacqueline G. Weiner 
Carolyn Pyle Weiseman 
Lauren A. Wetzel 
Tiffmev C. Whitmire 
Sara A. Wilcoxson 
kristy E. Winstead 
Dana R. Woodbury 

'Tit rent QcVtna 

Steering Committee Members 

Mr. and Mrs. David H. Dorminey, 

Co-Chair Couple 
Dr. Nancy Dutton Potter, Co-Chair 
Mr. and Mrs. Carter B. Bryan 
Dr. and Mrs. Marvin G. Burdette, jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley W. Day 
Mr. and Mrs. Christian M. Delvoie 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Eubanks, Jr. 
Dr. and Mrs. Eric B. Farber 
Drs. Albert and Janet Finch 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Fonow 
Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Fretwell, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Eric G. Friberg 
Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Godsalve 
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Graves III 
Dr. and Mrs. Glenn F. Haeberle 
Mr. and Mrs. George C. Hart 
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Horbalt 
Mr. and Mrs. Lee H. Houston, Jr. 
Dr. and Mrs. Fred D. Hunker 
Mr. and Mrs. William A. kientz III 
Dr. and Mrs. Larry Lipscomb 
Dr. and Mrs. A. Dallas Martin, Jr. 
Mr. Arthur L. McDougal 
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne E. McOwen 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Moring 
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Morse, Jr. 
Judge and Mrs. Richard L. Reeh 
Mr. and Mrs. Gary W. Ross 
Mr. and Mrs. Manuchehr Saman 
Judge and Mrs. Robert L. Simpson, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Smith 

The Society oi Families contributed 
$161,051 of the $1802,493 Annual 
Fund total in 1997-98. Sweet Briar 
College is most grateful for the gen- 
erosity of the parents listed below: 

Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Abel, |r. 
a Mr. and Mrs. A. Marshall Acuff, Jr. 
SAnne Ellice Adam '62 

Mr. and Mrs. James W. Addison 

Elaine 0. Ahnell 

Mr. and Mrs. Dale B. Alberda 
SLt. Col. and Mrs. John L. Alderson 

Mrs. William W. Alexander 

Beverly Alexandre 

* Diana Stout Allen '42 
SMr.* and Mrs. Homer I. Altice 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert |. Amon 

* Mr. and Mrs. Ted 0. Anderson 
Mr. and Mrs. David R. Armentrout 
Mr. and Mrs. Truman Arnold 

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin R. Aronhalt 
wMr. and Mrs. Clavio F. Ascari 

* Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Ashe 
Ms. Doyne M. Atkinson 

* Mrs. George Austen, Jr. 
SMrs. Quincy C. Ayres 

SMr. and Mrs. Guilford C. Babcock 

Sharon M. Bagg 
SMr. and Mrs. Raymond A. Bahret 
SMr. and Mrs. Robert W. Bake 

Jean S. Baker 
SDr. and Mrs. James L. Baldwin 

Myra Carr Baldwin '36 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Banis 
SMr. and Mrs. Julian W. Banton 

* Henry M. Barker 

SMr. and Mrs. Donald A, Barkley 
Mr. and Mrs. Guy E. Barnes 

* Patricia Levi Barnett '49 

* Louise Smith Barry '44 
SAnna Whitaker Bartel '41 
^Catherine Price Bass '45 
*Clara McDonald B.i 

Mr. and Mrs. David R. Batchelder 
Jacquelyn D. Bates 

SMr. and Mrs. Charles Beach, |r. 
Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. Beard 
Emma Glass Beasley '38 

SMr. and Mrs. Tom M. Becherer 

*Mr. and Mrs. William H. Bed |r, 
Nancy Neighbors Becker '57 

SMr. and Mrs. John H. Beebe, Jr. 

SMrs. Henry Behnke 
Mr. and Mrs. Randall L. Bell 
Mr. and Mrs. Frank P. Bellan 

SMr. and Mrs. C. E. S. Bellows III 
Joy A. Belzer 
Mr. and Mrs. Harold C. Bender 

SMr. and Mrs. John L. Bender 

SMrs. William Bennett 
Corinne Loney Benson '20 
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald G. Benson 
Mr. and Mrs. Francis H. Bergh 
Marcia Rhodes Berglund '55 
Sally Anderson Bernays '51 
The Hon. & Mrs. Maurice 

SMr. and Mrs. Melville J. Berry, Sr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Gary N. Betz 
Mr. and Mrs. Irvin M. Bey 
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald G. Black 

*Mr. and Mrs. James H. Black IV 
Sadie Allen Blackburn '45 
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. 
Blanchard, |r. 

* Patricia H. Blanchard 
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph L. 

Blankenship II 

* Nancy Dicks Blanton '36 
The Rev. and Mrs. Joseph W. 


Mr. and Mrs. John R. Bohannon 
SMr. and Mrs. Robert M.Bolz 

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Bond 
SCatharine Fitzgerald Booker '47 
as Jo Nelson Booze '54 
S Dr. and Mrs. George M. Boswell, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Viorel Botea 

* Blair Bunting Both '40 
as Mrs. Donald G. Bounds 

Deryle A. Bourgeois 
Linda S. Bourgeois 
S Laura Hailey Bowen '56 
SMr. and Mrs. James N. Boyd 
SDr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Boyd 
Benjamin C. Boylston 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Bradford III 
Gracey Luckett Bradley '39 
Jane Williams Bradley '44 
SMr. and Mrs. W. Waldo Bradley 

* Beverly Smith Bragg '54 
SCarlisle Morrissett Branch '44 

Mr. and Mrs. Blair A. Brandrup 

* Edith Page Gill Breakell'45 
SMr. and Mrs. |. Bruce Bredin 
SMr. and Mrs. Leonard I. Bregman 

Virginia McGuire Brent '42 
SGrace Lanier Brewer '42 

Donna Bria 
SAnne Mcjunkin Briber '43 

5 Margaret Cuthbert Broaddus '65 

6 Mrs. Owen W. Brodie 

S Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Brodie 
Julia Olive Craig Brooke '58" 
Ruth Ellyn Brooks 

SMr. and Mrs. Bobby L. Brown 

Mr. and Mrs. Carlton Brown 
Mr. and Mrs. David k. Brown 
Rebecca A. Brown 
i Marshall Brush '30 

* Mr. and Mrs. Carter B. Bryan 
S Ellen Newell Brvvn 

*Dr. and Mrs. Phillips R. Bryan 

S Alice Lancaster Buck '44 
Marie Ironmonger Bundy '51 
Dr. and Mrs. Marvin G. Burdette, Jr. 
kathryn Burke 

SMr. and Mrs. John L. Burkhardt, Jr. 

*Elhel Ogden Burwell '58 

SMr. and Mrs. Frederick Butcher 

SJean Shaw Byrne '65 

* Mr. and Mrs. Craig ). Cain 

Mr. and Mrs. Carl W. Calandra 

Mr. and Mrs. Roland E. Cale, Jr. 
SMary Swift Calhoun '31 
SAnne Richards Camden '69 

Mr. and Mrs. Phillip F. Cameron 

Mr. and Mrs. James Campbell 
SMr. and Mrs. William A. 

SMr. and Mrs. Ferdinand L. 

SMary Cooke Carle '59 

Mr. and Mrs. Harvey R 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Carr 
SMr. and Mrs. William R. Carson, Jr. 
SJane Munnerlyn Carter '50 

Mr. and Mrs. Franklin D. Castro 
SDr. and Mrs. RodolfoCelis 

* Mrs. Steven W. Chaffee 
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher B. 

Dr. and Mrs. Yung-Feng Chang 

* Barbara Derr Chenoweth '38 
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Childress 

* Betty BlackmerChilds '42 
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew H. 


Mr. and Mrs. Samuel L. Chriscoe 
SMr. and Mrs. C. Lynch Christian, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Chan Cho Chung 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Cicotello 
S Frances Shannonhouse Clardy '56 

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence I. Clark III 
SJane Black Clark '56 
SMrs. John A. Clark 

Lynn Adams Clark '61 
SMary Whipple Clark '35 

Dr. and Mrs. Terrence T. Clark 

* Carolyn Monteith Clarke '42 
Skirkland Tucker Clarkson '53 
SMr. and Mrs. David R. Clayton 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Clayton 
SMarjorie Stock Clemens '40 
S Martha Mansfield Clement '48 
SMr. and Mrs. Walter G. Clinchy 

Mr. and Mrs. Blaine A. Coblentz 
«Mr. and Mrs. William H. 
Cogswell III 

Dr. and Mrs. Malcolm H. Cole, Jr. 
S Nancy B.Cole 

Dr. and Mrs. Flethcer Collins III 

* Hazel Stamps Collins '32 
SMr. and Mrs. Michael E. Collins 

Michael J. Collins 
S Susan Hayward Collins '55 
S Anne W. Cone 

* Henry Conkle 

S Frances Ulmer Conley '47 
SJocelyn Palmer Connors '62 

* Eleanor Wright Conway '32 
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Cook 

loan Kelts Cook '55 
SMr. and Mrs. Edward H. Cooper 
ind Mrs. Ronald V.Cooper 
SShirley Sutliff Cooper 55 
SMr. and Mrs. James M. Corcoran 
SMr. and Mrs. Albert B. Cord 

Dr. and Mrs. Michael A. Corrado 

Sandra D. Costin 

Mr. and Mrs. David \. Cox V 

Julia Holt Coyl 
SMr. and Mrs. W. Ford Cramer, Jr. 
SMr. and Mrs. kenneth H. 
Crandall, |r. 

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen E. Cranford 
SLt. Col. and Mrs. John I. ( i 

Marilyn Hannah Crocker 46 
S Faith Rahmer Croker '54 
SMr. and Mrs. W. Howard 

SMr. and Mrs. William M. Cullom 
SMr. and Mrs. Thomas M. 

SMr. and Mrs. John T. 

Cunningham III 
SMr. and Mrs. Orison B. Curpier 
SMr. and Mrs. Hilton B. Currens, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Overton A. Currie 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Curry 
S Frances Gardner Curtis '47 

Mr. and Mrs. Tony R. Curtiss 

Mr. and Mrs. David F. Cushman 

Lucy Call Dabney '42 
SMr. and Mrs. Edwin R. Daniels 

* Harold R. Dann 

S Josephine Harlan Darby '41 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. 
SSusan Gibson Davenport '38 
SMr. and Mrs. Corbin J. Davis 
SMrs. Ernest G. Davis, |r. 

Lt. Col. and Mrs. James W. 
Davis, Jr. 

Ms. Jane Baron Davis 

Sylvia Saunders Davis '48 

William L. Davis 

* Dr. and Mrs. William R. Davison 
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley W. Day 

ft Mr. and Mrs. G. Richard Day 
Judith Barthold De Simone '66 
Col. and Mrs. James N. Dean 
Mr. and Mrs. J. Roy Dee, Jr. 

S Mr. and Mrs. Robert Del Monte 
Mr. and Mrs. Christian M. Delvoie 
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Dennig 

* Judy W. Dennis 
Elizabeth G. Dennison 

SMr. and Mrs. Gregory L. DePriest 

as Margaret Stuart Wilson Dickey '41 
Mr. and Mrs. Haskell Dickinson 

SDr. and Mrs. John R. Dickinson 
Nancy Dingman-Cobb 
Mr. and Mrs. Allan D. Dittmer 

SMr. and Mrs. loseph M. Dixon, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Dixon 
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse H. Dize 
Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Doczi 

SMary TalcottDodson '38 

SMr. and Mrs. Robert B. Donald 
Mr. and Mrs. David H. Dorminey 

SDr. and Mrs. William H.L. 

* Nancy Pingree Drake '43 
Julia Reynolds Dreisbach '27 
Mr. and Mrs. John J. 

SMr. and Mrs. James S. Dudley 
S Virginia Decker Dudley '45 

♦ Donor for pasl five years 

• Deceased 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Dudman 

Ms. Donna Dufay 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Duffie 

&JaneYoeDuggan '53 
Jeannette Mandle Dunlap '42 
Josephine Snowdon Durhjr 

*Mr. and Mrs. Donald S. 
Mr. and Mrs. |ohn D. Dwarzski 
Elizabeth Walker Dykes '54 
Dr. and Mrs. Norman R. Edwards 

&Grace DeLong Einsel '52 
With M. Elkins* 

*MargaretRoss Ellice '34 
Mr. and Mrs. Allen S. Elliott, |r. 

*|ane Campbell Englert '57 
Cecile Waterman Essrig '44 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Eubanks, |r. 
Patricia A. Evans 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Eveler 
Mr. and Mrs. Dart Weed Everett II 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Fahy 
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan W. 

Dr. and Mrs. Eric B. Farber 

a&Tabb Thornton Farinholt '59 

* Elizabeth S. Farmer 
Augusta Saul Farrier '39 
Sara Kirkpatrick Fearing '37 
Mr. and Mrs. Jose L. Fernandez 
Mr. John R. Ferrantino 
Rosalyn S. Fielding 

Regina Fields 

Drs. Albert and Janet Finch 

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest C. Fine 
*Mr. and Mrs. William R. Fink 

Elaine Floyd Fisher '57 

Mr. and Mrs. Gary M. Fitton 

* Rachel Mays Fitzgerald 73 
Martin R. Flannerv 
Sheila Flannery 

Mr. and Mrs. Carroll G. Foley 
&Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Foley 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Fonow 

Mr. and Mrs. John P. Fons 
$ Elizabeth Morton Forsyth '36 

William W. Foshay, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Waverly C. Foster, Jr. 
wDecca Gilmer Frackelton '41 
*Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Franson 

* Joanne Williams Fraser '51 
« The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. A. W. 

Frazier, )r. 
Carla de Creny Freed '51 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Freeman 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert French 
Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Fretwell, |r. 
*Mr. and Mrs. Eric G. Friberg 
& Mr. and Mrs. A. Thomas Friend 
Susan Smith Friend '57' 
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon S. Frier 
Laetitia Seibels Frothingham '41 
&Mr. and Mrs. Dwight A. Fry 

* Beverley Hill Furniss'35 
Mrs. Philip Gallery 

*Dr. and Mrs. Robert C. Garcia 

Mildred Wilson Garnett '27" 

Mrs. Nancy E. Gavitt 

Harriet Willcox Gearhart '45 
*Mrs. Douglas T. Geddes 

Janelle H. Gerber 

Elsa Gettleman 

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald K. Gheen 

Harvey Ghiz 
&Dr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Christ 

Mr. and Mrs. Waverly W. Gibbs, Jr. 

Katherine Lang Gibson '50 

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard H. Gilbert 
*Mr. and Mrs. J. Kevin Gilgan 

#Mrs. William B. Gillies, Jr. 
«PaulW. Girard 

* Alice Williams Glover '42 
Mr. and Mrs. Ivan C. Glusac 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Godsalve 
*Mr. and Mrs. C. Wallis Goodwin 
*Mr. and Mrs. John K. Goodwin 
*Dr. and Mrs. James P. Goolsby, jr. 
*Mrs. Arthur C. Gorman, Jr. 
*Mary Murchison Gornto '69 
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Gottsche 
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Graves III 
Mr. and Mrs. Randall Gravley 
Mr. and Mrs. Jim B. Green 
*Merritt Murphey Green '30 
&Sara Ironmonger Greer '53 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Gregory 
^Catherine Smart Grier '46 
*Mrs. William R. Griswold 
Mr. and Mrs. E. Henry Groppe, )r. 
Ms. Susan B. Grosvenor 
*Mr. and Mrs. Peyton Grymes, Jr. 

* William D. Gumerson, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. William T. Gunn III 
Dr. and Mrs. Victor Haddad 
Dr. and Mrs. Glenn F. Haeberle 
§ Alice Trout Hagan '49 
Estella R. Hager 
The Rev. and Mrs. Donald F. 

Ms. Lila J. Hail 

* Barbara Murphy Hale '60 

* Mrs. William N. Hale 
*Mr. and Mrs. David L. Hall 

lean Ruggles Hall '41 
&Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Halligan 

Judith Burnett Halsey '47 

Mr. and Mrs. Tom L. Hamby 

Ms. Star K. Hamilton 
$Mrs. Harry R. E. Hampton 

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas P. 
*Sudie Clark Hanger '42 

Mrs. Myran H. Hanz 

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Harbour 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Harden 
&Dr. and Mrs. Byron B. Harder 
*Mary Holland Hardin '46 
SDr. and Mrs. H.M.Hardy 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Harju 
& Harriet Hazen Harnack '45 
sfcLynn Prior Harrington '58 
*Dale Hutter Harris '53 

Dr. and Mrs. David ). Harris 

* Elizabeth Trueheart Harris '49 
*lane Hardy Harris '43 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Harris 

* Georgia Herbert Hart '40 
Henrietta Minor Hart '39 
Mr. and Mrs. Neal Harvey 
Elizabeth Brown-Serman Hayes 41 

*)ohnT. Hayes 

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy K. Hayes 

Mrs. Omar Hays 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Hays 
*Mary Frye Hemphill 45 

* Mr. and Mrs. Louis C. Henderson, Jr. 
*Mr. and Mrs. Victor W. 

Henningsen, |r. 
Mavde Ludington '48) 
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron B. Herman 
Dr. and Mrs. Ratael E. Hernandez 
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard G. Herring 
Mar\ Pa\ne Hester '59 
John R. Hicks, |r 
Linda C. Hicks 
Floridalma Hidalgo 
Ml and Mrs. lohn T. Higgins 
Alfred J. Hobbs 

* Elizabeth Carper Hoffman '54 

Mr. and Mrs. Sigel J. Hoffman 
Mary M. Hogan 
*Mrs. Lloyd R. Hoilman 

* Esther Jett Holland '43 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Holman, |r. 

David L. Holmes 

Mr. and Mrs. John F. Holmes 

Mr. and Mrs. Sidney G. Holthaus, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard J. Hoogland 
$Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Horak 

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Horbatt 

Douglas K. Hoverkamp 
&Dr. and Mrs. Byron L. Howard 
& Susan Taylor Hubbard '51 

Page Anderson Hungerpiller 54 

Dr. and Mrs. Fred D. Hunker 

Byrd Smith Hunter '43 

Carol Myers Hunter 44 

* Still Hunter, jr. 

Col. and Mrs. Rufus D. Hutcheson 
Mr. and Mrs. Mark L. Hyland 

* Dorothy Keller lliff '26 
Jean C. Izquierdo 

* Barbara Garforth lackson '55 
*Mr. and Mrs. Frederick T. lackson, Jr. 

T. Haller Jackson, Jr. 
*Mr. and Mrs. Harry V.Jaffa 

Mr. and Mrs. Evan W. Jahos 

Mr. and Mrs. Evan R. James 
wSara Callison lamison '29 

Mr. and Mrs. Al Jenkins, |r. 
*Mr. and Mrs. Francis P. Jenkins, Jr. 

Nancy Kegley lenkins '42 

Harriet Reese lensen '63 

* Mrs. Jack E.Jensen 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Jesson 

Mr. and Mrs. Alan F. Johnson 

Ms. Daphne S. Johnson 

Gretchen W. Johnson 
*Mrs. Irving A. Johnson, Jr. 
*Col. and Mrs. Kenneth W. 

* Margery Scott Johnson '57 

Dr. and Mrs. Richard L. Johnson 

* Katherine Estes Johnston '40 

* Mrs. Albert N. lones 

* Arnold Susong Jones '36 
#Mrs. Carl A. Jones 
*Dallis Johnson Jones '54 

Mr. and Mrs. David M. Jones 
&Dr. and Mrs. E. Palmer Jones 
Mr. and Mrs. Gary D. Jones 
Judith Cowen Jones '60 

* Katherine Doar Jones '43 

* Lucy Kiker Jones '43 

fsMr. and Mrs. Meredith C. Jones, Jr. 

* Nancy Parsons Jones '36 
$Anne Dickson lordan '45 

Ms. Michele B. Joy 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Kacho 

Mr. and Mrs. Hun-Wen Kan 

Mr. Leon J. Kaplan 

Col. and Mrs. Matthew A. Kayson 

Mr. and Mrs. lohn F. Keating 

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard J. Keating, |r. 

Nancy J. Keese 

* Nancy Vaughn Kelly '48 

•Mr and Mrs. lames S. Kemper III 
Mr. and Mrs. Worth Kendall 

* lane Johnson Kent '48 

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Kientz III 
&Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey C. King 
*Wistar Watts King '46 
sfcCapt. and Mrs. |ohn |. Kingston 
*Mr. and Mrs. Cenap Kiratli 

Nancy A. Kirby 
*Mr. and Mrs. H. Donald Kistler 

Mr. and Mrs. Glen E. Kitchen, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Hugh E. Kitchen, |r. 
*|ean Pollard Kline '46 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Kline 

Lucille Scott Knoke '36 
*Mr. and Mrs. Winfield S. Knoke 
*The Rev. and Mrs. Peter N. Knost 
#Mr. and Mrs. Herman S. 
Kohlme\er |r 

Mr. and Mrs. fan Koper 
*Mr. and Mrs. William A. Kroh 

Mr. and Mrs. Albert M. 

Mr. and Mrs. Peter R. Kubler 

Mr. and Mrs. lospeh J. Kucinski 
#Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Kuehlwein 

Emilie Kuhlman-Furrer 
*Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Kurtz, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Ben Kwak 

Mr. and Mrs. Monro B. Lanier II 

Drs. Oscar and Rosario Laserna 
#Mr. and Mrs. David S. Latimore 

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Lawlor III 

Ms. Grace B. Lawrence 

Mr. and Mrs. Carville B. Leaf, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. lohn T. Lear 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard |. Leary 

Michele M. Lee 

Mr. and Mrs. Woodruff W. 

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. 
#Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Leming 

Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Lenoir 

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel R. Lester 

* Dorothy Wood Letts '50 
Pamela LeVine 

*Anne Bundy Lewis '42 
Mr, and Mrs. Jack C. Lewis 
lane Perry Liles '53 

* Sue Taylor Lilley '51 
*Anne Corbrtt Little '34 

* Elinor Clement Littleton '46 
loan Hulley Liverman '64 
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick P. Lorfus 
Ms. Theresa L. Lombardi 

$Mrs. Albert Long 

* Mr. and Mrs. John W. Losse, Jr. 

* Virginia Timmons Ludwick '53 
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald G. Lundberg 

*Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. 

MacDonald III 
SMrs. Franklin H. MacGregor 
Mathrina Howze Maclellan '33 
Margaret Holcomb MacMillan '37 

* Sally Myers Mactavish 
*The Rev. and Mrs. Charles F. 

98 Mary Virginia Grigsby Mallett '49 
is Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Mancusi, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy E. Mansell 

* Rebecca Douglass Mapp '37 
SHtr. and Mrs. lohn B. Maraffi 

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Marks 
*Dr. and Mrs. Virgil H. Marshall 

Dr. and Mrs. A. Dallas Martin, Jr. 

Mrs. Kenneth L. Martin 

Mr. and Mrs. Steven W. Martin 
« Beth Thomas Mason '40 

* Emily Wilkins Mason 44 
Nancy P. Mason 

SSMr. and Mrs. Norman Mason 
&Mr. and Mrs. Linwood S. Mather, Jr. 

* Genevieve Maxon-Stark 

Mr. and Mrs. H. W. H. Maxwell 
&McNair Currie Maxwell '63 

* Elizabeth Hutchens McCaleb '50 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph K. 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. McClellan 

* Margaret Graves McClung '53 
Robert L. McDill 

Arthur L. McDougal 
sfcCaptain Joseph M. McDowell 
Sorrel Mackall McElroy '59 
Earl M. McGowin 
Mr. and Mrs. Norman F. 

McGowin. |r. 
Dr. and Mrs. G. C. Mcllheran, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. James McKee 
Linda A. McKeever 

* Katherine Berthier McKelway '48" 
*Claudia Antrim McKenna '48 

Ms. Holly I. McKinley 
*Mr. and Mrs. William G. McKoy 

lames L. McLemore 

Stephanie McMillan 
*Mr. and Mrs. Colin A. P. McNease 

Lois Fernley McNeil '40" 
*Mrs. lames S. McNider, |r. 

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne E. McOwen 

Nancy Goldie McTaggart '53 
36 Mr. and Mrs. S. Joseph Meelan 
*Anne Old Mercer '38 

Sydney Overstreet Meredith '50 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Meres 

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin E. 
*Mrs. Richard H. Meyer 
seMr. and Mrs. Robert Milbank 

Mr. and Mrs. Russell B. Millar 
*Mr. and Mrs. |. Clifford Miller, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Lowell E. Miller 
*Martha lean Brooks Miller 41 
*Mr. and Mrs. William G. Miller 

Catherine Lotterhos Mills '56 

* Katharine Shaw Minton '52 

9? Katherine Oglesby Mixson '33 
j>Mr. and Mrs. Ben E. Mobley 

* Sue Lawton Mobley '55 

Mr. and Mrs. Jack G. Mondel 
»Mr. and Mrs. C. Robert Monnich 
& Irene Mitchell Moore '42 

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Moore. |r. 

Sarah Murdock Moore '59 
3? Mr. and Mrs. John L. Morgan III 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Moring 

* Virginia Van Winkle Morlidge '28 
*Mrs. Frank A. Morris, |r. 
*Vaughan Inge Morrissette '54 

Mr. and Mrs. John B. Morse, Jr. 

* Mr. and Mrs. Joel T. Morton 
Lisa B. Motter 

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy R. Mourer 
SfAnne Carroll Mulholland '56 
Donna Anderson Mullens '53 
*Grace Bugg Muller-Thym '42 
&Mr. and Mrs. Edwin M. Mulock III 
Charlotte Sprunt Murchison '46 
Corell Lauter Murray '56 
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Naquin 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Neale 
wElizabethDoucettNeill '41 

* Diane King Nelson '48 
Theda Sherman Newlin '32 

SMr. and Mrs. |. Wilson Newman 

Mr. and Mrs. lames W. Newman, Jr. 
as Mr. and Mrs. Walter R. Nexsen 
8>Mary Cochran Nicholson '37 
*Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Noble, Jr. 
S Lossie Taylor Noell '41 
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Nollon 

* Nancy F. Norman 

98 Mr. and Mrs. Peyton Norville 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Nott IV 

* Ann Shipper Oates 71 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Ober 
Mr. and Mrs. William |. O'Brien 
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin J. O'Dea 

*Mrs. James E. O'Hearn 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Okonak 

*Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Olmstead 

* Donor tor pay fn-e >ears 
' Deceased 

Dr. and Mrs. ]ohn C. O'Loughlin 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. 

Mrs. Prime F. Osborn 

* Katharine Weisiger Osborne '47 
Mr. and Mrs. Larr\ P. Osborne 
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen |, 


Mr. and Mrs. Albert V. Osterholm 
A Mr. and Mrs. Jerold M. Ostrow 
ftMr. and Mrs. lames D. Osuna 

Mr. and Mrs. loseph A. Oswald, |r. 
ftCynthia Wilson Ottaway '57 

Christine E. Ottersberg 

Barbara Rose Page '83 

* Robert G. Page 

ftMr. and Mrs. Carmen |. Palermo 
ftMr. and Mrs. David R. Palmer 

Nancy Keen Butterworth 
Palmer '51 

Ms. Linda B. Paolicchi 

* Alice Dabney Parker '32 

* Barbara Thompson Parker '41 
ft Dr. and Mrs. Jerry L. Parker 

* Katharine Niles Parker '36 
Mr. and Mrs. Ashuin B. Patel 

#Renis Siner Paton '55 

ftMr.andMrs. S.F.Pauley 
Mrs Brew P. Pearson 
Mr and Mrs Larry E. Pearson 
Beverly Avers Peck '61 
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Peek 

ft Kathleen Peeples Pendleton '55 

* Elizabeth Graves Perkinson '48 

* Ellen Gilliam Pern, 45 
ftMargaret Eggers Perry '44 

Dr. and Mrs. Ralph A. Pesiri 
ftMr. and Mrs. William H. Petree 
ft Dr. and Mrs. Cornelius W. 
Petti nga 

Joan M. Petty 

Mr. and Mrs. Danny E. Pfeiffer 
ft Anne Allen Pflugfelder '54 
ft Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Pierce 
•Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Pike 
ftVirginia Noyes Pillsbury '44 
*Mr. and Mrs. Ballard F. Pinkard, |r. 
ft Vernon W. Piper 

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Pipkin 
ft Ruth Myers Pleasants '34 

Bowdre Budd Poer '46 
*Mr. and Mrs. Dale W. Polley, Sr. 

Dr. and Mrs. Richard A. Pollock 

Mr. and Mrs. David M. Poore 
^Catherine Tift Porter '44 

Dr. Nancy Dutton Potter 
ft Ann Hauslein Potterfield '42 

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne G. Pottmeyer 

Hallie Nixon Powell '46 

Kitty Corbett Powell '38 

Linda Byrd Powell '62 
ftMargaret Morris Powell '54 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald |. Prem 
ftMargaret Craighill Price 41 
ftMr. and Mrs. Dean W. Proctor 
ftElizabeth Perkins Prothro '39 
ft Mr. and Mrs. Mark H. Prothro 

Allen Boyd Puckett III 

Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Pugh 
ft Patricia Owens Purvis '50 

Donna G. Pyle 
ft Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Quesenberry, Jr. 
ft Betty lohnson Ragland '48 
*Mr. and Mrs. William 0. Rakow 
ftMr. and Mrs. Donald A. Ramsay 
ftMr. and Mrs. William Raney 

Helena Papis Rangel '65 

Catharine Clark Rasmussen '50 

David R. Rawlings 

Nanu Messii k Ray 12 

Mary Barber Read '54 

Mar) McDulfie Redmond '47 

judge and Mrs. Richard L. Reeh 

Clarence Reeves 

Dr. and Mrs. Harry B. Register |i 

*Mr. and Mrs Walter A. Reiter, |r. 

ftAnn Moore Remington 44 


«Mr. and Mrs. Billy D. Rhoades 

• |)i .rul Mrs Renzo Rici 
ftMr. and Mrs. William |. 


Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie C. Rice 

Celia Loving Richeson '58 

lulie Ann Richmond 

Linda L. Richmond 
ft Dr. and Mrs. Michael |. Rieder 
ftMr. and Mrs. Lawrence M. Riegel 
ft Susan Van Cleve Riehl '47 

Dr. and Mrs. Robert H. Rihl 

Chnstoph Ringier 
ftCarroll Weitzel Rivers 57 

• Mar) Barrett Robertson '48 
ft Lindsay Coon Robinson '49 
ftMr. and Mrs. )ohn H. Robison, Jr. 
*Mrs. Milton L. Roessel 

Mr. and Mrs. Arlan D. Rogers 

Mr. and Mrs. James J. Rognmoe 
ftMr. and Mrs. Clyde H. Roman 
ft Mary Ann Mellen Root '53 
ft Nan Locke Rosa '53 

Mr. and Mrs. Gary W. Ross 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Rothwell 
ft Patricia Traugott Rouse '48 

Mr. and Mrs. Leo G. Roux 
ft Anne Wilson Rowe '57 
ft Raymond G. Ruff 

Mr. and Mrs. Philip G. Samuel 
ft Betty Phillips Sanford '58 
ftjean Oliver Sartor '39 

Susan B. Saunders 

A. Patricia Saveall 
ft Elizabeth Miller Sayler '55 

Mr. and Mrs. loseph H. Scales, Jr. 
ftRoselle Faulconer Scales '43 
ft Dr. and Mrs. Guy L. Schless 
ft Margaret Comwell Schmidt '37 

Mr. and Mrs. R. Denny Schmidt 
ftMr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Schroder II 
ft Frances Longino Schroder '44 
ft Betty Carlton Schroeder '64 
ftMr. and Mrs. George E. Schultz, Sr. 
ft Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Scott 
*Mr. and Mrs. John H. Scott 

Linda R. Seems 
ftCaroline Rudulph Sellers '46* 

Mr. and Mrs. William L. Senecal 

Mr. and Mrs. Rick Seyfarth 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward |. Seymour, Jr. 

Mrs. Madan M. Sharma 

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Sharretts 

Mrs. Jean Shay 

Burney Parrott Sheeks '55 

Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert H. 
*Lola Steele Shepherd '50 
ftAlice Dulaney Sheridan '49 

Mr. and Mrs. Craig M. Sherman 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Sherrard V 

Ms. Susan D. Shevlin 

Mr. and Mrs. Darrell G. Shields 
*Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Shiller 
ftMr. and Mrs. lohn G. Shillestad 
ft Lisa Guigon Shinberger '29 

Martha McBroom Shipman '31 
ft Mr. and Mrs. Kenelm L. Shirk 

Abby Patterson Shultis '66 
ftMr. and Mrs. Frank C. Sidles 

Ms Imda M. Siegrist 
ft Margaret Lawrence Simmons '49 
ft Stephanie Harmon Simonard 72 
and Mrs. Robert L. 
Simpson, |r. 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Si 
ft Dr. and Mrs. William H. Sipe II 

Barbara H. Skriloff 
ft Susan Hendricks Slayman '60 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Smith 
ft Margaret Lotterhos Smith '54 
ftMary Virginia Camp Smith '36 

Ml and Mrs. Phillip E. Smith 

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen E. Smith 
ftMr. and Mrs. William W. Smith 
ft Ruth Ferguson Smythe '29 
ft Eleanor Potts Snodgrass '48 
ftCapt. and Mrs. Joseph C. 
Snodgrass, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. David Sobotta 
ft Helen Elliott Sockwell '48 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Solimando 

Mr. and Mrs. Jose L. Solivan 

Katherine Souder 
ftMr. and Mrs. Furman South III 

Mr. and Mrs. Chester E. Spangler. Jr. 
ftMr. and Mrs. Richard T. Sparks 
ft Stephanie Bredin Speakman '68 

Drs. Paul and Patricia Speidel 

loan Hobbs Spisso 72 

Mr. and Mrs. Dan E. Spivey 

Patti Birge Spivey '61 
ft Agnes Cleveland Stackhouse '31 

Carole H. Stalling 

William D. Stark 
ft Virginia Lutz Stephen '61 
ftElynor Neblett Stephens '57 
ftMr. and Mrs. Gerry U. Stephens 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Stephens 
• ( jlhenne Lauder Stephenson '.'< 
ftSerena Ailes Stevens '30 
ftNedra Greer Stimpson '51 

Ivey St. John 
ftjean McKenney Stoddard '39 
ftAnne Green Stone '53 
ft Ruth Lowrance Street '27 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles 
Stringfellow, Jr. 

Richard E. Stromberg 
ftMary Lee Ryan Strother '34 
ftSue Graves Stubbs '33 
ftMary Lane Bryan Sullivan '58 

Marianne Oliveri Svoboda '60 

Mr. and Mrs. Barry S. Swain, Sr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas L. Swanson 
ft Dr. and Mrs. James A. Swenberg 

Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Swenson 

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Swisher 
ftMr. and Mrs. Fred F. Szak 
ft Lillian Fowlkes Taylor '41 
ftMary Herbert Taylor '45 

Mary Law Taylor '43* 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Taylor 
ft Dr. and Mrs. Nelson S. Teague 

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Teodores 

Mr. and Mrs. Nelson M. Terry 
*Mr. and Mrs. Calvert Thomas 
ft Emily B. Thomas 

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry A. Thomas 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert ). Thomas 

Dr. and Mrs. William V. Tillery III 
ftMr. and Mrs. Truman T. Tillotson 

Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Timberlake 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Toler 
ftjane Roseberry Tolleson '52 

Dr. and Mrs. C. E. Toro-Leyton 
ft Newell Bryan Tozzer '55 
ftMr. and Mrs. lohn M. Trask, Jr. 

ftBelsy Gilmer Tremain '42 
ft Mrs. Ralph R. Tripletle 

Freida Carpenter Tucker 73 
ftMr. and Mrs. William H. Tucker 

Mi and Mrs. Perry E. Turner, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. William O. Turney, It 

Hazel Fellner Tuttle 44 
id Mrs. John C. Tuttle 
ftMargarei aldington Twohy '48 

Mr. and Mrs. Gary M. Underhill, |r. 

Ann Samford Upchun 

James W. Utt 

\n and Mrs \iiniph Valenzuela 
ftMartha Falk Vallerv 44 

Mr. and Mrs. Kim Albert Van Duzer 
*Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred C. Varn 
ftMr. and Mrs. Roy B. Varnado 

Arthur L. Vasconcellos, Jr. 
ftAnn Ma) Via '54 

Evalena Sharp Vldal '48 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Visocan 

Mr. and Mrs. Frederic B. Voght 

Jerrold R. Voss 

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard W. 
ftMr. and Mrs. Gary R. Wagner 

Constance Werly Wakelee '53 
ft Bess Pratt Wallace '48 
ft Helen Gwinn Wallace '41 

Mr. and Mrs. Gary M. Walters 

Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Walters 
ft Sloan Hawkins Ward '44 
ftBetty Byrne Gill Ware '55 
ft Patricia Coxe Ware '59 

Mary Grafe Warren '52 

Mr. and Mrs. Roger D. Warren, Sr. 
ftMr. and Mrs. Woodward A. 

Warrick, Jr. 
ft Mrs. L.Bradford Waters 
ft Patricia Whitaker Waters '44 
ftMrs. John I. Watson 
ft Lee Montague Watts '39 
ftMr. and Mrs. Andrew D. Weaver 
ft Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Webb 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Webb, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur C. Webb 
ftMr. and Mrs. John A. Webster 
ftLanghorne Tuller Webster '58 
ft Dr. and Mrs. Albert A. Weckerle 
ftMr. and Mrs. Lester H. Weekes 

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald F. Weigle 
ftMr. and Mrs. George H. Weiler, Jr. 
ftMr. and Mrs. Jay M. Weinberg 

Mr. and Mrs. John T. 


ftMrs. Richard C.Weiss 

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Wells 

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Werner 

Alice G. and Curtis G. West 

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry M. West 
ft Joan Darby West '46 
ftMr. and Mrs. Alan J. White 

Alice Stansbury White '52 
ft Mr. and Mrs. James W. White 
ftMargaret Ballard Whitehurst '39 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Whitley 

Mr. and Mrs. Gary E. Whitmire 
ftMargaret Gearing Wickham '42 

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew G. Wiherle 
ftMr. and Mrs. Stephen L. 

Stephen H. Wiley 
ft Fayette McDowell Willett '43 
ftCecil Butler Williams '47 
ft Emory Gill Williams '40 
*Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Williams 

Sally Smith Williams '48 
ftjosephine Happ Willingham '38 

ftMary Poindexter Willingham '36 

Spain Willingham' 
ftMr. and Mrs. George J. Willock III 
ft Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Wilson 
ft Adela Cocke Winfree '36 
ftBem :i '48 

nd Mrs. lames R. Wingfield 

Betty Bentsen Winn '53 

Mr. and Mrs. James E. 

Letitia C. Wissman 
ft Florence Bagley Witt '42 
ftMr. and Mrs. Roland M.Witt, |r. 

Mr, and Mrs Dallas E. Wood 

Diane Duffield Wood '57 
ft Dorothy Wallace Wood '48 
ft Elizabeth Bond Wood '34 

Mr and Mrs. David K. Woodbury 
ftOlivia Rhodes Woodin '41 
ft Mr. and Mrs. James A. Woods 

Lucy Winston Works '38 

Mr and Mrs. Henry B. Wright, |r. 
ftjoan Broman Wright '56 

Bernard J. Wunder, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Alipio Yabar 
ftAnn Benel Yeliott '51 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert V.Young III 
ftCamille Williams Yov 
ftCapt. and Mrs. Terrence L. 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Zak 
ftMr. and Mrs. Elwin J. Zarwell 

Janis Thomas Zeanah '52 
« Page McFall Ziebold '60 
ftCynthia Zirkle 

W. Denman Zirkle 
ftjane Lewis Zollicoffer '50 
ftMr. and Mrs. Joseph Zuckerman 

ft Donor for past five years 
' Deceased 


^Frievibs Qik'ihc] 

Faculty and Staff 

Most grateful thanks to ma 

of tin 

support to 5i >llege 

during 1997-98 with a total Ot 44 

* Nancy Godwin Baldwin '57 
John Gregory Brown 
Carlos I. Calle 

Jennifer L. Crispen 
#Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Cronin 

* Monica F. Dean 
&Elna Green 

Julia Guill 

Mr. and Mrs. Neal Harvey 
*Gloria A. Higginbotham 

Allen W. Huszti 
*Dr. and Mrs. Scott D. Hyman 
*John G. Jaffe 

loan R. Kent 

Mrs. Charles C. Kestner 
$Aileen H. Laing '57 

* Rrlvi i ,i M.ismc Lane 
Emile A. Langlois 

*Dr. and Mrs. George H. Lenz 

* Elizabeth Grones Leonard '76 
Margaret A. MacDonald '97 

*Sandra Maddox H'59 
*Cheryl Mares 
*Cathy Cash Mays '84 
&Denise A. McDonald 
Mary Lou Merkl 

* Reuben G. Miller 

*Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell L. Moore 
Elisabeth S. Muhlenfeld 

&Mr. and Mrs. E. Lee Piepho 
Kerri A. Rawlings '97 

*Anne H. Richards '84 
Marcia Robertson 
Edward L. Schwarzschild 

* Margaret Stanton 

* Robert A. Steckel 
Byrd Stone '56* 

*Ann Marshall Whitley '47 
Mr. and Mrs. Paul G. Wiley II 

*Mary Anne Wilson '57 
Merrilee Davies Wroten '93 

* Louise Swiecki Zingaro '80 

Friends oithe College nude a 

ti ' each 
of the following: 
Leland R. Abbey 
Mrs. Victor Ackermann 
\\i and Mrs. Budd B. Adams 

* David P. Adams 
Sandra S. Adams-Choate 

& Ralph Aiken" 

Mr, and Mrs. Lorin Aird 

Glenn L. Allen, Jr. 

Darlene N. Alonzo 

ludith M. Alperin-Fried 

Mary S. Anderson 

John F. Aniello 
*Dr. and Mrs. Gregory T. 

Mrs. Newell A. Augur, Jr. 
&Mr. and Mrs. Neil Baldwin 

R. M. Ball 

Mrs. Roger Barbev 

Eric Bauer 

Mr. and Mrs. James Beck 
^Gordon G. Beemer H'21 

Stephen Belcher 

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Belouis, |r 

Josephine Benedek 

Miriam F. Bennett 

Sarah R. Berman 

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth 0. 
Birney, Jr. 

* Barbara Blair 
Caroline K. Bloy 
Olivia J. Boler 

^Catherine Sims Boman 

Kenneth W, Bradt 

Mr. and Mrs. Morton W. Briggs 

Ruth Briggs 

Ellen S. Buchwalter 
*Kathrin Burleson 

Joan E. Burnes 
#Dr. Anthony Caprio 

Brian Carlton 

Joseph F. Carroll 

Julie K. Carroll 

Maculey Carter, |r. 

John G. Casey 

Daniel J. Chisholm III 

John D. Conley 

Carolyn S. Cook 

Kami A. Cotler 

Mr. and Mrs. Roger P. Craig 

Maura A. Daly 

* Peter B. D'Amario 
C. F. Damon, Jr. 

*Mr. and Mrs. Peter V. Daniel 
John P. Daughtry, Jr. 
Calvert G. deColigny, Jr. 
Lucinda F. Dileo 

* Peter B. Dirlam 
Rosemarie Dizon 

*Mr. and Mrs. Rodman H. Durfee 

* Kemp V. Dwenger 
Mrs, Leslie R. Dyer, Jr. 
Mrs. lerry J. Earle 

*Ernest P. Edwards 

Mabel Edwards' 

Bryce L. Elkins 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Ellison 

Alan M. Engler 

Mr. and Mrs. James S. Farmer 
&Carma C. Fauntleroy 
*Scott and Barbara Fegan 

* Jonathan Fielding 

Lori Fineman 
*T. Richard Fishbein 
&Fannie Fletcher" 

Joyce B. Franke 

Bryant C. Freeman 

* Forrest L. Gager, Jr. 
D. Philip Garmev 
Maxine Garner 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Geller 

Ethel Gelgood* 
Wloseph A. Gilchrist, |r. 

Robert M. Gill 

Staplelon D. Gooch IV 

ludith R. Wiener Goodhue 
*Mary Goodwin 

Eileen Goudge 

Karen Gta\ 

Richard Greeman 

Madeleine F. Green 

Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Gromel 

Alice C. Graver 
*Carole A. Grunberg 
&Margot H. Hahn 
*Mr. and Mrs. Frank P. Hall III 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. 

Daphne Johnson Hanrahan 

Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Hansberrv 
■» Adelaide H. Hapala 

Patricia Harrington 

Donna B. Harris 

Donald R. Hart, Jr. 

Lucy Hervier 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Horan 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Hough, 
*Eliane Hughes 

Theodore W. Hughes 

Arthur F. Humphrey III 

Darrell W. Hunt 

Anna M. Moore and Jack 

Mary A. Jankovich 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Rukin Jelks III 

Mrs. Dimitry Jodidio 

Dr. and Mrs. Wilbur E. Johnston 
^Benjamin H. Jones 

Mr. and Mrs. W. Allen Jones 

Richard T. Jordan 

Edward K. Kaplan 

Mr. and Mrs. Ben Karmelich 

* Barbara A. Kelly 
Rebecca H. King 
Mrs. John S. Klein 
Karen E. Knaul 
Helen F. Kollock 
Michael S. Koppisch 
Susan Kotta 

Allison Thomas Kunze 
Peter M. Labombarde 
Laura Lacchia-Rose 
Douglas Lam 
Mason H. Lampton 
Marc-Olivier Langlois 
Walter G. Langlois 
Sandra A. Leibowitz 
Ms. Julia B. Leverenz 
Anne Shullenberger Levy 
Paul S. Levy 
Elizabeth M. Lewis 
Peng K. Lim 
Deborah J. Lindblom 
Mr. and Mrs. Norwood W. 

Charles C. D. Littleton 

* David L. Longfellow 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. 

Jack C. Lotz 

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick H. 

John D. Lyons 

Marcia Macey MacBride 

Mrs. William H. Macon 
^Michael J. Madden 

Jeanette Manion 

H. Chester Markle, Jr." 

* Robert G.Marshall 
George Martin 
Marshall Mays 
Frances H. McConaghy 

&Mr. and Mrs. Norman E. 
McCulloch, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Terence C. 

Martha E. McGrady 
*Lynn M. McWhood 

Meryl B. Menon 

Stephen Mirabella 

Anna Marie Moore 

Jacques Morin 

Scott M. Morris 

Edwin H. Morse 

Glenda Motter 

lohn C. Mueller 

Marcia Nass 
&Mrs. Lawrence G. Nelson 
*Mrs. Stanley Nemser 

* Byron Nimocks 
*Michael J. Olecki 

Nicholas D. Paige 
Mrs. Dwight Parsons 
Alice Pasqualetti 
Suzanne F. Patterson 
*C. Gregg Petersmeyer 
Joan Petty 
Mrs. William Pogue 
Bruce J. Rakay 
Sarah T. Ramage* 
James W. Reid 
Linda K. Reinhold 
Collette Restaino 
Alice H. Ries 
Beth Ries 

Captain and Mrs. Evan D. 

* David Rosenbloom 

Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm R. 

Dr. and Mrs. Robin 0. Russell 

Margaret M. Sabo 
*Tom M. Schaumberg 
*Helene P. Schewel 

Antoinette F. Seymour 

Beverly 0. Shivers 

English Showalter, Jr. 

June Siegel 

loanne V. Simson 

Jonathan Small 

Jane R. Smiley 

Cameron K. Smith 

Brent Stait-Gardner 

Frederic C. St. Aubyn 

Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Steele, Jr. 

Barbara H. Steiner 

Mr. and Mrs. William L. Stevens 

Laura L. Stottlemver 

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond E. Stout 

William W Stover, |r. 

Mr and Mrs. William W. Sumits 

Susan A. Talbot 

lames E. Terrell 

* Angela H. Toussaint 
Marc H. Trager 
Cvnthia Tye 

Mr. and Mrs. George Vagt 
Peter J. Vantine 
Elizabeth C. Velinir 
George K. Visich 

• i ,r (.i. i i U.llkrl 
* Charles M. Weis 

Edith Mapother Wells 

James M. Wells 

John Welwood 

Anne C. Whinery' 

Kenneth S. White 
*Dr. and Mrs. Harold B. 
Whiteman, Jr. 

Ms. M. Lyndon Whitmore 

Herbert N. Wigder 

Mr. and Mrs. James G. Williams 

Paul Wilson 

Winifred B. Wilson 

Jeanne L. Windsor 
*Dr. R. H. LangleyWood 
*Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Wood III 

Nichole C. Yaroush 

Roger L. Zissu 

Qcft* civib 
*H)e quests 

Life Income Gifts 

The following donors entered into 
lite-income arrangements with the 
College during 1997-98. These 
donors continue to receive income 
lor themseh es and/or others while 
realizing immediate income and 
ix h nefits 


Mary Whipple Clark '35 

Ernest P. Edwards (Retired Faculty) 

Mary Jane Luke '48 

Serena Ailes Stevens '30 


During 1997-98. Sweet Briar 
ed bequests from thr 


Josephine Bierhaus Barrow '52 

Audrey T. Betts '45 

Ruth Simpson Carrington '21 

Nanq H.Coe'31 

Jeannette Shambaugh Elliott '33 

Fannie Fletcher 

(Friend of the College) 
Evelyn Dillard Grones '45 
Marjorie Lasar Hurd '34 
lulia M. Peterkin '35 
Virginia Cooke Rea '31 
Merriam Sands Packard Sargent '43 
Marcia Fowler Smiley '49 
Cornelia Murrav Weller '33 
Anne C. Whinery 

(Friend of the College) 
Lois Peterson Wilson '26 

SDonof tor past live u-jrs 
* Deceased 

19 9 7-1998 


'I lie Inliana 'Fletcher 'Williams Associates 

The Indiana Fletcher Williams 
Associates recognizes, during their 
liietimes. those indh iduals » ho 

■ > \\ riling that Sweet Briar 
College is a lieneiactor in their 
arlicipate in a life-income 

. -vent, create a lite estate, or 
name the College as the beneiicia- 

• insurance policy. Ii 
98, there were 30b members, com- 

lo each one! 

Eugenia Burnett Artel '42 
Kathleen Ward Allen '40 

lean Cole Anderson '3 1 
Carolyn Scott Arnold '57 
Carole Gilkeson Baker 
Nancy Godwin Baldwin '57 
Brooks Barnes 4 I 
Marie G.ittne\ Barry '41 
Myth Monnich Bayoud '80 
Elizabeth M. Beale '63 
Ruth Will Beckh Jb 
Polly Benson-Brown '58 
Deborah Kocik Benton 79 
Pauline Dickey Berault '69 
Janet Martin Birney '53 
Clare Newman Blanchard '60 
Ann Young Bloom '59 
Carolyn Martindale Blouin '30 
Catharine Fitzgerald Booker '47 
Barbara Sampson Borsch '59 
Patricia Brown Boyer '49 
loanne Raines Brinkley '57 
Bettv Suttle Briscoe '34 
Mrs. Owen W. Brodie 
Eleanor Alcott Bromley '34 
Alice Cary Farmer Brown '59 
Nancy Dixon Brown '63 
Catherine Cage Bruns '55 
Mary Simpson Bulkley '39 
Sarah M. Bumbaugh 54 
Julia Thomas Burleigh '28 
Ethel Ogden Burwell '58 
Carl W. Calandra 
Eugenia Dickey Caldwell '65 
Mary Swift Calhoun '31 
Anne Russell Carter '34 
Elizabeth Stanly Cates '63 
Lynn Mather Charette '86 
Mary Whipple Clark '35 
Ellen Ramsay Clark 49 
Kirkland Tucker Clarkson '53 

Martha Mansfield Clement '48 

Anne Stelle Coli- 78 

Kim Patmore Cool '62 

Mr and Mrs W. ford ( ramer, |r. 

Sally Fishburn Crockett '52 

Susan Branson Croft '64 

Faith Rahmer Croker '54 

Paul D. Cronin 

Nannette McBurney Crowdus '57 

lane Guignard Curr\ 2 1 

Diane Dalton '67 

Lydia C. Daniel 

Peter V. Daniel 

luliet Halliburton Davis '35 

Ruth Hemphill DeBuys '41 

Monica F. Dean 

Rulh Frye Deaton '54 

Andrea Denson-Wechsler '62 

Elise Wachenfeld de Papp '55 

Margaret Huxley Dick !6 

Margaret Stuart Wilson Dickey '41 

Carol Anne Dickson '86 

Wilma Dotson 

Patricia Potter Duncan '41 

Ernest P. Edwards 

Mary Ellen Thompson Beach Ela '42 

Michela A. English 71 

Nancie Howe Entenmann '56 

Eleanor Crosby Erdman '60 

Mary Rich Ewing '36 

Fitzallen Kendall Fearing '23 

Katherine Guerrant Fields '53 

Frances Johnson Finley '37 

Elizabeth Glenn Fisher '83 

Constance Currie Fleming '40 

Elizabeth Morton Forsyth '36 

Carol McMurtry Fowler '57 

Elinor Ward Francis '37 

Rebecca Young Frazer '35 

Clara Call Frazier '40 

Dorothea M. Fuller '53 

Barbara Ripley Fumiss '42 

Lynn Crosby Gammill '58 

Stewart Gammill III 

Reed lohns Gay '53 

Alfred G. Genung 

Nancy Nalle Genung '37 

Adelaide Boze Glascock '40 

lane Piper Gleason 74 

Virginia Chamblin Greene '55 

Mary Kimball Grier '53 

Lura Litton Griffin 78 

Claire Dennison Griffith '80 

Alice Trout Hagan '49 

1997-1998 Planned Giving Report 

Membership in the Indiana Fletcher Williams Associates lor 1 997-98 
stands at 30b, compared to 285 in 1996-97 For the 1997-98 1 

"ie College received the loll ■ 

Cash Received Bequests $ 1 ,070,563 

Lite Income Gifts 3,664,310 

Subtotal S4,734,873 

Life Income Gifts Gift Annuities $ 10,000 

Received for Management Charitable Remainder Unitrusts 55,149 

by Suntrust Bank Subto|a | Managed hv Suntrust....S 65,149 

Charitable Remainder Trust 

Managed by Others $ 


Grand Total Gifts and Pledges S 4,800,022 

Anne Sheffield Hale '54 
Virginia Hardin 17 
J. Stanley Hare 
Mar) Belle Han 

Adeie Vogel Harrell '62 
Elizabeth Trueheart Han 
leanne Harris '40 
George T. Harrison 
Marion Bower Harrison '48 
Vesta Murray Haselden '38 
Katherine Powell Heller 78 
Mayde Ludington Henningsen '48 
Victor W. Henningsen, |r. 
Dorothy Marks Herbruck '51 
W. Cibbs Herbruck 
Kristin E. Herzog 70 
Anna Mary Chidester Heywood '45 
Jane Burnett Hill '40 
Margaret Hodges Hill '49 
Esther Jett Holland 43 
Martha C. Holland 72 
Anne Gatling Honey '60 
Kathleen M. Horan 71 
Anne Stuckle Houston '46 
Cissy Humphrey 76 
Belle Brockenbrough Hutchins '29 
Wendy Igleheart 78 
MarybelleL. Iliff'61 
Mary Bailey Izard '52 
Marian Shanley Jacobs '44 
Julia Mills lacobsen '45 
Elizabeth Cox lohnson '27 
Helen Cornwell Jones '40 
Lucy Kiker Jones '43 
Gwen Speel Kaplan '60 
Kathleen A. Kavanagh 74 
lane lohnson Kent '48 
Nancy Hudler Keuffel '62 
Sarah Tarns Kreker '39 
Helen Murchison Lane '46 
Frances Griffith Laserson 70 
Alice F. Laubach '35 
Natalie Roberts Lemon '31 
Ann Colston Leonard '47 
Anne Noyes Lewis '43 
Jane Perry Liles '53 
Elizabeth Hanger Lippincott '42 
Anne Corbitt Little '34 
Judith Perkins Llewellyn '48 
Lydia Goodwyn Lorentzen '34 
Virginia Timmons Ludwick '53 
Mary Jane Luke '48 
Sara Finnegan Lycett '61 
Mrs. William W. Lynn, |r. 
Katherine Macdonald 
Meri Hodges Major '54 
Mary Virginia Grigsby Mallett '49 
Mary Seaton Marston '31 
Margaret Sheffield Martin '48 
Buckley A. Maynard 
Ona C. Maynard 
Maddin Lupton McCallie '48 
Mary Lee McGinnis McClain '54 
Margaret Graves McClung '53 
Nancy B. McDonald '88 
Aimee Des Pland McGirt '47 
Vera Searcy McGonigle '37 
Mrs. Peyton F. McLamb 
Dorothy Woods McLeod '58 
Helen McMahon '23 
Anne Milbank Mell 71 
Suzanne Bassewitz Mentzinger '52 
Julia Gray Saunders Michaux '39 
Margaret Sandidge Miller '37 
Norma Palteson Mills '60 
Louise P. Moore '50 

P EC I A L 3] 

Calherim ire 78 

i Preston Moore 4 J 
nah Dunham Morriss '66 
Joy Reynolds Mouledoux '84 
Janet Trosch Moulton '39 
Lysbeth Mum >. 
Kathleen Bailey Nager '53 
John B. Nason III 
Laura Conway Nason '61 
Munel Barrows Neall '40 
f lizabeth Schmeisser Nelson 4 1 
Mrs. Lawrence G. Nelson 
Mary lohnson Nelson '64 
Lindsay Smith Newsom '67 
Anne Walker Newton '38 
Alvin B. Nordhem 
Shirley Hauseman Nordhem '42 
Denise Wisell O'Connor 71 
Jean C.OIrl 47 

Katharine Weisiger Osborne '47 
Anna Chao Pai '57 
Katharine Niles Parker '36 
Ann N. B. Parks '39 
Joanne Holbrook Patton '52 
Gray Thomas Payne 75 
Kathleen Peeples Pendleton '55 
Ellen Gilliam Perry '45 
Margaret Eggers Perry '44 
Frances Gregg Petersmeyer '43 
Dr. and Mrs. Cornelius W. Pettinga 
Susan Dern Plank _ I 
Ruth Myers Pleasants '34 
Catherine Tift Porter '44 
Ann Hauslein Potterfield '42 
Patricia Powell Pusey '60 
Elizabeth Kernan Quigley '48 
Sally Reahard '30 
Ann Morrison Reams '42 
Bettie Katherine Arnold Reed '64 
Janice L. Renne 74 
Catherine Cox Reynolds '49 
Caroline Moody Roberts '53 
Rosemary Frey Rogers '34 
Mary Ann Mellen Root '53 
Elizabeth Mayfield Roughton '34 
Frances Meek Rowe '42 
Helen J. Sanford '42 
Yvonne Leggett Sanford '39 
Betty Rau Santandrea 70 
Ellen Harrison Saunders 75 
Kathryn Smith Schauer '56 
Margaret Cornwell Schmidt '37 
Patricia Hassler Schuber '47 
E. Elaine Schuster '58 
Isabel Scriba '35 
Harriet Houston Shaffer '64 
Eleanor Bosworth Shannon '47 
Virginia Dunlap Shelton '53 
loseph F. Sherer, Jr. 
Mary Alexander Sherwood '53 
Martha McBroom Shipman '31 
Polly Sloan Shoemaker '53 
Deborah Snead Shrader 78 
|. Thompson Shrader 
Susanna Judd Silcox '52 
Allison Stemmons Simon '63 
Sandra Stingily Simpson '57 
Anne Sinsheimer '51 
lane Collins Sjoberg '53 
Mary Virginia Camp Smith '36 
Nancyellen Keane Smithers 78 
Marion Brown Snider '38 
Anne Haw Spencer '89 
Evelyn Manov Sprinsky 71 
Agnes Cleveland Stackhouse '31 
Robert A. Steckel 

Melanie Bowen Steglich 78 
Serena Ailes Stevens '30 
Judith Bensen Stigle '67 

i Lou Lemmon Stohlman '34 
Bonnie Wood Stookr\ 
Virginia Burgess Struhsaker '44 
Louise Warfield Stump '52 

i Barron Sumn 
Dorothy Denny Sutton '44 
Katherine Upchurch Takvorian 72 
Jean G. Taylor '49 
Wilhelmina Rankin Teter '30 
Douglas Dockery Thou 
Margaret Smith Thomasson '36 
lanet D. Thorpe '39 
Jane Roseberry Tolleson '52 
Virginia Hudson Toone '53 
Katharine Trai 

Alexandra Marcoglou TulK '47 
Lucy Dennington Van Zandt 73 
Birdsall S. Viault 
Sarah Underhill Viault '60 
Martha von Briesen '31 
Adeline lonesVoorhf 
Marion F. Walker 72 
Helen Gwinn Wallace 41 
Jessica Bemis Ward '63 
Betty Byrne Gill Ware '55 
Barbara K. Warner '46 
Joan Davis Warren '51 
Woodward A. Warrick, |r. 
Patricia Whitaker Water'- 44 
Julia Baldwin Waxter '49 
Mary Stevens Webb '49 
Gwendolyn Weiner '62 
lane Westbrook '53 
Connie Burwell White '34 
Helen Littleton While '41 
Kenneth S. White 
Harold B. Whiteman, |r. 
Ann Marshall Whitley '47 
Patricia Calkins Wilder '63 
Carrington Williams, Jr. 
Emory Gill Williams '40 
Mary Anne Wilson '57 
Florence Barclay Winston '57 
Mary F. Witt 74 
Helen B. Wolcott '35 
Elizabeth Bond Wood '34 
Keitt Matheson Wood '63 
Wendy Bursnall Wozniak 76 
Dorothy Malone Yates '42 
Frank |. Yeager 
Kathryn Prothro Yeager '61 
Jacqueline Lowe Young '53 

$ Donor for past five years 

' Deceased 

19 9 7-1998 


Club Gifts, Club 
Scholarships, and 
Endowment Fund 

\himnae Club gifts 
provide significant si hi 
.ml for Sweel Briai students 
The College is grateful foi the 

dedication anil 

ni.ikrs thh gvnerous In, 'I m 
support possible. 

Amherst and Nelson Counties, VA 

Atlanta, GA 

Austin, TX 

Baltimore, MD 

Birmingham, AL 

Boston, MA 

Southern California 

Central Ohio 

Charlotte, NC 

Charlottesville, VA 

Chattanooga, TN 

Chicago, II 

Cincinnati, OH 

Cleveland, OH 

Dallas, TX 

Denver, CO 

Fairfield County, CT 

Greensboro, NC 

Houston, TX 

Hunt Country, VA 

Indianapolis, IN 

Long Island, NY 

Louisville. KY 

Lynchburg, VA 

Montgomery, AL 

Nashville, TN 

New York, NY 

Northern New Jersey 

Peninsula of Virginia 

Philadelphia, PA 

Pittsburgh, PA 

Richmond, VA 

Roanoke, VA 

Rochester, NY 

St. Louis, MO 

Tidewater Area, VA 

Washington, DC 

Westchester County, NY 

Wilmington, DE 

Winston-Salem, NC 

*Trieni>s of ^\rt 

The Friends of Art 1997-98 mem- 

• ' made gifts to the 
galleries and the arts program, 
n-cial thanks to all who sup- 
ends hi \ii this past 
fist al vear. 

Mr. and Mrs. Budd B. Adams 

* Barbara Gracey Backer 71 
& Nancy Godwin Baldwin '57 
*Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Barkley 
*Ann Ritchey Baruch '62 

* Barbara Blair 

« Ashley Flynn Blanchard '90 

Dana L. Bordvick '98 
$Mr. and Mrs. lames N. Boyd 
&Anne Mc)unkin Briber '43 
&Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Brodie 

* Julie B. Brooks '90 

* Alice Cary Farmer Brown '59 
^Frances Gilbert Browne '56 

* Margaret Lloyd Bush '36 
^Catherine Caldwell Cabaniss '61 
*Mr. and Mrs. William A. 

*Murrell Rickards Chadsey '44 

* Barbara Derr Chenoweth '38 
*Claire Cannon Christopher '58 

Gail Robins Constantine '67 

* Barbara Bush Cooper '81 
Susan M. Craig '73 

* Bonnie Loyd Crane '50 

* Faith Rahmer Croker '54 
*Mr. and Mrs. Peter V. Daniel 
*Ruth Hemphill DeBuys '41 

& Georgia Riley de Havenon '68 

* Nancy Pingree Drake '43 
Stephanie H. Dudley '96 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert |. Duttie 
Celia Williams Dunn '61 

&Carma C. Fauntleroy 

Stephanie Stitt Fitzpatrick '81 
*Clara Call Frazier '40 

* Dorothea M. Fuller '53 

* Sarah Belk Gambrell '39 

* Karen Greer Gay '74 
*)ane Piper Gleason '74 

Sarah Giddens Glenday '69 

* Nancy Hall Green '64 
Allison Roberts Greene '81 
Elizabeth H. Groves '96 

*Mr. and Mrs. David L. Hall 
Patricia Harrington 

* Betty Forsyth Harris '60 

*Elisabeth Wallace Harlman '53 

* Vesta Murray Haselden '38 
Jane M. Hatcher '61 
Marsha Albert Haugen 72 
Kate L. Haw '92 

*Mr. and Mrs. Victor W. 
Henningsen, Jr. 

(Mayde Ludington '48) 

^Margaret Millender Holmes '63 

*Sarah McCrady Hubbard '65 

*Sally Wright Hyde '65 
Maia Free Jalenak '88 

& Barbara Jastrebsky '87 
Anne Galbreath Jenkins '90 
Donna Pearson Josey '64 

* Phyllis A. Joyner '55 
*Anne Wimbish Kasanin '59 
^Marguerite Kramer Kircher '84 

Sarah Johnston Knoblauch 74 

* Ella-Prince Trimmer Knox '56 

* Bruce Watts Krucke '54 
t%Aileen H. Laing '57 

Grayson Harris Lane '83 

* Helen Murchison Lane '46 

* Rebecca Massie Lane 

& Margaret Johnson Laney '62 
Virginia Donald Latham '81 
$Mr. and Mrs. David S. Latimore 
s&Karol A. Lawson '81 
*Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Leming 
*Dr. and Mrs. George H. Lenz 
*Ann Colston Leonard '47 
^Elizabeth Grones Leonard 76 
*Susanne Gay Linville '32 
Lillian Dugger London 73 

* Beatrice Dingwell Loos '46 

* Mary Jane Luke '48 

* Nancy Coppedge Lynn '61 
*Mary Virginia Grigsby Mallett '49 
*Antonia Bredin Massie 77 

Autumn L. Mather '97 
&Denise A. McDonald 
*SaraneMcHugh '81 

* Helen Sim Mellen '31 

«Julia Gray Saunders Michaux '39 
*|eannette Bush Miller 71 

* Norma Patteson Mills '60 
*lrene Mitchell Moore '42 

Elisabeth S. Muhlenfeld 

* Diane King Nelson '48 
*Mrs. Lawrence G. Nelson 
*Mary Jane Schroder Oliver '62 

* Roberta Harmon O'Neil 73 
Amy Boyce Osaki '83 

* Katharine Weisiger Osbi u 

* Susan Kirby Peacock 73 

Mr. and Mrs. Larry E. Pearson 

Maia E. Pearson '97 
^Elizabeth Few Penfield '60 

Bonnie L. Pitman '68 
*Susan Dern Plank 73 
*Ruth Myers Pleasants '14 
*Elizabeth Perkins Prothro '39 

* Barbara Munter Purdue '32 
Nancy Pesek Rasenberger '51 

&Ann Morrison Reams 42 
*Susan Van Cleve Riehl '47 
*Marion Mann Roberts '39 

H. Therese Robinson '83 
*Anne Wilson Rowe '57 

Lynn Pearson Russell '69 
*Magdalena Salvesen '65 

* Helen J. Sanford '42 
Deborah A. Schmidt '89 

*Susan Hendricks Slayman '60 
Catherine Cassidy Smith '81 

* Emily Pleasants Smith '65 
*Lochrane Coleman Smith 76 

* Marsha Phillips Smith 74 
*Alice Allen Smyth '62 
*Sara Davis Spencer '48 

Brent Stait-Gardner 

* Annie Ward Stern '66 
*Ann Percy Stroud '62 
*Grace E. Suttle '60 

* Janet D.Thorpe '39 
wjane Roseberry Tolleson '52 

Linda W. Towers '96 

* Patricia Balz Vincent '39 
Carolyn Rusch Von Endt 71 

*Judith Atkins Wall '61 

* Jessica Bemis Ward '63 

* Patricia Whitaker Waters '44 

Sarah Clifford Weaver '95 

* Pamela S. Weekes '83 
Wendy C. Weiler 71 

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Wells 

* Dorothy C. Westby '60 
Kalherine V. Whitby '95 

* Helen Littleton White '41 
*Patricia Calkins Wilder '63 

Mr. and Mrs. James G. Williams 

* Josephine Happ Willingham '38 
Spain Willingham' 

&Mary Anne Wilson '57 
*Helen Davis Wohlers '45 

Barbara Boiling Woodward 64 
*Amy Calandra Zechini '90 

* Louise Swiecki Zingaro '80 

Friends of Art Collector's Circle 

lean van Home Baber '33* 
Alice Cary Farmer Brown '59 
Laura Lee Brown '63 
Jean Walker Campbell '64 
Cordelia Penn Cannon '34' 
Fay Martin Chandler '43 
Claire Cannon Christopher '58 
Mary Whipple Clark '35 
Anne W. Cone 
Jocelyn Palmer Connors '62 
lean Inge Cox '65 
luliet Halliburton Davis '35 
Celia Williams Dunn '61 
Marianne Hutton Felch 79 
Lynn Crosby Gammill '58 
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Greer 
Betty Forsyth Harris '60 
Elisabeth Wallace Hartman '53 
Mrs. Victor W. Henningsen, Sr.* 
Lesley Bissell Hoopes '68 
Jacqueline Mabie Humphrey '60 
Donna Pearson Josev '64 

Melissa McGee Keshishian 71 
Mary Seaton Marston '31 
Anlonia Bredin Massie 77 
Caroline Casey McGehee '49 
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Meadows I 
Irene Mitchell Moore '42 
Ruth Myers Pleasants '34 
Anne Litle Poulet '64 
Nancy Pesek Rasenberger '51 
Lynn Kahler Rogerson 76 
Lynn Pearson Russell '69 
Mary Lou Morton Seilheimer '63 
Mary Virginia Camp Smith '36 
Elynor Neblett Stephens '57 
Penelope Lagakos Turak 74 
Wendy C. Weiler 71 
Connie Burwell White '34 
Nancy C. White 79 
Barbara Boiling Woodward '64 


♦ Dona foi pasl ■ 
' Deceased 

- I 9 9 8 



frievibs of Library 

During 1997-98. 210 members oi 

The Friends of Sweet Briar ( 

librae added to the libra/) ■ 

lean i full) 


port oi this group. 

A Ralph Aiken" 

* Leslie Carson Albizzatti '90 
Mrs. William W. Alexander 

A Martha Garrison Anness '48 

* Dr. and Mrs. Gregory T. 

AMr. and Mrs. Clavio F. Ascari 
ANursat I. Aygen 76 

* Alberta Pew Baker '49 

A Nancy Godwin Baldwin '57 
AMr. and Mrs. Neil Baldwin 

R. M. Ball 
AMary Fran Brown Ballard '49 

Marie Gaftney Barry '4 1 
A Ann Ritchey Baruch '62 

Mr. and Mrs. lames Beck 
AMr. and Mrs. |ohn H. Beebe, )r. 

* Barbara Blair 

A Catharine Fitzgerald Booker '47 

Dr. and Mrs. George M. Boswell, Jr. 
AMr. and Mrs. James N. Boyd 

* Patricia Brown Boyer '49 

* Beverly Smith Bragg '54 

* Edith Vongehr Bridges-Cone '41 

* Emily McNally Brown '72 
AFrances Gilbert Browne '56 
A Dr. and Mrs. Phillips R. Bryan 

Cynthia M. Bumgardner '98 

* Margaret Lloyd Bush '36 

A Margaret Wadman Cat'asso '61 
AMary Swift Calhoun '31 
Rushton Haskell Callaghan '86 

* Mr. and Mrs. William A. 

ASuzanne lones Cansler '63 

Brian Carlton 
ABettye Thomas Chambers '62 

* Katharine Barnhardt Chase '67 
ACIaire Cannon Christopher '58 
AMr. and Mrs. David R. Clayton 
AMr. and Mrs. Walter G.CIinchy 

Gail Robins Constantine '67 
A Eleanor Wright Conway '32 

Kami A. Cotler 
ALt. Col. and Mrs. John I. Craw 
AVirginia Ramsey Crawford '59 

* Faith RahmerCroker '54 
AMr. and Mrs. Paul D. Cronin 
AMr. and Mrs. Peter V. Daniel 
AMr. and Mrs. Edwin R. Daniels 
AAliceV. Dodd'65 

* Nancy Pingree Drake '43 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Duffie 

A Carolyn Jones Elstner '69 
A lean Ridler Fahrenbach '45 

Mr. and Mrs. James 5. Farmer 
A Scott and Barbara Fegan 
*Mary-Fleming Willis Finlay '66 

* Elizabeth Weil Fisher '47 
AMary Vinton Fleming '46 

* Elizabeth Morton Forsyth '36 
ADecca Gilmer Frackelton '41 

* Clara Call Frazier '40 
Sarah Dabbs Fryer '72 

A Dorothea M. Fuller '53 
*Sarah Belk Cambrell '39 

D. Philip Garmev 
ABonilee Key Garrett '43 

Ethel Getgood* 

A Dr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Ghrist 
A Elizabeth C.Gibson '48 
AJoseph A. Gilchrist, |r 
AMary McGuire Gilliam '47 
A Marion P. Girard '69 

Barbara Davis Godbout '71 
A Laura Radford Goley '52 

Jane Goodridge '63 
AJoGulick Grant '50 
A Nancy Hall Green '64 
AMrs. William R. Griswold 
A Elizabeth Cumnock Gunn '38 

Alison S. Hall '97 
A Adelaide H. Hapala 
A Ann Pegram Harris '59 
A Betty Forsyth Harris '60 
A Georgia Herbert Hart '40 
AMary Groetzinger Heard '63 
A Mr. and Mrs. Victor W. 
Henningsen, |r. 
Patricia Wornom Henry 77 
Melissa Schoen Hitt '85 
AMrs. Lloyd R. Hoilman 
A Esther Jett Holland '43 
I Margaret Millender Holmes '63 
A Lesley Bissell Hoopes '68 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Hough, Jr. 
AEIiane Hughes 
Theodore W. Hughes 
Allen W. Huszti 
A Mr. and Mrs. Frederick T. 

Jackson, |r. 
AJohn G.Jane 
Mr. and Mrs. Evan W. Jahos 
Anne Galbreath Jenkins '90 
A Mrs. Carl A. Jones 
A Lucy Kiker Jones '43 
AMary Sexton Jones '53 
A Louise Corrigan Jordan '39 

Richard T. Jordan 
AAnne Wimbish Kasanin '59 

Joan R. Kent 
A Nancy Dodge Kershner '90 
ACapt. and Mrs. John J. Kingston 
AMarguerite Kramer Kircher '84 
A Helen Murchison Lane '46 
Ella Jesse Latham '33' 
Alice J. P. Lawson '34 
AKarol A. Lawson '81 
AAnne Whaley LeClercq '64 
* Abigail Lesnick Leibowitz '36 
AMr. and Mrs. Stanley Leming 
A Dr. and Mrs. George H. Lenz 
AAnne Noyes Lewis '43 
ASusanneGay Linville '32 
A Elizabeth Johnston Lipscomb '59 

Catherine Lynn '64 
AMary Virginia Grigsby Mallett '49 
AMr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Mancusi, |r. 

Jeanette Manion 
A Cheryl Mares 

H. Chester Markle, Jr.' 
AMary Seaton Marston '31 

George Martin 
A Barbara Offurt Mathieson 70 
AMcNair Currie Maxwell '63 
AMaddin Lupton McCallie '48 
A Dorothea Campbell McMillan '66 
AMrs. James S. McNider, Jr. 
AJeannette Bush Miller 71 
A Reuben G. Miller 
Stephen Mirabella 
AMr. and Mrs. Ben E. Mobley 
AMr. and Mrs. C. Robert Monnich 

Denise Montgomery 75 
Anna Marie Moore 
AMary Louise Kelley Moore '62 

Elisabeth S. Muhlenfeld 
A Margaret Gillmer Myers '66 
A Diane King Nelson '48 
A Elizabeth Schmeisser Nelson '43 
A lane W. Nelson '66 
A Frances Stith Nilsson 72 
AGrace Mary Garry Oates (.4 
AMr. and Mrs. Carmen ). Palermo 

Mr. and Mrs. Larry E. Pearson 
*Elizabeth Few Penfield '60 
AMr. and Mrs. E. Lee Piepho 
AVirginia Noyes Pillsbury '44 
ASusan Dern Plank 73 
A Catherine Tift Porter 44 
AEIizabeth Tyson Postles '31 
A Margaret Craighill Price '41 
Haifleigh Hall Pritchard '85 
A Barbara Munter Purdue '32 
A Ann Morrison Reams '42 
AAnne H. Richards '84 
A Marion Mann Roberts '39 

Marcia Robertson 
A Ann Venable Rogers '54 

Mr. and Mrs. Arlan D. Rogers 
A Rosemary Frey Rogers '34 
AAnne Wilson Rowe '57 
A Helen |. Santord '42 
A Yvonne Leggett Santord '39 
A Dr. and Mrs. Guy L. Schless 

L. Angelyn Schmid '87 
A Mr. and Mrs. George E. Schultz, Sr. 
ASusan Hendricks Slayman '60 
ALochrane Coleman Smith 76 
A Marsha Phillips Smith 74 
AAgnes Cleveland Stackhouse '31 
A Margaret Stanton 
A Sarah Anderson Stanton '89 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Stephens 
A Martha Lou Lemmon Stohlman '34 
AVirginia Burgess Struhsaker '44 
A Marie E. Sushka '67 
AGrace E. Suttle '60 
AMr. and Mrs. Fred F. Szak 
A Katherine Upchurch Takvorian 72 
A Deborah L. Thacker'77 
A Emily B. Thomas 
A Margaret Smith Thomasson '36 
A Janet D. Thorpe '39 
Mr. and Mrs. George Vagt 
George K. Wsich 
A Jessica Bemis Ward '63 
AMr. and Mrs. Woodward A. 

Warrick, |r. 
A Sarah Watson 70 
A Mr. and Mrs. Andrew D. Weaver 
AMr. and Mrs. Jay M. Weinberg 
AMrs. Richard C. Weiss 
lames M. Wells 
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Wells 
AEIizabeth Smith White '59 
ASallie Yon Williams '63 
AJosephine Happ Willingham '38 
A Justine Domhoff Wright '38 
A Louise Swiecki Zingaro '80 



i Gift. 

or curren: 

Ralph Aiken 
Susan Applegate Ansi 
lanet Bruce Bail- 
Thomas L. Baldwin 
Lois B.illenger 
Robert Boers 
Fontaine M. Belford 
Constance Tunnel I Bond '48 
Julia Olive Craig Brooke '58 
Lynn Brugh III 
Ellen Newell Bryan '26 
Lvnne kerwin Byron '53 
lean Carroll Biggerstatt 41 
Anne Hudleston Cheek '39 
Aldo Damori 
Patricia J. Dean 76 
Mary Peeples De Vries '64 
Mar) Treadway Downs '39 
Mabel Edwards 
Judith M. Elkins 
A^nes Williams Ellis '35 
Exna Lmd Dore Fountain 71 
Ann Paxson Gail '48 
Mildred Tyler Wilson Garnett '27 
Ethel H. Getgood 
Evelyn Dillard Grones '45 
Stephanie M. Hall '89 
Mary Stagg Hamblett '53 
Ashley Danielle Hammond '93 
Milan Hapala 
Colter Heminway 
Pollyanna Shotwell 
Holloway '38 
Marjorie Lasar Hurd '34 
Huldah Edens Jackson '45 
Robert J. Kelly 
Jaclyn Tappen Kern '49 
Ernest N. Kirrmann 
James Edward Knight 

Ella Jesse Latha 

Caroline Rankin Mapother '48 
H. Chester Markle 
Martha Slaley Marks '51 
Richard McCrone 
Betsy Parrott McMurry '53 
Gertrude Robertson Midlet 
Elizabeth Copeland Norfleet '30 
Betty Ann Bass Norris '46 
Martha Frye Nye '48 
Evelyn Pretlow Ormiston 44 
Alpine Martin Patterson '41 
Magdalen Andrews Pott 54 
Sarah Thorpe Ramage 
Virginia Custer Cook Rea '31 
Merriam S. Packard Sargent '43 
Caroline Rudulph Sellers '46 
Ann Horak Shafer '64 
Eileen Riley Shore '68 
Mary Josephine Snowdon 

Durham '27 
Louise Watson Steele '56 
James L. Steenhuis 
Byrd Stone '56 
Catherine Munds Storek '53 
Marta Tucker Stover '61 
Mary Law Taylor 43 
Margaret Lee Thompson '31 
Walter J. Treanor 
Catherine Tucker Allen '80 
John Twohy 

Ann Samford Upchurch '48 
Irene Vongehr Vincent '40 
Madan Sharma 
Lillian Wood Waller '30 
Elizabeth Munce Weis '43 
R. Carter Wellford 
Lois Peterson Wilson '26 

Friends of Library Life Members 

Jean Love Albert '46 

Mrs. Jay Albrecht* 

C. Waller Barrett* 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Bruce Bredin 

Keene C. Brown* 

Fay Martin Chandler '43 

Dorothy H. Crosby 

Laura L. Crum 79 

Juliet Halliburton Davis '35 

Frances Biggers Flock 79 

Lynn Crosby Gammill '58 

Jane Piper Gleason 74 

Laura Radford Goley '52 

Pamela Cogghill Graham 74 

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Greer 

Evelyn Dillard Grones '45* 

Gladys Wester Horton '30 

Marjorie Ris Hyland '33 

Harold Leggett* 

Mrs. William W. Lynn, Jr. 

John J. Marquis, Jr. 

Mrs. Gerhard Masur' 

Caroline Casey McGehee '49 

Evelyn D. Mullen '31 

Mrs. Lawrence G. Nelson 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Wilson Newman 

Mrs. J. ). Perkins* 

Dr. and Mrs. Cornelius W. Pettinga 

Vernon W. Piper 

Elizabeth Perkins Prothro '39 

Nancy Pesek Rasenberger '51 

John C. Risher 

Margaret A. Rogers '56 

Anne Wilson Rowe '57 

Anne Cummins Schutte '19 

Elizabeth Pinkerton Scott '36 

Catherine C. Seaman 

Mary Virginia Camp Smith '36 

Stephanie Bredin Speakman '68 

Anne Pannell Taylor H' 10' 

Mrs. Robert C. Tyson' 

Constance Lane Vucurevich '69 

Jane Miller Wright '48 

Margaret Jones Wyllie '45 

* Donor for past five yttrs 
■ Deceased 

-19 9 8 


Corporations and Foundations 

,i iundalions represent an important commitment to 
academic freedom of choice and thi 

1 1 e are grateful to the following for gifts during 1 997-98: 

Corporations tin} fomlatLons 

Which Matched Individual Gifts in 1997-1998 

Albert B. Cord Charitable 


Ashcraft Foundation 

Boston Foundation 

Braitmayer Foundation 

Brett Harte |r. High School 

Brockman Chevrolet 

Burns Family Foundation 

Cahouet Charitable Trust 

Capital Concrete 

Carl and Phyllis Detering 

Central Fidelity Bank 

Charles A. Frueauff Foundation, 

Communities Foundation of Texas 

Community Enterprises, Inc. 

Community Foundation for Greater 

Community Foundation of Greater 

Community Foundation of 

Community Service Society 

Computer Sciences Corporation 

County of Amherst 

Easley Charitable Trust 

Evans Cabinet Corporation 

First Brands Corporation 

Foundation For The Carolinas 

Guy T. Steuart Foundation, Inc. 

Harry D. Forsyth Foundation 

Hutter Family Foundation 

Integrated Data Systems 

leffress Foundation 

Jessie Ball duPont Fund 

loseph Pellegrino Family 
Foundation, Inc. 

losey Foundation 

Lane Charitable Trust 

Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation, 

Lowe, Brockenbrough & Tatlersall, 

Luther and Claire Griffith 

Marie G. Dennett Foundation 

Michie Company 

Minor Foundation, Inc. 

Monelison Volunteer Rescue Squad 

Montague-Betts Company 

Naval Surface Warfare Center 

Oaklawn Foundation 

Overton and Lavona Currie 

Pennsylvania Lumbermens Mutual 

Richard M. & Yvonne Hamlin 

Rouse-Bottom Foundation 

Ruddell Trust Fund 

Rust Foundation 

Salisbury Community Foundation 

Sarah Belk Gambrell Foundation 

Sheffield Harrold Charitable Trust 

Sledge Foundation 

Stanley & Dorothy Pauley 
Charitable Trust 

Stupp Bros Bridge-Iron Co. 

Sutherland Foundation, Inc. 

TEW Foundation 

Taylor Brothers, Inc. 

The Bruce Ford Brown Charitable 

The Chalfont Foundation, Inc. 

The Greer Family Foundation 

The Howe Foundation, Inc. 

The )oe and Lois Perkins 

The McCance Foundation Trust 

The New York Community Trust 

The Powell Foundation 

The Shady Ladies 

The Spartanburg County 

The Starke Foundation 

Town of Amherst 

Virginia Foundation of Independent 

Van Der Meer Tennis University 

Virginia Academy of Science 

W. D. Campbell Insurance 

W. L. Lyons Brown Foundation 

W. Lester Brooks Foundation, Inc. 

Wheal First Securities/Butcher & 

Winston-Salem Foundation 


AON Corporation 

ARCO Foundation, Inc. 

AT&T Foundation 

Abbott Laboratories Fund 

Aetna Foundation, Inc. 

Alabama Power Company 

Allied-Signal Foundation, Inc. 

American Express 

BOC Group 

Bank of New York 

Bell Atlantic Foundation 



Bemis Company Foundation 

Borden Foundation, Inc. 

Brown-Forman Corporation 

Burlington Northern Santa Fe Foundation 

CBS Foundation, Inc. 

CNA Insurance Companies Foundation 

CSX Corporation 

Capital Cities/ABC, Inc. 

Caterpillar Tractor Co. 

Cavalier Management Co., Inc. 


Champion International Corporation 

Chase Manhattan Foundation 

Chesapeake Corporation Foundation 

Chrysler Corporation Fund 

Chubb And Son, Inc. 

Circuit City Foundation 


Commonwealth General Corporation 

CoreStates Financial Corporation 

Corning Incorporated Foundation 

Crestar Bank 

Crum & Forster Insurance 

Dominion Resources, Inc. 

Dow Chemical Company Foundation 

Dun & Bradstreet Corporation Foundation 

Eli Lilly and Company Foundation 

Exxon Education Foundation 

FannieMae Foundation 

Fidelity Investment Charitable Gift Fund 

First Data Resources, Inc. 

First L nion Corporation of NC 

First Virginia Banks, Inc. 

Foster Wheeler Corporation 

Freeport-McMoRan Foundation 

GE Fund 

GTE Foundation 

Georgia Power Company 

Glaxo Wellcome, Inc. 

Guardian Life Insurance Company of America 

Guidant Foundation 

H & R Block Foundation 

H. |. Heinz Companv Foundation 

Harrah's Entertainment, Inc. 

Harris Bank Foundation 

Hercules, Inc. 

Hershey Foods Corporation Fund 

Hewlett-Packard Company 

Hoechst Celanese Foundation 

Hoffmann-LaRoche, Inc. 

Honeywell Foundation 

IBM International Foundation 

INCO United States, Inc. 

INC (U.S.) Financial Services Corp. 

Illinois Tool Works Foundation 

Imasco Holdings, Inc. 

International Paper Company Foundation 

). P. Morgan & Company, Inc. 

|oe and Lois Perkins Foundation 

John Hancock 

KPMG Peat Marwick Foundation 

Kansas City Southern Industries, Inc. 

Knight Foundation 

Kuntz Foundation 

lawyers Title Foundation 

Lehman Brothers, Inc. 

Lockheed Martin Corporation 

Lorillard Tobacco Co. 

Lucent Technologies 

MBNA America Bank 


Marilz, Inc. 

Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc. 

Mass Mutual Life Insurance Co. 

May Department Stores Company Foundation 

McGraw-Hill Companies Foundation, Inc. 

Merck Company Foundation 

Merrill Lynch & Company Foundation, Inc. 

Mobil Foundation, Inc. 

Morgan Stanley Foundation 

Motorola Foundation 

Mutual of New York 


National City Bank 

Nationsbank Corporation 

Neiman-Marcus Group 
The New England 

Norfolk Southern Foundation 

Olin Corporation Charitable Trust 

Openaka Corporation, Inc. 

PNC Bank Foundation 

PPG Industries Foundation 

PepsiCo Foundation 

Pfizer, Inc. 

Philip Morris Companies, Inc. 

Phoenix Home Life Mutual Insurance Company 

Pioneer Group, Inc. 

Price Waterhouse LLP Foundation 

Procter and Gamble Fund 

Prudential Foundation 

RJR Nabisco Foundation 

Raytheon Companv 

SC lohnson Wax Fund, Inc. 

Shell Oil Company Foundation 

Signet Banking Corporation 

SmithKline Beecham Foundation 

Stanley Works 

Struever Brothers Eccles & Rouse 

SunTrust Bank, Atlanta Foundation 

Swedish Match North America Inc. 

T. Rowe Price Associates Foundation 

TRW Foundation 

Texaco Foundation 

Time Warner, Inc. 

Times Mirror Foundation 

Towers Perrin Company 

Transamerica Foundation 

Tropicana Products, Inc. 

U.S. Bancorp 

UPS Foundation 

Union Camp Corporation 

W. W. Norton & Company, Inc. 

Wachovia Bank ol North Carolina 


Washington Post 

Waste Management, Inc. 

Wells Fargo And Co. 

Western Asset Management Companv 

Westinghouse Foundation 

Weyerhauser Company Foundation 

fcDonor for past live vimk 
• Deceased 


1997-1998 HONOR 


^Virginia, foundation of Inlepenlent Colleges 

is most grate- 

tul tot the i onlinued annual sup- 

■ I 
Foundation foi Independent 
eslVFIt Dut 

■■■ i ' I 

less of the business commu- 
• the importance ol highei 

education in Virginia. 


fThese names provided b\ Ihe VEICt 

$150,000 AND ABOVE 

E. Claiborne Robins Endowment 
Jessie Ball duPonl Fund 

$100,000 AND ABOVE 

Bell Atlantic-Virginia 
Norfolk Southern Corporation 
Philip Morris Companies, Inc. 
The Pittston Company 

$50,000 AND ABOVE 


Bassett Furniture Industries, Inc. 

Beazley Foundation, Inc. 

CSX Corporation 

Camp Foundations 

Camp Foundation 

Ruth Camp Campbell 

I. L. Camp Foundation 

Camp Younts Foundation 
Collis Warner Foundation 
Crestar Financial Corporation 
Krasnow Estate 
NationsBank Virginia 
Mary Morton Parsons Foundation 
Virginia Power Company 

$30,000 AND ABOVE 

Barnhart Endowment 

Ethyl Corporation 

North Shore Foundation 

The Perry Foundation, Inc. 

George A. and Lorraine Snell Fund 

The Teagle Foundation 

United Parcel Service/ Foundation for 

Independent Higher Education 
Wachovia Corporation 

$25,000 AND ABOVE 

Clark-Winchcole Foundation 
Colonial Williamsburg Hotels 
First Union VA/MD/DC 
First Virginia Banks, Inc. 
GE Financial Assurance 
Landmark Communications, Inc. 

The Virginian-Pilot 

The Roanoke Times 
Massey Foundation 
Mobil Foundation, Inc. 
Reynolds Metals Company 

Mrs. E. Claiborne Robins 
E. Claiborne Robins, |r. 
Universal Corporation 

$20,000 AND ABOVE 

American Electric Power 
Chesapeake Corporation 
Robert B. Claytor/Norfolk Southern 

Maurice L. Mednick Memorial 


$15,000 AND ABOVE 

Allied-Signal, Inc. 

Mars Foundation 

Media General Foundation 
Bristol Herald-Courier 
The Charlottesville Daily 

Culpepper Star-Fxponent 
Danville Register & Bee 
Lynchburg News & Advance 
The Manassas journal 
Potomac News 
Richmond Times-Dispatch 
Suffolk News-Herald 

George J. & Effie L. Seay 

Wheat First Butcher Singer 

$10,000 AND ABOVE 

Belk of Virginia 

William E. Belts, |r. 

Craddock-Terry Foundation, Inc. 

Ernst & Young 

Gottwald Foundation 

Emily S. & Coleman A. Hunter 

Charitable Trust 
The Lane Company, Inc. (The Lane 

Roanoke Electric Steel Corporation 
Ukrop's Supermarkets, Inc. 
Union Camp Corporation 
Washington Forrest Foundation 
The Wilton Companies 

$7,500 AND ABOVE 

Burlington Industries Foundation 
Carpenter Company, Inc. 
Columbia Gas of Virginia 
Mrs. Bruce C. Gottwald 
KPMG Peat Marwick 
Markel Corporation 
NBC1 2 Jefferson Pilot 
Mr. and Mrs. lohn W. Snow 
Vulcan Materials Company 
Washington and Lee University 
Westvaco Corporation 

$5,000 AND ABOVE 

Sydney E. Albrittain 

Eugene M. Bane Charitable Trust 

Mrs. lane Parke Batten 

Birdsong Peanuts 

Booz, Allen & Hamilton, Inc. 

Canon Virginia, Inc. 

Capital One 

Preston C. Caruthers 

Christian, Barton, Epps, Brent & 

Coopers & Lybrand 
Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Cutchins III 
Deloitte & Touche 

DIMON, Inc. 

lessie Ball duPont Fund 

Empire Machine & Supply Co., Inc. 

English Foundation - Trust 

Ferguson Enterprises, Inc. 

Filtrona Richmond 

Furnace Associates/Lorton I andfill 

Mr. and Mrs. William H. 

Goodwin, Jr. 
I. J. Haines & Company, Inc. 
The Herndon Foundation 
Hunton & Williams 
Kennametal Foundation 
A. ). Lester III 
Mary and Daniel Loughran 

Foundation, Inc. 
Charles Lunsford Soil', and 

McGuire, Woods, Battle & Boothe 
H. P. McNeal 
The Miller & Chevalier Charitable 

National Fruit Product Company 
Nationwide Insurance Companies 
Noland Company Foundation 
Owens & Minor, Inc. 
Irvin Payne & Sons 
Price Waterhouse 
W. Russell Ramsey 
C. E. Richardson Benevolent 

Rouse-Bottom Foundation, Inc. 
Sam Moore Furniture Industries, Inc. 
Shenandoah Life Insurance 
Snell Construction Corporation 
Southern States Cooperative 
South Trust Bank of Alabama, N.A. 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Spilman 
Sprint Mid-Atlantic Telecom, Inc. 
The Titmus Foundation, Inc. 
Tredegar Industries, Inc. 
The United Company 
Viasystems Technologies Corp. 

19 9 7-19-98 


5\\'eet 'briar College ^boari of 'Director*. 1991-1996 

Sara Finnegan Lycett '61 

Bradley Hale 

Mary Johnson Nelson '64 

Ann Ritchey Baruch '62 

jane Merkle Borden '65 

Ethel Ogden Burwell '58 

William J. Cabaniss, Jr. 

Eugenia Dickey Caldwell '65 

Elizabeth Stanly Cates '63 

Paul W. Dudman 

Michela A. English 71 

Mary-Fleming Willis Finlay '66 

Lee A. Foley '96 

Carol McMurtry Fowler '57 

Madeleine F. Green 

Nancy Hall Green '64 

Katherine Gumerson '97 

L. Parker Harrell, |r. 

Norma Patteson Mills '60 

Vaughan Inge Morrissette '54 

Elisabeth S. Muhlenfeld 

C. Gregg Petersmeyer 
C. Cotesworth Pinckney 

Mark H. Prothro 

Patricia Powell Pusey '60 

Stephanie Bredin Speakman '68 

Mildred Newman Thayer '61 

Elizabeth Smith White '59 

Meredith ). T. Williams '95 

Robert C. Wood III 

Sweet Briar College's fiscal year is July 1 to June 30. The 1997- 1998 Honor Roll of Donors reflects the College's abiding 
gratitude for gifts sent by members of the Sweet Briar family between July 1 , 1 997. and June 30, 1 998. Warmest thanks 
to each donor from all of us at the College. 

This report has been prepared by the Division of Development and Public Relations. We have taken great care to ensure 
that complete and accurate listings appear. However, due to the large number of donors, to whom we are most grateful, a 
mistake may have gone unnoticed. Should you find an error or omission, please bring it to our attention. Please note that 
an individual's name may appear on several lists, and also that some donors haw requested that their gifts be anonymous. 

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Kathleen Garcia Pegues 71: Completing the Connection 



liana Fletcher Williams was a visionary," says Kathv Garcia Pegues. 
"Her wishes for the College were not specific. She was willing to let the fu- 
ture play out, trusting the women here and now to continue her legacy. 

"I have no idea what the future holds for Sweet Briar. But, unlike Miss 
Indv, I can look back and see what the College has done for me, for my stu- 
dents, and for mv daughter. I have every reason to trust the traditions of this 
institution. Including Sweet Briar in my will was not a huge leap of faith, 
it was an informed vote ol confidence." 

Kathv was aware ol Sweet Briar long betore she ever set foot on cam- 
pus. Her mother was secretary to Margaret Banister '16. Miss Banister, who 
established Sweet Briar's office of public relations in 1932, was the niece of 
the College's third president, Meta Glass. 

"When mv father went to medical school, my mother went to work in 
the Pentagon, in the public relations office for the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Her 
boss was Margaret Banister. During primary-school holidays, I would go to 
this enormous office and Miss Banister would let me play on the typewriter. 
I can remember her saying to my 

I could continue to do all the things I enjoyed. I could play hockey, partic- 
ipate in theatre, and run tor student government. I didn't have to choose. I 
could do it all. 

"The question I asked myself at that point is die same question I ask my 
students today: Why are you going to college? If you're going to college to fully 
develop your potential and resources, you need to be in a place that treats 
you as an individual. It's an approach that, while not unique to Sweet Briar, 
is still rare among academic institutions. 

"I have seen some of my best and brightest students fall through the 
cracks at large universities. On the other hand, the eleven students I en- 
couraged to attend Sweet Briar have all managed to distinguish themselves. 
They've won awards, received grants to do research, gone abroad, played 
sports, had significant internships, and appeared in the College's publica- 
tions and web pages. Even more important, they've all become incredibly 
confident voung women." 

Kathv describes her own daughter, Emily Stevens Pegues '00, as being 

in the midst of a happy Sweet Briar 

mother: 'Now, Joy, you know vou 
must bring Kathleen to Sweet Briar.' 

"I have always had fond memo- 
ries of Miss Banister as a grand- 
motherly figure. Her aunt, Miss 
Glass, was Lincolnesque: tall, im- 
posing, and very charming. Miss 
Glass had two wonderful scotty dogs 
at her home in Charlottesville. As a 
little girl, I was cra2y about those 
dogs and dreamed of owning one 
myself. But, as delightful as these 
childhood impressions were, they 
left me with a very funny picture of 
what Sweet Briar might be like. 
When I was 16, I was not particu- 
larly interested in visiting the 

Kathv did the grand college tour, 
looking at schools in both the 
Northeast and Midwest. When she 
finally acquiesced to Miss Banister's 

nudging, she encountered a much A | umnae Associa ( ion Pres ident Kathleen Garcia Pegues 1 has taught language 
different place than she expected, arts in grades 6-12 for 20 years. Her husband, |ohn Keitt Pegues IV, is the assis- 
"The friendliness of Sweet Briar was 

apparent. And I discovered that here 

tant principal and athletic director for Culpeper County High School in Virginia. 
Their daughter, Emily, is currently an SBC junior. "As public school educators 
we can't he too extravagant," says Kathy. "We need assurance that our gift will 
make a difference. Between my and Emily's experience, John has seen the 
power of this community." 

dilemma. "There are so many 
courses she wants to take; it's diffi- 
cult to narrow the list every semester. 
Many of her courses are intercon- 
nected. Her campus job in the slide 
library coincides with her art history 
major. She's excited about going to 
Spain. She's made friends with stu- 
dents, staff members, and professors. 
People know who she is. And she 
sees herself as part of a community, a 

"Emilv and all the students here 
are part of a network that is mean- 
ingful and alive. Now that the 
College is in my will, I feel a closer 
connection not only to the commu- 
nity, but to the vision that keeps it 
together. I had no idea it would be 
such an emotional experience. I'm 
no longer just benefiting from Miss 
Indy's legacy, I'm part of it." 

For further information about 
making a planned gift to Sweet 
Briar College, please contact 
Mitchell L. Moore, Vice President 
for Development/College Relations, 
Box G, Sweet Briar College, Sweet 
Briar, Virginia 24595, (804)381- 

Class of 1979 plans for Reunion '99 during 
September '9H Alumnae Council meetings 

f - 


May 7-9, 1999 

Note new early date for Reunion Weekend! 

Friday, May 7 
1:00 -8:00 p.m. 

2:00 - 5:00 p.m. 
6:30 - 8:30 p.m. 

Registration in Babcock (after 8 p.m. register at 

Information Center) 
Lunch available in the Bistro (Dutch treat) 
Open Houses on campus 

Class Picnic for all classes except 50 th , 55 th , 60 th , 65 th & 70 th . 
Special Picnic and class photo for Class of 1974s 25 tn Reunion 
Cocktails 8c Dinner for classes of 1929, 1934, 1939, 1944 

honoring Class of 1949's 50 tn Reunion 

9:00 p.m.- midnight Bistro Bop 


Class of 20 ? 


Reunion catches the fancy of alumnae children, too! 

Saturday, May 8 

7:00 - 8:30 a.m. Breakfast 

12:15 p.m. 
1:00 - 6:00 p.m. 

Class photos for 1979, 1984, 1989, 1994 



Swimming, Tennis, Golf 

Tours of campus ^ 

Exhibits f « w 

Open Houses, Museum/ Academic'Buit^ 

Alumnae College 

Cocktail Buffet with faculty, staff, and retiro 

3:00 p.m. Alumnae College 

7:00 p.m. Cocktail Buffet with faculty, staff, a 

Sunday, May 9 

7:30 - 9:00 a.m. Breakfast 

9 - 10:30 a.m. Chapel Service 

11:00 - 12:00 noon Alumnae College 

12:00 noon Luncheon in Sweet Briar Gardens 

Special Reunions 

1929: 70th; 1934: 65th; 1939: 60th; 1944: 55th; 1949: 50th; 1954: 45th; 1959: 40th; 

1964: 35th; 1969: 30th; 1974:25th; 1979: 20th; 1984: 15th; 1989: 10th; 1994: 5th 

Sweet Briar College 


Sweet Briar, VA 24595 


Sweet Briar 


Thelma B Jordan